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Medium is an open platform where over 100 million readers come to find insightful and dynamic thinking. Here, expert and undiscovered voices alike dive into the heart of any topic and bring new ideas to the surface.

Easily find and follow writers and publications that matter to you, and keep up on their latest posts. Explore personalized, ad-free recommendations, and dive deeper on just about any topic. Bookmark posts for later, highlight passages that resonate, and join the conversation on the stories you read.

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We’ve made a number of changes in this update focused on a faster, smoother, and more consistent reading experience:

Introducing new topic filtering in your home feed
Easier story navigation
Better support for day and night modes
Publication story previews that highlight authors

We’ve also made the difficult decision to remove story editing, and profile customization features from our native apps. These features will continue to be accessible from our desktop web app at


40 comentarios en "Medium MODDED"

  1. B Landers dice:

    Pretty satisfied with medium… Only thing I have issue with is the very limited amount of articles you can read before being prompted that I have to sign-up for yet another free trial for XYZ… Something that I just cannot do since every other service does the same thing, which I always end up forgetting and ends up costing me. Otherwise, from what I’ve had access to up until today has been great. Potty the monthly sub fee is way too high 😔

  2. Medium is an important forum; one of the last bastions to find longer form content on a broad range of topics. I use it often. What’s baffling is how they underwhelm so badly on technology. For example, basic functionality such as the ability to search archives is missing. What is the point of saving articles you will later struggle to find? Millions of articles have been published but the recommendation engine throws up a tiny subset and repeats the same articles as you scroll down. Do better!

  3. The “show bookmarks” button navigates away from the article (ensuring that you never see it again), and it looks similar enough to the “save for later” button that I constantly hit it by mistake. Story that I meant to save is GONE. When typing in a comment the editor doesn’t scroll properly, so really only works for one or two sentences. Medium is much better in a browser on a desktop computer.

  4. First, when a publishing platform alienates its content providers, it’s a bad sign. Once again, Medium has done that. Next, recent changes have improved the usability slightly, but it’s still challenging to locate recent content written by those you follow. There are silly UI flaws, the embedded browser seriously sucks, and when a platform designed for reading does *not* allow me to choose my font, they are lacking in more ways than I could describe. The sun is setting on Medium.

  5. Husam E dice:

    Great content, read everyday. But recently kind of hangs every once in a while, and the new placement of clap and bookmark buttons is inconvenient. Hit the clap accidentally so many times since it just pops up on the bottom when scrolling unexpectedly, and I keep thinking the bottom bookmark button is to bookmark like it was before not go to saved lists.

  6. This app has becoming almost unusable. Bugs abound. Can’t save articles anymore. Formatting is completely broken – all comments are shown as a wall of text without paragraph breaks. Editing doesn’t work half the time. Recent activity can’t be loaded. It’s a complete mess. Will probably have to cancel my membership since half the features don’t work.

  7. I really like mediums articles but this app is awful when it comes to small screens. You can zoom in, you can’t rotate the screen for landscape reading. It seems to be designed for tablets and tablets alone. Anyways been a paid subscriber for a long time but this is just getting annoying… and really questions if mediums really that good if they can’t fix a simple usability issue.

  8. Buggier and buggier. Every time I log in, I run into something else that isn’t working. Now after publishing stories and comments since August, I get an error message saying I need a verified email address in order to publish. That message sends me to my settings, where I have no option to re-verify anything; just sit there browsing my same account info that I’ve been using since August. I love the browser version of the Medium website on my laptop, but the app’s becoming increasingly unusable.

  9. Overall the app is functional and performs basic uses beyond reading. But the notifications don’t work. I have to manually check or look in my email to see if I have a notification. Please fix this! I also don’t like how it takes a whole day for them to update. Also it’s difficult to navigate something as some as going back to your original response from someone responding to you.

  10. Was initially pretty ok with the app. Wasn’t fantastic, was far from awful, but now that the ability to write a story has been removed as a content creator I literally have no reason to have the app & will be deleting when I’m done writing this review. My request: Make a second app for content creators. Great opportunity to tailor towards the user with greater focus. If writing comes back I’d love a notification. Thanks!

  11. I just tried to draft two articles I have in mind. And I can’t. Why? They removed the ability to draft articles on mobile. How many people seriously spend all their writing time at a computer? Because I can’t manage that luxury! I’m in a PhD program and have a baby. When I have quick ideas, I love to get them down as soon as possible, so I don’t lose them. Sure, I could email stuff to myself, use a different app, etc. But it’s a hassle, and other apps are distracting, or not writing oriented.

  12. The actual writing content varies but is mostly very good. The app itself has a nice presentation but it’s fiddly when it comes to making a reading list or archiving things. sometimes when you archive something, or remove it from archives, the change doesn’t stick and it goes back to where it was before. GUI is nice and intuitive, settings are easy to use and helpful to improve the reading experience. Just needs to improve the archive function.

