Home Design: Stay Here MODDED 2022


Design home with furniture inspired by Pinterest and Ashley.
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Ever wondered to know what it feels like to run your own interior design HGTV show? Now you can with the newest home design game, the best home decorating game with 3d graphics and creative aesthetic designs that were inspired by the interior design on the Pinterest platform. The furniture choices came from Ashley and Ikea home furniture and decor stores.

Become an expert in interior design by working side by side with a professional interior designer Lucas and a real estate mogul, Taylor. Redecor rooms applying stylish patterns. Start your home design journey and make your design home dreams come true!

What makes Home Design: Stay Here so special?

☆ Design home and redecor houses for charismatic characters, your clients are counting on you!
☆ Explore your creativity, find inspiration from Pinterest, Ashley, Ikea influenced furniture designs and show off your designer skills.
☆ Make creative choices and build your own dream home. You decide you choose!
☆ Sharpen your decorating skills in weekly Episodes and style visually stunning three-dimensional spaces with access to high-end furniture and decor brands.
☆ Improve your design skills and gain inspiration that you can even apply in your real life.

If you like to watch HGTV property renovation, home design shows, like Fixer Upper and Property Brothers, then Home Design: Stay Here is a perfect virtual interior design game for you and if you enjoy playing games like Homescapes, Gardenscapes, Fishdom, and Township, you’ll also enjoy Stay Here! Addictive gameplay with tons of decorating options is waiting for you!

*Please note that Home Design: Stay Here is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. Stay Here saves your progress on your device. Data will be reset if you delete the app or change your device.*


We are Purple Cow Studio at Cookapps. We all love to watch home remodeling shows and browse Pinterest for inspiring interior photos. We create home decor games we love to play ourselves. If you’re into home design, join our vibrant design community on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PurpleCowStudios/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/purplecowstudio_cookapps/


New episodes have been updated. We fixed the bug and redecorated the house.


40 comentarios en "Home Design: Stay Here MODDED 2022"

  1. Dee Dyer dice:

    The game is a lot of fun. It’s the only six sided game of it’s kind which is great!HOWEVER, if you can’t afford to pay, for example the diamonds that buys boosters, the game can get VERY frustrating. Sometimes playing several rounds on the same level before being able to move on. And now they’re taking away the advertisements that get you extra moves. Takes foreverrrrrrrrrr to decorate the rooms. After reading some of the other reviews, sounds like you guys have a lot fix!

  2. I love this game! The only things I don’t like are the design options are a lot of coins. And then if I run out of moves, a thing pops up to watch a AD for 3 extra moves so I’ll watch the AD & then when it takes me back I don’t get the extra 3 moves. The game actually freezes. But other than that, I enjoy the game very much!

  3. This game is basically unplayable when it comes to design. If you want anything to match you have to watch an ad. That isn’t necessarily a problem. The problem is these ads don’t load. It just has a pop-up that spins in circles saying “ad loading” & you have to practically turn your phone off just to get out of it! Fix this please!

  4. Everything worked fine yesterday, and today I can’t get past loading screen. Also, this is more of a match 3 game than home design as you’ll spend majority of your time trying to pass match 3 levels to earn coins so you can buy expensive items for your rooms. Plus, they’ll bombard you with ads every chance they get. And please, there has to be a way to disable those annoying, long, unnecessary dialogues between characters after every purchase you make.

  5. 2.12.22 I finally had a strategy to reduce the app crashing&made it to level 743. Now I’m stuck &can’t solve. I’ve been trying over week, I’m done. 12.2021..Enjoyed the app until it started crashing. It randomly crashes trying to select options. If I try to purchase w/ coins, it crashes, Sometimes, I get the ad option& it works, other times, it crashes, too. Finally, I just choose whatever option doesn’t crash the app. I noticed when it crashes it takes my coins and gems. Wish they would fix it.

  6. John E dice:

    The design and puzzle part is okay. The dialog isn’t interesting for me. The artwork is odd. They have two people that are on the loading screen but then a different art style for everyone else. Most of the negative score is to do with their Support team. Expect to wait a week or more before getting a response

  7. A Adams dice:

    I like the game but find it unplayable due to the fact that moves light up on the board, flashing and completely distracting me from seeing any other moves I could make. It helped in the first chapter but after that it just kept going. I cant play like this, my eye is just drawn to that flashing light. If they make it so the hints can be turned off I will go back to the game, but for now I have to quit.

