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FOX Nation is an entertainment streaming service brought to you by FOX News. Subscribe now for exclusive access to original shows, documentaries, and stories that celebrate America.
Subscribers can watch:
• Over 400 exclusive shows with new content added daily
• Full episodes of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Hannity, and The Ingraham Angle are available commercial-free the morning after they air on FOX News
• Live daily shows, original specials, and featured movies
• Politics, history, crime & justice, lifestyle & entertainment, and faith-based programming
• FOX News programs LIVE with your cable subscription
• Enjoy anytime, anywhere on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or connected TV. Cable is not required
Personalities & Hosts:
• Tucker Carlson
• Piers Morgan
• Kelsey Grammer
• Sean Hannity
• Laura Ingraham
• Dan Bongino
• Brian Kilmeade
• Nancy Grace
• Pete Hegseth
• Ainsley Earhardt
• Bret Baier
• Jeanine Pirro
• Abby Hornacek
• Lawrence Jones
• Johnny Joey Jones
Top Shows Include:
• Tucker Carlson Today
• Tucker Carlson Originals
• Piers Morgan Uncensored
• What Made America Great
• Kelsey Grammer’s Historic Battles for America
• The Dan Bongino Show
• Crime Stories with Nancy Grace
• Canceled in the USA
• Scandalous
• PARK’D with Abby Hornacek
• Modern Warriors
• Battle in the Holy Land
Watch FOX News Programs Live With Your Cable Subscription:
• FOX & Friends
• The Five
• Special Report with Bret Baier
• Jesse Watters Primetime
• Tucker Carlson Tonight
• Hannity
• The Ingraham Angle
• Gutfeld
• FOX News At Night

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We’ve been busy enhancing your experience tuning in to your favorite Fox News personalities on your mobile device. Enjoy exclusive news and shows from the voices you trust, now with several app optimizations and design improvements.


40 comentarios en "Fox Nation: Celebrate America 2022"

  1. Great content but this is the WORST app ever!!! Pay attention when you watch a show because you’ll never be able to see it again. The autoplay function makes it impossible for you to rewatch that show. And there is no option to turn off the autoplay. This app also does not provide a way to minimize the show when it is playing. That means you are unable to do anything on your phone until that show is finished. They also cover the show with adds for other shows while the show is playing. Stupid!

  2. Some of the content is available on cable TV. However there is some really good original content that is not available elsewhere. The app is pretty good. I like that it recognized my Samsung smart TV and offered to load the app for me. Sometimes the description of shows is out of alignment with the title…wrong description. But a refresh usually fixes it.

  3. Would be 5 stars but the app has playback issues. Especially when you have watched a show/episode and want to re-watch it. The auto-play feature kicks in and you only get like 3 seconds to pause the watched episode and manually rewind it. Otherwise the next episode plays and repeat / loop until you catch the pause and manually rewind it. Add a watch from beginning feature. Five stars then. Other than that the exclusives are fantastic. Be prepared for some shocking stuff not seen anywhere else.

  4. Tanner S dice:

    The user interface is very hit-and-miss with freezing up, doesn’t allow headphones to play/pause, the suggestions for next episode are 0/10, can’t listen and have phone closed, and maybe worst of all when I want to re-watch an episode or season, because headphones don’t control pause and have to step away for a bit.. if the episode(s) previously finished, it just keeps skipping right to the next episode until it goes to some suggested episode of something, again that I couldn’t care less about.

  5. The content is excellent! Technically, there are issues with the download feature (often fails) and it requires a strong signal to stream. Some apps, like Hulu, for example, work just fine with a weak cell or wifi connection, but not this app. But, the content is worth putting up with the technical glitches.

  6. Good content, terrible app. Crashes often. Always Crashes when using the audio only option. It’s like the app was created using 20 year old technology. Fine if it’s free, but what are we paying for? Highly disappointed! The Ingram Angle has a high pitch feedback from Laura’s mic. How is it possible that your team doesn’t notice this? Do you even read the reviews?

