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Penguins, orcas, walruses - 100+ arctic creatures in your polar aquarium!
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The sequel to the hit indie “Tap Tap Fish — Abyssrium”, this game brings the same lovably gameplay to a new, arctic world. Easy to start and simple to play, you can build your own polar aquarium with just a quick tap!

Set on a lonely iceberg in the arctic sea, this game allows you to experience the peaceful calm of the arctic ocean. Polar bears, arctic foxes, sea lions and more adorable animals await you on land, while hundreds of deep sea fish are discoverable in the deep sea. Each animal is carefully designed by our artists in a beautiful low poly style that we’re sure you’ll love.

How to play?
Level up your lonely Iceberg by tapping
Add decorations to speed up your taps.
Use hearts to create your fish and animals.

1. Simple Control—- create coral and fish with just a simple tap
2. Amazing graphics— beautiful low-poly graphics viewable in full 3D HD
3. Lovely background music—- The voice of the whale & the delicate sound of water droplets all guide you to a calm, ASMR world.
4. Social friendly — easily share your awesome creations to your friends over social media

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Abyssrium Pole 's spring semester classes begins! Come to join in new event and meet new friends!
1. New animals and decorations added
2. New packages added
3. New event: egg event


40 comentarios en "Tap Tap Fish – Abyssrium Pole 2022"

  1. I am enjoying this game very much. I love these type of games with leveling up and constant advancement I get sucked into them. There is a big issue were I have watched about 20 ads now that haven’t given me the reward for watching it. As if it isn’t frustrating enough to have to watch the ad in order to get a time saving boost of some sort, it just amplifies your disappointment and frustration when you finish sitting through the ad and don’t get the reward.

  2. The gameplay is pretty. I like collecting the fishies and whatnot, but there are some fixes that need to happen. 1. The ads. Sometimes I have to watch 5+ads to get any reward. Most of the ads dont work or arent triggering the reward. This needs to be fixed and should be at the top of the list. 2. Unresponsive taps. I’ll hit bubbles several times before they pop. The camera has SO MANY ISSUES. I’ve grown to hate using it. 3. Balance. This game needs more balance when it comes to leveling.

  3. I absolutely love Tap Tap Fish Abyssrium Pole! It’s super fun and I have found it easier to achieve the new levels of vitality and level things up compared to the original tap tap fish. My only complaint is just as if recent findings. The most recent update, which I believe happened today, i am unable to view the land animals and the fish at the same time. I have been able to view the land and sea ever since the new update which is very frustrating. I hope they can fix this feature soon.

  4. Super great game, This is exactly what it advertised, relaxing. I do agree with some other ratings, though, that the things pearls buy are too expensive. I wish there were things that the animals do, such as if you put up something for them to play with, or catch food or something besides just walking around. Something for the animals to interact with, even each other. Also when you get a couple photo, make them an actual couple, and be able to breed them for less vitality than buying animals.

  5. Edit: Bug fixed. I enjoy how events don’t time out, they just add new ones. I play idle games to relax, and while I like to complete every part of the event, I don’t like the time crunch that usually comes it. Edit 6/30/20: the gorgeous wide background is completely gone, along with the pyramids and forests and icebergs that came with it and the camera’s ability to zoom out and see the whole main iceberg in-shot. 💔 Why would they make the game’s aesthetics worse??? They were beautiful.

  6. It’s pretty standard for an abyssrium game and I have no problem with it. The problem is that the ads that are supposed to help in the game….no longer work. I can’t play ads both connected to the internet or unconnected. It keeps saying it’s going to roll out an ad but it never does. Plus I have yet to see the Mystery Animals that appear in the game much like the marlin in the other game. I have not see either of them.

  7. I’m excited to be in at the beginning of this game, instead of coming in after everyone else has already got a million points! It’s visually beautiful and fun to play, and the gameplay is familiar from the original Abyssrium, of course. Maybe this is just ancient me, but the pale blue and white color scheme makes it REALLY hard to read the tiny print. The devs are extremely responsive and courteous! They explained the attendance reward process, which had originally confused me. All told I ❤️ it!

