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PressReader gives you unlimited access to thousands of magazines and newspapers from around the world so you can stay connected to the stories you love.

Use your Facebook, Twitter, Google, or free PressReader account to get started.

– – Whenever, wherever – –

Download complete issues to read offline or save data while you’re on the go. Set automatic downloads to never miss a beat.

– – Unexpected, unlimited – –

Visit thousands of PressReader HotSpots around the world to get instant complimentary access to the entire catalog. Use the in-app HotSpot Map to find a location near you and your hotel or library if they already offer PressReader.

– – Your way, every day – –

Read newspaper stories and magazine articles the minute they’re available on newsstands. Shift easily between the original page replica and a custom story layout optimized for mobile reading. Or, bring it all to life with listening mode, one-touch translation, and dynamic commenting.

– – Made for you – –

Create your own channel and automatically generate collections of stories chosen just for you. Whether you’re into news, entertainment, cooking, fitness, fashion, travel, sports, gaming, or knitting, you can create your own publication by bookmarking and saving your favorite stories.

“If you love newspapers but hate inky fingers and creepy delivery people, you might be interested in taking a gander at PressReader” – TECHCRUNCH

“PressReader delivers an authentic multi-platform newspaper-reading experience” – TNW

“I found it especially useful for keeping up with international news, which often offers viewpoints you won’t find in US media.” – LIFEHACKER

“Anyone with even a passing interest in the news should give PressReader a try” – CNET

“A sleeping giant in the digital media landscape” – INC.

– Read publications and stories just as they appear in print
– Personalize your news feed with specific sections from publications to build your own newspaper or magazine
– Get your favorite publications auto-delivered so you never miss an issue
– Download full issues for offline reading
– Instantly translate stories in up to 16 languages
– Customize your font size and type
– Listen to stories with on-demand narration
– Bookmark articles for later reading, reference or sharing
– Share stories by email or on Facebook or Twitter
– Set My Topic alerts so you always see important news on your keywords

PressReader is available on iOS, Android, Amazon for Android, Windows 8 and Blackberry 10, as well as on the Web at


NEWSPAPERS: The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Guardian Australia, National Post, Los Angeles Times, New York Post, The Globe and Mail, The Herald, The Irish Times, China Daily, USA Today, Le Figaro, Le Journal de Montreal, El Pais, The Daily Herald, The Daily Telegraph

BUSINESS & NEWS: Newsweek, Forbes, Robb Report, Business Traveler, The Monthly

FASHION: Vogue, Vogue Hommes, Elle, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, GQ, Esquire

ENTERTAINMENT: Variety, NME, Rolling Stone, Empire

LIFESTYLE & TRAVEL: Lonely Planet, Esquire, Canadian Geographic, Marie Claire, Maxim, DNA

FOOD & HOME: Clean Eating, Canadian Living, Parents

SPORTS & FITNESS: Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Top Gear, T3

TECHNOLOGY & GAMING: PC Gamer, Popular Science, Science Illustrated


We have been busy with some exciting improvements in this update:
- New Search functionality on both phones and tablets enabling search across newspapers, magazines, stories and interests.
- New and improved For You section with vertical layout and faster overall performance on tablets.
- New Text View and Article details layout on tablets.
- New improved Bookmarks now available on tablets.
- And other various bug fixes and improvements.


40 comentarios en "PressReader: News & Magazines MODDED 2022"

  1. The app works fine for what I need but it would be nice to be able to highlight words or sections. I like that it can read articles. It would be great if you could stop and pick up listening where you left off or go back to post of the article and play from the but it will only let you start the article from the beginning. One’s in a while it starts downloading a publication but doesn’t finish the item for whatever reason. Then last it will keep trying every time I open the app, sometimes months after the item was published. Other than that this app does what I need.

  2. This app is simply terrible. The layout is just bizarre. Navigating to a particular newspaper is confusing. The horizontal layout seems designed for a tablet. I just don’t get it. Truly awful UX. After navigating to a publication though, it is pretty nice. The pages scroll through smoothly and the links to jump pages are very helpful. Some improvements on the navigation both inside and outside of publications could make the app extremely good.

  3. No longer able to get the print version of my local paper delivered so the e- edition was my only choice, which was fine for reading the paper. Problem is the crossword puzzle, which was a deciding factor for subscribing to the paper can no longer be screenshot to print out the puzzle as there’s no other option for accessing this feature. I’ll finish my paid subscription to the paper and cancel it and press reader if screenshots are no longer available.

