Dog Cafe Tycoon MODDED 2022


It's the friendliest Dogs game you've ever met!
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Our new Tycoon game! The main character of this title is our eternal friend… Dogs!

Dog staff: Dog staff manage a variety of drink ingredients! They’re kind, smart, lovely, and sometimes… playful!
🐕 Milk-loving friendly Labrador Retrievers – Bailey
🐶 Smart German Shepherd – Max
🐶 Playful Beagle – Willy
🐶 Brave Rottweiler – Diesel (You don’t have to worry about stealing from the cafe😉)
Get more than 30 unique dog employees!
(Tell us your favorite dog and name it! We are interested in your opinion.)

Making drinks (Cafe operation): aromatic cafe lattes, sweet caramel macchiatoes, colorful unicorn frappe!
Serve quality drinks to dog guests who visit your cafe!
The drink on the first day of the cafe is simple. It’s just coffee.☕
But the next day, I make caramel frappe latte!
Will the dog customers like the drink? The daily sales of the cafe tell the satisfaction of the dog customers!
Simulation to produce a variety of drinks day by day!

❓❓ How do you manage a cafe with dogs? ❓❓
🃏 Collect various Dog manager cards.
🍹 Make a variety of signature drinks daily.
💰 Sell your drinks to customers!
🐕 Competent managers help you.
☕ You can decorate the cafe with gold earned by selling drinks.

It is the most 🐶friendly dog🐶 cafe in the world.
You can enjoy this cafe offline.


Fixed some bugs for a pleasant game play.


40 comentarios en "Dog Cafe Tycoon MODDED 2022"

  1. Wanted to like it due to art style, but ads are far too common and intrusive. First you force me to watch one for 15 secs, but I close that only for it to then load and play ANOTHER playable ad. Close that, nope I’m forced into ANOTHER damn ad screen. All for just 1 single damn box or to advance to the next day. Ads completely ruin it for me, so unfortunately it’s just not that playable for me. If it was even tweaked a little bit, it could be decent.

  2. Shojo Boi dice:

    It’s cute, not glitchy, not laggy, however.. There is an air balloon that floats by and offers money in exchange for a video. That thing gets in my way so often it’s aggravating. Not to mention it’s really difficult to get sections to be automated because you don’t ever get the chance to get more managers or the money to upgrade them. So in my opinion it’s a well made game with a faulty system. It quickly becomes boring when you can’t afford anything.

  3. The game would be fine without a few things. Its monetization is absolutely horrid and does the #1 thing to piss me off. When turning in “quests” you can choose a bonus for watching an ad, or not; however, should you not you’ll still occasionally get saddled with an ad that will take at least 5-10 seconds away. Then youll also get hit with another each time you “prestige”. The actual economy itself is also built around either watching ads or microtransactions to progress. I cant fit the rest in.

  4. This game has a cute concept, executed… not well. The UI feels very cluttered, with 5 different “limited offer” icons on screen that you can spend $5-10 to get in game items as well as an event icon, and a float-by “watch an ad” bubble that can’t be dismissed that cruises by every minute. You get about three minutes of gameplay before hitting an ad, most of which are short but not all. Would be super cute, but awkward pacing and blatant money-hawking spoiled it for me.

  5. It’s fun, but it needs some improvement. Most “error” messages are still in an asian language, not translated, so I do not know what they mean. The difficulty curve also suddenly becomes very high so you’re just sitting there waiting a very long time to continue to the next level from level 6 or so on. Everything before that was a good pace. Also, way too many ads. Feels like it’s ads for doing ANYTHING.

  6. The game play is standard for a tycoon game but what makes it frustrating is early on, you run out of biscuits fast that are needed to upgrade your dogs. This makes it frustrating as you have quests requiring you use them but no consistent way of gaining them. Other tycoon games are a lot better about this and it’s enough where I’m at a spot of just wanting to delete the game and play another.

  7. Im currently playing the game and it keeps sending me to the playstore to download an app, there was no ads everytime it did that, its making it difficult to play cause i have to exit the playstore and reenter the game. Fix this bug.

  8. Since day 1 the bonus box that you can get by watching an ad hasn’t worked! It just says no ads and I have unlimited data! No excuse for it not working and so frustrating when some of the missions request that you watch an ad and it doesn’t work. Uninstalling it right now. More headache than it’s worth.

  9. Don’t let it’s aesthetic fool you. This is a game that is so desperate for you to spend money it’s willing to make the gameplay worse at every point until you do. I really wanted to like it but it’s actually so much more viciously designed to frustrate than most other similar games that I decided after only a few levels it simply wasn’t worth it.

  10. E B dice:

    Cute game but the art style of the ads and actual game do not match. Not what I came for. There’s also no customization unlike what the game description insinuates, it’s a conveyor belt assembly game. Ads will also autoplay even if you decline the giftbox so what’s the point of letting me say no?,

  11. Dani dice:

    I really like this game so far. However, I think it’s a bit excessive to wait so long for the free gift box and the rotating purchasable cards. I also stopped encountering the Welsh Cookie Jar ads which makes many of the tasks impossible for me to complete in order to progress through to the next stage.

  12. Game is SO adictive and creative! Fun cartoon dogs and amazing adventures in one building. When a random ad pops up I exit out to skip it, I rejoin the game and resets my resturants like syrup, milk, and some other stands. The DAYS are the same but idk if that is part of the game, makes me SO pissed everytime. Anyways everything else is decently fun!

  13. The game is fun up until a certain point. After the first few levels I realized that there is constantly soo many things moving or blocking something I want to tap. The art style is cute but once you get over that it’s gets boring quickly.

