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Medium is an open platform where over 100 million readers come to find insightful and dynamic thinking. Here, expert and undiscovered voices alike dive into the heart of any topic and bring new ideas to the surface.

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We’ve made a number of changes in this update focused on a faster, smoother, and more consistent reading experience:

Introducing new topic filtering in your home feed
Easier story navigation
Better support for day and night modes
Publication story previews that highlight authors

We’ve also made the difficult decision to remove story editing, and profile customization features from our native apps. These features will continue to be accessible from our desktop web app at


4 comentarios en "Medium 2022"

  1. Derek Anderson dice:

    I really like mediums articles but this app is awful when it comes to small screens. You can zoom in, you can’t rotate the screen for landscape reading. It seems to be designed for tablets and tablets alone. Anyways been a paid subscriber for a long time but this is just getting annoying… and really questions if mediums really that good if they can’t fix a simple usability issue.

  2. Chris Martin - Savor The Passion dice:

    Was initially pretty ok with the app. Wasn’t fantastic, was far from awful, but now that the ability to write a story has been removed as a content creator I literally have no reason to have the app & will be deleting when I’m done writing this review. My request: Make a second app for content creators. Great opportunity to tailor towards the user with greater focus. If writing comes back I’d love a notification. Thanks!

  3. Lindsey Middleton dice:

    I just tried to draft two articles I have in mind. And I can’t. Why? They removed the ability to draft articles on mobile. How many people seriously spend all their writing time at a computer? Because I can’t manage that luxury! I’m in a PhD program and have a baby. When I have quick ideas, I love to get them down as soon as possible, so I don’t lose them. Sure, I could email stuff to myself, use a different app, etc. But it’s a hassle, and other apps are distracting, or not writing oriented.

  4. Brandon Rechten dice:

    This app has becoming almost unusable. Bugs abound. Can’t save articles anymore. Formatting is completely broken – all comments are shown as a wall of text without paragraph breaks. Editing doesn’t work half the time. Recent activity can’t be loaded. It’s a complete mess. Will probably have to cancel my membership since half the features don’t work.

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