6abc Philadelphia MODDED 2022

The 6abc app lets you stream live newscasts, breaking news, weather and more.
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The 6ABC app provides the latest local, weather and national top stories and breaking news customized for you! Get more live and on-demand video than ever before, including live newscasts, and choose customized alerts based on your interests.
Customized “My News” that matters to you
– Stay informed on stories you love by choosing customized topics.
– “My News” builds a unique feed just for you based on interests and locations you choose.
– Stay updated on the latest through live video, real-time updates and easy navigation.
Get alerts you want
– Choose customized alerts for topics and locations you care about, from entertainment news to sports updates and everything in between.
– Easily select locations in “Settings” to get the latest breaking news, weather and traffic from your area in real-time.
Watch live video
– Find exclusive video clips and live video streams at the top of the app, including live news broadcasts.
– Switching between live streams is as easy as flipping between channels.
– Watch live video while you read stories and browse the app
Stay updated 24/7 on weather and traffic
– Easily choose your locations to get hourly conditions and 7-day forecasts.
– Get real-time Doppler maps along with detailed weather information from Accuweather.
– Get weather and traffic alerts for severe conditions so you’re always up-to-date before you go.

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Before you download this app, please consider that it includes advertising, some of which may be targeted to your interests. You may choose to control targeted advertising within mobile applications by using your mobile device settings (for example, by re-setting your device’s advertising identifier and/or opting out of interest-based ads)


Bug fixes and performance improvements


40 comentarios en "6abc Philadelphia MODDED 2022"

  1. Beautiful when working, if you want it more than one star. You have to have consistency. Poor consistency, your setup does not work. On a consistent basis. Try to stream live, my reminders are set. Wifi-connected. Knoe news. If I’m using hotspot. Knoe news. Next day, everything works beautiful. Wi-Fi home works great Wi-Fi at work works great. Wi-Fi hotspot works great. Then the next day, nothing works. I love ABC news but you have no consistency. Attention definitely needed.

  2. gina s dice:

    Used to enjoy this app. The app stalls. Then an error message appears with close, wait or another option I don’t pay attention to. I usually select wait. It’s beyond annoying to keep closing the app and reopening as I have several times. I rarely watch the videos as I prefer to read it. I can choose what stories I’m interested in. Whatever you did when you updated, undo it!

  3. I really like many aspects of the app: the range of local, national, and world news, the ability to fine tune push notifications, and the general user experience. Unfortunately, when installed, easily the number one app in battery consumption. Make it more efficient and I’ll be back.

  4. The app shows news articles that when you open them becomes really annoying to watch. It keeps getting cut off by ad interruptions. Once in a while you might be able to view a news video. There have also been times when I’ve decided to read instead of watching but the ad interruptions have not allowed me to finish reading at least one article. This app unfortunately needs work, and that’s sad when you live in the Philadelphia area.

  5. While I’m reading a story a popup for the video of *the same story* appears at the top of the screen. I can close it by clicking the X but as soon as I touch the screen to scroll it pops up again. Waste of space and just annoying because someone obviously has not thought it through. If user says they don’t want to see something, respect their choice at least for the duration of that story. If you have no intention of respecting the choice, just don’t offer it.

  6. No problems with the ‘Watch LIVE’ option. When you attempt to click on the rebroadcast videos, you get three(3) stories (videos) in and, the third story (video) just repeats as if on a loop. The former format would play the rebroadcast videos in chronological order by date & time. PLEASE go back to the former rebroadcast video format or, at the very least; STOP (fix) the looping of specific videos. Thank you in advance. Avid Actin News viewer from birth.

  7. Notifications from app are appropriate and timely, but clicking them to read the associated article never works properly, and returning to the home page to find the article sometimes results in the article not being there. When the app works properly, it’s very good. However, there are glaring issues that need attention.

  8. It’s infuriating when you shove ads in my face that seemingly function flawlessly. Yet every news video that I try to watch, doesn’t play properly. If it wasn’t for the capability to read the article I would uninstall this app in a second. Remember, people are getting their news from YouTube, save journalism, and make the app work as intended.

  9. I like 6abc news so I downloaded the app. It hardly works. Whenever I click on a notification I get a blank screen, and nothing happens or, I get a “app stopped working” notice. It only works if I go directly into the app by tapping the icon. Then I have to search for the story I wanted. It’s annoying.

  10. When I click on an article that is On demand it closes the app and I have to open it up again and can’t seem to get it to work. Otherwise it’s a good app to catch up on the News. But not updated with the articles that are happening currently. I get a notification of New stories but have to scroll down to get them.

  11. JD dice:

    Videos either don’t appear or don’t play. And it’s not just my android phone, my wife has the same issue with her Apple phone with this app. Makes you wonder if they’re just doing it for the clicks….

  12. Tenor Sax dice:

    Headline news stories not matching video. This is probably why app crashes. 6abc needs to get its act together.

  13. Every notification is about someone dying. We need more positive messages to help us keep our spirits up. Peace and blessings to anyone reading this…

  14. The app itself works well on my phone, but I find the slide show of recent stories and the continually changing text about them very annoying. I am quite capable of scanning the headlines from the app. I don’t need to have them distractingly in every article.

  15. ads have become annoying. they will play 15-sec ads before any video. options to mute sound or pause ad if you don’t want to watch a video is disabled during ad. it forces you to listen to the ads unless you turn your media sound down. once the ad is over you then can pause the video or mute it. if you click the x in the top corner, it restarts the ad. if your phone rotates the screen, it restarts the ad. very annoying.

  16. Mia Davis dice:

    I thought when I downloaded this app that I would be able to watch Good Morning America live but it seems I cannot it’s on Channel 6 not sure of why it won’t come on and also World News Tonight.

