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A simple tool to save web pages for reading later.
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Instapaper is the simplest way to save and store articles for reading: offline, on-the-go, anytime, anywhere, perfectly formatted.

Instapaper for Android provides a mobile and tablet-optimized Text view that makes reading Internet content a clean and uncluttered experience. Read offline, even on airplanes, subways, on elevators, or on Wi-Fi-only devices away from Internet connections.

– Saves most web pages as text only, stripping away the full-sized layout to optimize for tablet and phone screens
– Distraction-free reading environment gets out of your way so you can focus on the content
– Everything you download is then available **OFFLINE**, so you can read whenever you want, even on airplanes, subways, or Wi-Fi-only devices away from internet connections

– Optimized tablet interface
– Adjustable fonts, text sizes, line spacing, and margins
– Dark mode and brightness control for night reading
– Sort your list of unread items by popularity, date, article length, and shuffle
– Folders for organization
– Share via web browser and any app that supports sharing
– Rotation lock
– Download up to 500 articles on your phone or tablet, and store unlimited articles on the Instapaper website
– Folders for organization
– Dictionary and Wikipedia lookups
– Tilt scrolling, page-flipping
– Preview links in the built-in browser without leaving the app
– Search, via in-app purchase


Minor bug fixes and improvements


40 comentarios en "Instapaper MODDED 2022"

  1. There seems to be an issue when using the speak feature where it removes paragraphs and headings when it reads them aloud. I don’t know if that’s intentional, but I really hope not because I like to follow along in text when it’s being read aloud. Aside from that, the app itself is very useful and I find it easy to read different articles I save with the clean design and other useful features.

  2. So close to excellent; but the page scrolling to match text to speech has never really worked, and it loses my place in the current article when I close the app. It also won’t handle pdfs well, and won’t let me email text to my list. I’d love to be a premium subscriber, but the features are kind of ridiculously minimal and buggy, and have been for years with little improvement.

  3. My favorite feature of Instapaper is the highlight feature. It turns (nearly) every web page into my own personal book/paper that I can highlight, mark up and save for later. I can integrate it into other apps so my highlights are saved there, too. I used to use Pocket for all my read later articles, but it’s missing this feature (at least, it’s not as useful). The one thing I miss about Pocket is that it always saves the url I bookmarked. Sometimes instapaper loses the url. Frustrating.

  4. For the most part I like this app. I like the editing, highlighting and note taking. There is one huge thing that is missing; that would improve this app tremendously. That is – having the option to create folders…to seperate topics, etc. Please dev, add folders as an option and I will change my rating to 5 stars. I have purchased the pro version, and still no folders. Thats a big drawback. But I’m hoping it will be added soon. If not, I will have to uninstall…thanks Dev !!!

  5. I feel like captivated. The Instapaper Web has been great. It is no longer as remarkable as before but still. The Android app on the other hand seems like virtually abandoned. It barely catches up to the OS versions and the instability and rendering bugs aren’t improved at all. If it is fixed if I pay, I’d love to throw the money in. But This is purely a hypothetical question though.

  6. This app is awesome! I can save all my favorite articles and read them later without having to search through a bunch of bookmarks. I only have two problems – 1. It’s easy to save a lot of articles and eat up your storage, and 2. The new update removed free highlights! Noooooooo! Other than that, this app is awesome!

  7. Instapaper is one of the only consistent and dependable tools offering appless & affordable (FREE) bookmarking. Simplicity is the key here. Not to mention that it’s the first of its kind and still updated regularly. I can’t help but think the downside in reviews is based on our natural instinct of wanting MORE. But if I want to read it later Instapaper is who I trust.

  8. this app is absolutely amazing but my only complaint would be the text to speech it is a little bit slow and also it seems to skip over a whole bunch of different words I’m not sure if it’s just a glitch on my phone but that’s the problem that I was having but outside of that it is a great idea and I would love to have an option to just permanently pay for premium instead of just a subscription

  9. Instapaper is the most decent capable app for storing News,Articles, I’ve been Having the most time with articles that are less Interesting than ones that contain Importantly, most Sensitive material from the internet to a scratch pad type of Doable thing. What that means there is more time to save by saving Paragraphs, News Bulletins, Books, and other reading materials keeping all your Papers of importance, Safe. At a low cost

  10. It would be better than Pocket, it renders the article view better, not missing photos, etc. The only problem is that not all articles shared to the app are added to the list..

  11. Tried to save an article. Said it couldn’t save and asked if I wanted to open with a browser. That’s the complete opposite of what this app is supposed to do.

