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NBC News brings you the breaking news, top stories and live news you need to know. Our free news app features real-time news alerts, in-depth stories, exclusive reporting and articles from award-winning journalists covering relevant US news and international news. Get your daily news fix with topics spanning politics, opinion, health news, tech and science news, business, sports, celebrities and entertainment. Get alerted about local news, weather and local headlines from your area. Watch NBC News NOW in the app for 24-hour news coverage, special reports and live streams of current events, and stay up-to-date when news breaks with our live blogs. Watch your favorite primetime and daytime NBC News and MSNBC shows, and listen to a live audio feed of MSNBC with no login required.

NBC News app features:
• Breaking news alerts and push notifications for fast news updates sent straight to your mobile device
• National news and global news reporting at your fingertips, with headline news and top news from America and abroad
• Expert opinion and analysis of political news, government news and the administration of President Joe Biden
• Live results from elections and primaries, Senate and House voting, and Democrat and Republican debates, with live commentary from our political correspondents in Washington, D.C.
• Local news, community news and weather alerts from your region
• Watch live news 24/7 with NBC News NOW and watch live video as events unfold
• Livestream full episodes of Meet the Press with Chuck Todd, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt and Dateline, and watch the latest clips from The Rachel Maddow Show, Morning Joe, Deadline: White House with Nicolle Wallace, The 11th Hour and more!
• Bring MSNBC fully on the go with streaming live audio (no authentication required!)


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Stability improvements and bug fixes.


40 comentarios en "NBC News: Breaking News & Live MODDED 2022"

  1. JC C dice:

    I’ve used this app for a long time to listen to the news and it’s been great. But, the last few days the audio stops every time there’s a commercial break and the only way I seem to be able to start the audio again is to force stop the app. I’m not having this issue with other apps and there’s no new update available .. wishing for an update which might fix this.

  2. This app is awful. I often cannot get it to go landscape. There is no full screen button. It repeatedly skips back 30 seconds or so (or to the beginning) at least 10 times every broadcast. It skipped back to the beginning 3 times this morning. For years I watched NBC News on YouTube without any problems, but they no longer post current newscasts. So I used their web page, but has the same skipping problem and couldn’t use the scroll bar without freezing. PLEASE BRING BACK THE YOUTUBE NEWSCASTS!

  3. Heather M dice:

    This is easily the worst news app of all the major networks. I was in the midst of reading an article when my husband came to talk to me. While we were talking, the screen timed out and when I reopened the app, I was back to the homepage. There’s no search option, at least not one that’s obvious, so now I can’t find and finish the article I wanted to read. This is why NBC’s news app is always my last choice and I only read articles when a notification interests me.

  4. The app is good, but there are two drawbacks: 1. While the content is relevant, it does notify you with any speed, making this app less ideal for breaking news. 2. Clicking on the story from your notifications doesn’t always route you to that exact story in the app. That’s annoying because then you have to manually click around until you find it. Otherwise, it is a very decent app. Fixing those issues would make it great.

  5. I like NBC News. But the newest version 10/2018 took away all the features I look for in a news app – the ability to quickly scan headlines, sort/display by category, read a brief news summary then open a video or in depth article. Now only big video frame and Giant font headlines for 2-3 screen swipes. No Menu to choose or sort. Written features are hard to find. Not the App for me anymore.

  6. karen moy dice:

    Good content, horrible app. There is a buffering problem not found on other video apps. Very frustrating to try to watch when the sound pauses all the time and then repeats normal speed, and then pauses. This constant stuttering is not being fixed. I don’t have this problem with any other video apps. +++ three years later, and several updates, the buffering problem remains.

  7. The thing about news is people like it timely, CLEARLY and honest. Two of these three needs are met, but trying to finish an article is impossible as the screen blacks out when scrolling past an AD (go figure), removing clarity. I tried to use feedback to address the issue but the tab doesn’t work at all, unless you want to share the app, because that tab works fine. Guess I’m looking for a new news app

  8. The content of the app is great and I have no complaints; however, the fact that there is no option to save an article either from the notification level or once reading an article inside the app is very frustrating. That, combined with the screen timeout issue described by others and the lack of a traditional search function makes finding or returning to a specific article quite cumbersome. Would be a 5-star app if not for these issues.

