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A city-building simulation game in the apocalypse of ice and snow
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A city-building simulation game set in an ice and snow apocalypse. As the chief of the last town on Earth, you have to gather resources and rebuild society.
Collect resources, assign workers, explore the wilderness, conquer tough surroundings, and use various methods in order to survive.

Game features:
🔻Survival simulation
Survivors are the basic characters in the game. They are the important work force who keep the urban area running. Assign your survivors to collect materials and work in various facilities. Mind the survivors’ physical and mental health. If the food ration is in shortage or the temperature drops below freezing, the survivors may get sick; And there may be protests if the work mode or the living environment is dissatisfying.

🔻Explore in the wild
The town sits in the wide wild frozen place. There will be exploratory teams as the survivor teams grow. Send the exploratory teams out for adventure and more useful supplies. Reveal the story behind this ice and snow apocalypse!

Game introduction:
🔸Build towns: collect resources, explore in the wild, maintain people’s basic needs, and balance between production and supply

🔸Production chain: process raw materials into living items, set reasonable production ratio, and improve the town’s operation

🔸Allocate labor: Assign survivors to different positions such as workers, hunters, chefs, etc. Keep an eye on survivors’ health and happiness values. Learn information about the town’s operation. Experience challenging hard-core gaming.

🔸Expand the town: Grow the survivor group, build more settlements to appeal to more survivors.

🔸Collect heroes: Army or Gang, what matters is not where they stand or who they are, but whom they follow. Recruit them to help the town grow.


Small fixes and improvements.


40 comentarios en "Frozen City FULL"

  1. I’m experiencing a glitch in the second city. When I start upgrading any structure, the game stops working. I get a tutorial finger constantly pointing at the upgrade button, but the game is 100% unresponsive to input. I have to keep closing the game, reopen it, go back to the first city, then return to the second city just to click the upgrade button once before it freezes again. Looks like it would be a fun game, but this glitch is too annoying to keep playing.

  2. I like the concept of the game, especially the curveballs where you have storms, could run out of fuel, and survivors get sick and need to go to the hospital. The story concept of the game makes it interesting. However, just as everyone else said, progress comes to almost a screeching halt on city 3. If it was easier to get the heroes, or there were two workstations open in each work place to begin with, it would definitely make the game better.

  3. This is an absolutely fantastic game! Except the title matches what it does – freezes, literally, all the time and crashes. Can’t see what you open in the cases because the screen glitches but you can make it through by tapping the center until it’s done. Don’t bother with side games (which are fun IF the game was functional). You lose out ’cause you can’t get on the game for days. Don’t bother with paying ’cause same deal. Support doesn’t respond so that doesn’t help.

  4. I really like this game. It could use a couple of upgrades to make it a bit more interesting to play, but I like it. One big complaint I have at the moment is that I can’t seem to play my past cities. I’m a bit OCD with my games & need to complete everything. So i like to max all my buildings out. However, once I move to a new city, it’s like my old ones stop producing any resources. I repeatedly go back and check & and there are no new resources & all the menus & stat bars disappear.

  5. Love this game. It’s easy to learn. I only have one major problem,. we need a way to earn more red crystals. I can’t upgrade my people fast enough to get enough workers on some jobs. No workers, no material, no building upgrade. Otherwise great game and I like the mini games it gives a break from the main while being the same concept. Ty for a fun game not drowning in ads.

  6. Very battery hungry, but great graphics, well thought-out gameplay mechanics, progress can be slow sometimes but there is no need to “pay to play” though it could certainly accelerate your gameplay if desired. The ads are always optional (to get bonuses), this is a nice change of pace compared to most free games, and this one is much higher quality.

  7. Meg Craft dice:

    Would have given it more stars, if the game didn’t suddenly close so many times. Very incredibly frustrating! Sometimes happens over 5 to 10 times in just a few minutes. The game just closes suddenly without any reason or explanation. Either right when I got into the game, or whenever I try to watch an ad for the bonuses. Since the last update, it has just gotten significantly worse. Can’t even properly play the game or the event this weekend.

