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Go back to Ancient Oriental Dynasty, build your business empire!
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[Time Travel to the Song Dynasty, run your businesses!]
[Business Simulation Game of Ancient China in Traditional Painting Style]
[Most Popular & Best Visually Designed Role-playing Mobile Game of the Year]

Pavilions are stacked upon each other. There is no end for all-day songs and dances.
In Bianliang, the capital city where business is encouraged, you will start as a common citizen. Get to know your neighborhood, open your own shop and eventually turn it into a business empire.

◎Adequate capital flow is the key to a business. Never let your money sleep.
◎Remember to deploy capable retainers to look after your business.

◎Update the menu daily and cater to customer tastes to raise the ratings of your restaurant.
◎Prepare all the ingredients for Bubble Tea, Minced Pork Rice etc..
◎Indulge yourself in the joyful lifestyle of Bianliang.

◎Learn about different traditional Chinese medicines and treatments.
◎Run your infirmary with mercy and honesty to gain reputation.
◎Study bizarre medicines and herbs to find cure for rare diseases.

◆Global Trade
◎In the ancient time, international trade can be full of risks. Join a guild to explore the Silk Road with your fellow merchants.
◎Hindu, Misr, Malla…visit these ancient countries and discover different local specialties.
◎Keep an eye on the price of goods, sell higher, buy lower is the golden rule.

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- New Event: Toy Store
- New Event: Welcome Spring
- New Event: Maritime Trade
- New Event: Escort Rank Rush
- New Retainer Crossover Attires
- New Time-limited Packs in Villa


4 comentarios en "Trading Legend MOD"

  1. Ryan Smith dice:

    This game feels actively hostile toward free to play players. If you don’t spend your life savings on it you’ll never beat a player that does. You’ll never get the best event rewards. You’ll never be as good. You need to spend up to 60 USD on an event just to unlock one character or upgrade. The gameplay isn’t even all that interesting. The same several events repeat constantly, and many are just slight variations of others. Not worth the time or money.

  2. Kanin Kokinoko dice:

    Looks decent for an idle clicker, but if you stop to read anything or dont click for a few seconds the obnoxious tutorial guide-finger gets in your face. Completely lacks a settings menu. The forced tutorial actions are unneccessary and aggravating, people know how to click on things without being babied. It has a story though, and the english translation so far is legible, so that’s a good thing for the genre. A bit less obtrusive guidance and it’d be more relaxing to play.

  3. Lyssa Mitchell dice:

    Boring. It looks pretty & cute, but the gameplay is non-existent. I kept waiting for the “tutorial” to end, but… It. Never. Did. It’s annoying how it’s constantly telling you, “Click here! Now here! Go over there! Click this!” I have no idea what quests I completed, it all passed in a blur as I tried to move past the hand holding. This game might be for you if you just want to tap your phone without really paying attention or feel like you’re making progress to a goal.

  4. Zycie jest bez sensu i wszyscy zginiemy. dice:

    Can’t do much with the game unless you pay. The game is playable without spending money, but don’t expect to get top 3 on any leaderboards or win any events/challenges unless you’re willing to pay $100s of dollars a month. Another annoying thing is how you have to complete the tutorial every time you go into a new server. The tutorial is super long so it makes it extremely annoying. The community is super nice, which is rare for.. anything really, so there’s a positive.

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