FOX 7 Austin: News MODDED 2022


Breaking news, weather and sports in Austin, Round Rock and San Marcos, Texas
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News doesn’t wait, why should you? Take FOX 7 Austin everywhere you go! Our app connects you with top stories in and around central Texas— complete with breaking news alerts, live video, and real-time weather forecasts.
We cover topics that matter most to you including local & national headlines, weather, sports, traffic, politics, entertainment, food, education, and so much more.

– Breaking news delivered as fast as it breaks
– Live stream newscasts daily
– Streamlined content display for a user-friendly experience

– Hourly conditions and 7-day forecasts so you’re always prepared for your day
– Interactive radar 24 hours a day
– Video updates from FOX 7 meteorologists

– Catch up every morning and watch what you missed
– Browse delicious dinner, lunch, and breakfast recipes
– Pet parent? Visit our pets page for features on furry friends
– Stream live local and national touring acts as they deliver exclusive tunes on Music in the Morning

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40 comentarios en "FOX 7 Austin: News MODDED 2022"

  1. Ruben dice:

    I like that you can see news from other cities and live video. I cannot see live video without having the pause and rewind 10 seconds buttons the middle of the screen and it stays grade out. There is no way of taking the gray off the video to see it right on Android devices. If their is a way let me know please. Update 3/9/21 The pause button and screen grayed out are still there There’s no way of watching video without being grayed out even after the 3/5/21 update on Galaxy S 20 Ultra devices.

  2. I love fox news but I HATE that right in the middle of them talking the app decides to play commercials and I miss the whole segment then sometimes seconds later it breaks to an actual commercial break…

  3. Would have given a 5 star except for the stupid slide up notification at the bottom of phone that pops up every time I go to a different news story… and it wont STOP! Jesus christ, if I “X” it 2-3 times in a row ya figure it would stop popping up…. nope. What an annoying feature and a waste if my time and a decrease in my screen size. HATE IT!

  4. At first I thought this app was great! But then the same dumb commercial kept playing for Osmo. You’d figure you’d have other sponsors, but this stupid commercial played back to back to back during one commercial break. I’m most likely uninstalling this until after the holidays so I don’t have to hear this commercial ever again.

  5. The live video ins during every commercial time, which makes it a nuisance! It’s not worth the effort! Once you tap on ‘View Live’ you should be able to watch what is on through the commercials and all! What a headache!

  6. It took a while for each story to load, I noticed the stories weren’t to date. The ads were covering up some of the screen and for some reason I couldnt press the X to get rid of it.

  7. Interesting and easy to load. I wish it had more follow ups with older articles to see how certain stories turn out. All in all I like this app for my local news and weather.

  8. I am thankful to channel 7 for keeping me updated on news and sports all day long. Thank you.

  9. Notifications settings in the app and notifications being pushed need to be flagged for priority options (alert levels), locality, and categories, ie: politics, health, science, national/local, high priority/all. The app is solid.

  10. Wasn’t at all what I expected. I was looking for a local news where I could actually stream a daily broadcast. Instead I was constantly getting”notices” of a random selected news event. Not at all what I wanted.

  11. Takes forever to load, if you click on a notification it takes you to a different story, just over all not user friendly.

  12. The app is so much faster now and very user-friendly. Its my favorite way to absorb local news and stay up to date on whats going on in my community! Thanks FOX 7!!

  13. Notifications don’t link to the story in the notification, clicking on the notification should take me to the details about what I am notified about, but it doesn’t.

  14. John Syme dice:

    People that write these apps need to look into the reading software that things use nowadays to help people that have a reading disability this app is somewhat friendly but it is a lot that I’m not able to do to my reading disability

  15. Started receiving notifications after last update. I did not ask for this and had notifications disabled in prior versions

  16. Wouldn’t load well. When I did get in, it immediately crashed and I’m pretty sure it gave my phone a virus. Never again.

  17. Stuck on the same news and won’t update. Keeps happening. I’m just going to uninstall at this point and use the KVUE app instead.

  18. Favorite news app, the new layout is super easy to use and looks better too!

  19. This app is broken 💔 I can’t Create a account 😪 because it is saying the email address I entered is not valid why is it keep saying that

  20. Uninstalled the app when advertisements started popping up and blocking half the screen. Stupid.

  21. good app, except for the huge, in your face, clickbait, faux news, blurbs everywhere

  22. What a disaster! Uninstalling & finding a new source for local news!

  23. I can’t cast live from cell phone to TV. Otherwise I like Fox 7 news.

  24. I was wondering why people that go to college can’t get the forecast and news a little closer ? Just to give the weather people a little clue. Go outside, watch the birds and ants. They are usually closer than all that computer garb

  25. News on the go…like the up to date weather reports..

  26. Very informative when I don’t watch local news.

  27. Everything I look for all with out the commercials.. Thank you

  28. Jim Ward dice:

    More commercials than anything and always saying we’ll be right back we’ll be right back

  29. App has to many sponsored links that pulled my information and flooded my Inbox.

  30. Not working on closing caption

  31. It’s behind a day or two on updating news

  32. All this app does is play comercials, no news

  33. I rely on this, some reason off of my phone and recently reloaded it on my phone

  34. 1 star! It be nice that celebrity garbage news wouldn’t be ‘Breaking News’ Breaking News should be for more important matters!

  35. Little slow but accurate

  36. I enjoy reading these articles

  37. It’s what we need at our finger tips!

  38. It’s handy, but I think it could be better.

  39. I like it very nice Thanks Fox 7 News

  40. Well, it’s the only network left that actually leaves that up to the viewers. The question was, what do you think?

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