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Podcasts and live shows to like, comment, and share straight from your pocket
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Discover new favorite podcasts and like, comment, and share your favorites episodes and live streams.

A variety of curated lists, playlists, and more at your fingertips. This free Podcast Player presents a unique experience to listen what you like, comment your favorite episodes, and share your love of podcasts with friends and followers.

What you’ll love about Spreaker
– Check out curated lists based on different topics like True Crime, or Technology, and add the episodes to the podcast player.
– Give podcasts your feedback with a like and a comment to the episode, support your favorite podcasts with a share. Plus, chat with podcast hosts as they go live, and see others comment from the player screen.
– Save all your preferred podcasts in one podcast player app thanks to the Favorites section, or place episodes in the Downloads or Listen Later playlists to access them at any time and offline.
– Access the player to rewind and fast-forward through podcast episodes, or use the slider to get to the exact minute-mark.

Key Features
– Discover thousands of podcasts, as you can do on other Player Apps (e.g. Overcast, Podcast Addict, Pocket Casts). Plus, listen to live shows and broadcasts,
– Show your podcast love through like, comment, and share options,
– Share your favorites episodes on Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp,
– Find automatically generated playlists like Downloads, Listen Later, Likes, and History,
– Access the player anywhere, thanks to Android Auto and Chromecast integrations,
– Search podcasts and live shows, and add them to the podcast player to listen, like, comment, and share,
– Easily Sign up via Facebook, Twitter or Spreaker

If you run into any issues, please contact us through our Help Center: https://help.spreaker.com/articles/3803834


Thanks for using Spreaker! This release brings general improvements and bug fixes. Enjoy!


49 comentarios en "Spreaker Social Podcast Player MODDED 2022"

  1. I have had this app since 2015 and I loved that it would show the latest podcast from who I was following. It would have like a newsfeed/stream of the channels I was following. Then all of a sudden they took away that option. And it SUCKS!!! I think around 2019-2020ish is when they changed it. Now, I hardly ever use the app because I cant find the lastest audios of the channels I follow. Please change it back for the love of GOD!!!!

  2. I get annoyed with any app that wants to charge you money, but not let you manage your payment preferences – This platform, web or app, doesn’t even let you manage your payment preferences. There are no payment preferences. You have to cancel your plan with them to be able to change the way that you give them money. I’ve heard a lot of stupid things in my life, but this one ranks pretty high up there.

  3. I like the layout of this app. It is super easy to use. However, I am only giving it 2 stars because it CONSTANTLY just quits in the middle of s podcast. I’m not talking about buffering while it loads. It just stops playing at random times, and requires you to hit play again. This SUCKS when you are driving down the the road. I will be looking for a new app.

  4. It’s actually a pretty good app. It works pretty well with no problems. I do have one hang up. Realizing the necessity of advertising (marketing or advertising doesn’t work on me), there is a lot of bottom of the barrel agency ads. Haven’t heard any PI stuff yet, so there’s hope, but there’s simply to many. I had to listen to three two-for-ones before getting to hear content. That’s not acceptable.

  5. Kris W dice:

    It’s a decent player but suffers in terms of options compared to an app like PlayerFM. I also have a frequent issue when downloading, it will say “will download when there is an internet connection” where I have to disable and reconnect my wifi in order to do so. My connection and settings are solid. It has five star potential, but it’s just not there yet.

  6. Easiest, cleanest, most reliable podcast app out there. Cannot say enuff good things. Also, their support team is fantastic. FANTASTIC. I use the free version, yet if I have a question about even this most obscure, random thing.. they personally email me and are jovial, friendly, and have an actual conversation.. can’t say enuff good stuff about Spreaker.

  7. I already have one person who signed up which I have not received credit for. I have more people to refer to sign up but what’s the point if I can’t get credit? This is highly discouraging and I had read in the reviews how impossible it is to reach someone at speaker…now I can see why…an entire month later and I don’t have an affiliate link. So unprofessional, so rude, so careless. It’s not how you treat people especially the ones who are paying your bills. Please send me an affiliate link.

  8. I like the app but there needs to be a feature that allows you to automatically start from the beginning of an episode instead of where you left off

  9. I’ve used this app for some time, recently with the new android upgrade it now stops intermittently. I went to the app support page where it listed contacts for support and chose Facebook. I received a reply the next day telling me to report it at a link provided. You guessed it, the link took me back where I started. Seeing as how my favorite podcasts are on other working apps, I simply uninstalled. In the great depression the businesses that survived did it by exceptional customer service. Every employee contact with a customer the employee responded as if their pay depended on it because it did. You can’t get payed if nobody uses your service.

