National Geographic MODDED 2022


From the deepest depths of the ocean to the peak of Mt. Everest...
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From the deepest depths of the ocean to the peak of Mt. Everest, National Geographic allows you to see and experience the world in new ways. The new National Geographic app now provides online and offline access to stories that reveal insights into cultures, ideas, and discoveries.

App features:
• Downloadable articles for offline reading
• Unlimited access to captivating stories and photo galleries for subscribers
• Exclusive content, monthly special features, invitations, and benefits for subscribers
• Free account allows users to sample content
• Personalized story lists for easy access to read later
• Clean, ad-free reading experience
• Digital viewing of our award-winning magazine

National Geographic subscription options:
– Monthly subscription: $2.99/month
– Annual subscription: $19

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Bug fixes and improvements.


4 comentarios en "National Geographic MODDED 2022"

  1. José L. Rodríguez dice:

    Great content, as I was expecting. The lack of two basic features on the Android app baffle me: there is no scroll bar on the articles. That means that it is impossible to know, before committing to read the article, how long it actually is. Even more annoying, once I’m reading it, I don’t know how much further I have before finishing it. This is an incredibly annoying behavior I’ve seen in some other apps of reputable publications. Also, please include a feature to change the font size!

  2. Chris Schmidt dice:

    Great app, articles can be downloaded, it supports dark theme, and the annual subscription is the price of a trip or two to Starbucks. A+ writing without Right/Left political slant, everyone knows their photography is top notch, and there is even the ability to view the entire magazine, if you prefer that over just clicking on articles to read.

  3. Ben Bafaloukos dice:

    I’ve been using the app for about a month now, and I love being able to take fascinating articles with me everywhere I go. It is easy to use and offers various accessibility features (like larger text) for whoever needs them. My one suggestion is a scroll bar so I know roughly how long an article is. Sometimes they are much shorter or longer than I am expecting. Other than that, great app!

  4. Ryan Bovorasmy dice:

    No scrollbars, so there’s no way to tell how long an article is or where you are in it. And National Geograpic can have long articles. Articles you need to set aside time for, or read in parts. But the app doesn’t keep your place, either. The magizine/print view doesn’t have two-page mode. And National Geograpic has two-page layouts, especially for their best feature: photos, maps, charts, and infographics. There is also no option to provide feedback, except right here…

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