Pferde- und Reiter Anzieh-Spaß MODDED 2022


Big horse and rider Abziehspaß with over 10,000 possible combinations!
3.6/5 Votos: 3,320
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Die große Pferde- und Reiter-Anzieh App!

Mit dieser App hast Du unendlich viele Möglichkeiten, Dir Dein ganz persönliches Pferd oder Deine eigene Reiterin in traumhaften Umgebungen zusammenzustellen, zu bekleiden und mit vielen Details und Accessoirs auszustatten.

über 10.000 Kombinationsmöglichkeiten
Style Deine Reiterin
Style Dein Pferd
14 verschiedene Hintergründen
Viele virtuelle Sticker
Sounds und Melodie
eigene Bildergalerie

Die App ist sowohl für das Smartphone, als auch Tablet spielbar.

Das Team von book `n´ app – pApplishing house wünscht viel Spaß!


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40 comentarios en "Pferde- und Reiter Anzieh-Spaß MODDED 2022"

  1. It is a great game you get to put other stuff in a scenery I love it I even have other games that are like this same company even I don’t know if you agree but I hope you do

  2. It is good to play but i like a person riding a hores to design

  3. It’s an ok game but i need it in English

  4. OK but you can’t move caricatures

  5. I Love horses i play horse games all day i play horse game in roblox but when i saw this game i Love it and now i play this game all day,wow i Love horses🏇🏇🐎🐎🐴🐴

  6. This game is so see for your self download it you will just be so happy you made this do know. Ps please download this game

  7. it is okay just add more horses thx

  8. you cant ride a horse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I looooooove this game 😘😘😘

  10. Cool 😎 🆒️ 😎 game for me now

  11. بازی جالبی نیست

  12. It’s not a horse riding game, but it’s really nice for girls. It would be better if ● you could undo mistakes ● save a picture (in the game, not to gallery) to edit (play with) later ●choose a combination of girl and horse and have her ride it ● let the stables in the background go in front of a horse like the objects can go in front of each other. (I would understand if this one is too difficult though.)


  14. It’s just a couple of pictures. Not even small clips of movement. There is no game. You pick one of the 2 horses or riders and dress them in a couple of items and that’s the whole thing.

  15. Every time I open the game it says Runtime Error. I want to try the game but I can’t…

  16. I seriously want to play it but I couldn’t cuz it didn’t work at all seriously guys fixed it and I am stole it recommending you guys ever install this stupid game ever like ever recommend you guys don’t ever ever if you have electronic and you really want to try it don’t ever this game sucks

  17. I love horse’s I have a horse at my house im looking at it right now

  18. I love horses I love to ride my horse when ever I come from school it’s just awesome

  19. This app has great graphics finally, however there isn’t much to do

  20. Ser gut Love the game I have being whating for something like this for ages

  21. Awesome game I won, t stop playing it

  22. I ❤ the game I love the bronze horse more get the app

  23. I like horses and these horses are pretty

  24. Well 1.I can’t understand what it may say cause I do not write like that.2.That it’s simple 3.DOES this game make it realistic idk you do that but just please us them tips please??? 👍👍👍👍👍👍🐴🐴🐴🐴🐎🐎🐎🐎🏇🏇🏇

  25. I love it it is really intertaining

  26. Dies ist eine süß app aber ich mag es nicht wirklich. und nachdem ich den hintergrund geklickt dann ich einen Pferd Rahmen es nicht lassen mir dieses bild klickte von dem was ich sehe nicht rückgängig zu machen

  27. Awful It’s not even a game you just drag other horses to the sceen and pick your original horse just awful don’t get it

  28. Love it there’s just one thing you can only pick one horse or person to customize but when you make your person look Western there’s only an English horse You Can’t customize both so if you make your horse look Western there’s only a person that looks English so the only thing I want them to change is that you can customize all the horses you put in like the Shetland ponies but that’s all other than that I love the game it’s my favorite game

  29. It’s not in English so I can’t read it

  30. What the heck I was looking forward to playing but it doesn’t even work!!

  31. I Think that it is nice and it’s not bad.

  32. Super fun game it’s kind of in a different language though

  33. Can’t understand the language

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