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ZEE News App brings to you the latest news, hindi news updates, breaking news, live news coverage, trending stories from Republic of India and around the world in 9 different languages – English, Hindi (हिंदी समाचार) , Marathi (24 Taas), Bengali (24 Ghanta), Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, Telugu and Kannada. Keep track of news live and daily news headlines on your mobile – anytime, anywhere, on the go.

Zee News (ज़ी न्यूज़) is the mother brand of India’s largest News Network ZMCL, bringing to viewers all the major national and international event news coverage. Besides breaking news and keeping audiences ahead, the channel also provides in-depth coverage of Business news in hindi, Technology (तकनीक), Politics (राजनीति), Entertainment news, Sports such as cricket and much more.

The news app will be abuzz with daily trending news, viral videos and photos, lifestyle and health tips in hindi (हेल्थ मंत्रा) as well as gossip from Bollywood news, Hollywood, regional cinema and celebrity masala updates.

Live news coverage of major events and opinions from some of the best news writers and columnists will be part of the platter. Also on offer are views and reviews on topics that you can use in your day to day (aaj tak) life, especially related with gadgets, automobiles, education and career.

Fast and accurate updates on the ZEE hindi News App will ensure that you find the latest news headlines on your finger tips in different 9 languages. The app is built especially for android and iOS devices.

Get extensive News Coverage on:

* Big Breaking News developments, News from India (Bharat), States, Top Cities and latest political issues.
* Live news coverage from politics, sports, technology, business and entertainment events.
* Business (कारोबार) news, latest updates from Economy, Market and Industry.
* Science (ज्ञान-विज्ञान) and Technology news, Gadget and Smartphone Reviews, Apps and Social media.
* Sports news, features, photos and match scores for – Cricket news (ক্রিকেট), Football, Tennis, Badminton, Hockey, F1 and Motor Sports. 
* Get engaging and entertaining news stories, gossip and scoops from the world of Showbiz – Bollywood, Hollywood, TV Soaps and Art (कल्लाबाजी) and Theater space (सिनेमा). 
* International News (विश्व – आंतरराष्ट्रीय बातम्या), viral and trending stories from around the world.
* Informative stories and features to improve your Lifestyle – Health (सेहत), Wellness, Fitness, Food and Recipes, Travel and much more.

Zee News App Features:
* Live TV: Never miss a news update. Watch DNA Show live on Zee News – anytime, anywhere 
* News in Your Language: Choose language of your preference or conveniently switch to another preferred language out of English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali ,Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, Telugu and Kannada.
* Customize home screen: Select sections of your interest to appear on your home screen. You can even order them according to your preference.
* Next Story: Read next story conveniently by just swiping left.
* Share News: Share articles, photos and videos via Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, e-mail and SMS text messages.
* Manage Notifications: Select the categories you want to receive notifications from
* Mark Favorite: You can bookmark articles, videos and photos so that you can come back to them later
* Offline Reading mode: Not to worry when you don’t have internet access. Use this feature to read news even when you are offline.
* Videos: Browse through selection of most informative and entertaining Video clips
* Photos: Photo Galleries and Slideshows of latest news, entertainment, sports, business and lifestyle genre.
Download the Zee News App, one of the best news app on your mobile device to easily access latest news, features, photos, videos from India (Hindustan) and across the world.
For more info visit our Website : http://zeenews.com and follow us on :
* Twitter – @ZeeNews on Twitter
* Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ZeeNews


- Critical performance improvements and bug fixes


40 comentarios en "Zee News: Live News in Hindi MODDED"

  1. Everything is amazing. The app works perfectly fine. UI is soothing. But, it doesn’t let the users to copy a part or the entire new article on the clipboard. One has to take a screenshot and use Google lens to copy something. It could have been more convenient and beneficial if we were able to do that.

  2. Live news is getting stuck frequently. This is happening after new version upgradation. Also when you open the live news, you have to watch the ad for 40 secs, no option to skip. This is happening every time you resume the live news. Very irritating. Please correct this. Recently the app become very irritating, get non-resposive very frequently.

  3. M V K dice:

    Too many ads which is not relevant and never interested in our future to see again and again in hopeless ads. Better to shut down News channel and open only ads channel then you understand your position in our society.

  4. Very nicely designed app, easy to use and offers you latest news every hour!

  5. Not good not every time update when we open the app only same news shows every time day one to till 90 days or 100 days. No updated news.

