Hemp Paradise: City Building MOD 2022


City building: build your own farm in this plant & weed growing simulator game!
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Raise the hemp resort of your dreams on this new city building weed-growing game! Farm your favorite marijuana strains, enjoy the sight of paradisiac beaches, cash in your pot to build dope buildings, and join a cast of questionable awesome characters looking for some of the green happiness.


– Turn your island into the best hemp resort ever!
– Build all sorts of housings and attractions to draw customers!
– Clear your way through the island decorating it to your liking!
– Expand, build and farm as much as you’d like on your beautiful resort!


– Plant the most popular strains, ranging from White Widow to Blue Dream!
– Farm and trim them to bake a large variety of goodies!
– Grow and farm as much weed as you want in this farming simulator!


– Raise the absurdest of factories, all producing weed-related goodies in this farming simulator!
– From a giant bong to a hempharmacy, there’s something to every city games lover!


– From edibles such as Cookies, Pancakes, and Candies;
– To extracts like Oils, Butter and Resin;
– Passing by concentrates such as Shatter, Wax, and Hash;
– And even producing clothing out of weed, we feature a truly unheard variety of hemp derivatives!


– Run the Dispensary and sell your hemp products to cash in!
– Use your profit to raise buildings, expand your resort, and produce even more weed goodies!


– Join a dope cast of characters, all looking for the best place to chill!
– Bond with them and unlock their stories!

Whaddya waiting? It’s time to prepare for your grand opening! 😎


– Although free to play, some items on Hemp Paradise can be purchased with real money.
– Hemp Paradise requires an internet connection to play.
Visit our website: https://redhood.games
– Our Privacy Policy: https://redhood.games/#hemp-privacy-policy
– Our Terms & Conditions: https://redhood.games/#hemp-terms-of-use


Update your game to get the latest content and fixes! Check out what's new:

- We've added some brand new decorations so you can make your resort look even cooler!
- Several improvements and bugfixes for a better player experience.

Follow us at: facebook.com/hempparadisegame.


40 comentarios en "Hemp Paradise: City Building MOD 2022"

  1. NV 714 dice:

    Good concept. Execution is not as good. Never played a game whose rewards never change. You can progress in levels, it’ll cost you more to upgrade and do things but the reward you get for doing things never changes. So really, there is no point. They just set you up to pay to play. So I simply won’t play now that I’ve realized.

  2. This is a fun little game starting out but after just a day or two of playing, I’ve found there’s not much you can do but go in, collect a few items, then it’s back to waiting for things to be produced. If you want to advance quicker, you have to either watch ads or pay for coins/diamonds/etc. Game developers should consider shortening the times things take to be made..it just gets stale a bit too fast.

  3. Pretty fun! It’s crazily like Hempire but set on an island instead of a run down town. The pacing when starting out was great but now it just feels like everything takes too long to cook/grow and accomplishing anything in events is rough, especially with the lack of storage space. I’m starting to have clipping issues, such as the Munchies building having some weird pink block around it. I’d love to not have the ad balloon covering my building and crop slots too. Love the alien guy though!

  4. Tina dice:

    UPDATE TY 4 ur initial response it’s beciz of this that I have returned to take another shot at things even after having to start over & I’m happy I did! I saw ya made some excellent changes altho some bad ones like the 100+ cost in gems it takes to to speed up say an item things r pricey now. But my main prob is making my phone so hot it has to force close 4 few days now. But today I just got a crazy error says “hemp paradise has closed cuz app has a bug. Try clearing apps cache & try again. “

  5. Love the game, but the materials needed to upgrade storage take too long to gather from the cargo ship. This limits game play and there aren’t any options to purchase.

  6. Let me start off with I am Not a gamer. I was looking for something very simple would not consume my time. I love this game because you complete tasks and the time limits allow for healthy breaks off the screen. Its a chill game that I have not had to spend a dollar on and have not been shown any ads against my wishes. Ads are just for bonus stuff. Would give this game a 6 out of 5, my only suggestion is that the tourists could interact more with the paradise. Thank you developers

  7. Necrocyde dice:

    Not any different than every game like it. App crashes after watching an ad for reward so i dont get the reward

  8. Game just stopped working actually lost a lot of work an real money into the game an now it won’t load anymore.. Tried too have it resolved with support chat an they I assume realized they couldn’t fix it an just stoped responding, poor communication, I could care less bout a game acting up but when you put money into it an lose all progress gets annoying…

  9. I never usually play games on my phone (only coz I prefer playing my PS5 on big tv!) but a friend recommended this & I LOVE IT! Its been great fun growing & harvesting my weed & running the factories to produce some great cakes, clothing, beer, wine, whiskey, bongs & ashtrays etc.. I actually play on it every morning & evening & am totally hooked. Download it & you wont be disappointed x

  10. Tried again, not a bad concept to start, sadly the fun is gone quite quickly. Many events and bonuses can’t be completed without paying. Like many have said, storage is frustrating at best, need to allow orders to be filled with individual items rather than wait till you get everything or seperate building items, or add extra space to fix it. Time to make certain items is ridiculous when you have to spend hours making ingredients. Ads don’t pay the bonus most of the time, buggy and lags.