  12. clean user interface affordable prices, auto scrolling and speed reading features perfect !!! i lllike it

  13. I have used Instapaper for many years, and it never does anything but what I need it to do. Premium is worth it btw

  14. After so many years, we see an update in 2021 but still there’s too much work to do for instapaper Devs. I have deleted my account with pocket but still using instapaper. It’s simple, easy and not fancy but useful. Add option for cloud and local backup of saved webpages & links saved to read later. Add more fonts. Add TTS feature for travelling readers. And promote it by tying up with browsers to promote articles, blogs just like pocket. It’s 2022, keep updating. Add life to this great product.

  15. It’s a great app and it works well for the most part. The archive and liked features are great. I wish unlimited highlights were free but oh well. The main problems come with the difficulty of organisation – a folder or tag system would be greatly appreciated. Also, a problem for me is that the search function doesn’t work. Instead when I click on it, the app closes.

  16. I’m a premium subscriber. I found some major flaws in Instapaper: (1) Search option is useless- it always shows very irrelevant and strange result, (2) Sometimes the highlights and notes are lost or vanished, (3) It doesn’t capture all photos in an article, (4) Some articles are not fully captured, (5) The text-to-voice option is robotic, (6) The Android app is not updated for more than a year, and (7) The UI is a bit outdated. These are very frustrating!

  17. I like it. Personally prefer it over Pocket. Even so, improvements would be welcome. A sub-folder feature per se, or the ability to take notes on videos. There’s also some bugs. For example, when taking long notes on highlights, you can’t scroll down while writing. You’re forced to hop over to the web app which kind of beats the point of having a mobile version. Videos and pictures from the original source are usually not loaded. Et cetera. Conclusion, the app still needs a lot of work.

  18. Instapaper is great and IMO it’s better than other similar solutions. Simple, yet so elegant. Love the way Instapaper looks and feels. However the app itself needs some polishing. I’ve encountered an annoying bug and noticed some outdated looks. It doesn’t work on devices with the notch properly. Also it desepeately needs a tagging system. Still, it’s perfectly usable and once I get confortable enough I’d be willing to subscribe. AND it doesn’t have ads!

  19. Instapaper for Android hasn’t been updated in over a year, which is a shame for an otherwise good service on desktop. The app sometimes does not display anything but a blank page when opening an article in the reading list. Often, even syncing seems to hang indefinitely. The text to speech feature is unusable as it incorrectly cuts words whenever there’s an apostrophe or any other non-alphanumeric character. The search feature gives subpar results. Support is non-existent and doesn’t reply

  20. It would be great to be able to have subfolders, and tags! Tags are great to search inside your own archive, and be more organised. I don’t know if the developers are still developing(!) the app. Mobile app needs to be calibrated, because when you read the appearing/disappearing top/bottom menu is acting by itself sometimes, and it’s very disturbing when you read. Lastly, as a premium member, I would really like to see more typeface options! Current typefaces are really not enough. I couldn’t find one that I feel comfortable.

  21. Premium subscriber. Love the speed reading and TTS features — though sometimes they crush my phone’s very-capable processors. The highlighting is oddly sorted chronologically, and not-at-all grouped at the global scope. Being able to share only my highlights is quite nice, however. The reading experience and navigations are odd on a notched phone with no hardware buttons. What happened to the development cycle? No updates for the past year.

  22. Mary Lem dice:

    Pros: save things to read later, ability to highlight, ability to take notes and export (why I installed it and paid for premium). Cons: limited viewing space in notes section (you can keep writing, but you can’t scroll down and see it), notes not always saved (when save button on clicked), accidentally tapping outside the notes screen will cause the draft note to be lost. Overall: better than nothing, but if something with better note capability came along I’d switch.

  23. I’m looking for Pocket alternative because it doesn’t display images on many websites I follow. Instapaper does it, but it’s inconsistent. Whenever I add a page through bookmarklet version for the first time, it displays image & video properly, but in mobile, it doesn’t. Then, I come back to web version to see that same page and it becomes the same as mobile. Instapaper doesn’t load image. Adding a page through “Share to” from another application doesn’t work too. And it needs TAG system!!!

  24. Overall, my experience is really good using instapaper. But, i would like to address one issue. While sharing the notes to other platforms, the arrangement of the highlighted notes are not according to the original text. They mix up making it difficult to understand. Please address this ASAP. Thanks.

