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Go beyond the headlines and hot takes, and dive deeper into the stories that matter to you with the award-winning Flipboard app. Flipboard is made for and by enthusiasts, with content curated on thousands of topics from world renown publishers, local outlets and the community.

Personalize Flipboard to get just the content you care about. Follow business, health, tech, sports, cooking, travel and more to stay up-to-date, dive deeper into the things you love or discover something new. You can even follow local news and events. Just enable location services to get a list of towns and cities near you.

Collect stories you like into your own Flipboard Magazine. Use the + (plus) button on any story in Flipboard to add it to your own Magazine. Make your Magazine public to share ideas and insights with an ever-growing community of enthusiasts curating on Flipboard.


• Keep up on all your interests with the latest stories from leading national publishers including Associate Press, The Washington Post, ESPN, National Geographic, NPR, TIME, The Atlantic, BBC, CBS, NBC and thousands more.
• Follow your city for local updates on COVID-19 as well as other regional news, weather, commute, sports, and dining.
• Curate stories you find informative or inspiring and share with others: Use the + (plus) button on any article to save it to your own Flipboard Magazine.
• Follow other experts and enthusiasts who are curating about topics you love.
• Turn on notifications and use the Flipboard widget to get stories delivered to you everyday.


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• We hear you: Flipping a story into a Magazine now takes one less tap: “pick a Magazine” first, add a caption second, then flip!
• You can once again share a Magazine from the three-dot menu on the cover
• Try the recently launched note. Use the Create (pencil) icon on the cover of your Magazine to add a question, idea or conversation starter to your Magazine
• See social activity in your notifications panel, including new followers, comments and replies to your notes


40 comentarios en "Flipboard: The Social Magazine MODDED 2022"

  1. Love the information, hate the app. Crashes, freezes, starts over. Yes, I’ve re-installed it. A lot of times, about 1/3, the articles can’t be read because you need to purchase a subscription to the news source, which I will never do. I don’t blame flipboard for this but it’s annoying. Please fix the crashing issues. Update: Still crashes.

  2. This is a fun app for news. Two flaws drive me crazy. IF you don’t close it you can flip nearly endlessly. Once it’s closed, you cannot resume where you left off. A similar problem exists if you exit a story and accidentally back arrow once more, it displays a message to get you back where you were, but it disappears in a New York second, starting you over at the beginning. A nice to have would prevent it repeating a card you’ve just seen, but you can flip past duplicates fast.

  3. This is an amazing app. Provides a variety of information for everyone’s personal interests. There is only one fault that keeps raising my BP. After flipping through several headlines, when I find an interesting topic, I attempt to open it by selecting it. However, it does not want to open!!! I have to completely clos flipboard and attempt to open it again or select, open in web. This is frustrating! This has been happening for a while now. Please fix it. I don’t want to drop your app.

  4. Steve R dice:

    Flipboard is unusable. It keeps freezing right in the middle of reading an article, a lot of times won’t even load the article when you click on the headline, it just freezes up. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, clearing memory, etc. Nothing works, this app is junk and too frustrating to use.

  5. Please don’t take me back to the first story when I go back to the list! This app could be great, but when I use the phone’s back button or the one in the UI, about 60% of the time it takes me to the first story on the list. Oh my gosh how frustrating. I have to swipe down to get to the one I came from. Also randomly the stories repeat when you flip through them. I tried Flipboard because Google news sucks so bad (mobile data and battery killer), but I am so frustrated about this seemingly minor thing that makes me crazy!

  6. This will eat through your data. Look at it on break at work. Ate though 455 megs. Over two 20 minute breaks. Uninstalled it. And wont be back. And that was day one for the month. Yup, done everything they said I should. And it still uses way more data than it should. Have turned off everything I could. As far as using my data for flipboard. Still uses an unusual amount of data. Since I’ve turned it off. My phone does tell me I’m using more data then normal.

  7. Matthew R dice:

    Flipboard has become mostly unusable. Articles will not load unless you constantly refresh the app. If you inquire about help in app, they will just tell you to uninstall, reinstall. This does not fix it. It crashes all the time, freezes up. I’m a long time frequent user. I’ve enjoyed the app over the years, but after my experience this last year or so with lack of usability and lack of help, I’m on the hunt for something else. If anyone has any suggestions for a simiar app, I’m all ears.

