ABC 7 New York Eyewitness News 2022

The ABC7 app lets you stream live newscasts, breaking news, weather and more.
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The ABC7 app provides the latest local, weather and national top stories and breaking news customized for you! Get more live and on-demand video than ever before, including live newscasts, and choose customized alerts based on your interests.
Customized “My News” that matters to you
– Stay informed on stories you love by choosing customized topics.
– “My News” builds a unique feed just for you based on interests and locations you choose.
– Stay updated on the latest through live video, real-time updates and easy navigation.
Get alerts you want
– Choose customized alerts for topics and locations you care about, from entertainment news to sports updates and everything in between.
– Easily select locations in “Settings” to get the latest breaking news, weather and traffic from your area in real-time.
Watch live video
– Find exclusive video clips and live video streams at the top of the app, including live news broadcasts.
– Switching between live streams is as easy as flipping between channels.
– Watch live video while you read stories and browse the app
Stay updated 24/7 on weather and traffic
– Easily choose your locations to get hourly conditions and 7-day forecasts.
– Get real-time Doppler maps along with detailed weather information from Accuweather.
– Get weather and traffic alerts for severe conditions so you’re always up-to-date before you go.

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Before you download this app, please consider that it includes advertising, some of which may be targeted to your interests. You may choose to control targeted advertising within mobile applications by using your mobile device settings (for example, by re-setting your device’s advertising identifier and/or opting out of interest-based ads)


Bug fixes and performance improvements


40 comentarios en "ABC 7 New York Eyewitness News 2022"

  1. I absolutely hate the very annoying ads when I just want to open and read a news segment or story. It’s the same annoying ad everytime! STOP IT! It’s spoiling my enjoyment of this otherwise excellent app. Yes, I can “x out” of this awful ad and video autoplay, but I have to do this EVERY SINGLE time. Sometimes, I just want to read a story, not watch a video with the annoying ad that comes before it.

  2. The app had been good, but recent update made it terrible! When you open an article, a video of the browdcast opens up at the top of your phone. After you get rid of the video (there are times when you can’t listen or would just prefer to read quietly rather than watch a video) it pops back up again. And again. AND AGAIN!! A user shouldn’t have to keep getting rid of a video! It’s annoying!

  3. Any article you click on automatically starts blaring a comercial followed by a tv news video. HEY!!! Maybe I just want to read the text and then choose if I want to tolerate the ad to see the talking heads do their thing instead of having it forced on me. I started out giving this app 3 stars. On second thought, I think I’ll change it to 2 stars.

  4. J Cost dice:

    This app is awful. I get constant notifications and 90% of the time if I click on it, the app opens and I just get a white screen, nothing loads. If something does load the other 10% of the time, it’s never the story corresponding to the notification. Going to uninstall. It’s not worth the time or trouble to be interrupted by the notifications that don’t help me gain any information.

  5. This is my favorite news app. I used to breeze threw the stories before bed rather quickly, now with back to back 20 and 30 second commercials for each and every article. They take long to load even with good reception. I completely lost interest and it’s very disappointing.. like I lost something.

  6. Liz T dice:

    Biggest problem with this app is when you sign up for breaking news notifications, it pushes ABC’S weather and programming notes daily. Not severe weather notifications; literally a daily “hey watch our forecast”. This is not breaking news. Not only that, when there is breaking news, the notification does not take you to the corresponding story. The app often freezes.

  7. It stinks always making changes, with every new change comes the same old problem it keeps disconnecting. I have a valid account and I have good internet both on my phone and at home. Why does this keep happening and what can I do if anyting to fix it? It’s turning me off to watch and channel 7. It’s very frustrating to be watching the news and cooking, going back and forth playing this game of green light red light blank screen, it has to stop.

  8. B Conifer dice:

    CRASHES constantly. VERY finicky. Will not show stream until several minutes into the broadcast: must start well in advance to not miss the first 2 stories (most important). Crashes CONSTANTLY. Have to close out and restart. Can’t actually GET the news or weather. Other NY stations have a functional streaming app… why can’t ABC7?

  9. Mark Lee dice:

    Good local news resource. Some stability issues w alerts. But fine when just browsing the application.

  10. This app looks like a 3rd grader made it. It’s basically just one long feed of posts with ads in between. Unbecoming of a major news network

  11. I was born in 1956 in New York Live it in Brooklyn. A little Town Called Williamsburg. Great place Back in the 50s And 60s 70s where good. Got A good Education. Respectable to other people. Which my mother and father have shown me. Went back 10 years ago. There are some places that I thought That will never change. Life is like that. You think that everything is going To last forever. But it doesn’t. I’m 65 and good to 66. I love Brooklyn know matter what. My heart ❤️ and part of my life is.

  12. Newest update kind of sucks. I click a notification to view THAT story and it takes me to a page explaining the launch of their new streaming channel. Thanks but no thanks, let me read the story that YOU sent me in the notification bar.

  13. Horrible. I get breaking news and updates push notifications but when I click to open the app takes several long minutes to load. So much so I dont bother and just go to the news website to read the article. Would Uninstall but I use it for just the breaking news push notifications so I know to put on or Google the headline since the app is garbage

  14. This app works for me I can stream the news live at the times that the news comes on but there are so many commercials in between I feel like I’m barely seeing any news and when i start the stream it starts with commercials and cuts the story playing in half. So I’ll keep the app and hope the next update will make it better if not I’ll look for a better news app

  15. This is the best news app! I moved from the city in 2017 and I regret it!! This app keeps me informed with my city!!

  16. Love the news alerts but wish the share button worked. Also, when I get a news alert and click to read more about that story, it opens up to a different story. It’s frustrating because I have to close the app, reopen it and manually search for the story.

