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Get real-time crime and safety alerts from your neighbors and local law enforcement.

Millions of Americans are already using Neighbors, so download the app and see what’s really happening in your Neighborhood.

Neighbors is more than an app, it’s the power of your community coming together to keep you safe and informed.

Safer Neighborhoods start with Neighbors


We love hearing from our Neighbors and we’re always looking to improve the Neighbors app. As always, feel free to send your feedback to [email protected]


By using this app, I agree to Ring’s Terms of Service ( See Privacy ( for additional information.


This new update contains bug fixes and performance enhancements. Everything you love about Neighbors, only better.
We love hearing from our Neighbors and we're always looking to improve the Neighbors app. As always, feel free to send your feedback to [email protected]


40 comentarios en "Neighbors by Ring MODDED 2022"

  1. I like all the alert on crime and safety. I wish you all had a search option. When there is a post I want to go back to, its time consuming to scroll through everything before finding. Every app should have a search field. If you have one I haven’t seen it. Either way that portion makes it less user friendly. I love the dog portion of this app especially location aspect. The communication between neighbors is a bit frustrating because i posted a message to a neighbor but never got a reaponse.

  2. I’ve spent hours upon hours on this app and its functionality… I’ve had a ring doorbell for a long time and I’ve had my fair share of issues with it. When trying to use neighbors ,I set it up and it placed my address in a different city. The most frustrating part is that you cannot change it or update it in the app or online. I spent hours going through every article and knowledge base they have, and just spent another hour on chat with their support! They can’t fix it. Not renewing plan!

  3. Love the concept and I am guessing most good reviews are speaking of the idea versus the application. Unfortunately, like most things RING it’s done a bit half-assed. The notifications are random and, maybe most frustratingly, you can’t expand or zoom in on videos your neighbors posts. It’s a very clumsy and limiting app, albeit a simple interface, but could be so much more. Kudos to RING for allowing non-RING content to be shared on the app.

  4. The app itself is pretty good, I’ve never had any problems with it downloading, notifications etc, except that I can’t “like”, if I so choose, the original post but I can “like” on the comment. If I am ever able to do that I will upgrade to five stars. I also like that people who don’t intend to buy this setup, can still watch what’s going on in the neighborhood. Some of us, are on fixed incomes such as disability, and have no room for any “extras” , ie: the bell AND subscription to a service!

  5. Great idea except everything about actually watching a video is awful. Won’t stay in full screen, glitchy as soon as play is pressed, can’t pause to look at faces or it will buffer/exit/freeze the app/get stuck on the time for far too long, no slow motion, can’t change address to second home, loading videos seems to highly tax the app, and more. More, problems than that. Very frustrating and disappointing. No noticeable improvement on updates. Great idea, awful app.

  6. App has been working better lately. The app is great when it actually opens. it’s a perfect way to communicate with your neighbors and help eachother stay safe. Unfortunately every time i get a push notification from the app it never opens. I am usually not able to open the app to see any info for about 30mins. Which defeats the purpose when something important happens. This needs to be fixed.

  7. So far this has proven to be obsolete in the video area. its buffering reminds me of windows 92 ( yes 92!) it lags terribly and if it weren’t for the informational part of the app I’d hit the uninstall button quicker than it downloads a 30 sec clip ( way quicker) . fix that and ill change my review and you’ll get the ” missing 🌟”.

  8. I like the app. it’s very useful if something were to happen in my neighborhood. my issue is with the referral program. I’m VERY disappointed with it. I’ve had several people sign up under my account and I never receive the credit. They use my URL, never had an account with ring before, and still nothing.

  9. Haven’t tried it much yet but serms distracting video ads take up 1/2 the page. One question you must answer ALLOW or you cant go on. Confirm ALLOW and next works. How does one get rid of the weeks old alerts without deleting one st a time. I’ll keep it for now. If i can get past some of these issues I’ll come back and up the rating. I understand the ads. But these are large and video. Disrtacting and the map is very small.

  10. I don’t know if it was an update or what but I’m finding the app has been hard to navigate lately. I can’t find the satellite map, videos, or all the things I liked about it before. One time, the first screen that came up, showed a crime on or by our business. Next thing I know, it disappears and I can’t find it after multiple times trying. If this keeps up, I’ll end up deleting it.

  11. The site ALWAYS has a hard time loading, cell phone app or computer. I thought it was my garbage Sprint cell service but it has difficulties regardless. Now the app on laptop wont even load at all more problems to deal with. And that stupid BLACK BAR they have along the bottom of the screen when playing a video, on android, makes me ANGRY. At least make it smaller or transparent. It takes up ONE THIRD of the screen. UNACCEPTABLE! When you pause the video it WONT disappear, if you want to take a screenshot of something in the lower THIRD of your screen you must time it just right and screenshot as the video plays. RIDICULOUS!

