War Dogs : Air Combat Flight S MOD 2022

Live to fly. Fly to live. Do or die. Ace the sky
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War Dogs is a world war 2 era air combat flight simulator game featuring 24 warplanes from the five major powers of the time- USA, Germany, UK, Japan and Russia. The game features the full diverse range of airplane that were used in the great war- dog fighters, dive-bombers, torpedo-bombers and long range heavy-bombers. The game has both single player campaigns and multiplayer arena battles spread across five major theaters of war ranging from the deserts of North Africa to the shores of Japanese isles

War Dogs is built from ground-up as a flight simulator to offer the most immersive air combat experience, and unlike most WW II aircraft games on Mobile, War Dogs has both Arcade and Simulation grade controls for both rookies and experienced Ace Fighters. Take control of all three controls(pitch, roll and yaw) to pull off basic and advanced air combat manoeuvres like Barrel roll, Pitchback, Wingover and others like an ace fighter

Features like Cockpit mode and War Emergency power will offer immersive Flight Simulator experience on par with PC/Console air combat games/simulators

Take off and land on Aircraft carriers. Torpedo enemy warships, Dive bomb enemy installations and destroy their airfields

For King and Country(British Campaign): Defend the British shores from German Luftwaffe using the battle tested Supermarine Spitfire. Beat back the Kriegsmarine using biplane torpedo bombers like Fairey Swordfish

Always in Action(German Campaign): Dominate the sun-scorched deserts of north africa for the Luftwaffe using the menacing Stuka Dive bombers and light and nimble Focke-Wulf FW 190s. Hold the relentless British Allied advance with surgical strikes

Beneath the Rising Sun(Japanese Campaign): Spearhead the historic assault on pearl harbor that pushed USA into the World War 2. Decimate the American pacific fleet with air-strikes on their warships, aircraft carriers using Mitsubishi A6M Zero, Nakajima B5N and others airplanes

The Motherland Calls(Russian Campaign): Witness an entire nation mobilized to defend their motherland from the German blitzkrieg. Use the crippling winter in Russia to immobilize the German Wehrmacht and disrupt their supply lines. Deploy Iconic Russian airplanes like Ilyushin IL-2, Yakovlev Yak-3 and Petyakov PE2

Remember Pearl Harbor(American Campaign): Take the fight with the Imperial Japanese Navy to their shores. Use the full might of American Naval air power and avenge the attack on Pearl harbor. Deploy superior American aircraft like P-51 Mustang, F4U Corsair, P-47 Thunderbolt, SBD Dauntless, TBF Avenger, and the fittingly named Boeing B17 Flying Fortress

Multiplayer: Invite your friends and Battle out with them in Arena style Team battles. Choose your squad (2 Fighters, 1 Dive bomber, 1 Torpedo Bomber, 1 Heavy Bomber), and deploy them. Face off against Anti-aircraft Guns or Fleet of Battleships in Land and Sea battles while defending your own assets. Play either in flight simulator mode or arcade mode depending on your style. Become a Ace fighter by leveling up and upgrade your warplanes

List of Warplanes :

Fighter: Warplanes that excel in dog-fighting with superior speed,
and maneuverability compared to other warplanes

Supermarine Spitfire
P-51 Mustang
FW-190 Wulf
Messerschmitt Bf-109
Mitsubishi a6m zero
Ilyushin-2 Shturmovik
Vought F4U Corsair
Messerschmitt 262
Thunderbolt P-47
Yakovlev Yak-3
Nakajima Ki-84
Hawker Hurricane

Torpedo Bomber: Torpedo enemy warships as you dodge AA flak gun fire

Fairey Swordfish
Grumman TBF Avenger
Junkers Ju 88

Dive Bomber: Dive and launch surgical strikes on enemy assets

Junkers 87 Stuka
Douglas SBD Dauntless
Fairey Barracuda
Petlyakov Pe-2

Heavy Bomber: Carpet bomb enemy targets using the devastating but vulnerable heavy bomber

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress
Heinkel He 111
Avro Lancaster
Mitsubishi G4M

Music By: Anup Jampala(Delta Four Soundtracks)


* Level Difficulty Adjustment
* Aircraft Price Adjustment


40 comentarios en "War Dogs : Air Combat Flight S MOD 2022"

  1. Quite good, except there was no ammo count, and the physics were a bit weird. You can’t even do barrel rolls or loops, which is quite lame. When you go to land, the gear retracts automatically, and it doesn’t deploy unless if you’re above the runway. The damage models are nicely done, but I don’t understand having a health bar system if you have damage models.

