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Manage the Logging Factory and Build an Idle Lumber Empire in the clicker game
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Build your lumber and house manufacturing business and become a tycoon!

Welcome to Idle Lumber Empire – a brand new idle clicker game. In this idle simulation game, you start running a small sawmill and working hard to manage, expand your factory to chase big dream: building lumber empire!

Manage Forests
In order to harvest trees sustainably, you need to hire tree planters to grow your forests! Purchase more lands to green ’em all! Train your lumberjacks to become skilled workers so they can harvest logs efficiently.

Build milling lines
Purchase and upgrade new machines to process log fasters and produce more lumber products. Lots of machines awaiting you to discover.

Maintain and upgrade vehicles
Log Trucks, forklifts deliver logs from storage to machines. Upgrade, maintain them well to keep the factory working continuously

Manage Sales
Run marketing campaigns to attract new clients, process orders efficiently to earn the most profits.

Biz Upgrade
Earn BizPoints from each processed order, spend your hard-earned BizPoints wisely to boost the Factory income permanently.

Enjoy the new addictive idle logging simulator game!


Meet the first update of this year!
- Celebrate the new event with your workers! Complete simple tasks and earn valuable rewards.
- An issue with saving progress after completing special events has been fixed. In this update, you will receive compensation for the inconvenience caused.


40 comentarios en "Idle Lumber Empire MOD"

  1. Idle generally means it still works while not active. Thats not the case here. The timers stop when you exit the game. What’s worse still is that during events, when you switch to the event world, the timer stops. So if the timer says 2 min, that’s 2 min you have to look at that lumber factory. That’s not a huge deal when you have things to do but if you only have to click on the lumber order it becomes boring.

  2. Completely locked out, had to uninstall and reinstall. Well I have completely lost my progress, have to start over with the managers, sawmills, event bonuses everything. Was up to having all managers and working on a ridiculous cash amount for the next sawmill, finished the Christmas event and had two houses in seaport. Wish there was a backup option to save progress instead of being told there was a glitch sorry.

  3. KruxSmash dice:

    Base game is fine, events are awful. If you don’t get a manager you need in a loot pack you’re just s.o.l. You can keep spamming ads but at this point I’ve spent MORE time watching ads than playing the game, so whats the point? Update: After playing for a long time, once you unlock all sawmill upgrades every further upgrade does nothing. No new stations, no gameplay, nothing. Its just a color change every “upgrade”.

  4. Well built “Idle” game. I’ve encountered very few issues with this game. Plenty of milestones to keep you busy for a lengthy period of time, especially if you don’t spend and money on it While I’ve encountered few issues, there are a couple. First, this is not a true “Idle” game. orders and production (except the workshop) stop progression while advertisements are playing or when the game is minimized or stopped. The second is related to account linking. Lost progress due to linking.

  5. When you watch the ads, the tik tok ones and only the tik tok ads kick u outta the game. Then when u reopen the game it doesn’t let u collect the reward. U then have to watch a second video to collect the rewards and hope it’s not another tik tok ad. I not down with that. I put in my time on the first ad, so why I gotta watch a second one. I’d put the game down if it keeps double charging me for the rewards

  6. Good game play although some adjustments need to be made. First adjustment needs to be the finished product storage each line should have its own storage spot instead of all the lines being mixed together especially when the lines are producing different finished materials. Second adjustment there should be no cap on the amount of finished product that can be stored. Third is the level up jumps are to steep this slows down the game play.

  7. Game has been frozen for three days and no idea if will ever work again…. I meant that it would not open up when trying to start the game again. I was not having any problems with other apps during the same time frame. When I reached the level before being able to process out of this world lumber, the winged coins would get about halfway to 3k, then get lower. Even when the other coins required reached 20 times what was called for. That’s when I deleted it.