  8. A dice:

    I really do appreciate how your experience is completely customized to your interests. But 90% of the time I click on an interesting article, I am either redirected to a completely unrelated, random article or just taken to a “preview”. I try clicking around to see how to open it and the best way I’ve found is to select “open in browser”. What’s the point of using an app if you still need to open the articles in your phone’s browser? Uninstalled.

  9. Horrible. I really liked flipboard until they started running ads that prevent you from reading the content last week. The last time I tried I had at least 6 ads in a row, each at least 30 seconds long, and everytime the new ad started, the text of the article would disappear. I only had about 5 seconds between ads to try and read anything. I gave up after 6 ads. I can find my news elsewhere.

  10. I have a love/hate relationship with Flipboard. I love that it aggregates articles from a wide variety of sources, that I can mute sources I don’t want to see, and that I can view articles for one topic at a time. HOWEVER, its functionality leaves a lot to be desired. When it loads an article, it works fine. But it frequently hangs up when loading web pages, especially if they have many photos or videos. And if there’s a popover ad on the site, it’s usually game over, and I have to reload the app entirely. I love that I can disable autoplay for videos and GIFs in articles; but I hate that I can’t do the same for ads. Overall, it gets a solid C+ for my purposes.

  11. Used to love this app but, it seems to be getting plagued with more and more issues as time goes on. Most recent issue has made the app unusable. After scrolling through a few stories, a page with a video ad will pop up. Once you get to that page, the video never plays, nor can you move forward or backward. App just 100% freezes and then the only way out is to close the app completely. Uninstalled.

  12. Changed my rating from 5 to 2 stars. Used to be great. Now it has too many issues that make it frustrating to use. Stories won’t open, app freezes, app will suddenly reload randomly while in the middle of reading a story, the widget won’t update and sometimes unable to open flipboard from the widget. Phone is less than a year old and the app worked fine for the first few months so it isn’t the phone. Have uninstalled and reinstalled a number of times. Looking for a new app.

  13. No longer a useful news aggregator. It used to be my go-to, and I loved it. But it now places a far heavier emphasis on commentary than news, the suggested storyboards are far too often and far too useless, and it doesn’t seem capable of identifying duplicate stories. I ended up spending more time flipping through than I did reading. It is a beautiful UI, and if you want non-news aggregated magazines (or want cable news transcribed on your phone) ymmv. As-is, I’ve deleted it from my phone.

  14. App is mostly good, but has a few really annoying features that make me avoid it a lot of the time. If you are reading an article and the phone goes to sleep or you take a call, the app resets and the story disappears and you can’t find it again. Search engine is worthless for finding stories. No matter how much you tell it you are not interested in certain topics, they keep showing up. Many articles disguised as real news are really just ads for products. Had my fill. Looking elsewhere.

  15. Wonderful news app. Initially the “flipping” mechanic turned me off but after using it a while it works very well. I enjoy having the widget on my home screen to stay up to date as well as following tags for related news. The only issue I have is with news I find relevant. Generally it’s spot on but I’ll frequently get something I don’t care about maybe 1 in every 9 or so stories so that could use some better tweaking but otherwise a great experience!

  16. It’s OK as a reader, with a big if: IF you want to read the news that Flipboard thinks you should be reading. Personalization simply doesn’t work. I’ve repeatedly tried to mute the NY Times, but it won’t add it to the list and keeps using it as a source. Even sources that are on the mute list still appear. EDIT: OK, so what you’re saying is that when I go into the News or magazine feeds and every article has a “Mute” control, I shouldn’t expect those controls to work? Seriously?

