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More Politics, Entertainment, Football and Business News. Less data and memory.
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Opera News Lite is a data saving News reading App owned by Opera.

The package size of the entire App is less than 1MB. While solving your concerns about mobile phone memory, it also provides rich, personalized, timely, and diversified news and content services. It can simultaneously support 60+ different countries and languages, allowing you stay connected with the world.

• Personalised news:
Powered by our most powerful AI news engine, Opera News Lite delivers real-time, AI-curated content according to your interests. Follow your favourite channels to see topics personalised just for you. The more you use the app, the better it becomes. Your preferences and personal information are kept completely secure; Opera News Lite will never share your private data with anyone.

• Exclusive original content:
We have more than 5000 content writers signed up,update tens of thousands of original articles every day and will bringing you new perspectives.

• Stay up to date:
The For You tab makes it easy to stay up to date on everything you care about in one place.Your briefing updates throughout the day with five daily news stories that Opera News Lite has organized for you. Your briefing includes a mix of the most important headlines, local news and the latest developments on the topics you’re interested in.

• News push notification:
Receive important breaking news alerts directly on your home screen. Always stay updated about what is happening around you.

• Football News:
Stay on top of the latest football news with access to all international competitions including Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1!

Terms & Conditions:
By downloading this application, you are agreeing to the End User Licence Agreement at https://www.opera.com/eula/mobile. Also, you can learn how Opera handles and protects your data in our Privacy Statement at https://www.opera.com/privacy.

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40 comentarios en "Opera News Lite – Less Data, More News 2022"

  1. It is a nice lightweight app that does not tax hardware resources, and it provides local news too. But it’s a bit buggy. “News Bar” cannot really be turned off for more than a few hours as it comes back on its own unsolicited. Also i cannot “share” news stories to other apps; it gives me an Opera URL that pushes a suspicious .bin file when opened instead.

  2. Don’t use this app if you may ever want to share an article. In the share menu, Chrome isn’t supported,a red flag. Sending an article to a browser (directly or via a link) results in an invalid URL. I had to jump to a browser and search for the article myself which is very inconvenient. Weird that such a simple feature is broken. Edit: -1 star for disabling copy/paste and not even supporting their own browser. This app is an embarrassment. Final edit: uninstalled, it’s not worth the hassle.

  3. Wonderful, keep it up. Please please please! Do not change anything on this application. Leave it the way it is. If you change it, am afraid you may mess its good working condition. Also design at one of the top corners on how you can search for the past news on each date. NOTE: Kindly remove the video advertisements from lite please. They are spoiling the smooth reading and again they consume alot of data and yet lite is not suppose use more data!

  4. Most pathetic news reporting I’ve ever seen, and I have 8 news apps installed. Spelling, grammar, maths are way below par, and it’s clickbait and annoying ads everywhere. It’s physically revolting to have to struggle through the articles, with fewer than 10% on the standard one expect in a news app. Opera should urgently improve the quality of its contributers’ writing, or fire everyone sending in junk.

  5. Fantastic. Enjoy all aspects of it without any compromise. First in news, current, comprehensive and accurate. None disappointment. Never any misleading stories. Truthfully, Opera news lite is superb. Always want to read and know more on Nigeria news pages for modern and latest stories. Any time, any day, any where I want to and prefer opera news lite for mine comfort and convenience for ever. Opera News Lite is wonderful and I cherish the way it satisfies the people. Five stars worth.

  6. This has way to many bugs. Please fix. I downloaded the app yesterday. I couldn’t scroll down. It seemed stuck. The pictures didn’t load. The update button just kept reshuffling news. Videos weren’t visible. Thanks for your reply and assistance

  7. I like opera news lite because it doesn’t consume data like others.News are free from many errors, simple english and straight to the points. It has both international and local news all over the world and so unique. The pictures and galleries are so amazing. Thank you opera news lite for your efforts in gathering news to give us the best and affortable.

  8. Opera lite is a very good, very efficient app it delivers as promised. The problem arises when it cuts off mid-reading. It just suddenly switches itself off. Apart from this, I highly recommend this wonderful news app

  9. Application is good but more and latest news should be from local place. It is a wonderful thing that news from all over the world can be read at one place. The latest news videos and latest trending videos need more attention. And there is a need to pay attention to the privacy of the user, which should be according to the user. The flag of that place or country should not be shown or visible to everyone, only the user can see it in his profile. Rest of the best job best application.

  10. The app is very good. But sometimes if u click on health news to read you will not be able to exit from the health news. Unless you uninstall the app from your phone. In other words, there are some news in which if you click on it to read it you will not be able to exit from the news. And any time you open opera, the same health news will come back

  11. It’s bad for those advertising videos to play sound because you may be at a quiet place and would want to read some news quietly all of a sudden this advertising video just pop up with very loud sound, in fact it’s a serious problem for me and thinking of uninstalling though am ok with the way it feed me with great News..

  12. The app is so nice. But comparing to opera browser, the the opera news lite app is none worth. Because users can’t download pictures from this app. And sometimes this app makes the phones to work to hang out. Apart from the minus point, the app is so 👍nice. Thank you…

  13. It’s a good app to have on every gadget But the problem now login in into a link and it kept bringing me back here to download and i re-downloaded and again like forever, still brings the same thing . It’s getting frustrated. I had to delete some app on my phone thinking is the inadequate of space but NO its not.