  17. I’ve always liked the content from the 6abc team and they’ve been my go to for local news foe years but this app itself is super glitch. Opening articles from my phone’s notifications page almost always fails, manually searching for articles in the UI is combersome, the share button has never worked for me since installing the app and it often crashes on me km general. I don’t have these issies on the iOS vesrion i have on my iPad but this android version has some serious glitches.

  18. Love Action News! The only news I watch!! Wish the TV (Roku) option didn’t have the annoying pop ups to other stories. I chose to watch the news instead of the other stuff. Hate the NJM commercials!! I have to hit silent every time they come on. Wish there was a commercial free option just so I don’t have to hear these very annoying commercials. Would miss the much loved Head and Shoulders commercials but the NJM? They are now more annoying than the Geico and Progressive commercials of old.

  19. I started watching action News at the age of 6 years old and I’ve been hooked ever since action News tells the truth and action News are honest about sharing the information to the public.

  20. Too Messy. Too many ads. And I cannot view a story without having to hear or see the video so I do not find it to be user-friendly. After I begging to read an article but have to close down for whatever reason in the middle of reading it, the article disappears. I keep scrolling down and it says I’m all caught up.

  21. It is ahame this app is so buggy. Have reinstalled the app several times over a few months. App still does not work properly. Content doesn’t load, freezes my phone, share feature is unavailable. I like 6ABC News but will load competitor’s product and likely switch viewing to NBC or CBS for local news too. Very disappointing.

  22. I was too fast to compliment the app. It must have been a fluke that videos with commercials weren’t playing automatically. Back to that B. S. where that lemon ad automatically screams at me when I click on a story. Huge suck factor. Back to 3 stars. The rest of app is ok. STOP THE AUTO VIDEOS!

  23. great app but hate auto video play. i liked it better when you could choose. i hate trying to catch up on the news and it being dead silent and clicking on a story and a video starting with sound. even when you click the x for it, it just restarts. i have to turn off my sound now to use the app 🙁 can’t we go back to choosing?

  24. This app crashes more than any other app on my phone. I open the app, scroll a bit down, and the app hangs. After a while, Android asks me if I want to wait or close the app. It has been like this for years. Even on my previous phones, the app has the tendency to hang. Please get some decent app developers!

  25. This app seems to be de-evolving daily. No one is “manning the ship.” Live broadcasts are late or don’t come on at all. Videos of previously recorded stories don’t play. Stories are updated in text but, attached to previously recorded videos that predate the update. Action News is my favorite local news show but, the app is a mess, currently.

  26. Tony Hart dice:

    App never plays video. Ads play fine, but then it just sits there. This has been an issue with this app for a long as I’ve had it. Uninstalled it, reinstalled it. Always the same result across three different generations of Samsung Galaxy phones.

  27. Love the news station, but the app is glitchy. Clicking on notifications does not result in bringing up the correct news story. It either is blank or gives you the last story you read. The weather maps never display real time.

  28. I don’t always get to watch news on TV, and this app really helps to keep up on news and weather both. I’m glad I added it to my apps. So far I’ve had no problems with video take over, freezeups or buffering. I’m still happy with my choice.

  29. Notification doesn’t bring you to the story , only to a blank screen. Now the videos just quit playing after a few seconds , but the ads will play just fine of course. I’m deleting app until it’s fixed!!!!

  30. The idea that you can hear about a story as well as read about it is great. But, 6abc Phila foists the sound on you at unexpected times – especially bothersome at night, or when other people are around doing their own stuff. Had to drop the app.

  31. As noted by other users earlier this month, sometime in late September / early October, when the app is opened, after the Welcome screen, the app just starts clocking. Was hoping for an update to resolve this but with none coming, uninstalled and reinstalled app. Problem persists. This was my primary news app. Guess I have to find another.

  32. Uninstalled this today after using it for years. advertisement video had no way to go back, no way to shut it down, no way to even get out of the app… The video totally took control of my screen until the advertisement played in its entirety. This is not happening so goodbye 6 ABC.

  33. I wish these star rating systems would go into the negatives. The whole page bombards you with more ads than news. Some of those ads you cant close and it takes an hour to read a small article because of all the scrolling you have to do to get past these huge ads. What’s worse is if you mistakenly touch the half page size ads and get taken to the ad page. Very poorly done for a big company UNINSTALL UNINSTALL UNINSTALL

  34. I like the app when it works. More times than not as soon as I click the app it shuts down. I’ve tried to force stop, clear cache and Uninstal/ reinstal the app. None of that works I’ve found all I can do is wait for it to start working again. And sometimes it takes hours Please fix

  35. The quality of news is great, but the App is terrible. It takes almost a minute to load the app when clicking on a notification, often hangs when clicking a link within the app. Almost unusable. Currently using a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G. Is slow regardless of whether I am on wifi or 5G.

  36. App is good.. when it works. I find that it often crashes when I try to open the app and when I try to open through the notifications nothing opens at all. There also seems to be no move to resolve these issues.

  37. This used to be my go-to app for Philly but it hasn’t opened in several days. The app attempts to open, only displays the local temperature and then just keeps clocking. I think it’s time for an upgrade!

  38. used to love the app. But since like 2 upgrades ago it’s be glitchy. Starts the story in the middle. loads up slow. also a lot going on in the area. tired of same feel good stories for days. still my go to for quick updates.

  39. the recent changes where the video automatically plays suck! I can read. I don’t need someone reading it. and I don’t want to or be forced to watch a commercial with each story

  40. This app used to be my go-to for local news, but now it’s super glitchy. Whenever I click on the push notifications for the news updates, the articles never open and the videos rarely ever load properly. Not to mention most of the articles have typos.

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