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You Get Real News Other Media Outlets Don't Report. As an Independent & Nonpartisan Media, We Deliver Truth and Tradition. This release includes:
- Listening to articles feature added
- UX/UI improvement
We are constantly improving our app to best serve you. Please send your questions and feedback to: [email protected]. Thank you.


40 comentarios en "The Epoch Times: Breaking News MOD"

  1. I do very much like the app but I’m super disappointed that I can’t disable autoplay for articles with videos. Most of the times when I read news it’s when sound will disturb others. I find myself often clicking on videos when I don’t realize it and the videos play so fast that I don’t even have a chance to stop them before they startle everyone near by including me. Now I have to keep my phone volume at zero to use the app which is easy to forget when you turn the volume up for something else.

  2. I do very much like the app but I’m super disappointed that I can’t disable autoplay for articles with videos. Most of the times when I read news it’s when sound will disturb others. I find myself often clicking on videos when I don’t realize it and the videos play so fast that I don’t even have a chance to stop them before they startle everyone near by including me. Now I have to keep my phone volume at zero to use the app which is easy to forget when you turn the volume up for something else.

  3. I don’t mind paying for this service. I like the Epoch times alot. I hate downloading a “free” app knowing I will get commercials and advertising and thats fine. But then none of the articles are readable with out a subscription. It feels like a bait and switch. If I can read the articles for free with advertising GREAT! If I need to subscribe! Great its a great value. But don’t have me download a “free” app with advertising and get me scrolling through headlines only to find out that I c

  4. Emil Caon dice:

    Enjoyed it for a few weeks until it quit working. I kept getting news notifications, but the articles failed to open. I no longer recall the error message. And yes, I was/am, happily, a paid Epoch Times subcriber. The publication is great (and badly needed), but they have a lot of work remaining on their smart phone apps. I removed the app some months back…haven’t thought to retry it.

  5. The Guy dice:

    Great app, up-to-date news with excellent research and reporting involved, especially as it concerns China, which had otherwise kicked out or sent money to most major networks. I would have given it less stars, as I don’t like the subscription price ($5 a month or no fee and some ads would be better) but I don’t read many more than the few ‘free articles’ advertised as the option for non-subscribers.

  6. This app is adequate, and does what it says. But, I’m uninstalling. They don’t seem to offer an ad supported version, and this app does not offer anything that would make it worth subscribing to, as there are multiple other good conservative apps that report the same stories without a subscription. Once you get past the trial period, which I didn’t realize existed, it’s just a nuisance, because it gives you headlines in notifications, but you can’t read the story. I’ll just get the story elsewhe

  7. I, too had issues with all the popups and subscription offers so I also uninstalled the app. I see from these reviews that it hasn’t gotten any better so I won’t be reinstalling the app. I’m not opposed to paying for a subscription but if I do, I don’t also want to endure the ads. I will circle back on occasion to see if they make any changes. The news stories are good.

  8. I thought that answer fixed it but it didn’t. I still get every damn notification. I don’t want notifications for videos or epoch tv. I’ll probably just turn them off. Crisis fixed 😂🙌🏻 . So far I’m happy with my subscription but I wish there were more options in the settings to control the notifications. There’s basically only an on or off. I would like to be able to choose what I want notifications for, ie. Videos, breaking news, TV, etc.

  9. Really enjoyed the app. News articles are relevant, well written and non biased. The layout is very clean and easy to navigate. You get to read a couple free articles a day before you’re cut off and asked to subscribe for $80/year, which I just can’t justify. There are so many free options to choose from, not to mention other things I’d rather have for $80/year or $15/month, the cost is just too much. If they made the price a little less crazy, I’d subscribe. As it is, it’s worth $20 in total.

  10. Two issues with the app itself that at least turn me off personally. First, disabling notifications through the app seems to have no effect, I get them all the same. I’m trying this out to hopefully get news when I want it, but it chirps at me more loudly than the noisy news I wanted to get away from now that I’ve signed up. Second, the videos have no support for split screen, which is currently how I watch most news on my phone so I can multitask.

  11. Other than the occasional newspaper, yeah….I’m a dinosaur, I’ve never paid for news. Over the past few years, as my distrust in Main Stream Media grew, I looked more closely at what was considered “Fridge” news outlets. The Epoch Times caught my eye and I read everything that was available free to me. As that availability shrank (in an effort to get me to subscribe) I found myself copying it’s headlines and doing Google searches. Eventually, I subscribed. HUGE! LOVE IT! Best move I’ve made!