  6. It was getting bad to worse, the new update is very dead, everytime you need to click on “update news” but it’s takes more than couple of days to update. You can’t see updated news before deleting all the data of the app from app settings. One other problem with this new update is that in the photo gallery section stories written below the photo covers the photo and become unreadable. It’s a serious issue, kindly resolve it as soon as possible

  7. After a recent update, disruptive ads on the app cause the app to stop responding and that causes the entire screen of my phone to black out. The phone itself stops responding too till it is restarted forcefully. This is poor user experience in the app lately, which is a new concern since I have been using the app for over 3-4 years now and have otherwise found it quite useful. Ads are expected but chalk them out on the UI in ways that they don’t disrupt the expected behaviour of the phone.

  8. D k dice:

    I like zee news very much thats why I downloded this app…I like how they give news about each topic in a detailed form.but .I think this app has some technical problems…like if you are watching live news ,the screen goes completely black after some time ,or at the same time double voices starts coming,and also the screen never rotates in landscape mode..thats very frustating..I like zee news app so I m giving this feedback for improvement. Update: Now it’s working completly fine. Perfect

  9. Brilliant headlines and awesome stories about famous people in India and in foreign countries. Not only this, their content in english and hindi are also wonderful !!! Kudos to the developer and team , they deserves five lucky stars 🤩 – Sidharth Mahapatra , Cuttack

  10. If to see so many ads then why any one will not use U tube ,where one can skip add immediately & can see choice of news channels.

  11. Hello team, I have come across freezing issues at times when on Live TV. I am surprised your Live Channel is not HD. When casting to TV or big screens, the user experience is not that great. May be you may consider moving over to 4K content as the world is way far ahead in technology. Hoping you would consider this feedback. Thank you for your time.

  12. It’s quite difficult at many times to open Live TV . It shows problem with Playback usually .

  13. Very bad display of news. Hardly news is shown, mostly commercial adds r interrupting the news. Just to see one single news, several interruptions due to add pop ups, immediately the news video freezes and then it has to be started again from the beginning. Absolutely horrible experience on watching news on this Zee News App. Not recommended at all. Y do u want our Facebook log in details, why not normal email id, so it means Zee news wants to have access to our data.

  14. there are many shortcomings. mentioning one of them. whenever u click a photo its opens its automatically rotated, if ur phone is in rotated state. further in that caption is displayed on whole screen. that is hard to remove and very difficult to zoon. pl try to make it as good as bbc’s aap. new..after todays update. at two problems still exist 1. while a photo is rotated, a caption always comes. 2. that photo cant be enlarged. 3. it still hangs and phone freezes. i use bbc,TOI with no problem

  15. There is too much buffering on this particular app/channel while watching live TV and it’s been a very long time but still problem is not resolved. There is no problem like this with other apps like Aaj tak or India TV their live telecast is very smooth and good with their app. Zee news app should improve their live TV feature.

  16. Too slow. No issues with the contents. I love zee news but its impossible to swipe through the contents. It’s too slow and lags too much. None of the other apps in my phone had these issues so I’m certain it’s the app. Once fixed, I will install again. Unfortunately it’s not useful so uninstalling it.

  17. Superb ! Unique.! Unlike other channels seeking TRP with sensational news. Kudos! for courage of deviating from beaten track. Only channel for viewers seeking facts and new perspectives.

  18. Since last 2-3 wks Zee News app is behaving odd, crashes in 1 mins of use, heavy data usage by the adds that probably causing the issue, it sometimes even freezes the whole phone. Rating is dropped from 5 to 1 star. Please resolve asap, as it is interrupting my favourite news-flow. Thank you. (FYI – News Hindustan app is working smooth)

  19. 1.For last 15days Auto refreshing of app nearly every 30seconds on it’s own while reading any news which is creating lots of disturbance…as I have to start again from home screen in between I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the but the problem persists. 2.As you open a news the video continues to play on its own and the customer have no choice of controlling this autoplay and that results in data loss and disturbance. Still no one takes care of this.

  20. Pathetic app. Constantly showing the scorecard of Australia vs Bangladesh match, as this match gone passed last 6months before. Don’t update only news. If you running scorecard in between the app news then also update it too. If I able to send the screenshot then I will surely send for that. But afsos…

  21. Could you please stop the booting time of the aap, every time when I minimize the app and launch again it starts with the animation. Which is a bit time Consuming. Also when I try to re-areange the contents in the menu page, it does not get saved.

