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Go beyond the headlines and hot takes, and dive deeper into the stories that matter to you with the award-winning Flipboard app. Flipboard is made for and by enthusiasts, with content curated on thousands of topics from world renown publishers, local outlets and the community.

Personalize Flipboard to get just the content you care about. Follow business, health, tech, sports, cooking, travel and more to stay up-to-date, dive deeper into the things you love or discover something new. You can even follow local news and events. Just enable location services to get a list of towns and cities near you.

Collect stories you like into your own Flipboard Magazine. Use the + (plus) button on any story in Flipboard to add it to your own Magazine. Make your Magazine public to share ideas and insights with an ever-growing community of enthusiasts curating on Flipboard.


• Keep up on all your interests with the latest stories from leading national publishers including Associate Press, The Washington Post, ESPN, National Geographic, NPR, TIME, The Atlantic, BBC, CBS, NBC and thousands more.
• Follow your city for local updates on COVID-19 as well as other regional news, weather, commute, sports, and dining.
• Curate stories you find informative or inspiring and share with others: Use the + (plus) button on any article to save it to your own Flipboard Magazine.
• Follow other experts and enthusiasts who are curating about topics you love.
• Turn on notifications and use the Flipboard widget to get stories delivered to you everyday.


Get the amazing content and curation on Flipboard delivered to your Inbox. There’s a Flipboard Newsletter for all of our most popular topics. Sign up for The Tastiest for foodies, the Tech Briefing for tech enthusiasts, the Climate Briefing for environmental news, Wanderlust for travelers, The Shot for photographers and many more.
Visit flipboard.com/newsletters to view and subscribe to all of the Flipboard Newsletters.


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We know you come to us to stay up on the world and find stories on what you love, and sometimes we need to do some housekeeping to be sure you’re getting the best stuff. This is one of those times!

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4 comentarios en "Flipboard – Latest News, Top Stories & Lifestyle MOD 2022"

  1. Steve R dice:

    Great source for a wide variety of news, updated frequently. You can select a bunch of different areas of interest when you setup the app for the first time. Update January 2022: Very frustrated with the app. Many times right in the middle of reading an interesting article will get kicked out and returned to the homepage. Ads are becoming so abundant that some links are unreadable. Too many clickbait links require a subscription.

  2. D Armstrong dice:

    I’ve used Flipboard for years but I can’t deal with it any longer. The ads from the majority of magazines I subscribe to have become intolerable. They take up half the screen; many have X’s so tiny that is nearly impossible to close the ad; they manically jump out in various locations; some don’t even let you close the ad; plus other annoyances that I won’t detail bc of the word limitation. It was great while it lasted, Flipboard.

  3. dscottvb ... dice:

    Been using this since the beginning. Looks great and has useful content. However, ads have proliferated over time to the point where they are intrusive, block content, and are hard to dismiss. Many articles now require subscriptions. App freezes frequently and will not load articles without having to restart and lose place in the feed. These problems greatly affect usability and I am uninstalling.

  4. Bruce Feils dice:

    Sooooo….simply put, this app is NOT worth your time. Nor should it be an “Editors choice” While at first it seems amazing, you begin to tire of the constant attack of subscription requests and multiple ad overlays – as well as pages that don’t load. Eventually you will tire of even trying to use it. You can delete you cache. You can uninstall and reinstall to your hearts content. It won’t matter. The one thing Flipboard isn’t interested in is bringing you a solid news experience. $$$$$$$$$$!!!

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