  9. I love NBC News,but please fix the audio on video playback. It constantly skips and goes out,then fixes itself. It happens on every story I try to watch. I’ve updated and it is still not working. i have been complaining about this for so long,and it looks like im not alone. the videos don’t play without skipping. I don’t understand why this has not been fixed yet its almost August of 2019. i just saw someone complain as recently as June. This is unacceptable. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE!!!

  10. I have but one qualm with this app, for which I must take away one star. Anytime my screen turns off, or open a different app in front of it, it always defaults back to the front page and I lose the article that I was in the middle of reading. I’m rarely able to read an entire article in one go due to ADHD, and it’s real frustrating to turn on my screen after it times out, only to find myself back on the front page. Fix this, and I’ll give it that fifth star.

  11. I would give your app 5 stars, but I can’t. You see the problem is the stories and the news are great. But unfortunately I (like many other people that have been complaining consistently about the exact same thing) can’t see the videos because it keeps stopping and going and getting stuck and choppy. In other words, it doesn’t work. I figured if BBC and CNN videos can work, I figured NBC could work too if you just put in the effort. But I guess you don’t want to. Fix the problem!! 0 stars

  12. This used to be a 5 star app, but not anymore. The issue is that when you lock your screen, or when you switch to another app and come back, the news feed refreshes. If you were reading a story, the refresh kicks you back to the main screen. Then you have to find the story again in the feed to finish it. This is extremely annoying and happens very often. It wouldn’t be so bad if this app had a history function like the previous version did, but they took that away. Please fix this!

  13. The potential is there. This app needs more testing, particularly, the user interface. Videos would play with no sound (911 Outage story, for example) and I couldn’t find any way to enable the sound. Next, I opened the New Horizons story. The screen was partially obstructed by the 911 story video overlaying part of the screen. This app feels unfinished. Needs debugging and UI improvements.

  14. Overall like the news, coverage, push notifications, and the app is snappy. But there is an extremely problematic bug that has been in the app for months, where every time the app is backgrounded+foregrounded, my article closes and I’m on the home page. I generally only open the app via notifications, so I don’t know exactly where to find my article, and close the app. Like the app but please fix this bug!!!

  15. Great commentary,informative,and the anchors tend to cover all the angles. Carefull, getting a bit repetitive on the hottest topics. There are a Ridicules amount of pop ups and ads while selecting topics and viewing video. Videos tend to stop short of completion and are difficult to restart, if you can ever get it back to that video. What the hey! It’s free news…it’s either this or the cheap stuff with fantasy news or out and out gibberish for gullible folks under a rock!

  16. Mostly a good app with two big flaws. 1) Push alerts have no option I am aware of to choose what news categories to get alerts about and many are not breaking or important. Alerts include op-eds, long articles about scientific discoveries that are important but not immediate, and worthless stories about random true crime cases. 2) If the screen times out due to inactivity, the article disappears and I am redirected back to the home screen where there is no search function to find articles.

  17. You treat your users like dirt. 30 seconds to open an article! And don’t switch apps, you lose the article! Argh! Can’t open, save or zoom in on any pictures. App auto-closes the article you’re reading and reverts back to a refreshed home page if you switch to another app for just one second, or put your phone down, so forget about finding that half-read article ever again. The click bait articles at the end are ridiculous. I don’t care about Tommy Chong’s CBD oil!

  18. The app is great except for the listen live feature has this infuriating policy of playing the same commercial first everytime you hear a commercial break. Over and over and over again. If I hear the same commercial for Comcast I might actually go crazy. SUPER ANNOYING. Otherwise it’s faster than the website and videos have better playback on the app.

  19. Infuriating user experience. If whole reading an article you put your phone to sleep, switch to another app or take a phone call, and then come back to the NBC News app, NBC News will show you the article you were reading and then jump to the headlines. The article you were in the middle of reading is GONE! This happens every time. The articles are fine, but the app keeps aggressively closing them. Three stars is generously giving the app credit for the article that it reluctantly displays.

  20. Very very seldom does clicking on the notification actually take me to the article in question. Most of the time, it can’t be found anywhere on the app. Gets frustrating.

