Block City Wars: Pixel Shooter with Battle Royale MODDED 2022


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Try FPS command modes: battle royale, robot clash & free fire with theft auto!
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5..4..3..2..1.. Welcome to the modern arena where fast cars, sniper duels and fun bandits war at every turn! Look sharp, shooting is everywhere, there are almost no rules on these streets. Discover a lot of interesting missions about gangsters and cops, bangs, mafia and police. Get ahead of other hunters for coins, weapons and ammo you can find around. Creative ways of fun and action – that block city might need a little destruction to shake things up. We’ve made everything for fans of tough 3d battlegrounds – plasma guns, destroyer, super rifles, a lot of armor types and many other exciting things, you should try out!

Accomplish impossible ops given by mafia bosses, where critical goals depend totally on you! Drive awesome cars, parkour and escape from police.
Bad guy or hero, adventures are waiting for you. Take your pixel gun and go to the Block City!

Welcome to third person shooter – Block City Wars:
⊹ 13 great multiplayer modes: Team Deathmatch, Free PVP Fight, Pixel Hunter, Tank Battles, Street Race and Infection Zombie mode.
⊹ A vast megalopolis with top high skyscrapers where you are free to do whatever you want
⊹ More than 50 means of transport: sports cars, motor-cycles, jet packs, military helicopters and takns.
⊹ More than 100 weapon units – Ak47, MINIGUN, Sniper rifle, RPG, Katana and many more!
⊹ Full game stats and daily winners lists.
⊹ More than 150 000 players online a day.
⊹ A game chat for players to communicate with each others.
⊹ Different gangster jobs in Single Sandbox mode.
⊹ Awesome pixel graphics with dynamic light.


- Bug fixes.


4 comentarios en "Block City Wars: Pixel Shooter with Battle Royale MODDED 2022"

  1. Aaron Price dice:

    Love the game, it’s a lot of fun, but there are a few reasons I didn’t give it 5 starts. 1: The league system. I get why it’s in place, to keep someone who will pay-to-win (or who has been playing a while) from dominating more casual players, but it’s extremely annoying. I can rarely play anything except rocket ball and the battle royale mode, and if I get into a match of a different mode I’m playing with the same 10 guys. Among just a few other things, hackers run relatively rampant.

  2. BadaBeem BadaBoom dice:

    Most of it is nice, what I want is the map to be bigger, more cheap weapons and a new game mode. Four stars because when I go in it forces me to watch an ad, when there would be no ads. Bug: The game automatically crashes when you go in zombie rush mode. If all of this were fixed and added, I would say five stars. I just restored my purchases, and it did NOT give back my block fire.

  3. Kermitinator Bobby dice:

    I love this game especially with the new update! But a few months ago I encounter a bug that freezes my game. Ever time I start up the game I have about one minute or thirty seconds to play this game. Even with and without internet connection it still freezes. This game is a blast I love all the missions sometimes when I complete all the missions on still remains on the map. After the update one mission remains the same even when I do the objective it doesn’t say I did it. Keep up the good work

  4. Leo Cannon dice:

    This is a great game! It is one of the best Block Shooter games ever and it isn’t just a shooter. It has a cool Rocket League type mode, a racing mode, and a cool mode where your in a giant robot and you fight other players. The other modes it has are team mode, free fight, zombie mode, a cool pokemon mode, and it had a battle royale mode but I dont see it anymore. If they got rid of it, their dumb cause that was one of the best modes. Well overall it’s a nice game and definitely worth getting!

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