  7. This is the only app that never improves. The people at Fox just want your money but have no desire to create a quality product. You can only watch a show once. If you try to go back and watch it again, it will automatically skip to the next one, without giving you time to pause or rewind first. Still can’t watch full Dan Bongino show. Same problems, never get fixed.

  8. Since I started listening there have been several technical glitches I have been battling which detract from my enjoyment. The first was audio clicking in & out starting about half way through the program. The second one is all of a sudden I cannot start the programs I love on my android tablet because I keep getting f a message which says my subscription does not include the programs I have been watching since the beginning. If I UninstallFox Nation & then reinstall it I can get them. ???

  9. Love the content but the app has problems. Headphone mode used to allow me to start a show and then turn off the screen and put the phone in my pocket to listen while I walk around doing stuff around the house. Now not only does the video not keep going when I switch to another app or turn off the screen, the app completely shuts down. So if I’m listening to something and a message comes in, I end up having to restart the app and navigate back to the show instead of just switching back.

  10. Easy to use. Tons of incredible content. Documentaries and specials are available. On demand services that let you watch the prime time shows the next day without commercials. The show Cops is on there. And even several movies as well. All sorts of stuff that the internet is throttling down as well. Overall, it’s worth the inexpensive price…’re getting way more than you’re paying for.

  11. Vinny F. dice:

    Really love the fox news personalities that do specials dedicated to an individual person or current subject. The only problem I have is the way in which you navigate or search to find a episode. I think it should be setup differently and easier to find something or easier to find a special on a specific subject by any personality.

  12. I love Fox nation, but this app is awful. It keeps crashing if you navigate to another window. The headphone button does nothing anymore, so you have to keep the window open. So if I’m out exercising and want to listen I can’t put my phone in my pocket I have to hold it open . Please fix this it’s more than annoying.

  13. RobMOV dice:

    App does not work. Plain and simple. Even after I signed up with a subscription the app wouldn’t allow me to login. Canceled subscription, tried again and nothing. Hell, I even tried deleting and downloading the app then started the process over. Still nothing. Don’t waste your time until the Devs put some time into fixing the app.

  14. great content, terrible app. Great content, but for the love of pete, turn off the godforsaken ads that take up half of the viewing window. I don’t care to see the “yellowstone” ad while watching content. As a paying subscriber I am not paying to see ads. Also make the app stable, it crashes every 15-30 minutes, and maybe consider making the inerface tabbed, so we don’t have to scroll through 20 lines of icons to find the watchlist.

  15. Great content but the app is awful. When I try to watch a program the picture keeps freezing while the audio continues. Sometimes rewinding or fast forwarding helps but not always. I’ve Uninstalled and re installed the app several times. I’ve tried signing in with both my TV remote and phone. Nothing works. It is not my wifi. All the other streaming apps on my TV work fine. Customer service is virtually non existent. I’ve canceled my subscription.

  16. Tim dice:

    Unsubscribing. This app is literal garbage. It randomly closes in the middle of watching something. Also if you want to rewatch something, good luck because you can’t turn auto play off, it just skips to the next if it has already been watched once. Ridiculous that fox can’t seem to implement very basic features that are standard elsewhere like YouTube. These issues have been present for MONTHS, and they say “they are aware and working on it” but it never gets fixed. Bye Felicia

  17. Love Fox, app needs work. Needs to be a “For you” page. Needs to have a “previously viewed” tab and a “previously searched” so that I don’t have to type in my full show every time. Needs a “continue where you left off” feature. Price is very reasonable. Good selection of shows. App UI needs major upgrades. Hopefully that will come in time and with more support — Rome wasn’t built in a day. And neither was YouTube or Netflix

  18. Overall, the app is OK, but it has a few annoying quirks. If I watch a video but don’t completely close out of the app, when I try to go to Primetime, the app won’t respond to my tap. I have to exit the app completely, and then upon reentering, it does respond when I tap Primetime. Also, if I watch a video to completion, the app will not let me rewatch that same video. Otherwise, it works fine. And I love he programming available on Fox Nation!