  21. K Wid dice:

    The new episodes of nightly News get posted so haphazardly and irregularly to your app It’s really a joke. I find them quicker and easier on YouTube. Your app does not have your October 17th episode full episode yet but this morning it was on YouTube. So more than a day later it’s still not available on your app. Why have the app if you’re not even going to seem to properly supply it with your content? It also seems rather strange that your main programs you seem to hide the episodes.

  22. The photos are cropped way to close. Most of them have the faces mostly or completely cropped out of the frame. Please fix this. It’s really annoying

  23. Used to be great but now every video you try to click on says it experienced a playback error. Cleared cache and data, uninstalled and reinstalled nothing works anymore.

  24. John Hoit dice:

    Not the worst news app but it’s frustrating that they don’t include a date stamp on the main page listings. I’m not looking for stale news.

  25. J Wuf dice:

    Love the app. Don’t like pushes within my do not disturb window of 11p-7a CST. Invariably I’ll get a push at midnight or 4 a.m. 10.20.22 Update. Now the app continually crashes upon opening news flashes. Very concerning in that I rely on these updates as being reliable and accurate. Get with it NBC!

  26. Downgraded from 3 stars to one. Why? Because they are constantly pushing “NBC Select” (aka advertising) to the VERY TOP of the widget news feed. I understand needing to be ad supported but disguising them as real articles AND putting them at the top of the feed above real news is just gross

  27. Stephen L dice:

    App is not bad, but aside from audio stream it’s yesterday’s news. I wish there was a way to pay for live full access but I will NOT give another penny to a cable company for live TV.

  28. Have used the app for years no problem. Did you do an android update today. nothing is working on the app and I have done no software updates on the latest Samsung tablet. Deleted and reined the app still nothing works?

  29. New update ridiculous. Took category search off bottom, where most people would look for subjects to begin with. Instead, moved “categories” (politics/business/culture etc) to a clumsy slider buried further down in the mishmash of articles. An already cluttered interface made worse – by making things even harder to find. Ask users what we need, not your techies. Such a shame since the news itself us very good. CNN has a much better interface.

  30. Simon Hou dice:

    App experience is horrible. Very frequently I click on a push notification and it brings me to an article that I opened hours or even days ago. If I click on an article I want to be able to see it, not a previous one. Plus no dark mode. This app must be from 2010.

  31. Bad app. Content does not load. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 fully-featured and updated. Uninstalled the app.

  32. When I rotate the phone to landscape, the video doesn’t switch to full screen. This feature works fine in the YouTube app and it used to work in this one, but no longer.

  33. Horrible app for reading on the go. If you take a call or check another app It will refresh go back to the homepage and you will have to find the article and spot you left off at. Such a simple thing to fix but its had this issues for months now.

  34. Has been a treasure, but is now unwatchable. The constant stops and rewinds make it impossible to get through a segment. 8/30/22 Now the screen will not rotate when on the NBC News app.

  35. App has had video buffering problems forever. Can’t watch the nightly news broadcast without skips and repeats. Got new phones after new phones — Pixel 3, OnePlus 6T, OnePlus 8, Pixel 6 — but it doesn’t matter. It’s still broke nearly 5 years later. Please fix!

  36. David L dice:

    24592 tracking events in one hour on 11/24/2022 made by a combination of Google, Branch Metrics, Taboola, Adobe and Urban Airship. Slowed my tablet down enough to cause music streaming to stutter. Removing NBC News app NOW!

  37. The NBC NEWS APP is on very good App on the Play Store. Good News, Good , Good Luck, Good Presentation, Good Work 👍 The number in USA 1°

  38. Unusable on GoogleTV because of “Stay up-to-date in the NBC News app” banner on screen. The banner appears immediately after opening the app, and traps the selection cursor on itself, making the app impossible to control. There is a small X on the banner, but it cannot be selected even with a mouse connected to the TV. With this banner bug, the app can only play the default stream. No interaction/menu navigation is possible.

  39. Thor dice:

    Good app but desperately needs dark mode and ability to set refresh time for widget

  40. Half the time, when you tap on a notification about a specific news story, the app comes up but then goes to a different story. Then, because there is no search feature, you just have to scroll and scroll and scroll until you find the article you were going there for in the first place. Not worth the hassle. Uninstalling.

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