  12. I am in the process of converting over to ring products (coming from dropcam) and stumbled upon this app. It looks like a great start and even got a new alert about a crime nearby. Great idea with features that made me happy I started looking into ring devices. I am looking forward to seeing more good things and developments! Crowd sourced neighborhood watch! Excellent!

  13. Terrible. I’ve tried on multiple telephones to create an account but can never seem to get past the ” Enter Home Address” screen without getting a message to check my internet connection (which i do and am always connected and can do anything/ are everything else via my internet connection except this). This has been going on for roughly 4 – 5 months. I originally try but to no avail… very frustrating to say the least.

  14. The app is great. I love that it’s free and you do not need the ring security system to utilize the app. There however needs to be a way to have two addresses linked to one neighbors app. I have two homes and would like to receive notifications for both neighborhoods under one account. Would definitely recommend this app.

  15. Every time I scroll down through the posts people have made, and a video frame comes into view with something for me to watch, the app automatically opens a full screen window playing the video sideways. When I tilt the device sideways to watch it, it exits fullscreen and goes back to a sideways menu. When I tilt the device to portrait up and down mode to get back to the menu, I can only scroll sideways through whats posted, at an impossible reading angle. As soon as I tilt my device straight up and down again, if there’s a frame that has a video in it, it’ll automatically hijack the device to pop up another full screen video to play what was on the feed. It’s a never ending cycle with no option to stop auto play of videos in the settings. Basically the app is unusable in it’s current state on my device.

  16. Would be nice if the app let me put in my ACTUAL address. No matter how many times I enter it it will not proceed to the next page. I MUST use the device location to do it and it enters the wrong address. Close, and maybe that’s ok, just a bit aggravating. Also, how about a satellite view with the map. That would be nice.

  17. Terrible out-of-date address data. The ring alarm app has my correct address and location but the neighbors side uses an address a few miles away from me. You can’t correct address on neighbors because it says it gets your location from the ring alarm app. Well, they don’t match so you have no way to correct it. The real problem is the address data that neighbors uses is not current, so it’s not going to work correctly for new construction homes. Support is useless for this issue.

  18. The neighbors app is ok, but some of the people posting on it seem overly suspicious about little things. Like a vehicle driving through the neighborhood one time that they never seen before, or a sales person knocking at the door in uniform with a clipboard, then leaving when no one answered. On the other hand there are a lot of good and informative reports.

  19. Giving 2 star due to a major issue. The address in my Neighbors app is incorrect. It is accurate in the Ring app but in Neighbors it’s inaccurate. Tried many troubleshooting steps (clearing cache, data, deleting/reinstalling with no success. I was going to create a new account but can’t because my email is being used up with the incorrect address. Again, it’s listed correctly on Ring’s end but not here.

  20. The app is good but I think it could be better, especially the photos of the person. I’m not sure if it is just my tablet but I can’t enlarge the picture of the person & when i pause it, the video started over at the beginning. I’m not really technically savvy anyone else have this problem? one of the posts was 2 doors down from me, & neighbor was for a person snooping around but bike he was riding was stolen from me. A $3000 bicycle, I needed to see the guys face.

  21. Update: Since moving in August 2020, I stopped receiving any notifications and customer service has been non-existent outside of uninstall/reinstall. They’ve stopped responding and I’m left having to download a different app for local info and notifications. — Very informative! It’s nice to know about everything that going on around the neighborhood with camera views and location. The only down side is that other users can sometimes be unnecessarily snarky but otherwise, it’s a helpful tool.

  22. POOR SECURITY… too risky for me. This app can: — access your contacts. — locate your device, track and capture your movements. — take pictures, create videos without your knowledge. — access all docs, photos, movies, downloaded files on your device. — write to your storage, thus, modify any documents, photos, movies, downloaded files, and delete them. — stay active when the device is locked, a drain on your battery. VERIFIED BY SOPHOS SECURITY Fix these and a great app.

  23. well would work..but not available i guess for this area yet as the locator doesn’t find my address nor does it find it when manually searching for it. seems to work with blink wireless camera thou as i saw on the app they were detected. I don’t know if that means anything though. can’t even sign up cuz it can’t detect my address. can’t do anything with the app if I can’t sign up, so at this point it’s worthless for me to use, maybe in the near future when it gets more popular and more updates

  24. Really loved this app at 1st but now it doesn’t even work right. It’ll show someone commented on my post, but if I click the notification there’s a blank white screen. If I open the app it shows there are no comments. Also it didn’t seem to be updating or even notifying me of new posts lately. All I see are a lot of junk posts, not crime activity. Hp’s it gets fixed soon. I reached out to support and never even got a reply with the issue.

