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The all-new ABC News app brings you 24/7 breaking news from across the globe, including live news streaming events from ABC News Live. Stay up to date on US news and world news, or catch up on the latest in politics, weather, health, business, and more from America’s #1 news source.
Count on ABC News for your daily news. The latest news is always available with updates throughout the day. From international to U.S. news, you’ll always know what’s happening in the world with ABC News.
The ABC News app lets you stream news from anywhere. No need to log in or have a cable subscription. Watch live news whenever you want.
Keep up with the latest national news. Stay current with personalized alerts for breaking news. Watch live news on the topics that you care about most.
Read the latest news headlines from around the world. Stream news all day and stay informed with daily news and breaking news alerts. ABC News is your source for context and analysis of the day’s top stories in international news.

Watch news for hours with the latest ABC News original news report. Find expert analysis of the news that affects you: election news, US news, and even international news.

Listen to the latest news with ABC News Radio. Enjoy access to the latest news from around the world. Your favorite podcasts give you global updates with both national news and international news. Get your morning news on the go and keep listening wherever you are.
Whether you like to start your day with a morning news report or wrap up the day’s events with nightly news in the evening, ABC News has your daily news covered. Watch in-depth reports on the topics you care about most or skim the latest national news to keep up to speed.

Download now to access new ABC News app features:
– Watch live news coverage from ABC News Live
– Stream news headlines from wherever you are
– Get personalized news alerts on the stories that matter most to you
– Stay up to date with US and world news
– Catch up with video clips from your favorite ABC News broadcasts
– Listen to ABC News podcasts, including our award-winning ’Start Here’ daily show
– Explore the latest video from stories around the world – Watch news from anywhere, on your schedule
– Start the day with your morning news report and finish with your nightly news recap of the day’s events
– Dark mode now available
– Content loads faster than ever

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The latest version contains bug fixes and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "ABC News: US & World News Live MOD 2022"

  1. Constantly reloading or something. Can’t even finish reading an article with constant ads loading & disrupting page position. Honestly, ABC, just fix it. Ridiculous. And now, evidently, we’re all to subscribe to HULU to watch ABC specials. Great. Another streaming service. How incredibly annoying. 11/22: So now they’ve updated the app. Terrible format.

  2. Ky Riecke dice:

    When the app actually works its great. notification links don’t work and when i go to the app pages just spin. sometimes they work sometimes they don’t. This only happens with the ABC news app. I’m very disappointed and I’m going to delete the app as there is no point in me having it if it won’t work.

  3. Aug 19 – Just downloaded/installed newest version. Installing was successful and the app does not crash as it did in previous versions (thanks guys). As for the adds in the videos it is no different than watching videos on my computer. I just turn off the sound and wait. May 3 – just uninstalled latest version – shuts down within 5 seconds of opening app. Not good, ABC News programmers :-(. Don’t waste your time installing this app until it is fixed. Using Samsung S8 Android smartphone.

  4. Really want to like this app cause I believe ABC news has top tier reporting, and I really appreciate how they’re committed to making free content (can’t find that with most news sources). But the app itself does not function. The interface is fairly easy to navigate and the look is professional, but it doesn’t work. The app will automatically close and crash any time I open most articles. It’d be better to just go to their website. Also PLEASE add dark mode for the love of God and my eyes

  5. It is an OK app if you want the top 1 or 2 news stories. The videos attached to the stories almost never match the article itself. Some of the time the videos show a “not compatible with your device” error message. I have a Galaxy S9 plus. There have to be better news apps out there. Delete.

  6. Trying to watch a video is a long and sometimes frustrating experience today tried watching 4 videos. All four videos I had to watch the same commercial, i wasnt interested the first time, or the 2nd time, or the third time, and definitly not the forth time i had to watch it without the ability to skip. I got to see one of the four videos, 2 of the 4 videos i got a run down of today’s news, and on the forth vodeo i got and endless stream of ads. So if you want to only read the news this app wrks

  7. The app has two serious issues. First, it autoplays content and there is no way to disable this horrible setting. Picture me being in a nice silent doctor’s office trying to pass the time by catching up on world events. Suddenly my phone starts blaring out audio to everyone in the room because the app started autoplaying something. Turn that off! No one wants automatically playing sound! Second, the app ignores my phone’s settings about screen rotation and rotates whether I want it to or not. Phones let you lock their rotation for a reason. This is the ONLY app I’ve ever seen that ignores the phone’s settings and always allows rotation. Android and Google should ban this app from their store until these basic yet serious issues are fixed.

  8. Not user friendly, even when you just want to scroll or view clips, and not accessible unless you pay for your TV, though you can access free on regular TV. I’m disappointed. I expected more from ABC, though they have become more generic and seemingly lazy over the years, so maybe not so surprised. They seem to just repeat the stories of the week. No true investigative or revealing news.

  9. 5 ⭐ 1 ⭐ = 3 ⭐ App itself, 1 star. The sharing icon has just disappeared. Have they changed it to an app you can’t share from or is it just me? Videos have always had issues but I’m a reader so that doesn’t bother me. But reading a great story and not being able to share it does. Papers like NYTimes, Washington Post have great apps, surely Disney can do better than this app. Now for their content I give 5 stars, it’s not bias like so many others are. Toodalo ABC.

  10. ALWAYS crashes after playing 2 or more ads. Error msg: This video will not play on your device. I’m using a Galaxy Note 9; it’s not like I’ve got a really old, outdated phone. It’s a shame that so many people have had the same problem for many months but it hasn’t been fixed yet. Need to uninstall. I’ll check back every now and then to see how the reviews look before I decide to install it again!

