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From the latest US and world news headlines to opinion pieces and politics, from sports and entertainment – the Fox News app fits easily into your busy lifestyle. Stay up-to-date on all things newsworthy!

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Top News: Top 5 Reasons to Download the Fox News App
1. Watch news and live streams of your favorite Fox News shows anytime, anywhere*
2. Exclusive news and live headlines 24/7 with breaking news alerts
3. Listen to Fox News Radio and podcasts from your favorite personalities
4. News stories that matter most to you, with relevant, formatted content
5. Fox News App connects you directly with the latest, trending news stories, your favorite shows, personalities and news anchors on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more!

Fox News keeps you up-to-date with breaking news alerts and 24/7 live video streaming from the Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network through Fox News Go! With top news on demand and vibrant photo galleries, Fox News is your go-to source for all of the latest headlines!

Download Fox News for a never-ending newsfeed of entertainment, politics and US news stories, opinion pieces by our featured columnists, trending content and live video streaming. Stay informed and up-to-date on the go!

Fox News Features

Stream Live News On-Demand*:
– World tv live – tune in anytime, anywhere
– Live news events and exclusive programming with streaming coverage
– Newsfeed: keep up to date with exclusive news and comprehensive coverage of the day’s hottest stories
– On demand news: exclusive from cable news shows and anchors on Fox News Go
– Live video streaming, slideshows and formatted content relevant to the articles that matter most to you
– News alerts keep you up-to-date on everything newsworthy, from politics and entertainment to US news stories – all in the breaking news Hub

Breaking News:
– News alerts on breaking news and current events as they happen
– World news, US news, local news – alerts in every area you care about
– Skim headlines and update yourself on current events and articles

News Video Clips:
– Trending clips from all of your favorite shows on the Fox News app. Share with Fox News viewers!
– Politics, opinion pieces, US news and entertainment highlights – it’s all on Fox News!
– News that matters to you: sports clips, financial news, business news, health news, money news, entertainment news and so much more

News Radio & Podcasts:
– Tune in to Fox News Radio and see “Who’s on Now”
– Audio News: View “Latest Podcasts” from Brian Kilmeade, Fox Across America, Guy Benson & more
– Check out “Saved” podcasts & “Recommended Stories” based on your viewing history
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40 comentarios en "Fox News – Daily Breaking News MODDED"

  1. j pop dice:

    App doesn’t remember where you left off in a video when a call comes through, just resets the video, so annoying! Suffer through initial ads again and have to try to remember exactly how far you were. Can’t turn off screen to let the audio play through, that’d be a nice touch when trying to work and save battery.

  2. Latest version is a step backwards. Like many have said, news alerts go to the web instead of the app. Worst though is that I’ve had to turn off notifications as it’s now using the Outlook email sound. This is confusing since my work email is on Outlook Mobile. I don’t want to hear that notification sound after work and on weekends.

  3. Poor connections. On the area, called, Exclusive Clips, a few stories are shown. Then below, it says, Tap to Expand. Problem is, it rarely expands. I don’t care if I am sitting 5′, from the WiFi/modem, or in a T-Mobile facility with 5 bars showing. I still can’t see the rest of the news in this area. What’s Wrong??? I reinstalled it, Fox News, still no better. Galaxy 10+

  4. I’ve used this app for years, and lately it’s difficult to read some of the articles due to the proofreading errors. I wonder if anyone (editors/journalists) takes the time to read their own articles. A single word or misplaced letter can change the entire meaning of an article. In addition, many articles are written with little or no content explaining what has happened. It’s as if you need to take up space instead of giving accurate information. And the annoying, flashing ads in articles…

  5. Have used this app for years. Recently it’s become almost unwatchable for the live stream news. Loops video every 30 seconds, and ads out the wazoo. Pre-recorded shows from the prior night still work good for my drive to work, but the live stream has become so frustrating it’s unwatchable. I too have uninstalled, reinstalled, logged in again. Etc

  6. I thought I was the only who was having the issues with the app not opening correctly but apparently that isn’t the case. My notifications no longer direct me to the app. They take me to a web page that then asks me to open the story in the app. It’s obnoxious enough that I’m turning off notifications and likely going to delete the app.

