NBC4 Washington: News, Weather MODDED 2022


Washington, D.C. metro area news, weather radar and more local coverage.
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The NBC4 Washington news and weather app connects you with D.C.-area local stories, accurate weather forecasts, live newscasts and breaking news. We cover news and weather from the D.C. area, including local stories out of Northern Virginia and Maryland.

+ Personalized alerts on Washington news and national headlines
+ Latest news feed that shows all articles published in reverse chronological order
+ Alerts center that shows you the most urgent stories
+ Live NBC4 Washington newscasts and streaming content
+ Dedicated page with the latest video feed

+ Live Storm Team4 radar tracks storms in your D.C.-area neighborhood
+ 10-day forecasts from Storm Team4 that alert you to severe D.C. weather before it strikes
+ Hourly forecasts featuring a customizable weather graph
+ Detailed forecast data that includes UV index and dew point
+ Weather alerts for every location you save in the app
+ Complete school weather closings for schools across D.C., Virginia and Maryland

+ Exclusive News4 I-Team stories from local Washington, D.C-area journalists
+ NBC4 Responds reports that solve your consumer problems

The NBC4 Washington news and weather app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information.

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- Performance improvements
- Bug fixes

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40 comentarios en "NBC4 Washington: News, Weather MODDED 2022"

  1. Laurie M dice:

    The old version of the app was great. It was my go-to for local weather and I used it every day. Unfortunately, with this latest redesign it is awful! The radar only works about half the time, and the current day’s forecast is so confusing. I miss the old layout! Please figure out a better way of presenting the information. All I want to know is the forecasted high/low and whether rain/snow is predicted.

  2. Unusable, except for weather. Looks like they didn’t invest in a usability expert. Specifically usability for someone who has color recognition issues. Somebody (probably someone who thought that since dark mode is now a thing) selected dark blue on black as the highlight color. This is unreadable to me. I’ll read an article and then the subject or important bits of the story are effectively blank! Please at least allow customization of the color pallet.

  3. I am sure this app would be an excellent app for those who have good hearing. I am disappointed that there is no closed captioning on the videos. there is usually a written article on the news reports, but the weather is only a video, so I go elsewhere for weather. NBC4 should add captioning. Thank you.

  4. I simply would like to watch local news from channel 4 LIVE and to no avail after several attempts this app IS not user friendly.

  5. Just downloaded the latest version and it keeps crashing while trying to look at weather forecast. Just throws you out. While watching past or future radar movement (while it works) there are no times on the bar, only the beginning & ending 6 hr range. Can’t tell when storm to hit your area.

  6. I like this app 👍 It’s easy to use, and keeps me informed about all sorts of things going on in my area. I really like the weather part of the app. I like to travel, and the radar is very helpful. Especially when going to remote locals to photograph nature & battlefields.

  7. I used to like this app, but for the past day or so, I keep getting an error message on my phone that the app keeps stopping. Tapping “close app” only results in the error message coming back in about 15 seconds. Did you guys just do an update or something? I’ve uninstalled the app because that’s the only way to get rid of the error message.

  8. Heidi dice:

    UPDATE.. absolutely no single change. 1 star. Even worse… chromecast is greyed out for live tv.. orginal: Flaky app at best. The increase font size does nothing and for live tv – half the time the video does not play and the other half, the chromecast option is often greyed out.

  9. Tom will dice:

    Apps are worthless if they require you to always be on the latest in order to function. Update:2021- 1 year later still does not connect to watch live tv even with the latest app update. This is why people keep Directv or cable, turn it on and it works.

  10. The live feed fails to play in the newly designed app. I tried it on two devices and it still doesn’t play. It played well in the previous version; otherwise, I would rate it five stars.

  11. I’ve stopped using it. Feels old-fashioned, not concerned about excellence.

  12. D H dice:

    This use to be my go to app for news and weather updates. Since the latest update trying to read the weather is a little difficult. The radar no longer works and the font is smaller. Horrible app!

  13. I loved this app until the recent update. I no longer see live radar (just cloud coverage), and the loss of current temperature and other info on my (Android) home screen and notification list is more than annoying.

  14. Crushes my battery. Shows as my top app for battery consumption even though it wasn’t open. Notifications for articles are nice but they just opened the app without taking you to the actual story. What’s the point? I like the temp alerts but that’s not enough to keep it Uninstalling.