  17. Frustration! Articles are broken down in tiny segments over multiple pages…and you have to wade through tons of ads to find each “Next” to click on. And then if you get side tracked for very long or your computer flickers u have to start all over from the beginning. The articles, while they may contain useful/interesting content, aren’t worth wading through so much. Too often get kicked off or I give up before reaching the end or even to the essence of the article (re the titles”). 🙁

  18. Same as so many others have noted. The app was broken with the latest update. Can no longer flip side to side on multiple page stories. Flipboard can’t flip. You’d think that debacle would be an all hands on deck bug, but it persists. Flipboard does have it on their known issues list, so that’s a positive at least. They only give a work around though, and no indication that they are working on a fix. I still greatly miss Zite and only went to Flipboard as a fall back. If Flipboard won’t even flip, why should we even bother with it. Also as others have noted, fix it fast or I’ll move on. 11/1/18 UPDATE: the issue with flipping has finally been fixed starting with v4.2.4. Thank you. Moved from 2 to 4 stars. Still holding off on 5 stars due to crashing issues.

  19. Although the UI is interesting, I don’t feel like I’m getting completely relevant news. There’s a lot of pop culture that I receive or political opinion pieces that get mixed up in the “for you” section or “daily 10” section that I am neither interested in or have ever searched. Some news articles also show up because the app thinks it’s relevant to the overall topic, when in reality it is far off.

  20. I’ve used Flipboard for years but I can’t deal with it any longer. The ads from the majority of magazines I subscribe to have become intolerable. They take up half the screen; many have X’s so tiny that is nearly impossible to close the ad; they manically jump out in various locations; some don’t even let you close the ad; plus other annoyances that I won’t detail bc of the word limitation. It was great while it lasted, Flipboard.

  21. So buggy! Fliboard drives me nuts. It crashes so much that my tablet’s “health checker” keeps reporting it as potentially damaging. Every time something new is posted, it crashes and restarts at the very beginning. No way to get back to where you were when it crashed. AND THE ADS. Oh, jeez. You have to keep closing windows just to read the articles. REPLY TO DEVELOPER: I’ve already contacted support. Flipboard cannot be uninstalled completely on this Samsung device, so I can’t get a clean reinstall. I’ve already cleared cache, data, etc. It’s just a BUGGY PRODUCT that crashes with all of the pop-up ads.

  22. The news sources that charge for the news and want to sign you up for an account are annoying. The way you have to try to mute those is very confusing I can’t tell if I’m turning them off or not because it gives me a whole list of all of my favorites at the same time. Google news is super easy you just make one click that says hide all stories from New York Times, for example and you’re done. You should make this feature much more intuitive and simple.

  23. This app worked well for a very long time. A few months ago a glitch appeared. On many, if not most, of the news articles only the first page is accessible. Contacting Flipboard about the glitch was not possible from the app. When I finally reached them, they acknowledged the glitch. In the months since I contacted them the glitch persists an no update from Flipboard. I am still looking for an alternative app (not to be confused with an alternative fact 😉

  24. Used to love this app. Lots of content. Then subjects I followed started having irrelevant content. After upgrading my phone recently, it seems worse. The content seems consistently relevant, but there is also a lot less of it. Some areas rarely update. Have thought of uninstalling. Too bad. 11/28/2018 And nothing has really changed. All of the content is less substantive. Downgraded to two stars. Developer should care more about the consistency of their app. Have heard others say they have deleted it.

  25. kay tanz dice:

    I have been with Flipboard since the beginning and I have never seen so many ads overtake the content. Tiny video windows everywhere!!! Try to tap the impossible, tiniest “x” button on the screen and it either closes the ad (very infrequent), sends you to the ad content (frequent) or doesn’t work at all (frequent). I am about ready to uninstall this silent tracking everything I do pos software.

  26. m h dice:

    I’ve enjoyed Flipboard over the years but now it crashes in the middle of random stories and I have to close it, poke a bunch of buttons, reopen the app, find the story I’m trying to read and hope that it will actually load this time. If it doesn’t I have to start the process again. Should have to work that hard. Saddly, uninstalled it until after it works again.

  27. This is a great news app, and one of my favorites, but there’s something holding it back. I love the “reader view” feature that gets rid of all the extra bs and gives you a clean page to read. The problem with it is it takes freaking FOREVER at times to pop up. Why in the world would I want to wait for the entire page to load for me to load a different page because I didn’t want the whole page to load? It’s bad enough to make me try other apps. Please change it. Make it available at 1st click.