  7. I really enjoy the articles and perspectives on this app. Overall the app works very well. I cannot, however, stand watching videos on it because the on screen controls are on all of the time and the screen darkened. Fox Nation app does not doing this. There used to be settings for the app which no longer appear. None of the setting for video affect it. Reinstalling several times did not help. Wiping cookies for every browser on the phone did not help. Wiping the phone is not an option. Annoying

  8. ALL notifications now open in web browser instead of in app, please fix this, it’s so annoying. I repeat, ALL notifications for Fox News now open in web browser instead of the app. It makes no difference which one, the weekday Fox News First newsletter or any individual news article, it’s the same across the board. I see others have reported the same issue. It’s not my phone, everything has been updated.

  9. Very sporadic. Works when it feels like it. Deleted and reinstalled numerous times. As a post script to this review, it is now 11 months later and the app is still very sporadic and unstable. I recently bought a Roku television and I have the same problem on the Roku tv as I have with my Android phone. Fox New Channel works sporadically.

  10. Want to know how to make me never buy a product ? Beat me over the head with the same ad over and over and over back to back to back, always the same ads three or four times in a row, yesterday was an Amazon commercial that repeated seven times in a row. Your production team seems to be a bunch of drunk monkeys pushing buttons. Random bits of a story out of nowhere with zero context then goes to a commercial break comes back in the middle of a completely different story never finishing the one

  11. Several times a week lately the app will not work properly. It gets stuck on Weather live even though I pick the actual live. It also tells me weekly to contact my provider even though it will work once I Uninstaller and reinstall. It’s very annoying to have to keep doing that on my TV tablet and phone 3 xs a week. Please fix the bugs. I literally watch this app all day every day at work.

  12. LHT dice:

    Edit: I appreciate the response. I finally got the app after years of reading Fox on an RSS reader. The ads make it difficult to read on a reader, making the page jump around as they load and refresh. Now in the app, I get an add at the bottom of the page to read the article in the Fox News app. I’m using the app! It’s getting to the point of stopping reading Fox altogether.

  13. Jw jL dice:

    Love FOX, used to love this app. Difficult to read articles because of pop ups and adds. Worst listening stream I’ve ever experienced. Will not stream for more than 5 minutes at a time, if your lucky. The app has to usually be closed and restarted to play again. I have Samsung and an IPhone, both newer models. Have uninstalled and reinstalled on both devices. Same problems on both platforms. I QUIT!! ( WILL CHECK BACK IN FOR IMPROVEMENTS PERIODICALLY)

  14. Used to love the app. Now it decides to blast some song out of nowhere, and it is extrememly loud. I cannot stop it. It even does it when my phone is on vibrate. I have gone into the app and phone and turned EVERYTHING OFF, but to no avail. I wrote an email asking for a fix but never got a response. If it doesnt get fixed I am going to have to stop using the app. It is that annoying. I see many other people having the exact same issue. Please advise of a solution.

  15. Ads. Anytime I open an article that takes me to a foxnewsbusiness url the content is condensed so you have to click on “Read More”. 75% of the time clicking on it opens an ad instead of the rest of the article. Separately from that, there is a loud ad that plays when just browsing the headlines. If this keeps up I’ll quit using this app. I hate being assaulted by the noise when I’m in a quiet place trying to peruse the news.

  16. Like many others have stated, this app has become unusable. I always loved the app and the notifications but now the app just won’t open. I have tried everything to correct this, cleared cache, force stop, uninstall and then reinstall, and nothing has helped. To further frustrate me, you can’t view the website in your mobile browser as long as you have the app installed. So for now the app is gone, and the website works fine on chrome mobile browser. I just have to deal with no notifications.

  17. Frustrating as hell, pages jumping around, a blast of music in the background periodically when I’m on the app or not, I turn my tablet off and during the fricking night it blasts music from no where, no way to turn it off except for uninstalling it and keep it uninstalled, even with my volume turned all the way down. I know its not on my part, other people has complained. I used to love this app but there’s no way, fix it and I’ll come back. ty

  18. Frustrating. Articles are not kept in chronological order, making any search for new headlines a chore. Worse yet, the story headlines jump places while you are in the process of looking at the home list. Just a few minutes ago, I was in the action of opening an news article when it completely disappeared before my finger made contact with the screen. I want to read the news, not play whack-a-mole.