  8. Definitely not the worst app of these I’ve played. No forced ads. My problem is that the progression of the entire game is based on the RNG of what you can get as offers through doing the delivery orders from the little garage. I need paint to finish the house, but can’t get paint to show up in that pool to save my life. I’m not going to spend money on diamonds to do it, so if thats your idea, you can just delete the app lol

  9. Ryan R dice:

    To many ads you either sit FOREVER waiting for timers or have to watch the same 7 ads over and over. Then about 1 out of 8 of the ads ends up freeezing. If you want to buy any in app purchases like to get rid or ads expect to spend a ton. I don’t mind spending a couple bucks but $10 and $20 is to much for a game. Also game play is exactly the same for every level, it literally just adds one more step for each new level you unlock. There are many other games that have more variety and less ads!

  10. Fun game at first, but after the first few “mills” it is the same thing over and over, just takes more game dollars and XP points to level up. I have the Etheral Sawmill, thinking eventually something new would unlock, or get to super bosses, but nothing. You need A LOT of game dollars to level up, so I tried letting the game run when not using my phone, and after a few hours the log trucks bind together, so no wood, and game runs but nothing happens. Very frustrating!!!

  11. This game has great potential and is very fun to play. However, it can’t decide if it’s a real time strategy game or an idle game. It’s fun to upgrade various parts of the factory and reduce bottlenecks, but once the bottleneck is shipping orders, you have to wait 2 minutes in between orders to get new ones. And those 2 minutes are “in game” and don’t advance if you switch applications or o an “event” mill. This mechanic is worse than watching ads because I’m just watching a factory do nothing.

  12. Gets very grindy very quickly! Everything restarts many times. The game play is fun at the start of every new level. But then it turns into watching commercials non stop. Especially in later stages when it takes forever to progress. Also your progress doesn’t seem to be progressed when you’re not in the game? It only says that you’ve made money, but timers are not reset. Basically it’s a boring game.

  13. This could be a very fun game, but the experience is not balanced, and the mechanics make ruin any sense of progression. Normally, you collect cards, you level up your manger, things become faster etc. All fun and good. I feel like I’m making progress. The issue comes when I need to get a new sawmill (ie reset level). My managers stay the same level, but the level requirements for their abilities raise! This means as I progress though game, I become weaker. Not fun!

  14. It is a decent idle game. HOWEVER buying the vip package to get rid of ads sucks. I paid for it when it went on a half off sale. In doing so I no longer have the ability to double my offline earnings. ALSO it removed the option to double the rewards for my orders, and I no longer get the options for crates when doing orders. Had I known this would happen, I would have just dealt with all the ads.

  15. RJ dice:

    the game is not the guy falling down the tree. the game is fun, but too many ads. Do you want to stop the ads? You pay $5 to stop the ads for 30 minutes. Really?? Money hungry developers. Everyone needs to make money, but come on. If you don’t pay, you are prompted to watch an ad every minute. Watch the ad and then you are prompted again in another minute. Don’t watch it and prompted again. I have similar idle games from much larger studios that cost less and prompt you less.

  16. Apparently the programmer does not know what “mute” means. This is so annoying that I may uninstall app over it. Tired of hearing lumber sounds while I do other things. Advertising is required to make any progress with managers, and extremely frequent. Edit: When I disable sound, the sound should disable. In a normal game session, ads should not be required more than once every 10 minutes as opposed to more time spent in ads than in game.

  17. Very fun and challenging. Not always in a good way… You only have to watch ads if you choose to. But if you want to get ANYWHERE in the game that’s about all you’ll end up doing. Leveling up managers and increasing production is very difficult later in the game. Collecting enough manager cards and coins to level up can take several days. Developers should focus more on better ways for players to advance in the game and less on ways for players to watch more ads.

  18. I gave this an extra star because for some reason I’m still playing it. It quickly becomes an ad watching simulator to get anything done. It costs $20 to get rid of ads, which is ridiculously expensive for an idle game. Also if you’re out of the game while watching an ad or just not active, none of the timers that matter stay running meaning you literally have to sit on the game for anything to run. And there isn’t enough to do to warrant that being valuable use of time. Apart from watching ads.

