Hoosegow: Prison Survival MODDED 2022


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Dark comedy about survival and adventure in a prison.
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Prison has its own laws. One day you are a Big Shot, and next day you are a Sucker. Get authority points, and your status and the inmates attitude will increase. Choices you make has consequences here, so weigh every decision.

It is not just a game but a prison life simulator!

At the beginning you get character, a crime and a prison sentence. Your task is to make the right choices to survive in prison. Are you ready? Then stock up on tins and antiseptic and go for it.

In this game you will find:
★ Hundreds of different situations.
★ Consequences depend on your choices.
★ Dozens of items affecting the plot.
★ An infinite number of ways to pass.
★ Tons of humor.
★ A ranking and achievement system.

Live by the thieves’ laws, keep your shank with you and trust no one.


- Items in the stash can be used without taking them out of the stash.
- Added the achievement "Air of Freedom".
- Updated several icons.
- Added the "Report a problem" button.


4 comentarios en "Hoosegow: Prison Survival MODDED 2022"

  1. Hunter Hampton dice:

    This game has a lot of potential. The graphics are artwork are really great. The options and variety of options are a really nice. HOWEVER, there are a lot of typos and errors in some of the phrases like one sentence has a random “m” at the end and another spells look “lok”. And you literal die from absolutely a anything and most of the time it is completely out of your control. It’s entertaining but there are still a lot of kinks that need to be ironed out.

  2. Emily W dice:

    I think it’s pretty fun. The only issue is you’re supposed to be able to watch ads for rewards. But the ad never loads, even when I’m playing on wi fi or 5g. I would also like if there were more game modes and maybe the option to make your own prisoner instead of playing as a randomly generated one. This game is really hard but still fun. Also if you didn’t know, picking certain choices gives you coins, so it’s not really pay to win. (Working, gambling, etc.) It can be hard to win though lol

  3. Jacob Galindo dice:

    It’s a fun game but the issue is the 2 currencies that are in the game, you need both to do anything of worth or risk a “random” roll that’ll end bad and most likely kill you, so when you start a new game you don’t start with any coins or karma unless you saved it from your previous run or bought it with real money. Also Everything is super expensive in game and when you work you gain very little money.

  4. CC B dice:

    Don’t know where my last review went that fast, so I’m writing a new one: Game gets pretty repetitive very quickly, it’s also too easy to die due to things that are beyond your control. Lastly, why isn’t there a choice to work on skills for the sake of improving them? Every single time you get a “random” roll in the beginning that gives you horrible stats. If you’re ALWAYS going to make us weak/give us low vitality, why not give us the choice of lifting weights so we can improve our odds??

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