  19. Since the update, the broadcast ends at each segment, and does not go to ads, attempt to begin and it every ad available, click on the listen again and select, and it’s halfway through the next segment. Have tried clearing data and cache, Uninstalled, restarted my phone, still same issue. Tried under wifi and mobile. No resolution. I use the app in the car so can’t play around with it driving down the road.

  20. I have been using this for 2 years and have had no issues. However, in the last few months the usual fox ads during radio streaming have disappeared and replaced with spectrum 1 ads that run as many as 8× continueselly. This happens with other ads as well. It also interrupts interviews I’d really like to hear This is so aggravating and wish you’d fix this. I’d hate to stop listening. This is the only reason for the one star. It brings this app down that far. Please repair this issue.

  21. Anthony S dice:

    This app has become nearly unusable. Tap to watch a video and it takes nearly a minute to load an ad, 15 seconds to watch the ad, then almost a full minute to start watching a 30 second video. Very frustrating. Also, you tap on an article but a different article shows up. You have to browse the app to find the same article again and try again. This app needs to be reworked with maybe a more passive approach to ads or just clean up the loading times. Follow Youtube’s example.

  22. This app is terrible. Used to watch live news every morning, now it just spins and never loads. I’m a big fan of FOX News, but there’s no excuse for their app to be this unreliable. Edit: Signing back into my provider worked. Although, previously it would prompt me to sign-in after a short trial period. I had to go through settings to sign into the provider. I’m pleased with the support, but feel the app still has a lot of kinks to be worked out. Thank you for your assistance.

  23. I thought people were exaggerating when I heard how buggy this app is, but to my surprise it was far worse than I could have expected. It loaded pretty quickly, but froze any time I tried to click onto a different story. It got to the point where it was eating so much data that it crashed my phone and had to restart it multiple times. Tried deleting and redownloading, nothing helped. Will be getting my news from better sources! Do not download this app if you want your phone to work!

  24. This app looks great from the outside looking in but once you download it, it shows its colors. It completely freezes every 2 mins or so to the point where you eventually have to restart the app, the interface is poorly designed and hard to navigate. I also was having trouble finding certain articles because their search bar is horrendous. 1/10. Wouldn’t recommend.

  25. Used to be one of my most used apps. It was fast even if the internet connection was not great. Now with the update almost everything requires an extra step because “This content cannot be displayed in app.” and you have to click a button “OPEN IN BROWSER”. Once you do there are so many adds. etc loading the page keeps scrolling back to the top forcing you to go looking for where you left off. Also, very frequently the same video pops up over the content forcing you to wait to get the “X” button so you can close it. Then you have to go looking for your place again. Another thing happens, you are in the middle of reading something, then what you are reading is covered with some other stuff and a “Read More” button that you have to click and go looking again for where you were. This new version is TERRIBLE and extremely frustrating. I am about ready to uninstall it!

  26. First of all, the download for this app took about 30 minutes and it slowed my phone down to the point where I couldn’t use it until the download was finished. Second, this app is extremely frustrating!!! It is not user friendly, it has too many bugs, it exits itself out after only a couple minutes of use, and it freezes my phone. Very disappointing.

  27. When I downloaded this app, there didn’t seem to be an issue. Until a few days later. I put the app on the first page, but the icon skipped to the second. It was really difficult to open and would take forever to load. So instead of getting my daily info I would be staring at a dark screen for a few minutes. It constantly told me live feed was pending. Also it was extremely difficult to pause and kept playing 5 minute ads I couldn’t skip. So sadly, I will have to give this a 1 star review.

  28. When I opened the app, it automatically exited me out. I opened it again and it was lagging so much. I deleted it and tried again, and this time it opened. I was exploring the app for a couple of minutes when all the sudden, it started glitching and slowing down my phone. It drained my battery quickly. It was also complicated to use and very glitchy.

  29. Right away I noticed the app is impossible to use. The layout is terrible, the ‘news’ it gives is heavily biased and inaccurate, it glitches and slows the phone down, it freezes up and refuses to load and it’s just all-around not a user friendly experience. I can’t imagine how using this app would be worth all the trouble it causes on the device.