  19. This app is horrible. It is very frustrating trying to watch a show after it played and has the “watched ” tag. The app has no way to prevent playing the next episode, and tge next, etc. It will play through your entire library. There is no replay or restart or re-watch button . So I am forced to attempt to play the title and hit the pause button so I can rewind, but I only catch it 30% of the time. Love the content but the app needs lots of improvements.

  20. Needs lots of work. Every time I use this app there’s a different problem. I subscribed (actually pay) for the service and it still stinks. Lots of times I open it and it automatically closes. Sometimes it just stops for no reason. I’ve experienced several annoyances using this. I love the content, but it’s really frustrating when you can never watch a full video.

  21. Since 2/22 I have had the app on my Samsung Smart TV. I have never been able to get the audio. I finally decided that after paying a decent chunk of money for a yearly subscription, that I’d have to watch it on my phone. Works great on the phone, but I sure would like it better on a big screen. I have tried for months to connect with someone at Fox Nation, but get the run around and no specific place to get help, & not being able to get it on my TV is a bummer. I love the programs though.

  22. J T dice:

    I have been paying for this for several months and it hasn’t worked from day one. Now the latest update won’t let the app open on my android phone and it keeps crashing. I have tried it several times on my Xbox One Series S over the past few months and it constantly buffers or the screen freezes, but the voices continue. I’ve tried everything and nothing works. I’m paying for something I can’t watch and haven’t been able to watch since I signed up.

  23. Horrible app! I was so excited to watch some episodes that had been advertized on Fox, but of course the app is not set up for easy access. The programs should automatically play one episode after the other of the same program. Instead it takes you to something else or just stops working. It is very frustrating!! I definitely believe it is NOT worth the $5.99 cost! I think you should have spent more time in the development of this App. It NEEDS to be more USER friendly. I will be canceling 😞

  24. Great content, horrible implementation. Try watching on an Android TV and you get programs where the voice is not in sync with video. Video is like in slow motion. You can reboot, unload and reload app, try using TV sound instead of soundbar, NOTHING works. I’m gonna cancel my subscription if this isn’t fixed soon. Using Sony Bravia TV, Google TV built in, and Spectrum.

  25. Pam dice:

    So frustrating. One of the reasons I got a subscription was Bongino’s daily livestream. The app randomly stops playing at least 6 times in a 3 hour show with the message “program cannot be accessed.” I have to shut down the app and restart each time. This process always takes a while because locating the livestream is never easy. To make it worse, customer support is non-existent. So frustrating for a paid service.

  26. Same as others. App “blips” open and immediately shuts. Have to reset phone to stop. Constant problems in general not working and also as others have said with trying to listen to audio. Samsung Galaxy. Sure it won’t be fixed with all the negative reviews. Time to cancel something I can’t even use now. Barely could use before. Also to add about the 24-hour wait time to watch. Was trying to cut the cord as well. Not going to happen with this service. 😠 Been paying for months as others.

  27. Tim Novak dice:

    Great content, terrible app. While listening to a show, the app regularly “encounters errors” which halts play. I use several other streaming apps on my phone while on the move, and as a whole, they perform nearly flawlessly. However, the Fox Nation app is effectively impossible to use unless I am sitting still in one place.

  28. I just want to say that your application is absolute garbage.. It’s incredibly difficult to navigate and has many flaws to begin with. But worst of all while I’m paying almost $160 a year to use it if I want to watch your shows live or in their entirety or not have to wait 24 hours or I have to sign in to my cable provider.. So a $160 a year for your app plus paying for cable. This makes no sense. I.e. This application is garbage. I can see more of your shows for free on YouTube

  29. Continually crashes if used with sound only when in another screen. Often crashes even when used normally. Content is slow to update. Pirates on YouTube have the shows up many hours before they are on this app. None of this is new…have tried the app on and off over the past few years and it never seems to improve much.