  8. As of today, I can no longer design. There are three sections of a house that no matter how many times I try to buy the materials it just doesn’t accept it. I have restarted my phone, uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, and nothing is working. Plus it’s a level I already completed for a different client. Why is it a repeat? I like this game but this issue needs fixed.

  9. I really enjoy this game, but there is so much wrong with it. Those 4 tip flying things should go after the color tiles they could take out. When you have a wild ball and you join with 4 tip flying thing, they also should go after the color of the tile. When you have wild ball with bomb, the bombs go everywhere except were they need to. I’m not saying they all should concentrate around what is left, but it would be nice if a couple did. Commercial for extra moves, freeze up, no moves.

  10. This a great game overall, easy to play, creative writing with the characters and the options to design is fun and almost feels unlimited! The mini-game is great, however, I feel that it does not give you enough time to make decisions on your own and immediately give you clues on moves you can make, which makes it feel like the game is playing itself, rather than the player. There’s no options to turn this off either. To the makers of this game, make adjustments and keep up the good work!

  11. The game looks beautiful, well-designed, and it could be fun – if it only worked properly. I constantly face an issue where I pay for an upgrade, the money or gems get taken, but the upgrade doesn’t appear. There’s also one thing I dislike: the inconsistence in graphics style. The title screen has realistic people on it, the buildings and upgrades also look realistic, but the in-game characters and the levels are cartoon-style.

  12. I love the game only 2 things ,1 sometimes when I buy an item and then go on to other things then I play for more coins it takes away things already paid for and makes me pay again. And 2 in the game play part some pieces move to somewhere I don’t put them and alot of times because of that I loose the game. It’s frustrating . But still love the game

  13. Jerome Ng dice:

    Really great game. You can choose to watch ads to gain more coins or rewards instead of ads springing up all the time. Sleek design. Really like how the game helps you in doing the puzzles so I don’t have to spend too much time on trying to solve the puzzles if I’m not good at it. Definitely recommend this game.

  14. I’ve emailed several times now to support. Every time I add 3 moves through ads, it shows “3” being sent to “moves” then disappears. I’ve received NOTHING re this issue. I’m just going to uninstall, since it doesn’t work right, and support doesn’t ever respond. If I could, there’d be zero stars!

  15. Xena dice:

    It’s okay. It’s a match 3 game that gives you 2-3 seconds to make a move before it gives you a hint. I’m not a child, if I want to be told how to move, I’d use a hint. You only get to decorate by picking one of three options, so not much originality in design. Some graphics are realistic looking.

  16. I,M giving it 5 so far, as its really fun to decorate, and we have the choice of watching adds if we want, I know we always complain about to many adds but actually it helps you with scoring items,you have that choice, Its surprizing just how much I use the adds to gain things sometimes, and I,m not forced to buy Items, I,m hoping it stays this way as I continue playing, so far good job 👍

  17. Pop-ups cover the screen so you can’t see what you’re designing. You have to play a “bejeweled-like” game to collect money to spend on projects wet ONLY 3 choices on what to select. Really isn’t designing; it is just clicking, then playing a bejeweled game. Very little thought or innovation went into this game and the characters with annoying conversation you have to click through- not sure what, if any, the point is with the people.

  18. Installed perfectly. Played a few levels. But when I bought the parasol for on top of the garage it was gone after playing another level. Bought it 3 more times and it was gone again. I LOBE decorating and design games but I am NOT going to purchase the same thing over and over and over. Fix the bugs please!

  19. A & J B dice:

    This is a very fun game, easy to use, the only problem I have is that after winning a level, it says skip (so you don’t have to watch the coins, ect) by I’ve tapped skip tons of times after each level and it does not work. So annoying… please fix!

  20. Love to decorate. Just want more choices. Should be able to eliminate any items you do not want to use. Too little money earned for the cost of the renovation prices. I don’t buy coins. I only earn them. To hard to earn just a small amount just to design a room. Will be uninstalling this one too

  21. Lease dice:

    This is a great game. Not too many ads and while its still a match 3 game, its different. The only complaint i have is not having the option to turn off the hints, which i absolutely HATE them flashing in your face constantly.

  22. Love this game! But at the end of the level, where it asks if you want to watch a video for 3 extra lives, doesn’t work. I’ll watch the full video but then the game freezes when my game pops back up. Tried multiple times.