  19. This game while entertaining is designed to make you purchase as many “bonus” features as possible. You’ll quickly discover that everything can be sped up or made more enjoyable with a purchase. Each machine takes longer to produce a product than the previous one so everything bottlenecks pretty much instantly. To increase the speed you need to level up managers by getting cards out of loot boxes that require an watching an ad to open. Overall a pretty low effort that I wouldn’t reccomend.

  20. Don’t bother, you build quick and then hit a brick wall to progress because the jobs don’t offer the special items needed to progress. So you just end up stocking up on things that don’t matter anymore. Plus each level up (up to the point you can’t progress anymore) wipes away your previous progress. So you get a random number increase with no real sense of accomplishment. It pushes you hard to pay money or just endlessly watch ads. Avoid this game at all costs.

  21. This game math is off… So if your trying to save up for something it doesn’t give you everything from your tasks. Also the skip button sometimes works and other times it doesn’t do a thing. The game also says every card is rare…. Which isn’t true at all most cards you get very easily. A lot of the game also doesn’t seem very well thought out. Like they ment to put in something and then totally forgot what they were doing. Over all it can be a good time killer but it isn’t a far system.

  22. I played a bit, it was okay. Went to a different game. A month later, seen an ad for a 3d character collecting wood as if the player was controlling it. I thought cool, ill try it. But it was already downloaded? Oh, its this game.. but the game is nothing like the ad. Disappointing. Idk how devs get away with false adverts but it prompted this review. Too bad the game was as good as a 2 star. Basic upgrade game. Ads, real money, you get it. I’m bored.

  23. It was advertised as a game where you build bridges and it’s nothing like that. It’s building a lumber factory which after playing for a few days gets so repetitive (you always have to start over a new plant) and to improve you need so many tickets and if you don’t want to spend real $$ it’s just taking forever. 95% of the game is watching ads. I understand that’s how the game is financed but this is definitely overkill. The game only works while online so No way to reduce the ads.No fun at all.

  24. Warning! Don’t spend money on this game – you’ll lose it if you ever have technical issues and have to uninstall/reinstall it. They pushed out an update to the app which caused it to stop loading the game altogether. After uninstalling and reinstalling I quickly learned that all progress, including the permanent offline earnings I purchased were gone and cannot be restored. I spent a large amount of hours of this game. What a waste and scam. Never heard back from their customer service either.

  25. Game was fun for about ten minutes until it starts crashing every third time you try to watch an ad to forward progression (which you must do unless you want to break your bank account). Seriously I love these games but nothing more frustrating than sitting through an ad at a critical point just for the game to crash and get no reward. I’ve seen the loading screen enough. I’m done.

  26. The game itself is a great idea and it’s a lot of fun, but dang do they do a LOT with ads. At one point I literally thought to myself, this isn’t a game anymore, this is a commercial. I didn’t play this game, I watched ads. Great premise for a game in a nutshell though, it’s just set up so you HAVE to come back every couple hours (can only idle for 2 unless you pay money) and when you are playing, every opportunity is behind an ad. Realized it’s essentially an ad generator and uninstalled.

  27. I’ve been playing this game for a few months. I ended up paying for No Ads which greatly improved the game…at first. The problem became that there are purchase popups almost everytime going into a new screen and the buy option covers the continue option! So it’s very predatory towards people who have auto-pay setup! The other problem is the gameplay itself overtime. It took me 2 months to get to the next area. Also, game could use some more interactivity. It was addicting for awhile though.

  28. App is a huge cheat. Even after paying for VIP, there is still a timer where you have to wait for new orders. Orders also scales, raising completion time but keeping the rewards the same. Workshop challenges are a gamble in the games favor. They often don’t give you the necessary item rewards (nails or paint), thus pushing players to having to buy the items with real money to complete the challenge in 45 minutes. The whole game is rigged to the point that it should be illegal.

  29. This app makes you watch ads to get certain things, like chests, speed ups. I have seen more and more ads not give the reward after watching. And even if you back out of an ad that doesn’t give you the award, it will give you the same add. Multiple times in a row. Then to try and submit an issue isn’t easy to find. I did the update to make sure it wasn’t my issue. But not a bad game to kill some time when it works.