  14. Laura M. dice:

    Ads, ads, ads, AND MORE ADS! I don’t mind ads here and there but this is to the extreme. Want to remove them? Will cost you 42$ Which is a shame because this could be a little cute time wasting game. With how the game currently is, I can’t recommend it.

  15. Plink dice:

    As many other reviews have said. Other tycoon games with automatic manager cards do it much better. It’s slow to make progress and is luck based whether you get manager cards to advance which only comes in a gift box that take hours to renew. You also need biscuits to upgrade which rarely appear. You’ll spend more time watching ads for coins that barely impact anything and get stuck waiting for the gift box for a card than actually playing the game.

  16. Game has too many ads, most are “optional” but it makes them in the way of gameplay and pretty necessary to progress at a reasonable pace. $25 to get rid of them is too high a cost. Don’t install.

  17. Ali Coles dice:

    Review edit I was hopeful you would fix the problems with this game it could be great but this is frankly impossible level 16 I need D to upgrade anything yet I’m not even earning 1c per drink don’t get my wrong I like a challenge but a challenge should be achievable and this just isn’t when you hit a machine mile stone the earnings should double or x10 or something and they don’t been playing since release and thought I would love it and continue playing but just not sure I can fix the problems

  18. Elena dice:

    I’ve spent more time watching non-mutable ads than actually playing the game. Also every 10 seconds a floating balloon takes up 1/3 of the playable screen and asks you to watch an ad for money. This game would be so cute and fun if it was playable

  19. Cyndi P dice:

    Fun until watching so many ads to get ahead gets to a point where you no longer can progress in the game fast enough. Stuck at day 8 with no way of getting more upgrades to move things along. Tired of watching ads and doing the same thing all hour…

  20. The game has too many ads. If you play 15 minutes of the game 50% of it will be taken by ads. It’s really not got alot of content. Sometimes you can voluntarily not watch the ads, but sometimes they sneek in the button that forces you to watch a “short ad”. I hate how much advertising there is ok the game to make you spend money, along side the millions of ads you have to watch. It is not child friendly due to the amount of ads. The 5 star ratings feel fake and were bought.

  21. Just an app to watch ads. I don’tind ads in games but i spend more time watching ads in game then playing the game. Even when given the option to skip the ad and get less of a bonus it STILL plays the add. It’s super annoying

  22. Tutorial has no ads. After the tutorial the gameplay is literally unplayable because of ads popping up everywhere, floating across the screen and forcing you to watch to progress at all. I would give this game -1 star if I could

  23. Jeny S dice:

    You need to watch a “short” ad at random times to complete the tasks you patiently waited for? I don’t mind supporting developers via watching ads for things, but this was ridiculous. Cute concept for a game but no thank you.

  24. I really wanted to like this game but the amount of ads and the ad balloon flying over the tasks so you click on it instead of the task is too much. Gave it a try, do not recommend!

  25. The game is really cute and relaxing. But overall the “error” is really getting on my nerves & theres too many ads like its everywhere. But its still fun for me and cute, I recommend this game for relaxing and if your into cute games ☺️🐾

  26. Too many adds! Could hardly play the game for adverts that kept on being shoved in front of the screen. Then they swap the buttons so you accidentally click the button to not get adverts only to end up with more adverts. Too many adverts for such a pretty game

  27. Mikinyuu dice:

    Balloon gets in the way when I’m trying to tap dogs that I can’t automate yet, either have the balloon be an icon on the side like the biscuit jar or let me toggle the balloon on and off. I’d rather have random pop up ads than a balloon that gets in the way

  28. Day 2 for me and it’s been good so far, keep in mind that this game is like those types that resets after you clear the day. It can be a painful to see all the stuff you collect (game time) gone after you accomplish one day

  29. Same as my review on the cat one. Cute and fun. Ads trap you by not letting you exit out of them. You also don’t get the ad bonuses. Y’all need to fix it.

  30. I love this game! Super cute 🍭 BUT, i don’t like that there are diffrent days cause you loose gold and your progress. This can make me a bit frustrated, but overall a very good game!

  31. just started playing this game. i love the graphics. the tutorial is a little confusing tho.

  32. This game forces you to watch ads. And when you watch the optional ads that boost you, it’s eventually not enough to keep progressing.

  33. Thier other games are much better as AFK production line games. This one progresses way to slow without purchasing in game content. Even with buying VIP, I still am progressing incredibly slowly. Compared to thier hamster and cat Cafe games, this one is not good.

  34. This game is really addictive, but maybe stop forcing your players to play events, also please make the timing of events make sense

  35. The constant adds at the bottom making it impossible to click on things at the bottom of the screen is obnoxious and turned me completely off of the game.

  36. The game is unbelieveably unbalanced. It costs 150 bones to buy a dog card but there aren’t a lot of opportunities to get bones or even cards to get the dogs. You literally can’t progress unless you come back every 4 hours to open a free gift just to get resources.

  37. Kirill K. dice:

    Low visual quality and there is an add that just stays at the bottom of the screen.

  38. Put a two as it showed ‘error 403’ message of me not being allowed to play?? Didnt even get to play very sad:( when fixed will chnage review, thank you if you saw and fixed the problem im sure its a great game and its just a problem that will be solved in no time 😊

  39. Way too many ads, I’d be fine with them most of the time but I keep getting 30 seconds ads with some even unskippable, gets way too annoying.

  40. The game is good but I’ve re-downloaded it 3 TIMES and everytime the game lags. And the thing is I can’t even get through 5% of the game without it laging. But it could just be my phone. So take this review with a grain of salt.

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