  8. Ivy White dice:

    Good learning curve but constant crashes. I kept seeing it and thought it was interesting, but I’ve only managed to successfully open it 5x. The rest of the time I go to check in (every 4 hours or so just for the hourly grab) it loads half way and crashes. So I reopen it, it crashes. I have even closed everything out and restarted my phone and it will still crash. There’s no point in giving a higher rating because I am literally unable to work on the second city due to crashing.

  9. Game is very unique! But falls short in many ways. You constantly have to start over in a new city. I dislike games that force you to do that to prolong the game. After the 3rd city, things get super confusing. Quick pop ups that you’ll miss if you blink. Events are pay to win. The whole game is pay to play, if you don’t buy the items necessary, you can win but will take 5x longer. Avoid

  10. To start, this is a very enjoyable idle type game. The graphics and flow are just right. The storyline, while not needed to enjoy the game, is good. The only real problem is that the ad payout system is kind of broken. About 3 of 5 ads dont pay out. I get that you need the ads to pay for the development of the game, and I am a stickler about dumping games that are just ad spam, and this one isn’t. I suspect there is a minor coding issue on the time delay, but please fix it.

  11. Really was enjoying this game until I was working on the 2nd town. The game glitched (I’m pretty sure). Basically, I can’t progress any longer because I can’t upgrade buildings. I have more than enough materials, and the correct hero levels to do so, but the upgrade button is grayed out. Really frustrating, won’t be playing this until it’s fixed.

  12. I like the game. The story and feel is good. Unfortunately there is a high time difference between level 2 and 3. The time you spend waiting on resources is way too long. It is also difficult to get and level up the heros you need to be able to fully staff your buildings. And finally, I wanted to restart the game so that I could fully complete each town before moving on, but you need to contact customer support in order to restart the game and they do not to want to help me reset the game.

  13. You shot yourself in the foot, it’s a really good game but the hero system kills it. Progression just becomes too slow and so it becomes a game that when you play it, you don’t play it (paywall). Furthermore, the ads crash the game and if not you rarely get rewarded but you saw their ad. Such a con. Not optimized. Laggy as hell, so taps register as double most times and you end up buying more than you want. This happens constantly.

  14. I really love this game. At first, I got stuck in some cities but found out I could get more stars for heroes on the 24-hour fight adventure tab as well as the numbered fight levels. That helps a lot in moving along. I also love the weekly side quests. They definitely help boost resources for heroes. The only issue is that some ads won’t give the payout on the home base even when I finish watching the whole thing. That’s not good.

  15. I wanted to love this game. I’ve spent a few days playing and got to the 3rd city so far. But as everyone else says, the hero mechanic is pointless and ruins every aspect of the game. I can’t increase production without leveling heroes to nearly unobtainable levels, and locking buildings to 1 slot behind a pay wall is a terrible way to do business. I even spent some $$ on the game because it was either that or constantly lose resources and let survivors die over and over again. Unbelievable.

  16. Ben Dover dice:

    I’ll give it an honest review. Been playing ever since it came out, pre registered and everything. It’s a really fun game but there’s just a big pay wall. After like the second city you can’t really make any progress. The hero card you need start becoming almost impossible to obtain and progress becomes really slow because of the red crystals. Was fun at first but then turned into just opening the game to gather resources then quitting.

  17. It has the potential for a great game, but the random order of the cards makes it difficult to go beyond level two. I want to like it more but it’s just not fun without being able to level up characters to the point you fail without putting money in. If they adjust this to come in a timely manner to what you need, it could be a great game!

  18. Rex Wall dice:

    Meh. Starts out reasonable but when I got to the 3rd city, it turned into a slog. You have to collect resources for weeks in real-time to purchase upgrades necessary to meet goals toward ending the scenario. You can’t add survivors to key production facilities, even after upgrading, without spending real money to get the hero for the building. The game would be fine if it were scaled properly but as is it’s boring.