  10. Pretty great app. I love being able to download my podcasts so I don’t need Internet while I’m driving. Its easy to use and just kind of works. I just wish it warns you if the Internet connection is cut instead of what it does now which is kind of lock up or something. Also its fun using my headphones call answer button to pause the podcast as needed. Some cons, yes the search function needs a little work. It can’t find anything unless you type a phrase that’s very close to the name of the podcast. Also I want a way to go to a certain point in the podcast in case I lose my position. I don’t like the current way of sliding that bar thing. I want it to be precise.

  11. It’s not a bad app but great improvements should be made, specially in the design/layout. For example, if I am in the main screen of one episode I find it cumbersome to find the other episodes of the podcast. There are other little things that could give a more intuitive user experience, beyond those the concept of the app is beautiful.

  12. Best audio app. please include an option to change the order criteria of a playlist. I’d like to be able to choose to play the oldest audio first. I listen to different learning courses. even though the creators of the audios update regularly, I’m still listening to the first ones, since learning implies gradual increments to facilitate learning.

  13. Horrible horrible horrible app nothing but commercials commercials commercials

  14. Hello I like to use this app however I wish that when I listen to my shows and people comment on the shows that we can reply to the comment specifically and have a like button where each comment is. It would make it so much better and easier

  15. Tapping the notification generates a new player instance in the app each time. Cannot skip 30s ahead from notification making it useless. Does not have as many podcasts as I would like but it has the podcasts that other players don’t. Download feature is nice, but it isn’t reliable; sometimes an episode isn’t actually downloaded.

  16. When you search for podcasts with a key word, how are the results sorted? It’s not by title. Popularity? Random?

  17. Right now my app isn’t working very well. The Podcast I listen to keeps getting cut off. Sound skips

  18. The app is great in terms of podcast varieties but fails miserably when it comes to features, UI & experience. plays online and offline episodes very well. No dark mode. No silence trimmer option. No volume booster option. No import export feature. No the grid option under categories such as playlists looks unpleasant no option2change them. Lacks podcasts outside of its production. No web player. I hope better updates come so that I leave Podcast addict & pocket cast & use this as mainstream. ✌️

  19. pSr JkT dice:

    The latest update broke something: all my favorites disappeared, and only a few have reappeared after a few days; searching for the missing podcasts brings up nothing – has Spreaker lost access to many contributors? Its like Spreaker lost a server. Nothing on twitter. Update: Podcasts were withdrawn without notification to listeners. Can’t listen to favorites anymore. This is a big weakness of Spreaker: unable to integrate RSS feeds, or to detect & play downloaded files.

  20. D A dice:

    This is not a podcast PLAYER. It’s podcast recommendation engine that plays the podcasts it suggests to you. You can’t backup or restore your list of shows and packing your own shows is tedious. ALSO this app plays lots of audio ads. Try a show? Listen to a 15 second commercial. Don’t like the show? Choose something else to listen to? Here another ad. I uninstalled.

  21. Long Time User, No Longer I listened to my very first podcast (Serial) many moons ago on this app abd have been an avid listener ever since. I have created a long time list of my favorite shows and played/liked episodes. I logged in today to find all of my history GONE. All of the thousands of episodes I’ve listened to are now marked as unlistened to.. all of my favorites shows, gone. I’m pissed. Pissed enough to uninstall.

  22. Fantastic radio podcast app!

  23. LW dice:

    I love love love this app! This platform has expanded my audience and my experience overall has been great. Customer service is awesome as well… oh and by the way check out my station ‘Now Back To The Music’ for r&b, hip-hop, rap commentary and trending topics.

  24. I enjoy the options of downloading for offline listening, sleep timers, playback speeds, etc. Each morning I can have new episodes rest to take on the go as well as choosing how many download. Big fan.

  25. How can I stop it from auto start when I start my car? It interrupts my calls when I’m in Bluetooth. It cuts off my call and the app starts. Even when initially I was not using it. I open the app, press pause and close the app. I make the call again and it keeps interrupting

  26. Great but deletes line ups on its own sometimes from the mobile app. Also, internet calls knock me off the broadcast.

  27. Superb! I like how there’s a donwload for offline listening option for those long trips where i don’t have data. More social functions would be appreciated, and perhaps maybe the ability to share PDFs and keep them organize in one section of a Podcaster’s Account with option to make it private or public/share to select listeners, etc. Would be great!

  28. I liked spreaker and have used it for years, but I am uninstalling this app because it does not stream new podcasts. There have been several new podcasts released that I wanted to hear and I couldn’t find them on spreaker. I found them on various other podcast apps. The podcasts were from big networks like how stuff works so no reason why spreaker shouldn’t have them.