  11. Half the point of a news app is to be able to share the news. Doesn’t ABC want more people reading their articles? I genuinely don’t understand why this issue has gone on for this long. You can share the stories from the notification dropdown, but not when viewing the article itself, so this obviously isn’t a feature that was removed on purpose. Edit: The share button is back.

  12. Was enjoying this app on my phone until QR code update. When attempt to view in full screen faded pause screen doesn’t go away & every time I lay down my phone it flips to small screen. The slightest movement flips screen. Both has become so annoying I don’t want to use app on my phone which defeats the purpose. I want my old app back!

  13. Clicking on the app brings up that broken circle that keeps turning. Where is the news? Practically useless, unless you want to run down your battery. UPDATE:. A whole month later an nothing has changed. Must be y’all don’t want me to read your stories. OK. I am officially removing your app, permanently. See ya, bye.

  14. Your widget was perfectly adequate. There was no cause to get rid of it. You could have just done nothing and left it as it was. And real scummy to not even mention the removal of the widget in the changelog, I’d have not downloaded the uploaded if I’d known. That SHOULD be a violation of Google TOS to publish fake changelogs. Also “HUMAN INTEREST” STORIES ARE *NOT* *NOT* *NOT* BREAKING NEWS.

  15. New format/version really sucks, old format I have had for years much more pleasing and informative. The old layout was way better. This new version is so unlikable, if it does not change I intend to delete the app.

  16. Used to work, now doesn’t. The app simply will not load a page. I checked for an update but there are none – it’s fully up to date. Works on an iPhone, but not here.

  17. Why is the notification (ABC News logo) for this app now showing in a dark color ? I can’t see a dark notification in my black notification bar. Your notification is now just a dark gray square. Please update the app to make it white again. Thank you.

  18. You get a notification of a story, click on it and the just buffering. The app never come up.

  19. Screen enlargement and perspective switching is totally uncontrolled… I have no problems with any other apps… just this one… this has only been happening recently

  20. When I get a notification from this app the logo is missing. I just see a blank icon in my notifications. Tried clearing cache/data and reinstalling the app – what gives?

  21. Emailed about bug but no fix; app icon in notifications is blank for last several weeks. Will update review when this issue is fixed.

  22. Controls stay over story video during play, can’t really watch the article that’s playing. Super annoying.

  23. TC Myers dice:

    New update horrbly aggrevaing. It keeps getting worse small window won’t enlarge. No way to close window or stop stream . You wasted $. Having to reboot First deleting this

  24. It’s easier to delete the app than to find the setting for notifications (do not allow).

  25. Everything is now dependent on ads and videos. Where’s the news reports, as there is no Closed Captioning option available.

  26. A step in the wrong direction for this app. GMA stories are no longer available. Selecting news sections is no longer available. Videos don’t automatically advance to next video.

  27. Too many of those “mandatory” must watch advertisements, that I cannot skip or click out of! Looking elsewhere for less advertising!

  28. Always works, incredible quality. Good job ABC!

  29. This format is terrible. Did a 4 year old pick the graphics? Tge layout is disjointed and definitely not user friendly. Bye bye ABC News app

  30. Videos now play darken even with dark mode setting off. Terrible.

  31. This news app is great, however it has a tendency to crash alot (using a mediatek based phone). As a frequent news user this is of no use to me. I hope the reliability can be solved in the future. I suspect the problem lies with the auto playing of videos (they seem to auto play if you keep the video on the visible screen). There appears to be alot of users reporting crashes.

  32. Not happy with the new format. The app used to close with a simple back button press. That is no longer the case. Uninstalling.

  33. K F dice:

    In a world where news is constantly changing, why should I wait forever for an app to load. Or maybe ABC is saying the news is black with a partially loaded circle.

  34. Sisa Sisa dice:

    Why everytime and update is pushed the app is worthless. Opened this evening, new look, 🥱, click on several articles and none will load. Do you all not test updates before launch.

  35. Wonderful. Excellent update! ABC News app finally has dark mode. 😁 Personalized interests a big plus. Best upgrade to a news app – ever.

  36. This used to be a great app until they changed it all around and made it useless. I will probably delete it now unless they put it back the way it was so I could watch This Week with George Stephanopoulos very easily. As of October 25th they have not restored this app to its original form which was perfect. Now, it is completely useless and I have deleted it. ABC used to be my number one news source but not anymore since they destroyed a perfect app.

  37. Very upsetting that the share option has disappeared. I have an android. This has forced me to now choose to read this app last among all the news apps I use. I also believe over time the articles have started to become shorter, less detailed, and sometimes leave key facts out that other natoonal news outlets share, such as CNN, NBC, NPR, or Reuters. It is as if they are dumbing it down, or perhaps it is editing to keep articles brief.

  38. The live stream is unwatchable. Maybe it is because I am a European but there is an ad break every few minutes. At least on the CBS app the fill the space with ‘inhouse’ advertising. Even in the UK our commercial channels don’t run ads as often as the US does. I don’t need a 3min pee break every two and a half minutes!

  39. Zero journalistic integrity because just like every other conformist cowardly fascist enabler news outlet, they oppress the smartest people alive. Counterculture doesn’t have a voice. Only conformist cowards are allowed to speak. Everything the editors choose for you to pay attention to is the least important issue. Not enough space in this box for me to list all the problems with this world and that’s oppressive in itself. The tech industry is in bed with every Nazi regime that run our lives!

  40. Very good app for news. News coverage is good. It needs a dark theme. One more request. On any news article video is on the top which shrinks in size and go away as the article is getting pushed up. It is really unconfortable until a certain portion is readed at which point the video goes away completely and that space become stable. Thanks.

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