  19. I love the concept of the game and would rate it higher but it’s impossible to level up without spending any money. I’ve been in the 3rd city forever, but at least I haven’t died yet I guess. The side games aren’t bad but just another version of the main game in a different skin so there’s no variation really. I suppose the challenge of keeping my city alive has kept me playing thus far, but if it dies so does this game for me.

  20. At first, I was very happy with this game. I had a good time leveling up cities and unlocking areas. Until I came to the plain city and one of the heros required to advance production was hidden behind a pay wall. Only available through random chance (near impossible) or purchase of a bonus pack ($6), this pay wall bottlenecks gameplay to a grinding halt and makes it so much less enjoyable. Sad to see from something with a lot of potential.

  21. Pretty great idle game with a nice balance of strategy. I like the exploring mini game; something extra to do while waiting for resources. Two things I don’t like: 1. Hero requirement for adding extra workers to a facility. It’s perfectly reasonable to give a production bonus for heroes, but not for adding a second worker when I already spent resources to upgrade the building. 2. Subscription for add-free. The game might be worth a one-off $10 for add free, but not every month! So greedy!

  22. Your game either takes forever to load or won’t load at all. Then on top of that it’s only a maintenance game. Nothing interactive about this app. All you do is upgrade. The battle and adventure modes are a joke. I like it at first, but by the the time you get to city 3 it becomes redundant. Add more features and this would be an awesome game, also fix the loading issues.

  23. Fun until you hit midway through the 3rd city. You can’t acquire the heroes for the Iron Mine and Foundry. Gameplay slows down significantly, and there isn’t much to do. Good graphics and gameplay overall. There’s just no way to progress within level 3 unless you stop playing the game for a day or so to let resources accumulate. Option to adjust graphics level would good, high/medium/low. I am playing on a relatively fast Pixel 6 pro, the phone gets warm, and burns thru battery life.

  24. It’s pretty good, but needing to ~upgrade heroes~ to play is very annoying, especially since it’s so expensive to upgrade them and you can go days without them giving you the hero that you need to unlock the building you just bought. Note that nowhere in the ads it mentions heroes? It’s because they’re extremely annoying. Very little like the ads. And like everyone else seems to have noticed, it hits a pay wall very quickly. How hard can it possibly be to not make users pay stupid amounts?

  25. It’s okay. There’s constant progress, which is nice, and there are no forced ads that I’ve noticed, but certain buildings require certain heroes, and getting them is completely random. It gives you the first few for free, but it really feels stacked against you so you buy packs. Pretty fun, but pay walls in an otherwise fully functional game are irritating

  26. Good idea, poor idle execution. I like the premise and the ambiance is great. However, what the game does while the app is closed doesn’t make sense sometimes. The way the workers sleep and eat I think affects the idle calculations. The hero system is not set up for a smooth/logical progression either and unless you get lucky on free pulls you will get into bad situations with the most basic resources.

  27. Great storyline, Easy enough gameplay, but the heroes are very hard to come by. I recommend putting a decent chunk of time into the events as soon as they’re available. Max out the rewards for it. You will eventually get the heroes needed to advance the main story. The great thing is there aren’t forced ads every 5 seconds like most other games, and you actually get a reward for watching them

  28. Love the idea of this game and it was a lot of fun for the first 2.5 cities. However, the hero system makes it almost impossible after that. You literally can’t upgrade the most important stuff unless you pay real money to get the heros. And it would probably take a lot of real money. I was going to look at getting the ad skip, but the price is outrageous. 20 a month or 10 a week? Forget it. There’s not even that many ads to even come close to justifying this. Disappointed. Could be great.

  29. I like the story, the art, the gameplay, even the events. But if you are f2p be prepared for a long and tedious journey. First city was no trouble. Second city you start to see that the drop rate on heroes has lowered and you need them to upgrade you buildings. Third city, the drop rate is non-existent. You might as well stop playing because you will proceed.

  30. I’m uninstalling this app. Game is pretty good, but with all of the constant crashing, it’s not worth it. It’s gotten to the point where I play for less than 5 minutes and it kicks me out. It’s frustrating beyond belief. At first I thought it was my phone storage or internet connection, but after remedying every other possible cause (including but not limited to: completing a system update, deleting/reinstalling the game, clearing the cache, ect) have to realize it’s just this effing game.