  2. Mike dice:

    Cool game fun and challenging but too bland… could use some in game variations and more choice of aircrafts for the missions. I understand the whole point is to use the specific countrys aircraft for certain missions but we should be able to choose the aircraft you want to use on mission and make it more realistic. I know it’s easier said than done but you asked for my opinion and that’s what it is overall though I like the game and I keep coming back I spent $5 on upgrade credits & having fun

  3. I really like the game, it’s single player is basically a tutorial, but the multiplayer carries the whole game. The multiplayer is short, fun, and entertaining, the only problem is destroying enemy planes doesn’t count towards victory, once I lost by one to a team with only a single player with one plane left. The planes are fun and I was compelled to buy the German tree for the Messerschmitt jet which was worth it in my opinion.

  4. I love everything about this game except one thing and it ruins it for me. I love that you can do loops and rolls, unlike most other games, but the problem is the bombing/torpedo mode. I like to use the in cockpit view but everytime you go to the bombing mode it kicks you out of the cockpit view and you have to press on it again when you come out! I just wish you were able to drop the bombs and torpedoes from the cockpit mode! If you could this game would be easily 5 stars.

  5. D Gove dice:

    Started out to be a good game, but the joystick is backwards, and you can’t fly well, can’t recover if your going down, and landing is a skill that has to be something miraculous, almost impossible, could not get into the game after having to try and land several times, maybe good for other players, but not for me, uninstalled.

  6. Not a bad little game. The rendering of the planes is fairly accurate and the gameplay is smooth although the control system could use a little refinement, I steer left but alot of the time the floating joystick doesn’t register my movements. Overall the missions are far too short but I would have to say I’m quite pleased with the game.

  7. Mr Mann dice:

    I loved this game. It gave a good level of challenge but it was achievable (those who say otherwise need to just stick with it). However… once complete we have 2 more campaigns that are “coming soon…” and have been for years. The online game is great and once you collect all the planes you still have great fun… …so why one star? If you get too good you max out the points and can no longer access the online game, it freezes when you try. It is unplayable and they don’t answer emails.

  8. Initially, I was impressed. A fairly easy game to play, especially in ‘arcade mode,’ but challenging enough to make it interesting. Very unintrusive in terms of advertising, which makes for a refreshing change. All-in-all, 10/10. But, then it just stopped working in multi-player mode. Can’t see any reason why and any messages to the developers go unanswered. Nothing written in any FAQs or game notes.

  9. It’s a fun game, but it starts to get boring after upgrading all the planes. The single player missions are missing for two countries and they’re all finished within an hour. Multi-player is you against bots, not other humans online. I can run the game in airplane mode, with wifi without internet access, and still play multi-player. It’s boring now.

  10. One of the best simple aircraft combat games that I’ve played.☆☆☆☆☆ The leveling system🔝 is refined and accurate to the real time. And I especially liked the vintage mode, gives the feel to continue. 🛩 The controls are pretty smooth, and the menu options helps to customize the controls for best suited to oneself.● Yet to try multiplayer, Will be updating soon. ☢

  11. Belhasan dice:

    Good game but it still needs some improvements as well as new features. Single player missions are too short and simple which makes them little boring , I suggest you add new missions that have multipe and different objectives. Also mission should start and end by landing on airbase not in the sky and rear guns should work . Adding an option for aircraft painting would be amazing too.

  12. Single player is good to learn how to play the game and use different types of planes. If you like games strictly for single player this game is not for you, as the campaigns are too short. I really enjoy the multiplayer, however I would like a way to play with friends who also have the game. It would also be good to be able to see statistics for my planes (how many planes I’ve shot down with my spitfire or my hurricane, kills per game, times I’ve been shot down, etc.)