  17. I am unable to “manage my news” or “manage notifications” fron the settings area. The loading animation keeps spinning and nothing renders when I tap into either area. The app overall is really well designed but if im unable to customize my experience then the notifications become more of an annoyance. I’m hopeful that its just a temporary issue otherwise an uninstall is a must.

  18. Doesn’t support live news in spite of the “watch live” tab. Sucks. Crashes, crashes, crashes like a derby. Doesn’t stream live news as news is being broadcast on live TV, or, despite given streaming times. Screen endlessly displays logo (load) screen but doesn’t play. Sucks.

  19. Downloaded today and could not see a complete video. Too many frozen episodes and black out screens. I am not crazy about it although my Favorite News channel is #7. I love all the News casts and reporters…. they are great BUT THE APP NEEDS WORK. I am uninstalling app. Will check back in New Year.

  20. P D S dice:

    I want to like this app more, but every time I enter the app from a news push notification, it’s lags and stalls my whole phone for a while and takes even longer to actually load the content I pressed for. No other news app I use does this. Please fix.

  21. I click on any notification and it takes so long to open. I’m on a S20 which is the latest and greatest. Not just me, everyone else here says the same thing. It’s been happening for over 2 years already, and I don’t expect you will ever have developers dedicated to fix this issue.

  22. Dan Lijoi dice:

    The app itself is fine but the alerts are horrible. When I click on an alert, it takes forever to bring up the story. Much of the time, the story it brings up isn’t even related to the alert that I clicked on.

  23. 1) often, videos playing full screen can’t be rotated to landscape 2) Tapping a notification takes FOREVER to load the item in the app, then you can’t navigate to anywhere else in the app – the back arrow closes the app rather than going to the home screen of the app

  24. All right where it needs to be. Super fast to navigate and retrieve the info that is NYC !! Morning, noon, night and ever second in between !!! Only draw back is app needs cast to TV feature option.

  25. Andy dice:

    Good video quality if you have a strong Wi-Fi then you will get HD quality otherwise it will still play only not as good.. Never buffers for me and loads fast. With so many news 7 apps for new york I think this one works best for me.. Would recommend for the latest news coverage 👌😎

  26. Doesn’t QUICKLY refresh stories. Videos don’t play all the way through, freeze EVERY TIME. 👎THIS close to un-installing. 7/5/21- Guess what? Nothing’s changed with the way this app works. Can’t play any of the videos that accompany the stories. It’s AWFUL, don’t bother

  27. Update, STILL worst app ever. Fragile and faulty, never can eat htbe news, it’s loads horribly and crashes other apps. BEWARE, THIS IS IS A PHONE KILLER!!!Worst app EVER! The live feed is horrendous, failing every single time I try to watch the noon or evening news. Frustrating and inconsistent, just plain horrible. Don’t download if You expect to easily watch the news. You would think a successful television station might be able to create a successful STABLE app, but no, ABC7 in NYC Sucks….

  28. Gene Ting dice:

    The app is difficult to use as it doesn’t always jump to the article clicked on the notifications bar, stalls a lot, and had horrible in app navigation (the back button on an article can exit the app, not bring you back to the main page)

  29. For some reason, I can’t stream the news. I changed settings to have it stream through cell’s data, through wifi, or both, and the streaming crashes and goes back to “press play to watch” mode.

  30. Was easier to scroll through articles before a previoud update. Could see many headlines on one screen. Now have one headline per screen, have to scroll again and again many times. A lot of the same articles for several days.

  31. Great app to have, it gives you great updates on the lastest news and weather

  32. Ian Ford dice:

    The content is amazing but the app freezes every single time you try to access it from a notification in the drop down shade. You have to completely quit the app and restart it from the icon. Pixel 4 xl.

  33. Simon L dice:

    When i get an alert and open the headline, i cannot share it, for i tap the share button but no response, that’s the only thing i can’t do. I would have to close the app, reopen the app then hope to find the story.

  34. Ads on this app when trying to watch a video clip is 30 seconds too long, EVERY SINGLE TIME! I don’t mind a 10 second ad, but not 30. Enough with the ads already!

  35. Downloaded for “Live” feature, always freezes. It’s kind of pointless to provide the app when you have to click on each individual past story one by one.

  36. Aug 2021. Awful Awful.Awful Can this any reason I dron’t have sound for News, but all the damn car commercials have sound loud and clear? Why do I have to watch the same death /murder clips three times, but I can’t find out the weather once?Gawd awful. Had this app on my other computer. Hateful. I could not get rid of it. Now, two years later, I see that it is still the lousy ABC-7 as before. Why don’t I have any sound? Other sources have sound. Why is everything so scattered. Is there no logic?

  37. This app works like someone programmed it on an online web tutorial in they’re kitchen. Very amateurish. I can’t find or replay previous news casts. It only has that little live stream frame and the rest is poor edit cuts.

  38. Absolutely horrible all advertisements play without interference but come to watching a video of a real news story in constantly stops or even worse just stops on the middle os a story. I’m done. And I’m now uninstalling this ABC7 APP

  39. Patrick B dice:

    Videos never work, although they made sure the 30 second ads work. What a joke. Also, 80% of the time news notifications never go to the right news article.

  40. The Share Icon doesn’t work. Hasn’t worked in quite a few months. Reported the issue now 4 times. I can only guess that I would be promoting your site by sharing your stories, but maybe that’s not what you really want. 🤷‍♀️ My last rating of this app was in Jan. 2019. Still the same problem. Now, my rating goes to 1 star.

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