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Let's decorate your own healing aquarium!
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A Stress-free Game You Can Enjoy While Relaxing Comfortably
Are you tired of your busy ordinary life? ‘Tap Tap Fish – Abyssrium’ is an idle relaxing game that will relieve your stress and help calm your mind. Invite cute fish friends who seek comfort and relaxation in the aquarium. Relax and watch your aquarium grow bigger without trying hard. Fill your peaceful aquarium with a bunch of playful cute fish friends. Take a break from your busy daily lives and relax. Expand your aquarium and meet lots and lots of cute fish. The idle relaxing game ‘Abyssrium’ is a stress-relief game which you are definitely going to love!

Aquarium Full of Adorable Fish
You can make friends with charming fish which you only came across on TV, in books, or aquariums. Meet magnificent and adorable whale friends including dolphins and whales in the game. Not to mention there are so many kinds of interesting friends awaiting you in the aquarium such as sharks, tunas, rays, lampreys, and even cats and cute dogs!

Recommended for People Looking for Relaxing Game
Leave everything behind for a moment and play the idle relaxing game ‘Abyssrium.’ Take a deep breath, play this beautiful game, and let your mind be stress-free. The beautiful and calming music, a variety of sceneries in the deep sea, and adorable fish friends will keep you entertained and stress-free. Just watching fish friends swim in the aquarium will help you feel relaxed and keep you calm. You will also be satisfied seeing the sea creatures grow throughout the gameplay.

Special Features For You
As ‘Abyssrium’ is an idle aquarium tapping game, it offers the following features for your relaxation, pleasure, and healing your soul:
Aquarium Growth: Aquarium will expand fast and level up in no time. All you have is to do is tap.
New Characters: A wide variety of fish, whales, and animal friends appears every day.
Relaxing BGM: Listen to the beautiful melody that will automatically soothe your soul.
Unexpected Fortune: Surprise rewards are given including Mystery Chests, Lucky Bubble, Mysterious Eggs, and so on.

Easy-to-Grow, Easy-to-Expand Aquarium
The abyss with the Lonely Corallite is not the only aquarium you will meet. There are various aquariums with different themes in the game. As you progress in the game, new aquariums will appear which will make you feel calm and relaxed. There are different kinds of adorable, cute fish in every aquarium that awaits you!

Calm Your Minds with Abyssrium and Seek Comfort
Take a break and play the idle relaxing game ‘Abyssrium’ where you can have fun with no stress! You do not have to control anything and try too hard! Let the game run by itself and the aquarium will automatically expand. With beautiful sceneries and adorable fish friends swimming in the aquarium will heal your soul and make you feel relaxed. Are you tired of mundane daily life with no excitement and having so much stress? Tap ‘Abyssrium,’ the idle relaxing game that will help you relax just by looking at it. You will be amazed by the beauty of the aquarium which will keep you entertained every day.

Your Opinions are Valued
The idle relaxing game ‘Abyssrium’ is always open to your voice. Want to see new cute fish in the aquarium? Got new ideas on decorating the abyss? Let us know! Leave your opinions with ‘#taptapfish’ The Lonely Corallite in the abyss is eagerly waiting to hear your opinion and interact with all the players from all over the world.

If you have any problems, please contact us to [email protected].


[1.56.0 Patch Note]

- Meet new fishes in the Valentine Event!
- Complete extension missions to get 8 different extensions!
- 2 new Scooter Riding Miffy packages have been added.
- Season 3 of the Painting Contest Mini-Game has been added.


40 comentarios en "Idle Tap Fish AbyssRium (+VR) MODDED 2022"

  1. I’m updating my review to reflect my current thoughts. The game is visually appealing and can be soothing. That being said, I don’t participate in the events unless there’s a realistic aspect to them and for now, I just try to get all of the hidden fish. I’d like the developers to understand that some of us appreciate the realistic ocean themes and would like more nature expand items much more frequently. More types and colors of coral and animals in coral would be nice.