  12. I really wanted to like this app. But within 5 seconds of opening an article, a pop-up ad covers the article without a way to dismiss it. It demands a subscription, which I will not agree to, until I see how I like the app. I’m sorry, but I got so aggravated, since several articles I read the first three sentences, got into it and BLAM! POPUP! So I uninstalled it.

  13. Liz Sax dice:

    I have a paid subscription for the last two years. It’s been great until recently now I get ads block me from reading the article. Trying to click out of the ad is time consuming and usually kicks me out of my article. I love epoch times but having a paid subscription and having to deal with the ads isn’t sitting well at all. I hope this gets fixed asap.

  14. So far the app, but most importantly the content is great! It’s like a smorgasbord of wholesome journalism without the left v. right false dichotomy: (a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different.) As someone who would like to consider himself fairly informed on common issues and who looks at things with a few different lenses so to speak, it’s refreshing to be able to make the statement above. Much more can be said, but it’s GOOD

  15. I can’t read any articles. There is always a pop-up freezing the article and asking me to create an account. The terms say this is optional, but in practice an account is mandatory. As I prefer random ads over being tracked and targeted I’m uninstalling. There is a plethora of other services where an account is not needed, as well as the good ol’ web.

  16. L J dice:

    Right out of the box this app failed. I bought a subscription for Epoch Times and was sent a text link to dl this app. Tried to set up an account and it said email address already exists. Okay, makes sense since I just signed up for a sub. But the app wouldn’t allow me to create a password. Tried “forgot password”, entered email address and it just hangs… Repeat above, still hangs with no way to create/reset a password. Now I have to find a way to contact tech support. Should be easier. :/

  17. This could be a great app with an abundance of information, if you were able to read it. Every few seconds an advertisement will appear preventing you from reading articles or watching videos. When you attempt to hide the advertisement it kicks you out of the article your reading. Terrible waste of time and space, it’s an advertisement trap.

  18. Love the content and the organization of the app, but some of the videos I’m having a hard time hearing even with the phone volume set to its maximum (for instance, the Counter Culture TV). It would be so great if the volume for the TV series (on the app as well as the YouTube videos) could be louder. Thanks!! LOVE the Epoch Times!!

  19. So dissappointed. I was sure I had canceled my subscription so I was surprised to see 2 charges to my account (no refunds, of course). There was also a purposeful barrier to canceling where you have to call to cancel (you should be able to do it easily through the app or website). And everytime I asked if it was canceled “Lisa” told me it wasn’t and kept asking me questions. I dont want to complete a survey, I want my subscription canceled, Lisa!! I will NEVER give them my business again!

  20. To me there is no better source of reality than the Epoch Times. I have had a subscription to them for over three years now. Both in physical paper form and digital. I much prefer the digital, therefore the app, form. It’s also really good to read in a web browser as a full screen. I just highly recommend Epoch Times as your source for news.

  21. Must be a paid user to view even basic articles, which kinda sucks because multiple other apps provide the same content for free, and generate revenue from ads, not the audience. I can see having a premium paid content option, but the constant nags and pop ups get annoying when you can’t read anything , Uninstaling and sticking to the 100% free options

  22. This app presents news in a heavily filtered format. Not reliable at all. I found that the audio and video were cut and pasted together in the videos I watched, sometimes mid sentence!! It’s obvious that there’s some heavy filtering happening, which is too similar to censorship for me to be comfortable with. If I’m being promised live news, I want unedited live news, not a forced narrative.

  23. Steve T dice:

    If you got in with a trial subscription, make sure you double check your credit card afterwards. I was being charged full price for months after I thought I canceled the trial (via Google subscriptions). The rep on the phone told me the app is third party so you have to cancel directly with the Epoch (no way to do it from app – if you check subscription within app it just takes you to another promo). I like the Epoch and wish them success, but the way they get subscriptions is a little shady.

  24. Very interested in Epoch times, especially after Fox converted to the dark side of the mainstream media with the elections, but won’t be able to swing the subscription. I looked for the “free account” option you mentioned to another reviewer but don’t see that option. Until you come out with a free version, even if its with some ads, I won’t be using it.

  25. The Epoch Times is one of the most thorough and impartial news outlets available anywhere. And the app works great, no glitches. Very easy to use. Notifications for live streaming interviews and other broadcasts are helpful. This pairs quite well with a subscription. I found the reporting so good that I got a subscription right away. I can’t quite remember, but I think there were some limitations on how many articles one could read. So subscribe! It’s totally worth it!

