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Discover a personalized experience like never before with the Yahoo app. Make the app your own by following celebrities, companies, and teams you’re interested in and creating your own video channel with the topics you follow. Get local weather, sports scores and highlights, top news and entertainment stories & videos, stock quotes, coupons from your email and more – all your Yahoo favorites, all in one place.

Plus you can change the order of all your content so that you can see what you’re most interested in as soon as you open the app.

Favorite features:

● Customize your feed by following topics like celebrities, sports teams, and companies to get updates for the topics you really care about.

● The Yahoo video channel: Follow topics you’re interested in to create a channel that is unique to you.

● Top Stories: Stay informed with the top news and entertainment stories of the day.

● Email: Read and send email, directly from the app.

● Sports: Track live scores, schedules, and news from your favorite teams and players.

● Inbox coupons: Save money and time by never missing a coupon from your inbox.

● Local deals: Sign in using your Yahoo login from Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Sports, or Yahoo Finance. Or sign up to become part of the Yahoo family where you’ll get access to special offers and local deals!

● Finance: See latest market data, trending news, popular stocks and get updates on your personal portfolio.

● Weather: Plan your day with local weather.

● Horoscope: Choose your sign and see what the day has to offer.

● Accessibility: Enabled for VoiceOver. Optimized for color contrast. Enabled for switch control, use of physical keyboards, and alternate input devices. Supports closed captions (when available).


Bug fix and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "Yahoo – News, Mail, Sports MODDED"

  1. SEE EDIT. App is no longer working properly. Unable to view, send or delete directly from app. Always goes to merchant cite. Must downgrade. This app is no longer useful. However, I found a great solution. I downloaded the Microsoft Outlook free mail app and added my Yahoo email onto it. Works like a charm. Now I can receive and send thru the Yahoo app. This Outlook is simple and has a grea performance history so far. I love it. Try this method an see if it works for you Great design.

  2. Update 1/3/22: The latest version isn’t buggy, but I’m not fond of it. Email now opens to sales/product emails, rather than inbox, and even the categorization is incorrect. A daily news email from CNN shows up in the sales/product category – why? Fortunately it’s easy to move from this view to the inbox, but why the distinction? Original: This latest update is awful. I have had to uninstall and reinstall repeatedly (multiple times a day) to be able to access my email on my phone. What a pain!

  3. Won’t even stay open now since the latest update. Opens into a new section designed to sell me stuff (in other words, junk mail that didn’t go to the designated junk mail folder) and when I try to go to the inbox it gives me a little “new feature!” notice at the bottom and then promptly crashes and shuts down. Haven’t been able to look at new mail for a week now.

  4. For the last two days I have been trying to get into my email and it keeps bumping me out. Instead it opens at the shopping side. I’ve sent numerous requests through the app, uninstalled and installed and turned off the phone too many times to count. Very frustrating, annoying and unacceptable. If something is not done to correct the problem I will be using another site to get my emails. Yes your suggestion worked. I hope this is the last time I have to deal with the problem. It’s happening now!

  5. O Stars! 👎👎 Frustrating waste of time and storage space!! I was forced to download this app when I switched phones because the old Yahoo mail app wasn’t supported on my new phone. I just want to read and reply to my email; I don’t want news, sports or any of that other stuff but I can’t turn any of that off. The app crashes/freezes alot and when I am actually able to open it I can’t even access my email inbox.

  6. Mike Veis dice:

    The app is O.K. but the app is very slow, it continuesly freezes and won’t respond at times. I’ m unable to delete my emails all at once and have to do it one at a time. Deleted emails keep reappearing. To fix this i’m constantly having to clear the cache. I think there is a bug in the app causing all these problems. Please fix or I may have to uninstall the app.

  7. J K dice:

    For the most part I don’t mind the app, but I hate the grouped message thread does not show me every email in order unless I scroll to the bottom of them all. So, I turned it off, but now there are lots of individual emails from one person instead of any thread of our conversation at all. Also the past few days when checking emails, if I hit “show more” to see what I replied or the last reply, the app force closes. It is very irritating. Hopefully this can be fixed soon.

  8. The past month I have installed, removed and reinstalled 8 times. Why, because you continue to either remove, hide or scramble settings so emails don’t show as they should or news can not be accessed. Each time I correct it the app reverts back again when I close and reopen. Since I never had any issues prior, my conclusion; you are trying to frustrate the user enough with the free app to purchase your news app. Not going to happen, either get your free app straight again or lose your clients.

  9. Update: app crashes. The worst app I’ve downloaded. Very SLOW. Email is useless. Now, I can’t even access my emails. Tapping the envelope icon does nothing. This app has a mind of its own and does the opposite of what you want or does nothing at all. Can’t log out of email, ridiculous. Will be deleting this mess of an app. Not even worth one star.

  10. This app is becoming a pain in the a**. Had to clear the app cache and clear the search history constantly to keep it running smoothly. Had to click on the Trash can constantly to make sure its emptied before the trashcan icon finally disappears before logging off. Becoming a time waster doing all that. Keeps crashing. Keep it up and I’ll uninstall this crappy app!!

  11. Please fix the “conversations” in the settings. I do not want my conversations grouped up but wanted each email to remain separate. I have been able to do this on this app in the past but now since yesterday every time I try to uncheck the “conversations” in settings, the app keeps spinning and does not let me even open my emails. I have also tried rebooting the phone as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the app numerous times already.

  12. Some bugs on specific devices. In my case, with a Wiko Life 3, the app would crash every time I opened my inbox. The issue has since been resolved and the apps owners are responsive and helpful. Otherwise, simple and convenient.