  2. It’s been YEARS since I played this game. I deleted it because I got bored and it was taking too long to level up. I found something similar which led me to re-download it and holy cow is it overwhelming and definitely not relaxing anymore. NEW! Notices all over the screen and constant reminders that it’s holiday time. You can take your spooky fish and put it in your tank but not vice versa(which would be nice because I have old event fish I’d like displayed). The app turned into a cash Grab…

  3. Skylar M dice:

    I want to like it. It’s cute and I love the colors but you can’t enjoy any of that because the screen is CLUTTERED. There is just so many things to click on that is taking up most of the screen plus in the top left hand corner they give you mini notifications that tell you about literally anything that happens (new fish created, resource obtained, event time, etc) it’s completely unnecessary and no option to turn it off

  4. There’s too much going on screen. i.e. moving ad icons, menus for other mini games and event things.. all of which are cash grabs requiring micro/ingame purchases to get the materials needed for them in their alloted time frames… It takes away from the original concept, simple and calming aquarium, with lots of cute animals/fish. I wish there was a setting to disable all the icons and clutter onscreen, but there isn’t.

  5. hale dice:

    I really loved this game and it was my comfort game for a long while, stopped playing because my save was lost despite me linking it to my Google account and backing it up. Wanted to try it again a couple years later and I’m very disappointed. Super overwhelming interface, overcomplicated gameplay with the events when it used to just be collecting an event currency and unlocking hidden fish. Just really unpleasant to play now and it makes me sad.

  6. I played this game when it first came out. And adored it…Came back to find it ruined with cluttered ui, unending New/Free popups. Progression has been made impossible, and no matter what I do, I only get enough vitality to upgrade a couple times. I loved this game, it used to be simple fun, now it’s just overwhelmingly cluttered. I don’t think it’ll ever be fixed, truly, so I can only leave this review and move on.

  7. Used to be charming, relaxing, and fun. Now it’s an endless parade of stressful events that require constant work just to keep up. Impossible to progress without either spending money or watching ad after ad. Plus, it’s so unstable it crashes constantly – I’m literally spending as much time waiting for the game to reload as I am playing. The ads themselves are usually the cause of the crashes, meaning whatever reward the ad should have unlocked is often lost.

  8. Beautiful game and calming game, but I have three complaints. It can be too complicated, there is so much to do to keep up, I just wish it was easier to understand. Also, the notifications that say “new” on everything, like the costumes or event stuff, need to go when you tap on it. It is bothering me so much. And sometimes when I click an ad, the “image saved to gallery” comes up and covers my entire screen, and I have to reopen the game. Fix these, and it’d be great :)p

  9. Really good idle game with few instances of needing to spend money aside from harvesting garden products instantly. They have regular events that keep the game interesting and they keep adding new fish and other creatures, but I’ve noticed a lot of them reuse the same base models. While that’s ok, it would be nice to see more variety in the kinds of creatures used. There’s way more aquatic birds, turtles, frogs, crabs, ect, plus dozens of extinct creatures they could add…hope to see more soon.

  10. I love e simplicity of the graphics and the controls. It is a great way to pass the time if you’re fidgety or simply want to have a nice “screensaver.” I sometimes like to just go into the camera mode and watch the fish. The new freshwater update brings back the excitement of when I first got the game, new goals and all! Love it even more now that I can collect goldfish haha.

  11. Ash Lyons dice:

    I love this game a lot. As someone with bad anxiety as well as a phobia of water and fish, this game (and the VR option) is very helpful. It’s calming, beautiful, and creative. However, there is way too much emphasis on watching ads. It’s even required to complete certain objectives. And, in order to unlock everything during an event, it’s almost necessary to continuously watch ads to speed things up and get extras. The subscriptions and in-app purchases are also way overpriced.

  12. The game’s design and graphics are beautiful. It’s easy to play and its fun to look at. However, my problem is that the game gets very tedious. In order to get a certain fish during an event, it takes hours of grinding and tapping, and eventually the game becomes more of a chore than a “relaxing” game. If Abyssrium was not so labor-heavy in the later stages of the game, I would be happier with it

  13. Love the game, have been playing it for years now and have invested a chunk of money into it but I’m now running into several bugs. I can’t save photos anymore and thus cannot proceed in the Christmas event whatsoever. I’d also like for the Facebook feature to be returned if possible since it was one of my favorite parts of the game, seeing other people’s games. Long story short, please fix these bugs! I don’t want to be deterred from the game. :^(

  14. Beautiful graphics. The motion and design of the fish are delightful. The music is soothing as well, and it lets you play other audio (e.g. podcasts) at the same time. However, I don’t recommend this game for completionists or anyone struggling with a gambling addiction. Events take either a ton of time or a ton of money to complete, and many hidden fish are impossible to find without a walkthrough. This game is fun *only* if you play casually and don’t care overmuch about getting every fish.

  15. Love the music, sometimes I’ll open the app just for that. The need to watch ads to make any progress, especially with events where it’s a requirement to unlock fish, makes the game virtually unplayable; every time I watch a Cheetah Mobile ad (which is most of them now) it crashes the game. And sometimes it just crashes for no reason anyway.