  25. Neighbors by Ring is one of the most fantastic and also enjoyable apps I have actually ever before downloaded and install. It’s essentially like playing a game of Neighbors with your friends, however better because you can regulate the activity. If you’re a follower of party games, after that this is absolutely the app for you. I very recommend it!

  26. E C dice:

    Doesn’t work…I try to adjust the neighborhood area and it just times out and returns me to a gray screen with only the option bar reflected in the left upper hand corner… this used to be great not sure what happened here but down hill for sure. Samsung S20+ btw so no reason it shouldn’t work..

  27. The first time I tried to do anything with this app, it took me five minutes to find that basic functionality in the app was missing or otherwise non-functional. Tech support through chat was useless and they told me I needed to email tech support at the email address they provided. I did and I received the reply that the team I emailed could not provide technical support and that I should call by phone. I did so and after 60 minutes they haven’t even asked what type of phone I have. Useless!!!

  28. It’s so restrictive as to what you can post, basically unless you catch a crime in progress on your camera don’t bother. Tried to warn the neighborhood about people dealing drugs & potential crime & safety concerns associated with that and apparently that’s not ok. Also describing how an individual looks is not allowed. This app is dumb & probably won’t be around in 5 years, so many people are restricted for trying to use this app for it’s exact purpose and they leave. Can’t be a true neighbor.

  29. J N dice:

    The window to enter comments is badly designed, too small and leads to difficulty editing before posting. Instead of one l8ne that only scrolls in one direction, why not have a window that expands as needed?

  30. They can’t figure out how to create accounts correctly. I signed up but every time I log in I get stuck on a non-working screen that wants to verify my phone number for 2FA or a screen telling me that I need to verify my email address. I have verified my email address several times AND they send security codes to it (if they’re sending security codes to unverified email addresses, then their 2FA is totally useless!). I have no idea what the app even looks like because I can’t finish logging in.

  31. Definitely a great way to keep informed on the various happenings around our neighborhood, and what to look out for and stuff like that. Thanks, Ring!

  32. Steve M dice:

    I’ve tried to post a community crime prevention event with uploaded photos about 5 times. Rebooted and reinstalled app without success. Sadly it’s the communities loss. I can still leave comments and thumbs up/down on others posts but that’s all. After everything looks ready to post the pop-up window says it failed to post and try again. I give up.

  33. This app helps me keep a look out for certain deviants and villains. A very useful tool when it comes to keeping an eye on crime. I highly recommend it. Stay Safe, Stay Ready

  34. literally 15 minutes after installing this program I got an alert, then I got another and another. I was literally watching a package thief work their way through a neighborhood live! This app is amazing! I got a blink camera and it suggested I try it and even if you don’t have the camera you can still use it so I suggest giving it a shot and seeing what kind of shady people are doing around your neighborhood!

  35. This app is very informative, and the photos are really great with clear picture quality to them. I look at this app multiple times a day or at the very least whe I get a notification ding on my phone.

  36. Denise HB dice:

    Pointless I tried letting people know about a crime in progress and this app denied my posts based on profiling. I saw it happen with my own eyes and even called 911. Then when I tried to submit a dispute, the emails come back as undeliverable. This app is pointless if you honestly care about keeping your neighborhood safe.

  37. They removed the Neighbors function from the Ring app (where it worked,) and replaced it with this, which doesn’t. Please deliver what we are paying for. After granting all permissions – is just a blank page.

  38. App needs an option for mischief/disturbing the peace. I’m not interested in calling the police over people playing loud music and bass in their car late at night while people are trying to sleep in their homes. But I’m also not interested in getting woken up in the middle of the night because somebody’s smoking or hooking up. Take it somewhere else.

  39. I get nothing. Just ring promotions. Put the old App back. I can’t even pull any crimes up at all. I thought this was the mission from Ring. If you post any color of a person description even calling 911 ring won’t allow certain colors of skin and this is BS. IS AOC running ring as well. It seems that way. Google has been bought by certain Democrats. There is no crime. Not cute.

  40. Matt S dice:

    All this app is good for is hopefully finding lost pets.. or wild animals in area..every time I try to post a incident like police / fire / EMT… or any other information about crime n safety the app will deny my post

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