  8. Super relaxing and very cute. I’m a scientist working in academia and another set of degrees so I have some very high pressure, long, stressful days and I decompress from the day with this game. Most nights I fall asleep watching the ecosystem. I look forward to it every night. There are ads and micro transactions, but you can opt in on the ads (which I usually do bc I enjoy the game) and the monetized aspects of the game aren’t annoyingly necessary or anything. Great, relaxing little game!!

  9. Kaoyru dice:

    Actually like this game so far. I like that, where I’m at now, I don’t feel pressed to spend loads of money to get anything decent like a lot of other games, and if I do want to buy something, it’s a one-time buy, so I don’t have to buy the same critter over and over again if I want more of them! Some people complained there’s a lot of ads, but I’m not personally perturbed by a 17-30 second ad for some extra buffs/etc, which are always pretty helpful! I also like how you’re given a multitude of chances to get pearls. Moving on to the bigger cons for me, however; 1: I’m not sure if it was just me, but I personally felt as though the tutorial didn’t explain things very well before throwing you right into the game. A lot of things weren’t mentioned (Again, in my personal opinion) I had to learn most of what I know now as I went. 2: I would really like it if the producers made an update where you can use different ‘themes’ individually between tanks! It’s a bit disappointing that I can’t really make unique ecosystems between them since one theme spans across all tanks. It somewhat defeats the purpose of bothering to collect the different themes for me, personally. 3: Like some other people said as well, it can get a liiiiiittle difficult to create anything further on, as the vitality costs can get pretty up there, especially after some of the creature creating requirements of owning 30+ of certain species. The fact that these vitality costs are there to stay without any way to reduce them, other than the creation discount buffs, can make things a bit lengthy later on, but it’s still a really enjoyable game, despite this. Overall, this is a cute, fun game! Definitely recommend!!

  10. I love this game a lot. It’s peaceful but there are goals to reach; however, the camera controls are unforgivably bad. I normally wouldn’t mind but it’s required that you take certain photos to unlock new animals. Taking a couple photo is almost impossible. I’d much rather be able to select a fish from your gallery and then your camera takes you to it rather than trying to find one specific fish in the entire sea. I’m not sure how to make couple photos easier; they’re just not a great idea.

  11. It’s super relaxing and beautiful. Sure the graphics aren’t legendary, but that’s not what the game is about. It’s about growing and cultivating your own ecosystem with little animals and plants. One other thing is one of the comments the iceberg makes is “if I melt our friends will have nowhere to go” and to me that’s a reminder that countless animals need icebergs and we need to protect them. Overall it’s the best mobile game I’ve played in a long time. I’d give more stars if possible.

  12. Personally I like when idle clickers always have the option of giving you something to do or just putting them down. Tap Tap Fish is more like an ebb and flow of interactivity where you can buy a bunch of things quickly and then you have to wait a bit for your currency to build up. However, it is great because it’s not too demending, adding even more of a relaxing feel to the game.

  13. Megan dice:

    Gorgeous – though I hope they follow through & bring back the backgrounds. They made it much better. Lots of great creatures – from birds to sharks. There are some annoying inaccuracies (vultures soar, not flap their wings), animation flaws (e.g., land animals lean sideways when standing on a slope), and design choices (PLEASE make tropical fish form schools). But overall, full of rich imagery. Unfortunately, right now it crashes every time I try to play an ad, so I can’t do much. Please fix!

  14. Once you get a little far, it’s difficult to progress. My iceberg is level 671 and the taps are in C’s, when I need E’s to level up for everything. It takes a really long time to get up to even 1E, let alone 200E I need for some things. I think the taps should be valued more. But as for everything else, it’s so peaceful! I love this game and I’m so excited for more in the future.

  15. Edit: Dev responded and fixed the issue in the following update. They communicated with me to gather info about the problem. I appreciate them working to fix bugs! Original review: I keep trying to unlock new creatures or earn pearls, but the game won’t let me share images. If I select any of the three buttons, the screen glitches for a second, then nothing happens and the game doesn’t register a shared photo. Please fix this as I want to unlock more creatures in the game.

  16. Too hard to level up with confusing currency. Started off very cute and I was excited because I love artic animals. However, gaining currency is too difficult and makes it almost impossible to do anything without paying for extras. A game shouldn’t need to be paid for daily in order to progress and be fun. Even watching multiple ads an hour, there still aren’t enough rewards to proceed forward. Uninstalled.