  16. As far as clicker games go, this one is really charming. I like the designs of the fish, the music is calm and I think the vr function is cool. Unfortunately this app crashes almost every time I try to watch an ad for some in game reward. This is particularly frustrating as I remember two years ago the game was much more stable.

  17. Although this game runs on ads, I still enjoy it. As well as the beautiful graphics, the amount of things you can unlock in this game keeps you busy. The only problem I have is that, whenever a cheetahmobile ad plays, it never gives me the reward and makes me quit out of the game. I only have this problem with cheetahmobile ads. Please fix this, because it is beginning to become a nuisance.

  18. The game is relaxing and has great graphics and music, but I had to back off it entirely because not long after I first started it (~2018) I developed carpal tunnel in both wrists from all the tapping. It impacts my life still. It’s impossible to make progress without tapping so much (or paying for upgrades). The paid aspect has only gotten worse over time, it seems. The Midas tap upgrade ought to be free for everyone. But if you play normally, please consider the risk; the pain isn’t worth it.

  19. I like this game, it’s relaxing BUT there is a glitch that happens when I save a picture of my fishies. The saving notice pops up a little after you’ve already saved your picture and this has been happening before the update, and I thought the update would fix this but it didn’t. So I either have to turn my game off completely in order to get rid of it or not take a picture at all. Please fix this!

  20. H dice:

    The game is a bit ad heavy to play events. Now there is more dye/theme/costume flexibility, if you prefer a different look. Also the team has compacted menus and given the user more room to tap without error clicks. The customer support is good and will help retrieve lost data. It just takes time and patience. Overall, a really nice and relaxing game.

  21. D Kirk dice:

    I played this for a while a few summers ago and loved it before it abruptly completely stopped opening. It will open the loading screen, hang, and then close itself. No amount of uninstalling and reinstalling will fix it. I had assumed over a year later that would no longer be an issue but after reinstalling just now it very much is. It’s pretty… If you can actually play it.

  22. Tap tap fish used to be a great game. I have been playing since almost the beginning and with each update it’s become more labor intensive and expensive to finish. At first is was 4 events a year with the occasional mini event. Last month you had 2 events running simultaneously. I have had subscription to the game for nearly a year. I don’t think I’ll be renewing it. Between the cost of the subscription and all the sponsor items you have to buy it’s just costs to much.

  23. I used to enjoy this game until the latest update. Now it constantly crashes and now upgrading the coralite, coral and buying fish is seemingly unattainable since everything is so expensive. The daily tasks are hardly worth the effort. Hopefully they will change these back or make things easier to accomplish. Also, fix the bugs that keep causing the crashes.

  24. lola dice:

    At one time this game was cute and relaxing, but now it’s littered with ads and pop-ups. There are frequently achievements they want you to get, like “watch 500 ads!”. Is that supposed to be fun? the amount of ads you’ll have to watch to unlock fish will make you depressed. Also, the way the main tank has a giant “FREE” icon (which takes you to a page of adverts for not-free stuff) takes away from the relaxing nature. I’m okay with spending money on games usually. But this one lost its charm.

  25. Had trouble saving images from taking photos, decided to reinstall game and now can’t install back on. I had saved my stuff in their cloud so I don’t lose my progress; it’s a terrible shame that I won’t be able to continue playing. Luckily I had saved a draft email for reporting bugs about the game, so I used that to email them the issue, but no response. Maybe it was not the right email to send the problem too, but a response would’ve been nice (?). Oh well, it was a good game.

  26. Update caused so many issues! I’m constantly getting notices that there are no more videos available and to check back in 24 hours, even when I didn’t select to watch a video. When i click something half the time nothing happens, its telling me I have notices in my inbox but then nothing is there, or if something is there I can’t open it. I LOVE this game I realize updates can cause issues so will review when bugs are fixed.

  27. Pretty good but the events are really annoying and you can’t opt out of them. If you’re okay w/ irritating little markers in the corners of your screen you can never get rid of, you shouldn’t have a problem. It’s really cute otherwise, pretty lenient for a mobile game; you can play it without seeing any ads at all if you choose, but it makes everything way harder. Definitely more annoying than it used to be. Wish they didn’t force events so hard. There are more events than normal play! >:(

  28. Ethan M dice:

    I used to love this game. It was simple & fun to collect the fish and watch them swim. I stopped playing years ago, I can’t remember when or why, but I remembered it recently and reinstalled… I don’t even recognize it anymore. It’s overly complicated, with dozens of different screens to do 2-3x as many activities, with alert icons that don’t clear when you look at them, & hundreds of things to unlock with no easy way to locate the displayed requirements. I install games for fun, not homework.

