ABC7 Chicago News & Weather MODDED 2022

The ABC7 app lets you stream live newscasts, breaking news, weather and stories.
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The ABC7 app provides the latest alerts for local and national top stories and breaking news customized for you! Get more live and on-demand video than ever before, including live newscasts, and choose customized notifications based on your interests.

Watch live video
Find exclusive video clips and streams at the top of the app, including live news broadcasts.
Switching between live streams is as easy as flipping between TV channels.
Watch live video while you read stories and explore the app

Stay updated on weather and traffic
Easily choose your locations to get hourly conditions and 7-day forecasts.
Get real-time Doppler radar maps along with detailed weather information from Accuweather.
Get weather and traffic alerts for severe storms and snow so you’re always current before you travel

Get alerts on topics you want
Personalize alerts for sections you care about – entertainment, sports, consumer, technology, politics, food and travel, national, weather, traffic.
Easily select locations in “Settings” – from different areas of Chicago: downtown, South Side, Southwest Side, West Side, Northwest Side, and North Side; to the north, south, and west suburbs, and northwest Indiana.

Customized “My News” that matters to you
Stay informed on stories you love by choosing customized issues.
“My News” builds a unique feed just for you based on interests and locations you choose.
Stay updated on the latest coverage through live video, real-time updates and easy app navigation.

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Do Not Sell My Information –

Before you download this app, please consider that it includes advertising, some of which may be targeted to your interests. You may choose to control targeted advertising within mobile applications by using your mobile device settings (for example, by re-setting your device’s advertising identifier and/or opting out of interest-based ads)


Bug fixes and performance improvements


40 comentarios en "ABC7 Chicago News & Weather MODDED 2022"

  1. I primarily use this app to stay updated on the weather. The daily forecasts are pretty accurate, and the videos of the weather broadcasts are definitely helpful. I have experienced a couple glitches with the app. The hour by hour temperature forecast is often incorrect, and it seems to be displaying the “real feel” temperature instead of the actual temperature. The other problem I frequently experience is the live Doppler radar images of precipitation not appearing on the maps at all.

  2. Having video, along with the written article, enables me to get the background of a story; the side notes. They give both sides of an issue; not just the popular point of view. On the technical side, this app had a few snags that have been smoothed out. I haven’t completely explored the app, so this rating has a chance to increase!

  3. Terrible app. It hogs memory. It freezes. In My News, every time you go back to the article list it jumps to the top of the list, instead of staying at the article you just read. The articles are full of spelling and grammar errors, and all contain links to clickbait pages. (9/30/20) Edit: 1 year later, never autoplay finally works. App still has a huge memory leak, freezes after reading several stories. Still has problem in my News. Stories are still poorly written and full of typos.

  4. The app freezes constantly, but plays several minutes of commercials. When the live news comes on, it plays five seconds pauses ten seconds and after a few rounds goes back to play screan and you have to start over with commercials. A friend asked if I saw the news and hour ago and I said no, I’m still trying to get thru the first news story. The app is useless!

  5. This app is ridiculous. Constantly showing me a weather alert from JANUARY OF 2018. Makes no sense. Images don’t load half the time. I would like to see what’s happening not just read it. Oh, and if I leave the app to do something else & come back to it, nothing at all will load back up. Just shows that it’s “thinking” until I restart it. Complete garbage.

  6. Have this app on my roku TV to watch the news. Whoever they hired to edit preprogrammed material should be replaced with a teenager. The digital content editing is the worst. Repeats segments after forced commercial and re airs broadcasted commercials as news segments between forced online ads. Channel 7 Chicago app on roku is nothing but a joke.

  7. Symertom Illinois? Why can’t your Accu weather app get the correct location! I have never even heard of this part of Illinois! I’m in Diamond right next to Coal City Illinois & I’ve been here since 06 smartphones are a total waste!

  8. Tim Mayer dice:

    Poor. News videos don’t often play. True to form, the commercials, which are often longer than the news item do, but the video more often than not, don’t. Very frustrating but, not surprising. So much of this modern technology is promoted as something that it is not.

  9. The app is just “clunky”. Downloaded during the riots since you couldnt watch the live helicopter on the website for some reason. Half the time the video wouldn’t play when clicked on though. Kept the app after the riots just in case. Now getting notifications constantly and if you click any when you have the app open in the background, it goes to the last article you had open and then good luck finding the article you wanted to see. Just not useful in the end.

  10. I have this app a couple of times before and I never could remember why I uninstalled started. There are too many pop-ups stories. I’m going to see if I can find one that is not as intrusive as ABC7 but Chicago news and weather app. I do like ABC7 cuz I watch it for the app no.

  11. Great news source, just can’t use the share button so good luck sharing what you read with others. When you click the share button, you see it looks like it was clicked as it greys out for a second as it was pushed, not nothing opens to allow you to share the article. So do what I do, read the article, Google search for the same thing, then share another news source from the web.

  12. Although the app works well as a general rule, it has the ANNOYING habit of JUMPING AHEAD during a live feed!!!!!! Thx reporter can be right in the middle of a statement, then the video will SUDDENLY JUMP AHEAD, sometimes right to the end of the feed!!!! Many times I’ve had to keep TAKING IT BACK, AND TAKING IT BACK, AND TAKING IT BACK to the point before the jump just to get the full statement!!!! I mean, I ask you, WHAT GOOD is a live feed if playback isn’t CONTINUOUS! from THE BEGINNING?!