  13. I was amazed with this game, giving it 5 stars rate at the first… After hours of playing, spending only earned tokens for the upgrade and eventually unlocking the last plane (what a joy), I have leveled to 19th level when the multiplayer mode just frozed. Now if I enter the multiplayer mode, same frozen screen appeared, saying that I’m 99th level and not giving me the option to go back or enter the arena, forcing me to exit the game. The only option is to play same 3 campaigns

  14. The graphics are great, especially compared to other games. It’s so easy and fun to play, it makes other flight simulation and aerial combat games seem terrible. If you like old warplane fighting games, I strongly recommend this one. The game is good, but I just found out that after you finish level 19 on multiplayer mode, you can’t do multiplayer mode anymore.

  15. The controls are a bit hinky to use at first. Takes a few to get used to them. Graphics are good. You will want to adjust the sensitivity of them at different times with each plane. The bi-plane is the hardest to fly and is nearly uncontrollable if not impossible to fly.

  16. Well, the game is very excellent for its simulation controls, multiplayer matches and excellent planes! The problem is that when you open the cockpit, it’s empty like there’s no pilot inside, then you have to take evasive action while flying in the bombers because their tail gunners can’t shoot and finally is the engine sound of the Messerschmitt Me-262. I hope they will fix it. But still a good game!

  17. AA Bumble dice:

    Add working automatic defense turets, the two last level’s and more aircraft allredy you A-HOLES!!!!!!!!!! Along with the ability to use any aircraft you have in single player so long as it can meet the requirements.

  18. Rodrigo C dice:

    Fun beggining and worth your time. Controls are not super easy, but not hard. I am interested to learn more and test new aircrafts. The music and audio are not great and I’m playing on mute with my own music.

  19. I really like this game to pass the time. The multiplayer is cool, 2 minute games 4v4 4 lives each, it’s really fair even for new players. The best part is it’s NOT PAY TO PLAY! I was able unlock and fully upgrade every plane in the game without spending a dime and it’s still fun to play. Trust me it’s cool game, I have never taken the time to review a phone game ever but this one diserved it.

  20. Missing HUD(Heads up Display) Speed and altitude are great but where is my 3 digit heading. Where are my horizontal lines and symbol for aircraft in-between? These tell me if I am leaning forward or backward or if I am leveled out. They also tell me if I am tilted left or right. This is helpful in take off, final approach, and in flight.

  21. Airplane flies kinda sloppy, doesn’t turn well, or pitch well! Like the graphics, but I’ve seen better, in less sophisticated games!!! And the finger control is not any better!!! Sorry guys, I have other flight sim, and their simplest are better than what you offer!

  22. I appreciate the efforts of this game’s developers. But it needs a lot of upgrades. The graphics is blur, better simulation controls is needed, some of the activities are automatic,… the wheels come out automatically without being controlled. Fix this. Thank you

  23. The game is fun but it lacks a proper reward system. You never get an appropriate amount of money. Normally in other games if you lose you get something but not on this one. This game has so much potential but the devs don’t see the way to this potential it would seem.

  24. George C dice:

    This game is alright, but there are much better WW2 plane simulators on the play store. The way the anti aircraft works in this game doesn’t make sense, the shells just spawn out of nowhere. The multiplayer is the best part of this game, but it forces you to wait if your aircraft get damaged in a battle, which just leaves you with the boring campaign. Personally if you want a dogfight game, I recommend Warplanes: WWII dogfight.

  25. Haven’t played it in a while, but when I was, they’re a mission where u have to take down 2 ships. Easy. But it takes about 4 or 5 bombs to destroy them, and they have perfect aim and can 1 to 2 shot you.

  26. Y T dice:

    It is really good game. The controls are smooth and it’s a great flying experience. Though the graphics are not so good and there isn’t much planes to choose from its great because you can be Japanese, American, British etc. So it really is a cool game despite the poor graphics.