  15. I don’t like the update. The old look was just fine. What happened to the option of having the weather displayed on the phone. Its gone. Hate that I have to open the app to see the current temperature 😭

  16. This app use to give detailed typed out daily reports. Which was great because I couldn’t listen to the video at work or laying in bed with my wife and baby first thing in the morning. Now they no longer do that. So it’s no longer useful to me. Really hope they bring it back!

  17. unable to remove weather locations. tried to go to manage and delete them but the still show up. tried (twice) to remove/reinstall app but same issue. tried to clear data/cache but same issue. if anyone knows how to remove previous weather locations I’d like to know.

  18. I used to love this app but it keeps freezing and I have to force stop it then reopen just to find out the weather alerts. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it. I wish they would just bring back the weather app.

  19. I’m not sure what has been going on with this app as of late, but for the last three months, there’s been a disturbing number of occasions where the live broadcast of the news WASN’T THERE when it should’ve been. Like at all. Inexcusable.

  20. Current location portion of weather info will no longer update. Have turned location setting on and off multiple times, forced stopped the app, and uninstalled and reinstalled app and nothing fixes issue.

  21. The app is pretty good especially when i’m able to get the live television. Weather,traffic and local news from washington are all very helpful.

  22. Not happy with the 7/16/21 update. App is bloated, eats battery. I want screen access to the weather and temperature I had before. Looks like it changed just to shove ads in my face I can’t avoid.

  23. Terrible app. The videos do not play. At least give viewers the option to read the story if the multimedia interface is weak.

  24. August,2019 liked app before News Alerts added . trying to. always stay on now which drIns your battery WTUP did it & had to leave them, now these people want to add all these news alerts. They should make this optional with on & off button. No o e I know wants to see a news alert with an ad running below it barging g onto and interrupting g phones operation plus lowering you battery time

  25. Provides an excellent synopsis of important headlining stories and other current events. Summaries are succinct, clear, and easy to understand.

  26. Yesterday’s update really messed up the radar (just in time for bad weather, ugh). Does not have future radar and past freezes. Then the whole app freezes. I’m SO bummed! I depend on you!

  27. App requires that you sign up for or have a paid tv provider (cable, dish, etc.) so effectively the app costs $50 to $100’s monthly depending on your provider. So why would I want to pay that for this app?

  28. Truly love the app, I see local news in real time. But with the most recent update, I don’t see the radar, just a blank map.

  29. Weather – difficult to get radar; white background is way too stark. Planning to delete app. Will depend on other weather sources.

  30. I find I don’t watch the news because of my hectic life. I found myself not connected to local news and value being connected. This allows me to quickly read during the day and stay connected.

  31. News stations in Atlanta seem so dated and definitely should spend weeks observing NBC4 so to bring into the 21st Century News etc to the unknowingly deprived Atlanta populace. We are so spoiled from living in Northern Virginia for 40 years and receiving the majority of our news, weather, Sports, Wednesday child, local news, HONESTY, and So Much More from NBC4. Most of all, may he rest in peace, we miss Jim Vance – there will never be another like him.

  32. Cant use app! Keeps crashing with error message saying to connect to internet. I’m fully connected to WiFi or 4/5G. Doesnt matter…app wont connect.

  33. This is a most informative app for people such as myself who are multitasking during this Pandemic and as a Washingtonian I want/need to keep abreast of what is occurring and this app does just that. Keeping one Informed. Thank you for that..

  34. i have all alerts tunred off and the app still sends push notifications for news. The only way to block the notifications is to turn them off throgh Android.

  35. I love watching NBC 4 Washington DC weather everyday and letting me know what the forecast will be 7 a week and 24 hours and that is very interesting to me and my family we are so excited to see all of you keep form us to see what happens with the weather and also checking out the hurricane and many others things that is happening around the world what is the weather there also as well. Thank you for sharing your thoughts to keep us in form of the weather everyday and night. I really love it 😍

  36. The app makes my screen blindingly bright. It is to the point that it makes my eyes hurt. There’s no reason the app should increase the brightness of the screen.

  37. I love this app. I getGreat news, always alerts me to what’s going on weather wise or what’s happening in Washington which has been extremely interesting the past 12 months

  38. This app sucks. Since it was redone, you are forced to log into news rather than weather. The weather graphics are confusing and uninformative. Avoid this ap

  39. Contains all the news you need to know. Beautiful design colorful easy to navigate and fast. Bob o

  40. News headlines on the go. Dont have to literally watch TV to know what is going on. Working perfectly for me.especially during my lunch time at work. Loving it so far👍

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