  30. katie dice:

    This is a horrible app, I was hoping to stay updated with world problems but it seems to only focus on a small area of problems. It also seems very biased oh, but I guess I wouldn’t know because it kept on glitching and loading. I spent a solid hour trying to read articles and watch videos but I could barely read them because the words overlapped. It also took a very long time to download, would rate zero stars if I could.

  31. The app is overall just slow and doesn’t work as efficiently as I had pictured it would. There also seems to be a glitch with the app as well and can’t go long without random adds popping up out of nowhere to weather reports, deals on furniture, or early bird meals from local restaurants in my area. This app is very frustrating to have and I don’t recommend at all.

  32. The screen constantly jumps around due to ads. Why is the “read more” even there? I usually read most of article before it kicks in, it knocks me back to the first two paragraphs. I usually have to press three or four times, and half the time it picks up an ad from below it. Then I have to go back and find where I was. The “rotate screen” so you can be bombarded with yet another ad. Ads covering up parts of articles. Uninstalled the app, easier to go to the website.

  33. Rewind, pause and fast forward “buttons” do not disappear from any videos in app. For example when playing a clip in an article, the video stays dimmed with all the function icons overlayed on the video and do not go away allowing the video to brighten up and see what’s actually going on clearly. Been this way for a LONG TIME. Needs to be fixed. Seriously. It’s 2020.

  34. For a LONG time this app has been broken. I get a push notification and can see the title but when I click the alert, it takes me to the app with an error message and the option to refresh that does not work. If I go to the home screen I cannot locate the article. It is maddening. I have Android S10+. Both app and OS are up to date. Please fix your app! Furthermore there is no option to report issues in the app. 🤷‍♀️

  35. The ads are so terrible it’s not even funny. I use this app often, and have never had any problems before but it seems to keep going down in quality every day. The news is bad, its not sourced correctly and grammar mistakes are disastrous. Is also hard to use and navigate, the controls are glitchy and overall, recent experience shows it’s failing ability to produce good content.

  36. I really wish Fox would fire all their IT people and bring in a new team. Up until a few days ago the app was working really well. I could start the live feed and close it. It would play in the background and I could listen to the audio while I went to other things like checking email, etc. It would continue to play until I opened the app again and press the pause. This was perfect and so much appreciated. A few days ago, all this stopped. Now the live feed stops after the buffer runs out if you go to another app or lock your screen. Even if you leave the app up, it doesn’t override the screen timeout so that the screen locks after 10 minutes (my timeout setting) and then the app stops after it runs through it buffer. I have the Sirius app for when I’m on cellular as the app is such a data hog, but when I’m on wifi I like to use this app. I don’t know who’s responsible for screwing this up but I wish they would be fired and replaced with people who don’t break things that are working perfectly. This is on a Note 8 with Pie. If this is a Pie issue rather than a Fox issue, the same termination wish goes to the Pie people.

  37. Overall bad. I got this to listen to news, but everything is always super laggy and nothing works right. Everytime I try to watch a video, it just shows me a loading screen forever and the video never plays. I can never read articles, either. Of the article loads it’s all garbled and the words are kinda overlapped. Very strange, never seen a news source do this before. Disappointing, but I hope with maintenance issues it can be fixed.

  38. I was looking forward to having another news source available to me but the experience I had with this app was just unacceptable. To start, it took well over a minute for the app to get past the open loading screen. Once in the app I noticed the only way to search was through a list of categories, there was no way to search for specific articles. I was also appalled to see how biased all the articles were. Almost all of them extremely political and with out a doubt leaning hard to one side. 👎👎

  39. Unreliable. Every time I open the app it glitches out, freezing when I try to tap on news stories, and sometimes even shutting off my phone. I know that it is not my phone’s fault because it is 1 month new and every other app has worked out perfectly. The one time I succeeded in opening a news story it froze and played several pop up ads. It also drains my battery tremendously, and once I uninstall I hope it doesn’t have lasting effects on my new phone. 1/5, don’t recommend.

  40. App needs work, as I am scrolling through stories, it suddenly clears and reloads the story at the top,so I need to go down to where I was, often not doing so because it is to difficult to find the spot. It also automatically clicks on ads as you scroll down, and when you click out of the ad it takes you all the way to the front of the article, this is very annoying.

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