  22. After opening the app, it redirects to the Google play store application page like Airtel, Flipkart application page. Not even for single time but when trying to go back to see News Application again it redirects to Google play store Application page. Getting irritated due to this kind of misbehaving of application.

  23. P dice:

    This News App was absolutely great 2 years back, now it is getting bad to worst in every passing days. Neither updated News come autometically whenever we open this App (all we need to refresh quite a few number of times, then able to see updated page, if God permits though !!!!!), nor Breaking News Notifications come as FIRST as expected ( in comparing with TOI /ABP). All together, it is harrowing experience now a days. But one positive note, users are experiencing less number of Ads till now!!

  24. Not good. I was giving a feedback n if i minimise due to a call or something in between, my matter disappears. I have to write it again every time i go back to the feedback page. Also when i was finally sending the feedback it failed. Pathetic

  25. Live news is getting stuck frequently. Also when you open the live tv you have to watch 40 seconds video and there is no option to skip. After that the sound is coming but there is no picture available. Please check this problem.

  26. The news are filled with factual errors. I get unnecessary notifications for news I have no interest in. It takes too much phone memory for a news app. Please optimise the memory usage and reduce unnecessary notifications. Also, improve the quality of your articles.

  27. App is getting stuck very frequently even after upgrade… Live stream is also not working property.. Some 5 or 10 second adds coming and sometimes these adds running repeat again and again continuously and no news stream available which really frustrated… Its better if wanted to see then go on URL rather than installing such useless app…

  28. Multiple advertising pop ups arise while I go to read the news. These advertisement to download the apps which I even do not want doesn’t even let me read the news and hangs the page. I like zee news and it’s content but what is the use of an app where I can’t read the news. Uninstalling it.

  29. Worst app. Full of ads. I can’t see any news properly. News pages is full of ads. In the news pages, it says ‘Download Zee News app for more user-friendly experience’ seems like the app tells to download this app!!! 😂😂😂. Live TV also shows ads. The app is a garbage.

  30. News not updated on daily basis. The same old news keeps on coming top rows. Couldn’t see any updates on many foreign countries. Weather updates are are not changed as per time. I was liking zee news on tv. But its Android app is not at all user friendly and updated.

  31. the app layout is not good. when we tav on any notification, live tv starts playing automaticly. also we do have to tolerate vibration while receiving notification even if we don’t like vibrate because turning on or off vibration is not available in the app. any video should not play automatic without permission of user should be optional feature so user can decide whether he or she wants to use autoplay option for video or not

  32. Very informative & fearless reporting. I learn a lot from watching zee news specially the DNA Program.

  33. Best app for getting latest news updates in a single click in brief.

  34. Worst news app. Filled with too many ads.

  35. My All Time Favourite Program is DNA. Sudhir Chaudhary is my favorite not only as an anchor but also as a gentleman. I like him Sooooo much because he is so humble, polite & kind too.💐

  36. Amit Roy dice:

    Very well made n user friendly app.. most of the time it’s available but sometimes the videos or live gets stuck. Please fix up this issue. And there must be a platform for communication with viewers who love n trust upon you greatly. I strongly recommend all to download the app..

  37. This app is developed by worst ever developers. Application stops playing LIVE video at regular intervals and one has to manually press the play button Everytime it stops. User experience is also very poor + 720p is not supported. Uninstalled in 10 minutes.

  38. Zee News App – Pros : We want to watch Zee news everyday either on tv or on mobile app. Cons : 1. Too many ads 2. When trying to watch it in full screen – In 100 attempts only one time it may go full screen – most of the times it creates multiple sessions with voice echo. Uninstalling this app and watching Zee news in JIO TV Mobile App.

  39. I had not imagined Zee News would become so hungry for advertisement money on this application. Unknown videos start playing automatically with loud audio. The app automatically redirects to play store to download other useless apps without any option to come back to reading news. The list is endless.Is this the useless type of brand Zee news in trying to create and portray.

  40. Not able to watch my favourite show DNA. They have no Record of this show or latest episodes. Sad to say that it is kind of foolish to not let people watch their channel’s most popular show on Their Own app. I would want to watch full episodes of this show whenever I miss them on TV. That was precisely why I downloaded this app. Hope they will provide it on their app and let us watch it. Thank you.

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