  23. I was going to enjoy it but first I lose a life for some reason. Then you watch a long video just to get 3 moves, then it doesnt GIVE those extra moves. Secondly you get an annoying hint and theres no way of disabling this. Thirdly, the objects I bought disappeared on the next level but the money disappeared too. Annoying glitch. Uninstalling

  24. This game is perfect. I’m only on the first house but I have had more fun playing this then anything else. At this point I have been playing for about an hour straight. I love decorating and house plants and this game has both of those elements mixed with a tile matching game. Also ads don’t appear after every two seconds. Like I said I was playing for a while and I got maybe 4 ads in that time. I can’t recommend this game enough. If you love home decor then you will love this game. Trust me.

  25. The beginning is great until you get over level 350. It then becomes close to impossible. I’m on level 360 for days now and can’t pass due to the explosion count of 20 on the puzzle. It’s not counting the explosions !!! After enjoying this game alot it will now be uninstalled. Thanks for nothing.

  26. Way to many ads. Every 1-2 minutes you have an ad. For the time you are on this app TO DESIGN “one room” you spend most of it watching ads and trying to play the hexagon game to earn money to design. For a design game seems a bit to much for me. I wouldn’t even waste time buying with real money cause still waaaaay to many ads.

  27. If you like match 3 games, then this is for you. You play a lot of match 3 games in order to earn money to decorate. I would love decorating regular houses where most of us live as well as the fancy over the top rich houses. I give it 4 stars as I do like match 3 games, and I like to decorate. Would love more choices to choose from.

  28. Cool match puzzle concept, unique. I would have liked to continue. Uninstalled it though because of the ads that seem to pop out of nowhere and take you to Google play to install whatever it was..annoying. Should be able to choose to watch ads.

  29. Kandi S dice:

    game is super glitchy. every time I try to earn three extra moves by watching an ad, the ad plays for a very long time and then the game is frozen. I have to close the game and reopen it..and of course I dont get the three extra turns!! uninstalling

  30. Very fun, except when turns you’ve earned are taken away. Someone keeps using my extra helpers along the side of the screen. Things I’ve played for and placed always disappear!! Something is very wrong. Think I’m hacked. Otherwise it’s a great game.

  31. M Sims dice:

    When I finished the first scene and went to start the next one I realized I had already decorated it on another one of their games so I uninstalled it. Plus I just didn’t like this game at all. This is an odd match 3 game in my opinion. CookApps is all about making money. I get that they can’t make these games for free but when you get greedy it makes the game boring because you have to play a level for so long you get bored. I’m about to uninstall Home Design :Caribbean Life as well.

  32. I really like this game. It’s a refreshing change from the match 3 games. I would have given it 5 stars but every time I try to use the free moves it freezes on me & I’m unable to use the free moves. It would great if you could fix it.

  33. I loved this app. Got to level 214 and it took me literally a week to get through one match game. I only got through it because I had to buy extra moves. 2 more matches and im stuck again. I feel like I earn them enough money with the annoying ads I have to sit through every other move you make. And now they want the rest of the diamonds I purchased to get through this match. How much money do you want people? Deleting app for sure. It feels like every cook app I’ve ever played is the same

  34. Im sorry that others are having problems because I Am Addicted! All the match 3s are so different from other games & are beatable. Theres a slight story line but nothing major! The decorating itself is Always fun. Gave it a 4 because I’d like more choices to decorate with.

  35. I’m done playing games where you have to play so many levels just to buy one item for a room. It sucks that you don’t get more coins as you progress especially when the cost of the items offered goes up as you go. Uninstalled

  36. Fran Prem dice:

    I’ve played a lot of these design games and this is by far my favorite! Everything works as it should. Watch a video and actually get what is being offered. Only problem for me so far is that its a different type of layout than i’m used to, so i’ve had to rely on the hints, more than i usually do, until i get the hang of it.

  37. Great idea, Too Many Long Ads! And the more you play, the more things cost. I am only on my second room and I just had to play three games to pay for drinks. Ridiculous! And just to add icing to the cake, they start playing more long ads, more often.

  38. This is the most boring game I have ever played. Dialog is childish, and it takes ever to finish the outside of the house. Only good thing about it the puzzles are easier than most games like this one. Designers of other puzzle games should take a lesson

  39. Omg I absolutely love it, it has everything perfect it’s definitely what I was looking for. The choices are amazing and I’m addicted to it, the thing that I really appreciate is the effort made in the graphics and it has less advertisements than many other games. I’d definitely recommend it I’m so happy with this application it’s worth it.

  40. Was loving it… Suddenly, if I can’t clear the level the first time it won’t let me try anymore. The game freezes up and I have to back out, start the level over again, every time, until I get it.

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