  25. There’s one key feature missing on Instapaper: the option to click on a highlight and be taken to all of the highlights of that article, like on Pocket. The way it is right now, all the highlights of every article are stored together in one place, which makes it really hard to read only the highlights of one specific article.

  26. I would rate 5 stars & prob buy if there was an option to see some images; for example reading a stats article the image of the formula has become a blank box. would like to hold and select for option to view that image specifically. this is also an issue for images of graphs. without this I cant make use of the app since it erases essential parts of my articles. good idea though- to see an update.

  27. I bought premium for easy highlighting of articles and exporting highlights to Evernote. Turns out that the exported highlights are always out of order and I waste a lot of time putting them back. Using the app less and less because of that, to a point where I consider it now a waste of money.

  28. Hey Guys ! This App is just amazing, itis exactly what I was looking for and I can use it with my ereader onyx boox, perfect for a better reading experience…. But something went wrong, since I upgraded to the premium version, I can not export Meduim articles anymore (only the first sentenses ar showing up) ! ! ! ! Can you please fix that ? It was working perfectly before. What is happening ?

  29. Mukundan dice:

    Instapaper is by far the best app I discovered last year. I read a lot of articles. Out of which, I find a few that are quite useful. But I never had a place to store them to read later. I tried a bunch of options but instapaper is by far my favourite. The reading experience is quick. The text to speech feature is quite good. Despite the poor ratings, this app is quite good. The only gripe with this app is it’s design. There should be a dark mode option. Otherwise, I love this app.

  30. It doesn’t show photos in some articles! Please fix this

  31. Abhi dice:

    Scrolling while note making is a hassle since it doesn’t allow it in editing mode. Also, if you need to delete just the note but not the highlight, you can’t. Both will be erased upon deletion. Also the toolbar at the top goes almost into oblivion when scrolling while the text is selected. Moreover, the app hasn’t had an upgrade since June 2019 which show that the devs are not enthusiastic about its future on Android. App has great features (I’d prefer it over Pocket if it weren’t for the bugs)

  32. Been using this and pocket for years. Pocket has been getting better lately and instapaper worse. Long articles often get cut short, and insta seems worse than pocket at extracting inline images. Now they’ve crippled the sharing menu, removing any external app. I used this a lot to move articles that insta failed to parse over to pocket. Now you have to first open it in the browser again. Guess I’ll save myself the trouble and just put everything in pocket

  33. Is great …when it works. Articles are confirmed as saved, but in fact they are not. I missed out on a lot of articles this way. The app is also slow and buggy, sometimes refusing to refresh. Devs seemed to have abandoned this app because there hasn’t been an update since last year. All in all, I regret paying premium.

  34. Instapaper may be the best read-it-later service on the web but this app desperately needs an update. The last Android update was 6mo ago in May and iOS has received 2(!) minor point updates in the same time to 7.X. Case in point, the Play Store previews are showing an article from 2014 (with multitasking buttons from KitKat 0_o). Currently, the app fails to import an article copied to the clipboard nor does it have a manual add function, and refreshing to load content is a total crapshoot. Please update ASAP to restore basic functionality. In the meantime, you can find me and my other 3 stars hanging out on Pocket (and overpaying for premium ¯_(ツ)_/¯).

  35. Why can’t you add articles in the Android app? Seems really silly that they can only be added on the website.

  36. Absolutely distraction-free, neat and clean reading experience. What makes it my favorite above all other Read-it-Later options is that it has a folder-system with a great sense of aesthetics which is quite rare in a world of overtly colorful and glamorous apps that give you a child’s experience in his kindergarten playbook. I like it the Instapaper way, and though I miss the tags and sub-folders, I still give it five stars to hope they improve their folder management a little.

  37. K10 dice:

    This app is a great aid in making my work more productive. It has all the necessary features which are required to read an article. It also has some great palettes for customization as per individual interest. highly recommend this app for reading articles. Once you get used to it, there is no going back.

  38. The reason I have given a 3 stars is that it has missing text problems. I have reported a few times as well. Other than that, it’s life changing. The audio is good, the Dictionary feature is marvellous. And the themes are also great.

  39. Jonas dice:

    So far I really like the premium version. It connects well to readwise and allows for unlited highlights and notes. More color options would be great when it comes to highlighting. Also the recognition of article titles is somewhat inacurate which leads to weirdly named entries in the reading list.

  40. I have had to uninstall because when I save an article sometimes it does appear in my account and sometimes it doesn’t, seemingly randomly. That kind of makes the application useless to me, and I got tired of the repeated annoyances. I’m trying Pocket as an alternative.

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