  26. Subscription process is a nightmare. If you sign up for FREE subscription to review them: 1) You cannot purchase the $.99 monthly option. You need to create a fake email prior to purchase. 2) OR Call Google to cancel your subscription (as it is tied to the FREE email account). Then call EPOCH back and their technology lead will sign you up over the phone. I’ve never jumped through so many hoops to read an article. I cancelled the entire subscription.

  27. W Wang dice:

    I’m glad to return to a great source of less biased news. Wish I could go (like my mom) to the Asian grocery to grab a print copy (I need English, not Chinese). I reluctantly uninstalled Epoch Times when they started limiting the number of stories users could read. Months later, I noticed that the article limit was gone when I pulled Epoch up on another phone (where I hadn’t uninstalled). Never once crashed after years of use. Now I’m reinstalling it back on my primary phone & new tablet.

  28. Poor navigation to find programming and live streaming for subscribers! Im constantly trying to find the programming on the app. I can never ever find it. It is poorly labeled and organized, and it should be front and center on any of the navigation bars. American Thought Leaders, Crossroads…Can’t find them. I shouldn’t have to search for these programs. Please fix it because I love the content. This is an elementary oversight. Please fix the problem.

  29. Videos start playing automatically and I can’t see any way to turn it off. I uninstalled the app because of this. The developers say they added a way to turn this off so I reinstalled it. The first notification I opened played a video commercial at full volume. I see no way to turn off autoplay anywhere. Uninstalling again

  30. Not sure when the format/layout was updated, but it looks FANTASTIC and is extremely easy to navigate now! Nice clean look and very user friendly/intuitive. When I originally installed this app it was a bit difficult to find what I wanted and I kinda gave up and read the reports on Twitter. Will definitely be turning to the app much more often than Twit going forward!

  31. 5 star on the newspaper content! But the app is horrible. I have paid a subscription fee for over a year yet unable to view on app. I am continuously asked to purchase a subscription. When I login, I am required to change my password every time. I refuse to purchase a second subscription payments per month!

  32. I have been a paying subscriber for almost a year now. App worked fine until recently – now it constantly crashes refusing to open and I have to use a browser (terrible on all browsers so far). If this isn’t fixed soon I will cancel (and I don’t care how many phone calls it takes this time). I came close to cancelling back in the spring but they make cancellation a real pain (have to do it over the phone and someone has to call you back) content improved so I stayed.

  33. No problems at all with the ET app. It’s convenient, reliable, and filled with quality content. Thanks, ET! I only wish there was a mechanism by which one could “Smash that ‘Like’ button!”, which unfortunately can be done only when viewing content via YouTube but not when viewing directly through the app. 😏

  34. Great research, cutting- edge stories, not just the same as all other outlets. Clear, concise writing without imposition of viewpoint or hiding of relevant information. News for people who want to draw their own conclusions. I highly recommend!

  35. Top stories used to display simply as bulleted list. My phone didn’t prompt me for update, but display started including pictures in the list. I prefer the bullet list without pictures that allows a quick scan of top stories

  36. Really 3 stars is me being nice. It’s not the content that is my issue. In fact I like the content. The problem is Dara mining. Why is this app grabbing financial info? Or location info and then sharing it. We shouldn’t have to spend 20 minutes digging thru the app to request the data mining to stop. That should be a given. Why not ask if it’s ok to collect data? Some people won’t mind and others will. But to just take personal info and sharing isn’t cool. Which is why I try to avoid using apps

  37. It Guy dice:

    Epoch Times is one of the few that still keeps the old fashioned journalism values. Impartiality, trying to be fair and balance and distancing themselves from yellow journalism. Unlike named media companies that taking sides has become their value and they give a bad name to Democracy!

  38. I have found The Epoch Times to be exceedingly valuable, informative, educational and even entertaining. I appreciate that their news is balanced by educational, inspirational and wholesome entertainment features. I recommend it highly.

  39. *UPDATE* I was about to reinstall until I saw your data collection and sharing info! Looks like my previous review was deleted. So here it is again. The Paywall all of a sudden sucks. You create an account and still have to deal with Paywall. App Deleted at this point. I’ll find another way to get the news.

  40. Very thorough and never dry or rote. The issues that matter. Tiffany excellent. Josh is sterling and has a quiet power about his journalism. So glad to be part of Premium to view longer and more in depth stories. The bootube has great half hour shows segments for free viewing. Thank you for giving affordable accessible Premium content. See you there soon.

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