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BlazeTV® is the best source for the most thought-provoking personalities and conservative ideas free from censorship by the coastal elites. BlazeTV breaks free from leftist censors and empowers content creators to be who they are, without filters.

BlazeTV has the content you want, on-demand, when you want it.

Download BlazeTV to watch the best in pro-America, pro-free speech content from conservative personalities you know and love. There are no PC advertisers controlling the content, no digital mobs calling the shots, and no big tech censors muzzling the message.

Free speech is under attack. Get the uncensored TRUTH.

The BlazeTV app plugs you in to on-demand video from the best talent in conservative media. Watch Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Steven Crowder, Phil Robertson, and many more whenever you want, however you want.


Performance Improvements.


4 comentarios en "BlazeTV MODDED 2022"

  1. Cameron Bailey dice:

    Great app! But can you please fix buffering issues. I listen to shows on the road and if I lose service it will start buffering then jump back to old episodes of where I left off. But it will never save my spot on the video I was currently listening to when it does that. So then I have to try to figure out where it left off before it started buffering. Thanks

  2. Logan Cunningham dice:

    EDIT: My app recently started losing the ability to keep progress within episodes that I’m watching. I was hoping it was because I needed an update. It’s been doing this for a couple of weeks and still no update, so I’m guessing it’s a bug. P.S. Any chance of default settings to auto play next episode instead of previous? Easy to use. Great customer service. I use this app every day and I really can’t think of anything that I could complain about. Keep up the great work, guys!!

  3. A Google user dice:

    I am using a Samsung Galaxy S20, so I don’t know if this occurs on other phones phones. This app used to work just fine but now it only plays videos for a minute or two then cuts the video off and sends me back to the titles page. When you go back to the video it starts everything over from the beginning again.. I can’t possibly be the only one having this problem. Paying the full subscription price and not being able to use an app is extremely frustrating.

  4. War Head dice:

    Edit: I dropped it to one star, still so many issue and no sign of being fixed. Videos looses where I left off constantly. If I leave the app and come back the aspect ratio turns to 4:3. If you loose any service while watching, it will try to auto play the next video while also not saving where you left off in the current video. It’s hard to back out of the app as my notification bar and home buttons are hard to get back within the app. On 4g it buffers for 30s for 3secs of playback.

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