  27. Not one of the best WWII games. The simulation controls don’t have drag while sideways and the multiplayer mode rounds are way too short. It’s neat how the gameplay looks like an old film and there’s multiple planes of different types, but the last two campaigns haven’t been done yet.

  28. The campaign is good until it ends, bit repetitive and bland but that’s generally why I feel like it’s a tutorial… controls well, its fun, graphics I never care about but they are nice, but NOW the cons. The biggest issue…the ONLY issue I have with it… I CONSTANTLY lose connection early on in EVERY multiplayer game I play…EVERY game that’s multiplayer from 15 seconds to a minute in, it CONSISTANTLY loses connection. Check my wifi, it’s good, freezes, cant move, lost connection… fix?

  29. Great game! It has very nice controls! People complain about the landing gear being retracted and put down automaticaly tho you can turn on manual landing gear control in the settings aswell as simulator controls. There are some historical flaws but these don’t bother me. A good selection of aircraft. Cockpit view is also great! Flight controls (with or without simulator controls) are very nice. Simulator controls allow for fun ways to manouvre like barrelrolling. Overall very fun game!

  30. Comical, jovial, stress-free so far in first 6 missions before game pushed a “Rate Us” on me. Will continue to see how it will go. *EDIT: It turns out the single player missions are rather short and once it’s over, there is nothing but multiplayer to do. Multiplayer turns out to be actually single player against bots (you always are 1st in queue, and you always spawn in very left, it’s obvious…) yet there is no pause button during the match. Add the pause menu for players at work!

  31. Limited controller use. The controller mapping is odd, not totally bad, but odd and not intuitive to actually use. The bad part though is that the setting to invert the pitch doesn’t work on the controller, it only applies to the on screen controls. This makes it nearly impossible for me to fly with the controller.

  32. It’s alright. Graphics and control responses are ok. It’s just that I have been rusty and this one’s not for someone who is out of practice. A few of the campaign missions become repititive and infuriating after a while. As for the difficulty, there’s only one level of difficulty throughout the campaigns, that’s got me to withhold one star.

  33. The controls are trash, if I were a developer on this game I’d look at soul knights joystick mechanic. The graphics are fine for a mobile game although they use an almost entirely green and brown color pallet for both the enemies, planes, and background so it’s difficult to make anything out (which is important in a plane shooter). Overall a mediocre attempt that just feels like a lazy derivative of an early 2000’s playstation game.

  34. Loved War Wings. Played every day for over a year. This is my replacement. Like that you can use thumb controls. Just picking it back up after a number of months. Hoping more content is finished.

  35. Fun but the little things need ironing out. Single player is short and disappointing. I would enjoy a dogfight multiplayer mode for only planes based on kills. Daily reward stops and I at least need it to keep me from forgetting about the game. It’s still very fun and I would recommend to play for a bit.

  36. Excellent Game really looking forward to more levels being added. Its really great how easy the controls are to master & the planes are soon upgrade with rewards. Well done to the developers this is just Excellent to play. Keep adding more levels and please add more landings in the game after combat including refueling for example.

  37. Really great. Simple, easy controls, and consiserable graphics. Getting new planes are unlocked, not bought, which is why I can’t stand half of the mobile games out there. I highly suggest if your looking for a good game

  38. For a very new game, it has potential. However, it is far too easy and short, and therefore I would ask to add a skirmish option, more campaign missions and difficulty options. Plane customisation would be nice as well.

  39. Not bad, but the game requires fixing because when I try to play multiplayer, it will tell me that my speed is too low, and I got disconnected. But, I have a feeling those weren’t real players but bots because they were acting strange. Also, if you are using some plane that contains explosives, you will drop explosives after shooting planes down which us glitch.

  40. the controls very bad, how can you chase an full maneuvering plane when you just doing a half turn on normal controls? about expert control, I think it’s over complex for a mobile phone game, you can just combine the rudder control on the joystick, not a separate controls, so you can align your plane and shoot easily without dual control panel and then shoot after your plane in comfortable position, and please make the plane still controllable when the plane start to shoot

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