  31. E dice:

    I really enjoy this game, good graphics and I like the overall gameplay….. However it is getting to the point where it is impossible to make any progress… To the point where it’s too boring to even play because you’re literally just watching your guys farm for resources to upgrade. And the food…. It’s not even enough to feed the players, again once you move up not in the first levels…. If this doesn’t get resolved or updated or whatever I’m just going to delete it fingers crossed.

  32. Matt Zac dice:

    So far the game is pretty good. Lovely visuals and thought out graphics, great simplistic and low poly design. I love the little visual changes for all the upgrades, shows that the devs really took the time to put in those extra details. One thing I’m having an issue with is the UI, it’s a little unintuitive in my opinion but that also might be because I’m still learning how to move around, though I believe good UI/UX design should feel natural to almost all people and this is almost getting it.

  33. This game is actually a lot of fun and well made, and there are not a lot of problems with it. However, there are two problems that really ruin the experience. 1. It is waaay to difficult to get heros’, and you need heros’ if you want to progress faster than one upgrade a week. The way heros’ work basically requires you to spend months on one city or money to actually play the game since you can’t even put survivors to work in a building without a hero… 2. The events are very pay to win…

  34. Tiff dice:

    I like the game, but I’d love to see fast forwarding through sleep. Rather fastforwarding in general. No resources are being collected. It is more or less just a waste of time to wait. Im in the second city, something that interests me is the travel time. Wake up is at 4:30, but it takes little dude/dudette 2 hours to get to the foundry. That’s 2 hours, game time, of resources lost in walking time from 2 blocks away. Otherwise, it’s a nice idle game.

  35. It was great for the first day, and they make it look super playable and fun. Then the kicker dawns on you once you get past the first town. The heroes are the only way to advance, and the only way to get certain heroes is hidden behind a hefty paywall. Even playing the events only gave me more of the heroes I already had. Without paying it bottlenecks progress and makes it impossible to play. If the hero cards were more accessible I’d rate higher.

  36. Its a great game, sure you have to wait for them to sleep and eat and get to there jobs but that’s all fine. My problem is the lag and it crashing every now and then, it even crashed before I made this review and I had to restart my phone, it definitely needs that fixed as I really like this game and I would like to keep playing it, but it’s hard due to the lag and crashes. So I wait hours before I even get back on. Fix the crashing.

  37. Very well-made game, enjoyed playing it up until the 3rd city (level) where it suddenly feels very pay-to-win. It seems to be purposefully holding back a key hero which is has absolutely stunted all progress in the game. There’s no way I can get this hero without buying a hero pack (which doesn’t even guarantee the hero I need to progress). I’m frustrated as I love the graphics, mechanics and “vibe” of the game but I seem to have hit a brick wall, unable to progress.

  38. It’s easy to play good graphics and storyline. I see alot of complaints about glitches and bugs. I never had 1 issue with this game and been playing it for about 3 weeks now. I was a early access player and never had 1 issue. And yes the levels get harder as you go. But if you upgrade your hunting cabin before you get a bunch of refugees they won’t starve. Then you want to get your coal mine leved up so they don’t freeze. Then you just keep upgrading and move on to the next city and so on.

  39. It is a really good game with so much potential but waay to slow. I couldn’t get a hero I needed to upgrade a building, but I couldn’t get it no matter how hard I tried and it slowed the game down to the point I lost interest. It took me weeks to make any progress without the stupid hero and it ruined the game for me. I might redownload later if they change some features to account for this.

  40. This was a great game to start. Once you get to the 3rd town tasks become almost impossible to complete or take way too long (days vs minutes) unless you pay for heroes. At first the heroes show up when you build a building. Then they just stop even after watching ads to open crates and paying gems. I did pay $ for the first set of heroes really needed, then once I got to the next city and realized pretty much you need to repurchase every level it was a nope. Uninstalling.

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