  14. I’m very proud of each individual pushing forward for your Future in journalism and reporting. Some work Needed here and there, but as a content writer and creator, you guys will improve on this platform and learn as you go. Don’t allow any negative comments discourage you. I’m here if you need help with vocabulary and expression of certain we xposure! Great 👌 job!

  15. So many unconfirmed and makeup stories, fake and make-believe news/information. The composition/sensibility of the write-up is below average-nothig to write home about.The words are hardly proof-read, full of errors and rarely making no sense. Sometimes it takes only a miracle and a deep insight/intuition for one to understand the message being conveyed, and I always wonder if you guys really have a mission/vision or you’re just writing for ‘writing sake.’ I’m not impressed with your stuff @all.

  16. It’s cool and easy to navigate. That is the most important aspect of any news reading. But I wish there’s videos for more illustration. However, it’s good. Bless your brain!

  17. rolo roam dice:

    Infested with full screen splash add can’t stop them and audio will play on full volume. This app is total garbage. Big disappointment from Opera. I’m ok with seeing ads where other companies place them fine ok, but this application is a total disgrace. Shame for Opera company. I’m using the browser for 20 years but I’m shocked about this piece of junk.

  18. The frequency of adverts and the way you allow adverts to block the screen is frustrating. Make adverts to stay in Conner and Total blocking phone screen. I nearly smash my phone today because of the useless adverts. It’s very annoying.

  19. Jason XXX dice:

    Instant 1 star since this so called news app doesn’t have darkmode and language setting. You can’t skip ads.

  20. It’s an amazing experience getting information from around the globe all at once just when you need it. I think the world is a better place with Opera news and everyone atleast deserves the feel of receiving new ideas when they require it most. #kudos

  21. This app is good especially on the latest news. However, I will advise more in-depth analysis. A little documentry will suffice etc. Continuation from the news news is very paramount. I will like to say thank you to all from the small staff to the great for the news.

  22. In reader mode ok, but in full mode I was bombarded by a rude unstoppable video ad, no touch icons to stop it, mute or even back out of app. It played at maximum volume, and worse, it was waking up people nearby, and that awful, embarassing experience led me to delete this app-UNACCEPTABLE! Opera CEO: you KNOW BETTER than to abuse your users like this!! I used to respect your company & had recommended Opera apps to relatives, coworkers, strangers, for years, since Opera 1.0. No more. Finito!

  23. Its a wonderful app.All my coins just disappeared all of a sudden. And i have write twice related to that issue, but no reply yet. It is so annoying to be honest.

  24. Does not scroll down, pictures does not load. I wish updates are tested in most devices before giving out app.

  25. Most of the times we have a problem with the website being unavailable,yes true but most of the times depends on data and network.

  26. Please get your revisors and editors to read thru every article before it is published. The avoidable errors are really irritating and depicts serious lapse of professionalism!! I share your headlines in some platforms… And just because of these errors i get embarrassed by those who are in opposition of whichever topics i share. Kindly do something serious about this. Thank you.

  27. shane f dice:

    The English language used in this app is like it has been directly translated, word for word… Not even giving any importance to the meaning you wish to convey. When yu read something, you completely lose the article in trying to decipher and understand what’s actually being reported…

  28. Was working fine, all of a sudden i can only read 1 paper, when i try go read another news paper it does not show. Pleasr fix this glitch and yes, i have updated the version.

  29. VENOM dice:

    Best For News Reading in Budget Phone. So Simple So Beautiful. All News All Country News All Language. So Helpful News App In This Size. This is Really Good News App. But They Told This App Has No “ADS”🤬. But This App Has PopUP Ads . But showing Same Time. (Cons: But Dark Mode Is Not Available 😔) Hope ‘Opera Dev’ Add DarkMode As Soon As… 🤍

  30. Although this App carries less data, it’s not different from other apps on up to date news and rest entertainment. I think it should follow suit and increase her data plan for her browsers to be encouraged. Thanks.

  31. Worst. Showing me inappropriate adds that are persistent even after flagging them. It’s a breach of privacy. How(why) do you show me ads about flattening my tummy; aint a woman, I’ve never googled such things. It’s so embarrassing when someone peeps at my phone coz you can imagine their first impression when they see a naked woman with a protruding belly. I hate you ppl.

  32. The worst news app ever since downloading it. Ads,fake news,fake reports,grammatical errors,lousy stories,political biasness,negative comments etc. Do something about this news app.

  33. It’s really good for your daily news. Sure enough people worldwide are all able to get the letest news on time. I’m using my self always everyday to get the letest news around all corners of the worldwide. Kindly please find it yourselves and tell the truth. Thanks

  34. Maybe it’s too early to rate. The scroll and look and feel seems a little off. Page seems cut off. And the quality of articles is poor

  35. It has been very ideal, but of late it disappeared but accessing it has become a problem. Kindly assist.

  36. The app is almost always freezing. And sometimes the headlines doesn’t match the story. Sometimes the English language 😜 hmmm. Stop this curvey women story.

  37. It is a good app where u get more information about something. Afterall every thing on earth has a good and bad effect well then when u input ur word to be searched it doesnt give the answer but a different question’s answer.

  38. Reporter’s grammar is most of the times horrible, disjointed and lack collocation. One doesn’t know Who the targeted readership are because sometimes issues presented for discussion sound childish. All the above said, the app is fast with news reporting.

  39. High but sometimes the construction of sentences are not quite understandable.Also too much repetition of same thing. U are superb and my major source of information etc

  40. Slow and interupted downloads. No delete icon for read and unread news thereby clogging the memory.

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