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Washington, D.C. news, weather, traffic and sports serving Maryland and Virginia
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News doesn’t wait, why should you? Take FOX 5 DC everywhere you go! Our app connects you with top stories in and around Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland— complete with breaking news alerts, live video, and real-time weather forecasts.

– Breaking news delivered as fast as it breaks
– Live stream newscasts daily
– Up-to-the-minute streamlined content display for a user-friendly experience

– Hourly conditions and 7-day forecasts
– Interactive radar 24 hours a day
– Fresh video updates from FOX 5’s meteorologists

– Catch up every morning and watch what you missed
– Exclusive content on your favorite segments including Cooking with Como, Lights! Camera! McCarthy!, and Zip Trips
– Browse delicious recipes for dinner, lunch and breakfast

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40 comentarios en "FOX 5 Washington DC: News MODDED 2022"

  1. Rebecca J dice:

    Fox5DC, please tell users how to opt out of MGM sports trivia alerts and similar non-news alerts. When I see that 5 logo pop up on my phone, I’m expecting something important. Sports trivia is entertainment, not news.

  2. I liked this app, would give 5 stars if we could stop notifications we do not want! All of a sudden, a few weeks ago, I am getting sports trivia questions up to 5 times a day. Its very annoying! I want the news notifications or weather notifications. Not sports trivia thru the day. Please stop the sports trivia or allow us to opt out! I have been trying to opt out!!

  3. repetitve old articles. not enough updating of stories. app format or layout is a fustrating jumbled mess. needs to revert back to how it was a couple of yrs ago. more updated articles . easier to choose n read articles.. used to be able to choose how oftem articles were updated..

  4. Recent update is hard to use. I will be looking for a way to delete the update. The previous version was more user friendly. Thank you for your response and interest in my opinion. I am learning how to use the updated app. It doesn’t always work well when trying to retrieve a story. I was very comfortable with the older version. Updated on 7/30/19.

  5. I jave used this app for over 4/5 years. Thus is the 2nd change to the app. I do not like this update. Old one was easier to use. The ads look like a news story if you not careful you may end up clicking on one. Will be uninstalling. Sorry fox5. 😔

  6. Lady Be dice:

    I absolutely enjoy my Fox app, especially when I am able to weigh in on the Polls, my favorit! I read the articles in my Fox app even while watching movies, lol!! My children and love always wonder if I am paying attention to the movie on while reading, I truly am paying attention, lol, I simply enjoy multi-tasking. Why supply ALL of your attention to a show, TV, when you can use the other portion of your brain to work at the same time, read! LadyB💛

  7. I really enjoy the app, but the only reason for downloading it for me is to participate in daily instapolls. So here’s the absolute crazy suggestion – > Aby chance the app developers can add a direct link to “Fox 5 Live InstaPoll” on the main page, please? Assuming the top-left corner, opposite to the “Watch Live” red button, would be ideal. Thank you!

  8. I would like receiving emails from channel 5 on news and sports. Thank you.

  9. at first i gave you all five(5) stars.. now i dropped down to two(2) stars is because the app is now cutting off when i turn my phone sideways when i go to watch it, then when i turn it the regular way it does the same thing… can you pls fix it… that would be nice…

  10. App is very glitchy now. I can’t share stories via text and clicking on a story may not lead to the story itself or the live video. I just want to be able to read the article

  11. News video clips usually don’t complete, though the ad portion always works fine. Grammar and spelling errors often in articles. Otherwise more balanced reporting.

  12. It should be easier to post opinions about articles.At this moment, I’m still trying to figure it out. I’m from the baby boom era,not a millineal.

  13. I hate this new app i wish I could get the old app back. You can’t choose weather option alerts not even for local news. Please fix or change back to the older version. For now i am deleting from my phone.

  14. I don’t like the new style of the app layout. It’s to messy and to many ad breaks in between news stories.

  15. When I receive an alert or news update, it never opens the news item when I click on it. Also Watch Live times out (circles to catch up) or exists the app in the middle of news conference.

  16. I can’t open the app now. It says no connection and I am on a very strong wifi connection. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it still is the same.

  17. There was a time I watched this station every morning before work. But now this station is so far left it makes me sick to follow. To bad this station not for all Americans, just the left. Only thing this station good for is local crime.

  18. Weather is a Zero. TV says it will be 80 on Sunday. App says it will be 68. App repeats headlines. Open and see a story, scroll down and see it again. So much for NEWS. Ads are fine but 30 secs of data is too much. Still redundant stories. Is the staff being paid by the word ?

  19. I will get a breaking news notification and open app and can’t find the breaking news story. Latest example, got a blip about Bob Dole, opened the app and couldn’t find story.

  20. All of a sudden, I could no longer install this app on my cell after having it on for years. Please fix whatever bug that it has…I have a Samsung S21, things were fine up until a few days ago and I’ve tried everything, otherwise it’s a pretty good all

  21. First time using this app and I found it is beyond amazing. I’m So glad to have it. I also love the fact that I can watch the news in other states. That’s awesome. GREAT APP. MUCH APPRECIATED!

  22. Works well in portrait, soon as i put it in landscape on live TV, it crashes.

  23. Don’t like new look. At all. I loved the look of the old app and don’t see why the old look was not simplified enough.

  24. TV weather and app weather don’t match at all. The app lags at a terrible rate. Left desiring more.

  25. New popup advertisements are rediculous! On the the verge of uninstalling the app. I just want to read the news. I’m not here to shop!

  26. It’s ok… The screen doesn’t turn when you turn the phone. The videos don’t go to full screen.

  27. The so is great for news, but there needs to be a way to opt out of the polls pushed through notifications.

  28. When an alert on a story comes up and you try and click on that story it never comes up and you have to hunt for the story instead of the app automatically going to that particular article

  29. Mary dice:

    Never works. Always errors out. Says pick another video even when selecting live option.

  30. Too many ads…hard to navigate through them and the news stories!! Dont like it!!!

  31. App live TV feature frequently quits or doesn’t work. The few commercials are repeated ad nauseam

  32. Hung Over dice:

    Good reporting on Washington DC news and weather

  33. News article don’t update a lot of times old articles stay for days. Don’t seem like the app is updating on a regular basis

  34. like this app,I lot of time I can’t be home to see the news ,now I take my tablet and see and hear the news live.

  35. Not able to remove on screen controls from view on my S20+ the available X closes the app.

  36. Can not get the pause symbol or rewind and forward of the screen on live broadcast. Since update

  37. Sends pop ups on your phone with a news story. When u click on the pop up, it takes you to the Fox 5 app where you cant find the pop up story…?

  38. I want to be able to watch it live but my screen will only allow me to watch a few minutes forward or backward. How can I adjust this

  39. Local news and weather it’s clear and fast and up to the beat just keep up the good work

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