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You let us know where you call home, and we customize your experience with stories and information that matter to you and your community.

Available for all Spectrum customers.* If you’re not a Spectrum customer, enjoy free access for 30 days.


• Read, watch and listen to curated news stories by our Spectrum News journalists and local partner publications.
• Browse enhanced articles that help you understand local issues through original reporting, infographics, interactive maps, and much more.
• Watch on demand videos and exclusive series that uncover meaningful stories.
• Listen to original local podcasts that discuss what’s happening in your area.
• Get the latest weather forecasts from our meteorologists and explore interactive radar maps.
• Subscribe to weather notifications to get hyperlocal alerts based on your location.
• Discover breaking news happening near you.
• Stay up to date with the biggest events in your community and beyond.


• Browse and follow topics you’re interested in, including local politics, education, transit, health and more.
• Curate your news experience to see more of what matters to you.


• Watch live news from Spectrum News’ portfolio of local news networks.
• Spectrum News provides TV coverage in Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York City (NY1 & NY1 Noticias), New York State, North Carolina, Ohio, Central Florida (News 13), Southern California, Tampa (Bay News 9), Texas and Wisconsin.

California Consumer Privacy Rights: https://www.spectrum.com/policies/california
California Consumer Do Not Sell My Personal Information: https://www.spectrum.com/policies/your-privacy-rights-opt-out

*Not currently available for SMB or enterprise customers or Spectrum customers receiving mobile service only.


• We fixed a few bugs to bring you a better app experience.


4 comentarios en "Spectrum News: Local Stories MODDED 2022"

  1. Phil Warwick dice:

    The “new” app is hard to navigate, locks up frequently, and usually doesn’t load properly. Links are often not working properly, and the weather information, in particular, is lacking. It no long provides wind information (or if it does, it is very well hidden), and over half the time weather radar just doesn’t work. When it does, it also lacks features available in the “old” app. Pleas take these issues seriously and provide a better functioning app. Until then, I just can’t use the app.

  2. Rich Stevens dice:

    The new weather map is horrible. It takes several clicks and then dragging to get to the map to open it. Once in motion, it automatically goes three hours in the future; no way to change that. Clicking to freeze motion does not freeze at current time; it requires jogging back and forth and still won’t stop on current time. The worst part is there is no way to save overlays. They have to be selected again each time the map is opened. I downloaded this for the weather map…I’m deleting it.

  3. Kristin Hadley dice:

    The old app was so good for weather. Why change it? This new app is not weather oriented, cannot save overlays, and it also will not allow the user to take a screen shot of the radar map due to the security policy! Why is this important? My family and I have to communicate a lot about weather conditions between one of us being inland and another on the water. I could always rely on capturing and sharing those accurate images and have a record. Going to find a more user friendly app for weather.

  4. Scott Kalb dice:

    Very well designed app. It is clean, sharp looking and organized well. I read a previous reviewers review and he mentioned not being able to log in as a spectrum subscriber. In the opening screens when you first install the app I noticed that I couldn’t log in either. Once in the app tap on the outline of a person in the top left. In there you can choose to sign in, it worked for me.

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