  13. Love the app, so organized by region. However over the past 3 weeks, the app has been crashing when I tap on “Explore” and I go to a region (Chicago, North Suburbs, etc), and tap See more the app crashes and it has been happening on all of the regions. Please fix and I’ll bump my rating to 5 stars.

  14. This app will constantly send notifications. Even if you manually turn them off the app will turn them back on because you have you give permission for the app to access your system settings. Very annoying! Uninstalled after a couple days – couldn’t tolerate all the interuptions…

  15. Un about 60% of the time I get a notice of an occurence when I click on it it brings me to another page than what it says it was. Sometimes I scroll and can’t find the news article. Example today 3/12/19 I was sent a message about an building wall collapsing yet I land on an article about 2 women who cheated on test scores. Scrolling I couldn’t find the article it said it was.

  16. its like this app was developed by high schoolers. cannot access the app through notifications, just a white frozen screen. used to be able to access the app through a notification but it would never bring up that article, just the last thing you were looking at. still dont work through notifications

  17. App is slow when I click a notification most of the time it takes 20 to 30 seconds to load then if I dont clear the app from running in the background and I get a new notification and click the new notification it takes me to the previous viewed notification as of 11/1/2020 it is still the same you have done nothing to correct the issues

  18. Only had this app for a few days it has been outstanding!!! It has kept me updated all the time as soon as something breaks. Highly recommended!!! If you don’t have this app you are missing out on some excellent footage!!

  19. I wanted real time weather! Installing and trying it again!I finally got the right area, login is impossible incorrect password? I have autofill so I don’t think so! Sending a code to email makes me have to drop page and go to email and go back to app which doesn’t have a code option! If you know how to keep page up & check email? Help with this issue

  20. great app this is a great app to notify you when there is breaking news or to keep you current. The dow fall is after the last update, I can’t click on a notification and go directly to the story anymore. It wont load at all, and to find the same story drom theit list of stories is impossible. very dissapointing!

  21. The app is great. The notifications are not so great. When you view your notifications in the drop-down menu, it doesn’t show the whole sentence. Some of it is cut off. This needs to be fixed. I like to know before I open a notification if it’s worth opening.

  22. Disappointing that you cannot view the page from your notification. All you get is a white screen. You have to go to their app and scroll through dozens of live news feeds to find the one you want.. I deleted the app

  23. My go-to app for news both local and worldwide. Always important and topical news stories and information. I hear about news or events as they come out with the great notifications as well! Excellent app!

  24. Sometimes you can get the most recent weather forecast and other times you get a 30 second update forecast that’s not completely informative. Very disappointed with the weather forecast that are on the website / app

  25. It freezes when I’m trying to see a video. Also why do I have to see a commercial every time I try to see a story. I understand that’s how money is made by consumers, it should be every 2 to 3 stories before a commercial comes on.

  26. I am a Indiana Lake County resident currently on the West Coast (COVID stuck) and have attempted on several occasions to watch my FAVORITE early morning News Team, but, the stories Repeat constantly. Instead of going to the next story, the site keeps repeating a story over and over until I exit the site for the next days news and, again, it repeats another story over and over. Thank you.

  27. Notifications give you half the story to motivate you to click link. If you do click link, it doesn’t even take you to the article related to the link. There is no way to go to homescreen or navigate the app. Sux!

  28. Frequent freezing, even in the middle of a report. I have to restart the LIVE option every few minutes and miss either the end and/or beginning of an ad or story.

  29. I hate to say this here, but the feedback link appears to be broken, so this is now public. I love ABC7, but I can no longer stay silent about my frustration with the fact that someone or multiple people are being paid to do shoddy, careless, and unprofessional work for a major news organization. The majority of articles have grammar, logic, and typographical errors throughout. No wonder there is a “Report a Typo” link at the end of each story. Here’s an idea, pay me instead! I could do better!

  30. I like the app but why are the commercials twice as loud as the news? Can’t watch the news because if you want to hear the news you have to turn it up but then a commercial come on and it will wake my baby rooms away. Please fix this or I will need to remove it and find another Chicago news app

  31. Sean Wang dice:

    Whenever I click on a notification for a news update, the app opens and freezes on a blank screen. Have to close out the app or i can’t use it at all

  32. Nice for local news, but gets glitchy. I can’t enter my zip for weather which at times is pretty inaccurate. Bait click ads in the middle of the feed are ridiculous and give off a tabloid appearance.

  33. Hard to navigate. Should be more like CNN. Tiny screen shot that you have to change. Will switch to another station’s app.

  34. Can’t even stay logged in with perhaps one device? No. A true hassle for weather or sudden tornados near by..want a lot of info, like birthday for an account. When Prime Time wins and we can’t access any radar path of a possible tornado. When the “first 4 of newest passwords” fail?’ and we feel frustrated Did not catch any time frames like current storm speed predicted if it does get closer to many communities. I give up. Meanwhile.. being with Google we are already wide open books.

  35. It’s been terrible lately! Constantly freezes and goes black. It’s been like this for at least the past month

  36. I can no longer watch live news broadcasts. It keeps giving me the schedule and setting reminders, but the broadcast never shows.

  37. The news is mostly news and not junk but the app technology absolutely sucks. The page never loads up properly and if it does videos never play without pausing all the time.

  38. too many annoying 30 second adds and pop ups that wont go away after continuously closely them. and if you do sit through the repetitive adds often the videos dont work whether broken links or just constant freezing

  39. I love ABC’s dependable news and I turn to the app throughout the day to check local news. HOWEVER, I do not like the ads between stories. The images they show are at times disturbing.

  40. the only bad thing is when you click a link on the main page, a blank page comes up. it freezes and the app had to be restarted

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