  30. This is what you get when you download the app (Samsung Android Users): *App crashes n cannot be restarted after first use. (New. Had to uninstall) *Downloaded content cannot scrub. *Poor navigation. Have to search everytime for your content. No favorites or shortcuts. *App restarts when screen is minimized and you return. *Downloading contents shows status 10% if the time. *Turning off video for sound only doesn’t shorten data usage. (Why oh why…) *Lastly why we pay so much for bad service

  31. Was a 3-4 star app but is now a 1 (ZERO if I could!) Started out well with good content (Tucker is the draw, naturally). Now doesn’t even launch on my Samsung Galaxy S10+ phone (blue screen with logo appears but thats it). App was a bit clunky as others have said, especially with previously partially watched shows. Navigating menus needs work. Sucks that the app works on my newer Samsung smart tv but not my older one which I use more. Also no Playstation support as a workaround. Fix it, Fox!

  32. The app crashes literally every five minutes and actually caused my phone to crash many times. When it does work, it buffers constantly. There are many other minor problems that make it difficult to use. I usually end up on the web version which is much better. Last time I tried to use the app, it wouldn’t even open.

  33. There have been a few times that opening was an issue and I get the “error encountered” message. Not sure why. I use the app on my phone as I really only get to use it while I get ready for work in the AM. I watch prime time shows the following morning. I’ve noticed that by 6A the shows are not up whereas in the past they have been. I’m able to you rotate my phone when I open the app 1st thing. When I come back it won’t allow me to rotate. So only a quarter of my phone actually has the show.

  34. I know you guys are working hard and it a new app. With that said the app needs a lot of work. Things that I think need to be added are: episode progress check marks to show what you have already watched or listened to, the ability to listen to podcasts in the background without having to have the app open and screen on, a favorites menu to quickly get to the shows you consume, and the ability to download content for offline listening or viewing. With those added this a 5 star app.

  35. Worst part about the app is the constantly-broken download section. Currently on wi-fi with a full battery and plenty of space trying to download a few shows for an upcoming flight. It’s giving an error saying not able to download. This is always happening and becomes frustrating. I love the shows on this service, but the app needs serious work. I’d even be willing to give free advice on how to lay out the menus, too. Two stars because I’m still able to stream, but that’s not always an option.

  36. TexasT dice:

    Stinks that it’s just audio for most shows. Because of that I will not renew my monthly subscription. Video is only available if you have a cable subscription. Audio quality is good and clear, but I prefer to watch my favorite personalities and shows not just hear it. Also, the app on the phone does not run in the background. If I want to listen while driving, I have to close out or minimize my maps app.

  37. While the content is great, the interface is terrible. Progress is not saved correctly while watching shows or after finishing them. On my NVidia Shield (Android TV), after watching many shows, the app just freezes and I have to force stop it. Don’t have these issues with the normal Fox News app. The issues are mainly with the new content added for the prime-time shows. I don’t think the app was designed with this content in mind and it is making watching great content a horrible experience. I really hope there will be a fix for this in the near future especially for an app where we have to pay for content.

  38. Great content, but the Android TV experience could really use some work. It crashes, a lot, and then you have to go into settings, force stop, open, to get it working again. And this is on a Chromecast with Google TV; the latest and most up to date Android TV device. If it doesn’t work on the reference device, I can’t imagine how it works on other streaming sticks.

  39. I have two major criticisms right now though. The progress bar needs to be moved. It is too easy to accidentally press the progress bar when I’m trying to use the back or home buttons on the bottom of my Samsung Galaxy S20. Second, there needs to be a “play next” button or something similar when watching series or seasons of shows. Third minor, a better layout. It’s confusing on if I’m currently looking at single episodes or the shows splash overall page.

  40. The star rating is more for the content on the app.. the app itself is a little frustrating. I have other streaming apps that I use for podcasts or watching shows on an live tv even that work great. This is the only one that constantly stops to buffer every few seconds. So it is frustrating to listen to anything while I’m driving to/from work with it stopping so much. It works fine while on wifi. Love the content on it, just wish it didn’t have to buffer so much.

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