  4. PressReader is the absolute best newspaper and magazine reader I have ever used. And as a librarian, I have used a lot of different formats. You can see the pages as they actually are on the page, including photos, or you can zoom in to the text for better readbility. An added bonus is the text to speech button that reads the article or whole newspaper/magazine to you. This is a great feature in order to listen while driving or working around the house. This app is awesome.

  5. Good app and because I am using it through a public library, it is free and for paid for premium publications. But sometimes I download a magazine issue and it says it is finished downloading with a big tick. Then I go back to open an issue to read it and I find I still have to wait for pages to download for maybe 10 seconds or so before I can view them.

  6. b. free dice:

    This app was the ‘bees’s knees’ for years. But it no longer works on my Onyx Boox Max2, thee best device on the planet for reading newspapers (hands down – bc it is like the actual paper experience). I tried everything. I even factory reset my device (a big pain). I have spent 2 days trying to get it to work. Everytime, I get a different error message. They tried to assist, but failed. Onyx tried too. It has problems. I highly suggest not installing this.

  7. I tried subscription to NY Times via Pressreader. Pressreader Andoid app has flaws trying to read articles in text mode. Pressreader support initially looked promising, but then just stopped after supposedly being elevated. I could not reach Pressreader to cancel my subscription via phone (an answering machine with no option to speak to a live person) or chat (web pages supposedly lead you to a chat option, but none appeared). Was finally able to cancel with help of NY Times supervisor.

  8. Matt dice:

    Totally Unreliable. Sometimes it works just fine. Then one day, it just stops downloading issues. Sometimes it says it doesn’t recognize me. Other times it says it’s unable to establish an internet connection (when the internet is working just fine). Contacted customer service several times and each time the answer is: “Try uninstalling and reinstalling.” I do, but it never gets better. It’s frustrating because you just can’t count on it. Every day is an adventure.

  9. I installed the app, after the installation, clicked on open. After a minute of hourglass activity, “Device authorization failed” error showd up. 4/19/2020 Edit: Developer told me the error was due to system outage. This morning, I installed the app again, using the promotional link which was supposed to give me 2 months of free access. Program installed, and worked properly. Support was excellent to fix the problem.

  10. PressReader provides many different papers and magazines daily. Publications with artistic layouts can be more difficult to read, but most of the newspapers are quite readable, even using a smartphone. I’m sure a tablet would be even more usable. The app has been greatly improved with updates throughout 2019 addressing my concerns. Thank you to PressReader support for the quick feedback.

  11. Revised 12/1/2019: Upgraded from 2 to 4 stars. Thanks to developers responding to my earlier review, the issue has been resolved. I’m actually enjoying the app daily now. The problem stemmed from not having Hotspot turned on. My mistake, but it also wasn’t made clear that this MUST be used even when home on WiFi. Original review (edited for space): Was excited about this app. However, even as a library patron, I’m not able to access publications without a paid subscription.

  12. Chad Rue dice:

    The flaw with this app is that it stays with the traditional concept of downloading full publications and showing your subscriptions by source instead of creating a more powerful Top stories / adaptive interest algorithm to leverage the articles across its library. It’s like Spotify without the top Playlists or Radio feature. You need to search album by album and play them.

  13. Great app overall and I like the user interface. Negatives: Occasionally glitchy though and has a tendency of killing my phone battery in the background. Even when I don’t use the app at all, it can drain my phone battery (which normally lasts several days) in just a few hours, and battery usage in settings shows pressreader as having used >90% of the battery even when I haven’t launched the app and only have a single publication set to auto-download.

  14. Perfect for me, too far away from civilisation to get newspaper deliveries. Quite a lot of features to learn about, but worth learning how to use everything. When a regular magazine (paid subscription) wasn’t getting delivered through lockdown, i could take a screen shot of the crossword, print and do it. Several months later…. Why does it frequently block me out. I access this through our local library. I follow the correct procedure prompts but can’t sign in. Or it wants me to ‘go premium’

  15. I’m using it with my library card and it gives me access to an extensive content of newspapers and magazines worldwide, it’s amazing. It would be nice, though, if it had a dictionary option, i.e., by selecting a word it pops up the definition, synonyms, etc.

  16. Josh Cook dice:

    Great app (when it works)… Of the apps I’ve used for newspapers and magazines, this is among the best. The selection is great, the interface is mostly intuitive, and the format of articles is near perfect. But sometimes it just doesn’t work. During my first handful of sessions with the app, I started receiving error messages preventing me from logging in, opening publications, or anything that makes the app even the slightest bit functional.

  17. Good app, but it doesn’t work! When I hit the sign in button for my library, nothing happens. I was able to sign in before, but it would always sign me out and now, I can’t even sign in.

