Kitty Cat Tycoon MODDED 2022


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Make cat tree with cute kittens
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New title following hamster tycoon!
Here comes the Kitty Cat Tycoon: make cat tree!

Have you imagined what if cats make furniture?
Let’s make imagines come true!
Various lovely furniture made by little pink paws are ready now!🐾

In the Cat Furniture Craft Shop, You can meet our cute and trusty cats below.
😽 Mr. Ddong, the Persian cat, provides materials for furniture
✨ Mr. Calion, the Calico cat, preps the materials
🧀 Ms. Cheeze, the Cheeze cat, designs furniture
👔 Mr. Tuxedo, the Black cat, sells furniture

This will be a heart-warming tycoon game you’ve ever played!
Simulate crafting different types of furniture on each stage!

How to play Kitty Cat Tycoon :

🃏 Collect a variety of Cat Manager cards!
🪑Upgrade your Cat Managers’ craft skill!
🎨 Develop various designs from simple to fancy!
🚚Deliver the furniture to customers!

💰Completing all the procedures, You can collect Cat Coins to decorate cats! 💰

Upgrade each furniture room and make every crafting procedures go smoothly.
Come and see how our Craftsman Cats work.
It will be the happiest and relaxing scene you’ve ever seen!

The more cats you discover, the more your furniture shop be active!
Get warm space for over 50 kinds of cats to live in!

Enjoy Kitty tycoon game which is soooo cute!!!
The Kitty tycoon includes advertisements.

You can also play games on your 📱 tablet device.
FYI, we are open to all suggestions on furniture design. So please let us know your secret ideas for furniture. Everything is on you!


1. “Ability” items have been added!
- It's located at the bottom!

2. The ability to collect hearts at once from the lower house has been added!

3. The most efficient package has been added!


4 comentarios en "Kitty Cat Tycoon MODDED 2022"

  1. Jacob Shimek dice:

    Ugh. Standard desperate cash grab of an idle game. Starts off cute, but there’s constantly a little balloon drifting in front of the top half of the screen to remind you about an ad to get more money, and it blocks a good inch square of screen as it drifts. Free currency dries up pretty quickly, and some upgrades force you to go back to doing things manually – unless you want to pay more to get materials and duplicates to upgrade the managers who were good enough a minute ago. Did I mention ads?

  2. Matt Chapon dice:

    At least 50% of ads today play through to the end, the timer runs out and it says reward granted, but then an error stating that ads cannot be loaded shows when I close the ad. No reward is given, even though I’ve already watched the ad. It’s getting real irritating and becoming a waste of time. They get whatever they get for me watching the ad, but they don’t give me what the game says I’ll get.

  3. Cutsy Cat dice:

    It has cats. I thought I would love it, so I paid the 30 or whatever to join vip and I very much regret it. You can get at most 5 hours of boost. That’s not even a full 8 hours of sleep. You quickly end up in a place where if you have an actual job and can’t be playing this constantly you take forever to progress. The events are cool, but usually end up with you needing to use the roulette wheel to finish tasks only to end up with tasks for the roulette wheel that you will never finish.

  4. HappyCrying Cat dice:

    Very slow game, and probably one of the biggest cashgrabs I’ve ever seen. The entire app is littered with in app purchases and get you to cough up money just for some cats. Yeah all mobile apps have in app purchases, but this game is like if EA decided to make an app. There are buttons that say you can collect a reward, but they hide an add in that button.If you want a fun cat game go online and you can download one without all the cashgrabs in it. Overall the experience was quite disappointing.

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