  28. I used this app for about a year. At first, it had great news and articles. Gradually, more and more advertising has crept in, and now there’s so much advertising, I can’t find the news or articles anymore. A lot of the advertising is “disguised” as articles. I’m not sure what happened here Flipboard. It’s disappointing. I had to remove the app, and i will try a different news app now.

  29. I really like Flipbook. It’s a great way to curate the news that interest me most. However, this app glitches often, loses connection, and freezes. It’s often very frustrating to use. Also, many of the articles suggested require a subscription with no clear way to filter them out. I realize that Flipbook is monitoring my interests and then selling that data. I just wish that it has the courtesy to do it effectively.

  30. Thus app has really degraded offer the last 90 days. Over the last 180 days the cash rate has changed skyrocketed. It crashes 3-8 times except 30 minutes or use. In the last 90 days, it will no longer own the second page when you have to flip pages on a tablet. It is borderline useless! I have to email article to view on my laptop. Please fix your usability issues.

  31. Can’t flip! I often get to ad screens that I cannot flip past. The app is just frozen at that point, the “wait” spinner never stops. I can flip backwards, but I cannot go past whatever ad is blocking me. Maybe put a clock on the ads, if they don’t load in time allow us to move on to the next story. I am now in the market for a different news reader.

  32. Flipboard used to be my one-stop app for my local and global news, but like everything else in life, all good things come to an end. Unfortunately, there are now too many 20-second video advertisements that must play from beginning to end before I can get a tiny bit of news. Sometimes it’s just all advertisements and no news because Flipboard will crash after the ad has played. Making matters worse is that these ads are often repeated on your screen, over and over… and over and over again.

  33. The latest version has a change to the interface. It’s now very hard to actually leave the app. Plus they are posting from a lot of sources that require a subscription to view the articles. There is no way to report an article that contains errors. Finally, some of the ads lead to scam sites. I no longer recommend this news digest app.

  34. This one star is to get someones attention. I have used this app for years and you have still not added the feature to organize the magazines we can create. There is no sort feature. I was even stupid enough to manually move all 60 magazines around only to see them immediately revert to the order they were created in. Just the ability to sort them alphabetically would make a huge difference. Im going to abandon this app. /rant

  35. There must be something better. Ads frequently block content. Almost every time I read a story I get knocked back to the preceding page At Least once. This is most annoying when I have followed a link in one article to a second or third story. Then after being kicked back to that first story, sometimes I cannot even find the last article I was reading. Also, even though in two different settings I tell the app Do Not to Autostart Videos, EVERY video autostarts, and Interrupts my audiobook.

  36. Great concept, excellant App, BUT some of the advertising banners have so much graphical content, Flipboard stalls. I know its the era of hig speed connection, but Flipboard should lower the file size of banners. ALSO…. If you have been flipping through stories for 15 or 30 minutes, and accidently hit the back button twice instead of once (to go back on story). …. You go back to the beginning, with no way to find where you left off, other than flipping through everything again! (Andrd Galx7)

  37. This is basically CNN in app form. Wouldn’t recommend it at all. Especially if you are looking for a neutral news source. It’s utter garbage articles and all clickbaited inaccurate headlines. I honestly can’t believe that it has good ratings at all. Though, a lot of them look like bot ratings. Save yourself the headache of swiping away the notifications from this app and just don’t install it.

  38. It used to work but now it has me in an endless loop of taking me to the same article and not letting me view anything else if I try to engage with it. It is read this or exit. The only reason I have not given up on it is because of the pop ups relevant news that show up in my notifications. But if I ever try to open it it will always take me to the same article it has taken me for years. I have tried updates, Uninstalling, and reinstalling but nothing changes.

  39. Since the demise of Google News & weather, if tried a few things. Flipboard is okay, but I really with it’s widget would show me more than one story. I like the lock screen ability, but getting to my home page is a bit bothersome. I would REALLY like to see sources with the title. I don’t want to stumble upon some blog unedited with a catchy title

  40. Used to LOVE it. Then 8/10 articles became about photography. Tried to mute specific sites. Asked for ‘fewer like this’ with regards to photography. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the occasional nature photo awards, etc. but STILL more than half of the articles are about photography or cameras. I know I can scroll on by, but if you’re not going to accept and apply the input, why even ask for it?

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