  18. Tania B dice:

    The app was working great. I set my app to auto download issues over wifi. There seems to be a display glitch. When i open an issuee, series of numbers appear in 6 different sections of the page. Dont want to delete and reinstall because it does not remember what subscriptions i had. Can you help?

  19. I was having problems with the library account access and used the Feedback and got a reply very quickly. For people who might be in the same situtation, you have to turn on the “Hot Spot” feature in order to read newspaper or magazines sponsored by your local library.

  20. The app is becoming problematic more frequently, either catalogue is not updating or despite connected through the university library credentials, it forces on to buy subscription. In South Africa, the catalogue is not updated since last 10 days now. Once the device is connected to the app through legitimate credentials, such flaws in the app is frustrating and annoying as we cannot read daily newspaper or magazines.

  21. Johnny B. dice:

    Can’t sign in with my library card, previously had to keep signing back in, now can’t sign in at all. Deleted and reinstalled to no avail. Please fix.

  22. Why, why, why can’t subscribing to a daily paper be easier then this. Or, crazy thought, how about subscribing through the newspapers website. I am giving up my NY Post e edition because, by going through a third party, the cost went up 150%. F Press Reader!

  23. Edwin dice:

    Good contents. One problem is quite annoy, how can you turn off the green highlight square flash when each page loaded on?

  24. A Bbb dice:

    Recently discontinued loads of Irish papers. Not worth it anymore. App is also not intuitive and automatic downloads very hit and miss

  25. Super app. Love that I get it with my library card. Very well thought out interface, both on web and in app. Great way to keep up with the news worldwide.

  26. Fabulous choice of UK and worldwide newspapers and magazines. Easy to use. 👍👍👍

  27. 99.999999% of people would like to view this as pdf. It’s awful on a PC and worse on a tablet can’t find periodicals that the browser can find. I thought it might have improved in a few years. Do they make it this bad on purpose?

  28. This app really uses my new Samsung Galaxy A7 lite very well. The pages turn more seemlessly. I love the content my library gives me on it. It has become one of my most used apps. I just love reading the UK Daily Mail in the morning with this app

  29. Lost 4 issues a few months ago, never compensated for it. Can not do crossword or soduku with this app.

  30. This app delivers exactly what it promises. They have the best tech support of any app or service that I have seen,.

  31. I love the amazing variety of news sources. However, I wished I was able to subscribe to this app using Google gift cards or PayPal. I do not have any Visa cards. So, unfortunately, my free subscription will run out after 7 days. Feeling extremely disappointed and dissatisfied.

  32. Major newspapers missing. Favorites don’t save. Limited feed. Support is not great.

  33. All of a sudden I am unable to read uptodate copies of my 2 regular newspapers. It keeps telling me to read with Premium. Have uninstalled and started again and still the same problem.

  34. Great app for reading the newspapers, magazines etc. loads to choose from . recommended

  35. We does not need to reminded every time I try open a magazine that I am able to open it due to my library card. Once per app opening is fine. But on every action it is highly excessive.

  36. Martine dice:

    Great app and easy to use. I would have given a higher rating but I experience frustrating access problems from time to time.

  37. Access to thousands of publications across the world which are downloaded and read offline. The reader is simple, providing a page turning experience. However, navigating the publication is not easy. There are no hyperlinks contained on contents or index pages and there isn’t an easy way of jumping to a specific page. Instead the reader must turn each page. At least the app remembers where you were when you reopen it!

  38. A good way to read the papers on the move. If you’ve tried the PC version and found it lacking, this is very much better and easier to use. My only gripe is that whatever settings I choose, it stubbornly refuses to start at the only publication I read, or even on the screen that lists downloaded items. (There is a “downloaded” setting but this is ignored.) Therefore I have to go through three screens before starting to read. There needs to be a setting to open on a specific “today’s” front page.

  39. What a truly awful app. I can’t believe people are still writing apps as poor as this in 2018. I subscribed to the Guardian Weekly which I read with Pressreader on an Android tablet. Accessing the newspaper for reading can take several minutes. This morning, I was tried to read the newspaper on the train but I reached my destination (a journey of 25 minutes) before the newspaper had been opened by the app. Restarting the app doesn’t help. Rebooting the tablet doesn’t help. Even when I am successful in opening the newsletter, there is still the danger of the app crashing. I would really like to have my money back.

  40. This is a very worthwhile app with a few odd quirks. The range of publications that it covers is quite astounding. One of the quirks is that the favouriting system is not consistent. I can favourite The Guardian and this will show on my browse page. But even if I favourite The Washington Post it doesn’t appear. I have to do a search to obtain each issue. The app frequently asks you to confirm your sign-in when you leave a publication, often when in the middle of trying to delete an issue.

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