  30. First of all the game isn’t as advertised, but I decided to give it a try anyway. The game was okay at first, but after a while I noticed I wasn’t making $ unless the app was opened. It’s super repetitive and there’s no way to improve after some time because the speed of the machines gets maxed out after a few levels so the whole production line gets backed up and the game becomes unplayable and boring. I also noticed a bug where the forklift doesn’t take items that are actually for the order.

  31. The game itself is alot of fun and it doesn’t show ads every 30 seconds! Downside is this is nothing like what was advertised in a previous game. And the way you “level up” sucks. You’re forced to restart from nothing once you’ve earned and upgraded enough to get to the next factory/level. Then you do it all over again in the next stage. Process is fun but a few tweaks are needed.

  32. Fun game, glitchy ad services. The first few days I played this, all the ads loaded pretty well with the exception of a few that froze and required me to restart the game. As time went on, the ability to return to the game without being misdirected to the install page diminished. Today, I’m starting to experience where an ad plays, I return to the game and don’t get the credit I am due. I’d look into ad-less version of it wasn’t so expensive. I think a fair price for a clicker game is $4-10

  33. Very addictive game. Spent way to much money at the beginning until I realized that you don’t have to spend as much. I love progressing from level to level. The down side is that every level is the same you might have more access to different machine levels but each round starts the same and builds to the same. The description for each next level sounds so interesting but winds up being the same as the last. I would love to give 5 stars but the nano level is the same as level 1. I want more.

  34. This is an ad where you play a game… 75% of my time I’m watching an ad to get shipments where I can trade for cabin materials. So I can get enough points to level up and reset. By the 3rd “reset” the manager requirements and diminishing returns make it impossible to play. Also, this game is not what is advertised! Feels like a scam. I thought it was going to be a bridge building game. It looked like the same graphics and clicking took me to your game so it seems like you’re lying to people.

  35. Played because they said they took away “surprise ads” (which they did). It’s fun at first but gets monotonous. Same thing over and over but each time it takes longer and longer to reach the goal of that iteration. $20 is too much for VIP. They offered 50% off at one point but even that is too much for me…I’d pay $5 at most I think. Overall a good time-waster but be prepared to wait or pay once you progress a few times.

  36. Its actually a really decent little game. But the 2h idle time limit is really disappointing. Especially compared to other games that allow up to 8 or 12 hours. 1 hour double income per add coupled with the 2 hour idle time makes it even worse. This game has good potential. The sounds and even the animation is well put together. But again the extremely low idle time and the amount of adds you have to watch to achieve anything is truly DISAPPOINTING.

  37. I like the game but the weekly challenges are always the same and. Sick of starting over every time. That is the quickest way to get someone to uninstall. Plus the challenges are not interactive. I can’t interact with my factory. Plus I literally start over everytime I upgrade, and then do the same thing over and over. There is no changes. What about actually moving the forklifts in a maze or moving the workers in a puzzle to complete an order?

  38. As noted on other reviews, very interesting to start, gets repetitive and boring quickly. Cost of upgrades rises exponentially (makes no sense). I paid to skip ads, but still have to wait 30 sec to 2 min between tasks, don’t know why. I think the developers had a good idea, but couldn’t take it anywhere. I uninstalled it after 3 weeks.

  39. So disappointing. I played this game for several months. It is a very ad heavy game so in order to make any progress you need to watch many ads. I bought a new phone and re-downloaded the game. I had difficulties restoring my progress so i contacted support. When i followed their instructions, progress on my old device has been lost. With very unapologetic and unhelpful support I feel I have no choice but to delete the game and leave an honest review. Please dont waste your time like I did.

  40. Adam High dice:

    Decent idle game where you can advance at a decent pace. There are quite a few ads but they reward VERY WELL. Only issue is that once you get past the third or 4th level the requirements for managers continues to rise to upgrade past level 2 on your machines. I literally have not been able to get to a level 3 machine on anything because my managers all must be level 5 or 6 and they are only 2-3 due to the cards I get. This mechanic needs some tweaking.

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