  13. This app won’t allow me to sign in with Google even though it has an option to do it. When I try to sign it it brings me to my Google accounts and then just brings me back to the original sign in page. Edit on 6/13/2022 I have tried your suggestions it still just brings me back to the sign on screen.

  14. No way to disable and delete past devices. Since I recently upgraded I had to disable key and enable 2fa. Needs to be a way better way to manage that. If you upgrade, change, format devices key authorization will no longer work. Also keep getting emails from my log in. Help takes you to a forum? Like that will be any use.

  15. At first the app had me locked up in Shopping section and refused to access Inbox throwing me out every time I tried to access. But this newer update has fixed the app so it opens in Inbox and I checked it and it works!!! I was ready to close the account with yahoo but it works! Happy now.

  16. Tried this app again today and the 1 notification I want turned on is “Daily Brief” the Coronavirus Update but it will not stay on. Keeps turning itself off almost immediately after turning on the slide button.

  17. Everytime I download the app it has a bug or virus that sends messages randomly. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it multiple times and it never acts correctly.

  18. Your Yahoo! mail + services are spot on and i love the service and security of encrypted emails for one and the awesome attachments and mail separation and organization attached files , Photos and written data all separate and organized separately and lay out the way you guys have done save the account user from having to manually do that when the find themselves having to continually repeat themselves the same unanswered Support inquiries their devices and services. Well sure your seen my plea

  19. I just got a New Phone from US Cellular from Thursday, September 24, 2020. It’s a great way to get updates after it was installed on my Mobile App and Google Play Store. As a result, I’ve been getting errors when I received it because it’s not responding at all. What should I do? I’ll have to go to the settings and see if it’s working or not. I’ll have to restart my phone when it was getting stuck on my device. When my phone resets, I’ll have to clear Data and Cache and try again. Thanks a lot.

  20. l had the pleasure of speaking to Ms. Chrissandra in the Is caribbean. The company should be happy to have her. She was the most outstanding young lady l have had as a technical expert in many years. Her personality was jovial and kind. Her customer service was outstanding. l a not technically savvy at all. but she was never abrasive or disdained with me. Thank you. it was a exhausting but she encouraged me and we completed the task.

  21. had to reset phone. can’t sign into yahoo because it says to open a yahoo app and click something. can’t click anything because i can’t login to any of my accounts on any app.

  22. Why has Yahoo! home page and topic choice bern limited to non essential news and interest. You can’t even choose breaking world, national, state, local news information. Even for the topucs offered tfe ootions are mostly related to pop, fad, gossip, tabloid, entertainment, stories of obscene behavior and acts: all shallow surface, vain, substance empty or should I rather say very low priority, non life threatening or altering reports. Ive gotta return to the browser version to get real news.

  23. I absolutely love yahoo mail… It’s the only email I use . Not to mention You get daily news ,spam blocker and much more. It’s like a personal assistant all in one.. I don’t go a day without it.

  24. Way too many ads…after downloading it, every time I turn my phone on an ad pops up on my home screen and I have to dismiss it before I can use my phone. Seriously??????

  25. Horrible since downloaded to new cell phone. Can’t change weather to my location is just one of many things. This is my 2nd post about this app.

  26. now im pissed off, i been trying to change info, it says you can use alternate email but these ppl at yahoo say there is no other options then it should not say so! bc it do!. they told me a year ago they’d call. they did not.cant get in bc what?im filing a complaint my sht been breached. i did “screenshot” what they said i could’nt im filing complaint with screenshots! i do nt want to be online the reason i called.i hate all this!

  27. Awesome, Consistent, Thorough, Diversity and Inclusive, Professional Content Presentation To All Walks of life. At home. and abroad. Thanks.

  28. I love yahoo. Very simple and always accurate. Upgade and download quickly.

  29. taking up too much screen for display. don’t want to see subject in Think font.

  30. I have had Yahoo for as long as emails have been around. It has always been great for me.

  31. like the nice and fast synchronization it provides.

  32. This qpp is steadily not allowing me to see my emails. I’m getting notifications just fine and “shopping” emails are right there, but my inbox and whatnot will be accessible for awhile and I’ll come back later and it does the same thing all over again. I’ve uninstalled. I’ve uninstalled and reset my phone and reinstalled I’ve tried a numerous amount of things and it’s flat out irritating AF!!! Old app won’t work on this phone and I’m not paying for the upgrade app. Yahoo was my favorite.

  33. Since I’ve got my new phone I’ve been using this new app. It’s terrible. All of the shopping icons that I didn’t put there. I can’t even get into my inbox to look up older email. It only shows current email. When I pick the inbox button the app shuts down. I went to the full website instead and got rid of this POS.

  34. SteveDWin dice:

    recently attached files are not easily deleted. does anyone know how

  35. A C dice:

    Not sure what is happening? Recently, the apps stop showing me all of my emails. I wait and wait to receive emails and log on, using my computer and the emails are there. They just don’t show up using the android app. Tried clearing cache, tried uninstalling, etc. No change.

  36. Something is broken in the app. When you use the Inbox button to get to email, it closes the app. The shopping and Home button are okay. Inbox will shut it down. Report sent, but not fixed yet, even after reinstall.

  37. Google has been into our business for some time and I’ve kinda succumbed to it. I’ve opted out of all the monitoring they will allow, but their constant overwatch continues. A downside to modern technology.

  38. The it works great so far. Just keep your email uncluttered and you should have speed issues. I would like see away to block emails that are fraud or spam. Some of them seem to only let you delete or place in spam. *4/7/22* Now the app opens but closes out when I select inbox to view emails.

  39. Works better on my Android phone than any other yahoo Email app on play store.

  40. Excellent user interface and ease of use.

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