  29. Coralie N dice:

    December, 2020. Speaker podcasts have saved my sanity. It’s been a year like no other. In this yr of fire, pandemics & craziness from our politicians the podcast has reigned supreme. Spreaker makes it so easy to find what you need for that moment when you feel that all is lost. Educative, informative, relaxing and humorous. What more could you want? Spreaker is my favourite podcast app, all we need now is a vote for our favourite podcasts in selected categories. Spreaker you reign.

  30. BJ Beej dice:

    Interface is old and tired. Hasn’t had any update to the live chat experience in many years (can’t click on links, no emojis, & more). The overall app & site experience feels like something from the 90s, but not in a good way. Anti free speech. Expensive to use as a content creator.

  31. Does as expected. Used on Oneplus 6 and so far no problems. Messages are easy to navigate and function meet what you would expect from a podcast app. Very straightforward.

  32. Jay White dice:

    Really like the folder structure, the ability to see past shows watched, and the general interface. I just wish more of my podcasts were on here.

  33. Great overall but glitchy with Chromecast. I’ll pick the newest episode, select casting, and it’ll skip to the next episode. Sometimes when I resume after pausing it’ll restart or skip to the next episode.

  34. I love the Spreaker podcast, and $preaker studio. My inner circle used to have free style sessions as well as friendly competitions. The $preaker $tudio combo is excellent for ones creative mindset.

  35. It does not function. It rarely shows me a live feed and when it does it will Not connect unless some one drops a hyperlink in a chat for me to bypass the app. I am still using browser, but your app is trash.

  36. something the podcast are choppy and distorted i know it not on my end you guys need better servers cause the ones you have either knock people out of shows or cut the show off whole while the DJ is still playing and again the audio comes out choppy 45% of the time………………………….. The server is way better now i can play with no interruptions or distortion but it still kicks me out of shows when i am listening as a listener but my shows don’t cut off anymore while I’m live

  37. Needs ability to reverse order for playback… Or listing order. You have auto play next episode, but they are listed in the other order, so it auto plays next oldest. Pretty annoying.

  38. Its a cool app. I like to turn my screen off and listen to my podcasts. My battery lasts for hours when i do that. Great for long trips in the car , bus or train.

  39. I wish we had easier control of the order things were on the different lists. Also can’t fast forward or rewind easily without going into the app. It also doesn’t have many of the podcasts I listen to

  40. Loving it!! I can’t post on my favorite podcast though.

  41. It would be great if the auto play could go either direction by the next date or the previous date. To have an older podcast play behind the one just listened to is kind of odd. Because if you are listening to something that builds from one talk to the next it’s frustrating not to be able to choose to go forward but always backwards. Thank you for listening to your users. The described action is now available in either direction. I really enjoy this app.

  42. Ama dice:

    Hard to navigate. Could not rewind the episode, had to begin all over 35 minutes into a 45 minute podcast. I don’t recommend this app unless it is the only choice you have to hear episodes.

  43. Ne Mo dice:

    Dont download. They steal money from your account, and when I asked for a refund they emailed me back saying they said ‘we notified you, no refunds after transactions are completed’. Although It was an automatic transaction out of my account without me being aware and on a different date then I set up the account. It’s totally a scam to get into your banking funds and let them take out as much as possible without you noticing then saying oh no refunds. Mf I didn’t approve any of this.

  44. Payment subscription charged from wrong credit card , it seems like payment system it’s an a agresive mode. Just cuase once I pay my subscription with my ladies card doesn’t mean that that’s my payment method. Tried twice to my credit card no funds available and runs to my lady’s debit card when she’s already having tough times.

  45. In my humble opinion as a host of my own radio show…..Spreaker is one of the apps that I use to help get my radio show out to/in the public. I use to spread/ get the I.O.R.S.(Indian_Outlaw_Radio_Show)out to the PUBLIC to hear, try to WAKE UP….by using the”TRUTH” not fear tactics, etc. Check out the Indian Outlaw Radio show & feel free to leave a review. All Reviews Are Welcome! ! !

  46. Amazing app, i like where we can skip or rewind in 10 sec. could u also hav an option to increase the speed of audio 1.5x upto 2x.

  47. Deleted my account without warning, and without explanation. I emailed them about it days ago to at least get an explanation, and they’ve flat out ignored me. Switching to Anchor.

  48. It’s so much better than other podcast apps. Just a little thing, the button to accelerate 30s in the menu bar that have WiFi, data, battery options

  49. Stop showing 20s ADS!!! The app has many podcasts, but since I started seeing advertisement 20 seconds long that I could not skip I moved to Castbox and zero regrets so far.

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