  13. Great content. Good app. I wish it was easier to browse topics and interests. It feels a little buried in the navigation. Because of that it’s hard to get a wide variety topics read and my feed shows a lot of the same stuff as a consequence. It might be as user problem on my part! But Flipboard is a little more intuitive in that way. Content on Medium is excellent though.

  14. Very easy to lose track of time while reading 🙂 *After reading a couple of bad reviews I’d like to add that I’d much rather pay a monthly subscription than be bogged down and distracted by ads. Some of the articles can be found for free on other sites and reference is made for those. But having them in one place saves time. I also enjoy selecting topics I’m most interested in so that those articles show first. My favorite feature is finding authors who are sharing their real life experiences.

  15. Having a slight issue on Pixel 3 XL when I’m reading an article. It seems to resist, in a sense, me scrolling down when I get closer to the end of an article. It’s kind of hard to explain but I hope they see and fix it. Phenomenal app otherwise! Love reading on here. Update: I hit em up. They were already working on the fix. Issue cleared. Great support!

  16. When city noise wakes me up earlier than my alarm clock does, I don’t mind as much anymore because I use the time to read more articles on Medium. I start my day with stories/articles that offer insight, a sense of connection, and new ways to approach life. I love the huge mix of genres. It’s like having only the very best pages from 20+ different publications all in one place. Thank you!

  17. There are some things i love about medium but the fact that it keeps recommending me content “based on my reading history”, but completely misses the mark on what I’m actually interested in, is very annoying. There should be an option to remove topics that medium “thinks” i am interested. Not only is the recommendation system inaccurate, people’s tastes and interests change and we should be given an option to reflect that in the app.

  18. The app allows readers a few free articles per month, but it this feature is horribly dysfunctional because I haven’t been able to read one article for the last few months. It’s much easier to use Chrome browser since no articles cost to read. Also, the recommendation function is out of hand and you aren’t able to always come across genres you’re interested in, but more so based on what you’ve read.

  19. The new feature of the app that enables us to categorize posts into different lists is great! Thank you for that! Just one more suggestion would be to bring back the search option to search through posts in various lists. I remember using this option on the desktop version for the Reading List (older version) but never found it on mobile app. I would suggest to include this option on both desktop and mobile versions. Medium is indeed where great ideas find you! Thank you!

  20. As an avid reader, I appreciate the short articles, approximate reading times, and links to similar articles available on Medium. I can get caught up on current events while waiting in line, or on hold for a call. The articles are not interrupted by annoying ads popping up and moving around the screen, so that when you try to push “next”, the link for the ad moves and you are directed to that instead of the article. I highly recommend Medium to anyone who needs a short distraction.

  21. Many good features, but DANG! One that’s very important to me just does not work. I am a paid-up member, and yet when I bookmark a story on my PC, that story is NOT available offline when I try to access it via this app in situations where I am offline (but had been online earlier). I double dare you to tell me why this feature does not work. Better yet, fix it! Broken in version 3.6.1000095

  22. I hate the newest version. It is BAD. Examples. 1. When scrolling thru a story (after clicking on Read More to expose all of it), when it just barely shows the last line near the bottom of the screen, any further touch or scrolling action on the screen collapses the story and scrolls down to the “next” one. Thus, I am unable to read any story all the way to its end. 2. The screen is now way too sensitive, and a touch on either side heads off elsewhere. 3. I can no longer see just titles.

  23. I only just started using this app and I must say I love it! It is unlike any other app that I have seen. I paid for a subscription shortly after using it and it is definitely worth it. Amazing, unique content in a plethora of topics. Also, I love the audio feature that makes it possible to listen to content during times where reading isn’t ideal (in the car, cleaning, in the shower, etc.).

  24. Great app, very interesting and I go back to it everyday to read more. And more. And then some more. Paywall is a little bit annoying and seems expensive, but not a deal breaker. Still plenty of great content to enjoy without paying. Edit: I have now been a Medium subscriber for a long time and I love it. Ended up gifting it to family members as well because the features and ease of use are unmatched, along with it’s plethora of content. Would definitely recommend a subscription to anyone.

  25. Medium does everything it needs to. Sharing of stories and recommendations are great. The only problem I have is not being able to find any kind of reading history. Whenever I want to share a particularly good story with friends I can never find the article. I guess for a fleeting medium it does just fine. Still, if be sad trying to be a writer on this platform when old good content is hidden in obscurity.