  11. Love the game. Best kush game out to date. But it definitely needs alot of work. Its fun but I don’t wanna play cause things take to long to finish. And storage sucks. Need better guidance playing the game for sure. To many bugs. But all in all I love it. I would play more if it didn’t take so long for product or to collect stuff to build. No space or storage .. ugh maybe wait for a bit to play again. Until bugs are fixed.

  12. Hi it’s a nice game but it would be better if the production of items is simultaneous and not one after the other. It’s taking a looot of time to get the products

  13. Lord Wolf dice:

    Good hemp farm game but when you get to level 9+ storage space is hard to manage, I suggest to increase storage size or I would say make it a little bit easier to upgrade storage size

  14. Would be awesome if can be played on the go. Should this be implemented, I’d definitely play it while traveling, sometimes it gets boring and no signal in areas where I travel tho

  15. Where can we find the guide for the game. Like what resources are needed to open all fields in game etc. Boards, nails, axe, compass.

  16. Was an ok game, buildings take far to long to complete and now it doesn’t even load

  17. My main complaint so far and the reason I am uninstalling is I don’t like to have to awkwardly hold my phone sideways to play I don’t see any good reason for it

  18. Addicting game. Easy to have continuous play without a bunch of ads. It’s one of the few that I haven’t ditched for that reason.

  19. what a great game….with interesting features….and amazing graphics. Hopefully…..I will continue…without any crashing.

  20. Love the game!! Cant wait to to play more!! Please just fix your sound quality of the game, it distorts badly.

  21. game is very good but storage size should be 60

  22. only way to get supplies is through cargo so if you accidently sell supplies and dont have the products to send a ship then the only way to advance is buy paying out of pocket.

  23. What’s happening with the update its taking for ages to complete anything else and at the moment a have built everything I can there is nothing left to build and I’m only on level 24

  24. Storage sucks, takes too long for structures to complete, cannot seem to get passed level 17, due to a task that says “earn 4 people’s opinions blah blah blah”, cannot find any help for it on YouTube at all. Quite disappointed to say the least. Good graphics, fun game but these issues need to be fixed to get 5 stars ! Online support, not great either. How can we get at least 1 person’s opinion in the Dispensary ??

  25. Everything is perfect except when ‘Meeting New People’ starts…the game hanged…please look into this…thanks…. My device is Huawei Nova 3i.

  26. The only problem I have is product wearhouse space & construction items construction items should have its own wearhouse thereby eliminating the wearhouse problem…it’s a good game overall

  27. i love the game but everything is at a standstill yet again. the building mode could use an update instead of ad updates. after level 40, theres not that much to do but continue making coins that you spend on anything but planting seeds. add more seeds, factories, quests, decorations, statues and ways to spend coin to make the game fun again.

  28. Not a very good game. It’s not an easy platform to follow. Also requires several levels up to even get going to a point where the game might become interesting to play. There is a much easier game called Hempire that has a very similar playing platform. Hempire graphics seem to be geared more towards adults than Hemp paradise. Hemp paradise graphics being cartoon animated is in my opinion geared towards children which is ridiculous considering it is a game about cannabis.

  29. Basically a farming simulator set on a paradise Island with a twist. You grow hemp to satisfy your customers rather than crops. Of note is the first few levels which fly by as you set about rejuvenation of a delabated settlement. To accelerate the growing process and aid you the option of spending real money is available but so far with time I’ve been able to get by. It will be interesting to see once I reach level 10 what new tasks I need to complete to keep my interest but for now so far ok.

  30. My husband and I were talking about the game and we love the concept! However we are finding a lot of the products take way to long to complete for the quantity of quests. Its also a battery drainer .. Big Sad The game has soo much POTential *puns intended* and I look forward to seeing future updates

  31. I enjoy the crop growing, graphics are decent…I like the game

  32. DELETED 😡😡 I’ve been playing this game for over a year and I’m in level 26. It’s not fun any more it’s BORING!!!! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS GAME 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  33. Stupid game screen froze after update when restoring ancient building pops up. No fun. For god sake, fix it ASAP

  34. This game is not bad for me it’s a little difficult but I wish they add Auto play or something like that I haven’t played that much

  35. enjoying the game other games can’t compete

  36. Made a purchase and didn’t receive items

  37. Game was loading fine and playing good till this new update and now it won’t even finish loading the game now plz fix that. Please fix the new update cause I want to continue playing my game I started where it won’t even load. This game is done for before it gets going good ur first upgrade screwed this now it won’t finish loading after downloading it’s stuck plz fix it so I can start where I left off or compensate me with credit on wat I put in it $.

  38. After the update my bakery reset and I don’t have a way to get logs to build it back

  39. Pretty fun and balanced, not too pushy about micropayments. Only downside is guilds are a no go (all of them with just one person in). Also I still need two opinions from the dispensary for one of the challenges but looks like they’re impossible to get despite having done hundreds of trades.

  40. Fun game ! However as others mentioned storage is an issue that cannot be just by passed and also production times need super work. Otherwise you guys are onto something with this game! It has massive potential.

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