  17. Until a week ago, I would have given this game five stars, as I truly love it. But the new “Treasure Discovery” annoys me so much that I’m not playing anymore. Why put a massive menu link in the MIDDLE of the screen, on a game where tapping is required?? It’s impossible to avoid. It genuinely has ruined the game for me. It feels exploitative to add a feature seemingly DESIGNED to interrupt gameplay, to try and get money from us. It could have been off to the side, but nah, ruin the game instead.

  18. Personally, a 4 star app since the monetization isn’t thrown in your face and because there were pre-reg rewards. Though I get tired of opening the app and seeing a x2 option just for watching a video. Then I click on it but no video plays and I lost out on 661C Vitality. Not to mention when scrolling through the different types of coral or fish, it seems broken and doesn’t scroll properly. I do remember the first game when it first came out so I was excited to have a new idle game.

  19. I always find myself coming back to this game. It is very beautiful and relaxing. I like that you can get a lot of vitality from using Skills and watching ads. The only thing is is when you start leveling up, it takes FOREVER to get enough Vitality to buy another animal. And it sucks because if you wanna unlock the next animal, you have to have 5 of the previously unlocked animal.. it takes forever!

  20. Worth 5 stars but theres still a lot of bugs I’ve played Abyssrium and Penguin Isle and this game is definitely the best of both worlds. It has better graphics and visuals and I love that its a combination of above and below water. There is a few problems that concern me like watching multiple ads before getting the reward. But my main problem is that I can’t always open the game. It says its 100% loaded but stays on that screen. I want to play more but I cant. Please fix soon!!!!

  21. The newest update has a Fusion Event. Personally I only like the final creature which is the fox. The reason I’m giving one star is that I do not like the Giant Mushroom and Stone island. It looks out of place and makes the background look cluttered. I would prefer we have the option of removing the Mushroom and Rock Island while still accessing the farm tab. Once this is done I’ll up this review to 4 stars. Only 4 because it is literally Ads the video game. But it is pretty.

  22. Just like the original, this game starts off at a very fast Fun Pace where you can accumulate fish and corals and level up all the time. And then, just like the original, you hit a wall where you can sit for days and days and not make any progress even though you keep acquiring things that you need but not enough to do anything with. Once again I find myself at a dead end and I have lost interest in this game. If it would continue at the same Pace that it started it would be a wonderful game.

  23. Solomon H dice:

    not a relaxing game at all. super annoying for the system to direct your decisions sequentially across a scripted scenario by force. so many instructions and required steps for you to progress through all the while being bombarded with words and confusing graphics and even being advertised items to buy. never again. not a strategy based or customized game, but a walkthrough click-bait system for little kids who can’t finish a game without having dumbed-down guidance.

  24. I love the graphics but the game play is not as exciting. I find the manage fish section very frustrating. It’s hard to scroll because you must hit the fish bubble in order to place it. I find the couple pictures interesting but it shouldn’t be part of the daily tasks. Maybe in a separate section. I never complete the daily tasks due to this.

  25. I played a lot of the first Abyssrium and was excepting great things from this game as well. At first I was greeted with a beautiful game, cute animals, and decent prices -corals and leveling a similar story. I started playing the game before bed as a way to relax and did that up until the most recent update.. Everything became really hard to get- harder to level, harder to get animals- you get the picture. It started as a game to relax me before bed, and now it’s more stressful than it’s worth.

  26. I really love the idea of this game. My biggest complaint is the cost of adding new fish increases exponentially. This increase on new creatures is Wayyyyy too high. It should be more in line with the cost of leveling the iceberg and corals. Change the adding fish cost to match that and this would be a much more enjoyable game

  27. It’s a beautiful game, and doesn’t have the gacha mechanics that annoyed me about the original. But the last update has caused the game to crash while loading about half the time, and the ad-based rewards will not load for me. Hopefully the next patch fixes things, but for now, I can’t recommend the game.

  28. This game is cute and enjoyable EXCEPT that it is very touchy about internet connection. If you lose connection even for a moment it will chuck your progress. I discovered several hidden animals, then my progress reset and I lost them! It happened again and I had just spent 800 pearls to level up my singing clam coral. When it reopened, the pearls were gone but the coral had not leveled up!!! Reverting to my last save didn’t restore them. I really like this game but I’m frustrated.