  26. First, let me say I absolutely adore the articles on medium. My criticism lies in the fact that I seem to have the same articles recommended to me more than once, and sometimes a long time after the first instance. Can’t recall if this is through the app or email digests, though. And in the midst of height of the pandemic and things changing super rapidly, I was getting articles that were outdated and had to be sure to check the date. So those things are less than ideal and why I docked 1 star.

  27. Is it really that hard to properly program an app for reading and writing? Somehow, this most recent update made an already problematic app worse. Because in addition to not being able to select more than a single paragraph of text at a time and frequently messing up line breaks, now the app doesn’t want to rotate to landscape mode on my tablet! Hooray!

  28. The refreshed app’s onboarding Twitter step is incredibly frustrating. I don’t have a Twitter account and don’t want one but it seemed like I could only move forward if I had one. Was about to delete the app from my phone and went back to the app and noticed a *very* faint “skip this step option”. Don’t know if I had missed this before or if it only showed up after a certain amount of time but either way it is incredibly bad UX design.

  29. The app crashes more often than I would want, doesn’t allow me to highlight and too intrusive when I try to read in browser (since it doesn’t allow me to highlight in the app). But the most annoying thing with this app is the log in. Somehow they’re sure it’s a good idea to not allow users to log in with login and pass. You must get email link or sign in via social media. Disaster.

  30. The fact that the home suggestions is 5/6 premium content is frustrating to me. It has turned me off from opening the app at all because it wastes my time by suggesting articles that I can’t even read. If it was maybe half I would be more ok with the suggestions but otherwise makes me less likely to want to subscribe when it feels as if I don’t get a choice in the matter.

  31. Medium is one of my favorite apps. When the regular news gets boring and repetitive, there’s always something interesting that’s news related, but not in an in-your-face kind of way on Medium. I also like reading different opinions on current events. It keeps the news on a balance. Keep up the good work, Medium! Always a fan!

  32. Medium app is one of the most frequently used app in my phone. I learned a lot from reading those articles. Also, I love it supports Dark mode. However, previous interface had toolbar disappearing, in updated interface I can see the toolbar all the time, and sometimes they are really white, and in dark mode, white(ish) colors are really catchy. If we can bring disappearing toolbar, that would be awesome.

  33. I live being able to bookmark articles, and read them. The daily article recommendation is great too. This really is a good, easy way to interact with everything Medium, and have it sync with the web page. I am a little confused why the headline on the web site has different articles from the app recommendations, but overall the app is great.

  34. I’ve been using OneNote to clip, read, and highlight articles, most of which are from Medium. I finally decided to download the app and use it. I’m loving the highlighting feature. I’m hoping I’ll be able to leave notes, preferably private, on some of the articles (I haven’t tried this yet). Leaving claps for articles keeps track of articles I like (this is public), and keeping track of ones I want to read can be done by using the bookmark feature.

  35. I open a title while getting coffee or walking in the office, read a sentence or two, have to stop and actually work. An hour or two later I open the app again, 95%of the time I cannot find the same article twice so I just try to start reading whatever (title + a few sentences again). Then I get a suggested reading that I want to read & it says I’ve used all my free reads. I’ve yet to be able to read, or continue, a single article. It’s effectively generating click bait notifications.Unistalling

  36. I like the reminders, just don’t want quite so many. If you”follow” someone, it sends a reminder for EVERY article they write: daily, multiples daily etc. And I can’t figure out how to remove this plethora of suggested time sucks from my reading list. So far the articles are ok. Some are garbage, but that’s to be expected on the internet, especially with non-vetted material. Update: unsubscribed. That’s not pro-rated either, so $$ gone. There are too many teaser advertorial style articles.

  37. The latest update is awful. They took away actually useful features to emphasize stuff that really isn’t. For starters, I want to one click remove articles from my reading list when I’m done reading them, but that feature is gone to emphasize the ability to create multiple reading lists, a feature that I don’t think is better than the one click features they removed to add it. Overall, the app feels the least polished it’s been since I’ve been a medium subscriber.

  38. Inundated with premium articles, to the point where its hard to find anything else. Even accidentally tapping on an article takes away from your three free articles, or just trying to read the subheader just to find out you’re not interested. Not to mention, the recommendations are poorly chosen, and I constantly find myself drowining in articles all by the same single person, just because I read one of their pieces once.

  39. I love how flexible and intuitive the app is regarding the articles I’m recommended to read, but the audio experience is lacking the flexibility that I would expect. There’s no way to remove audio articles that I’ve listened to before or to filter our the topics that are not relevant to me. The audio articles are also not in chronological order either.

  40. The way this app curates content is awful. It asks me for my preferences, but then upon initial view of the home page, it was just a bunch of click bait. I finally managed to find an article I was interested in…. But that was a mistake opening it. Now, I would guess about 98% of the suggested content is on that topic only. Why does medium completely disregard all my other interests that they clearly can see based on what I put in the set up?

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