  29. It was absolutely wonderful when I started playing it so many years ago, and the addition of a freshwater area was also fantastic. However revisiting it now is overwhelming. There’s countless red “new!” notifications and tons of buttons all across the screen to the point where I can’t even figure out what I’m meant to do in the game. 5 years ago I would have recommended this game to anyone I came across. Now it’s just gone.

  30. Been playing since game launch. It’s still a beautiful game. However now it’s polluted with micro events, micro content, and micro transactions. The interface is a mess as it tries to balance the aforementioned. The game has fully lost its original intent, its relaxing aspect, and feels like a chore. Sad to see it go down this path.

  31. This game is absolutely breathtaking. The visuals are beautiful and dreamy. As for the gameplay, it is loaded with ads, to the point where you have to watch ads to unlock certain fish and to complete the monthly events. This makes it hard to actually enjoy the game because you are constantly being bombarded by ads. The events used to be fun and easy, but now they are hard and focused on players who can shell $5-$100+ to get extra items. The developers are blatantly trying to get your money.

  32. Be careful spending money. I loved this game and it got me through some difficult times – especially during COVID and grad school. I spent hundreds of dollars on it over a few years. It felt worth it. When I got a new phone, a significant amount of my purchases and progress didn’t transfer over. When I reached out for help, I was told to provide my receipts (which I could do) and everything purchased with each one (impossible). Very upsetting.

  33. I really really loved this game, but after 3 times of the game losing a full day of progress with the message “we loaded more recent data” I have to give it 2 stars. There is nothing more frustrating than an entire day of progress and fish lost with no explanation. I finally had to delete the app because it truly was a waste of time with no reward. I am sad to see it go. Maybe I’ll be back in a while if they fix this bug.

  34. Uninstalled after 7 days. It just didn’t click with me. Too many menus and yet not a way to see the daily rewards chart thing(went lookingfor it when it popped up for 2 seconds I saw I was supposed to get a fish but I didn’t get it), too much to keep track of, too much stuff in too many places. It’s a cluttered game. Really pretty though. A completionist nightmare.

  35. There is constant crashing of the app. it’ll crash during the ads and not give you a reward. It’ll crash when doing absolutely nothing. Lag spikes are common. Devs, if you’re reading this, please stop making events. Take a step back and fix these issues. I’ve played this game since it first came out. I took a hiatus and came back to events being pumped out and the game having more issues than its worth. I’d rather have a fun relaxing game than stressful collect-them-all laggy events.

  36. Wonderful game if you can get past the loading screen. Used to play this game with no problem. Had to uninstall due to phone problems a while ago. I tried to install it again recently but it can seem to work past the loading screen. You might have to uninstall and reinstall or turn your phone off and on over and over but that doesn’t seem to work for me. I’ve seen other Android users have the same problem as me. In summary a nice game for those who can to the game without it crashing.

  37. The game is really addicting and relaxing, but ever since the VR mode came out it wouldn’t let me do anything ’till I tried it but whenever I did it crashed the game, so I uninstalled it. If this problem is fixed I highly recommend this game! Thanks for your time, hope this review was helpful, and have a nice day!😁 Edit, I got the game again and the problem is fixed but I missed out on some cool events when the app wasn’t working.

  38. Boog dice:

    Ads aren’t working. I’ve tried turning wifi on and off, turned off data and reset ad ID, nothing. It really makes you realize how much this game relies on ads to function. I basically can’t play until the ads are working again. Also, there are too many events! Just keep the game simple, this game is more fun that way.

  39. I absolutely love this game! it’s one of my favorites and I’ve been playing it for a couple years now, but I’m having some issues. I couldn’t save photos of the frogs in the fresh water tank so I could get the Amazon dart frog. bc I couldn’t, I tried to uninstall and reinstall the app, but then the app store kept saying “cannot install game”. the app would still show up on my home page, but then when I open it, it’s completely blank. not sure what to do. pls help!!

  40. I played for a long time years ago, but I stopped playing at some point for whatever reason. When I found it again I was excited to restart and be able to build up again from scratch, but it forced me to reload the old save I had without asking. Thats kinda stupid, it should at least offer you the choice or give a choice to reset somewhere in the settings.

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