  29. It’s chill and non complex design is excellent for relaxing and winding down. However, I can see how this game can be continuously amusing for children with it’s simple tasks and eye catching graphics. Not so much for adults. From my perspective, this game focuses strongly on visuals and graphics than gameplay. Again, I’m one person.

  30. Cute, smooth, a little buggy. It runs much better than abyssrium. Visually, it’s cleaner, smoother, and pretty. The tap to focus feature becomes frustrating sometimes because the tank is so big and the creatures are so small, and it’s hard to tap properly on some vitality. Other than these things, which aren’t game breaking, I really like this new look. Abyssrium hasn’t worked on my phone since the winter holiday update, so I’m just glad I can play *something* now.

  31. I used to love the game; and i still do! That is, if i could even play it now. Once it’s done its loading thing, it shows the spinning circle of death for a couple minutes and crashes, or doesnt load at all. I havent even been able to open the actual game. I’ve tried reinstalling the app and restarting my device, but nothing seems to work.

  32. One of my most favorite games! 🖤🖤 it’s one of the most relaxing idle and continuous play games I have ever found. The animals are easy enough to achieve getting with a good balance of saving and grinding. The animals looks absolutley wonderful and the background and water is even more so.

  33. The animations and animals are awesome. But are they really gonna just put that treasure chest right there? It’s so annoying and you have to watch an ad to remove it. Really killed the fun for me first time playing. They are getting too aggressive with making watch ads to play. Give me a paid version and I’ll be back.

  34. I really like the aesthetic of the game, amd the ability to change the camera angle and explore the area from above or below the water. The corals and creatures are well designed, amd the game is identical to the original Abyssrium with the addition of minor cosmetic and user interface updates, which I actually really like. Overall I think it’s a nice, relaxing idle game to play.

  35. Probably one of my favourite idle games, I LOVED Tap Tap Abyssrium, and when I saw this out for pre-register, I went to the play store right away. I love the game so far, I adore the little animals, you can almost always find something to upgrade with so many options (that also aren’t overwhelming) and it’s awesome that there’s land, sea, and sky animals; One thing I’d like to see in future updates would be the costumes and maybe more of a customization menu for your corals. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  36. Wonderful game, very relaxing and progression feels rewarding, it’s not too time intensive or too effortless; I especially like the ‘hidden friends’ mechanic. The only thing I could say might benefit from a change would be the current way you select whether to level an item by 1, 10 or 100: having to tap and hold can be a nuisance and it disappears so quickly! A button to toggle between the 3 settings would be more user-friendly.

  37. It could use an a part for graphics at settings. In big screen phones the graphics are cool, but the polygons are way too obvious. It’d be nice to see the cute creautures up close. Other than that, the game is very relaxing and enjoyable and there very kinds of species to collect. The music is a success, kudos tonthe artists!

  38. Just as awe-inspiring and touching as I thought it would be. I love the new viewing game mechanic that you can actually move around the iceberg and such and I also love that you kept in some of the old sound bits like when a fish- or penguin- is created. It’s also a fantastic touch that you kept the old sunken ship in the background. You did a perfect job balancing new game, with a touch of nostalgia. Well done!! As of now, the game mechanics work smoothly together. No probs yet!

  39. I played the previous game and loved it, when I saw this in the pre-registration area I quickly signed up. It’s a beautiful game and brings back wonderful memories. It’s completely free to play and there are rarely ads. I do wish for more land animals even though that’s not the focus on the game, it just seems kinda empty up there. I like the special fish section but I do wish it went in order because I don’t want to hop from special#2 to special#38 Favorite game series.

  40. Jessi Mae dice:

    PENGUIN ISLE is the game you want! NOT THIS ONE. Give that one a try. I’ve been playing for a few years and love it. It’s absolutely ADORABLE. The penguins and the decorations are the cutest and so so funny. The game can be played free, ads will help obviously as it is with most games like this. Devs keep it up; lots of events too! 3 yrs ago I gave this Tap Tap Fish AP app 5 stars. The devs have completely abandoned the app after many people (myself included) paid very real money into this game.

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