LEX 18 News – Lexington, KY MOD 2022

LEX18 provides Coverage You Can Count On in Central Kentucky.
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LEX18 News App delivers relevant local, community and national news, including up-to-the minute weather information, breaking news, and alerts throughout the day.

When you open our app, you’ll know what’s going on right now and what’s important to your local area.

We’ve improved the experience with an intuitive layout and simplified navigation. News, weather and video are just a tap away.

Our favorite feature is the weather section. Not only do we deliver hourly and daily forecasts, we give you the most updated severe weather information in an instant.

Key Features:

• Breaking news alerts and stories
• Dynamic weather section, with hourly and daily forecasts
• Live streaming video
• Fast and easy to use

We’re committed to continually improving our user experience, so please let us know how we’re doing by leaving a review in the Google Play Store.


This release includes some maintenance items to improve your overall news experience. Thanks for supporting local journalism!


40 comentarios en "LEX 18 News – Lexington, KY MOD 2022"

  1. I have this app on Android TV. It worked good, and now all of a sudden it locks up after commercials. I have to leave full screen to get it to go back to news. If wasn’t for that, would give 5 stars.

  2. This last update has killed the reliability of this app, now whenever I click on a story the app crashes and shuts down. Have tried restarting phone, clearing cache, reinstalling app, still does it. Stop with the terrible updates and just leave it alone.

  3. The new version has too many ads, no local news section, NO SCHOOL CLOSINGS, and the weather takes forever to load. Not to mention, no spell check. PLEASE don’t mess with the stormtracker app. It’s all you have left.

  4. I don’t think the temperature that displays for my location in Lexington Kentucky is accurate at all. I’ll try this app a little longer and if I don’t see an improvement I’ll switch to another app.

  5. have had frequent issues with this app. after their most recent update it takes this app about 1 minute to actually open. in that amount of time I can get my news from WKYT.

  6. I have no idea who redesigned this site, but it needs to go back to see, it isn’t there. This is awful! Until this is reworked, I’ll just use the very navigable WKYT.

  7. Best News app in the Commonwealth

  8. This app keeps me informed with up to date news weather and sports. I use it on the go to find out everything I need to know for my day

  9. This update is the worse you can’t find anything and the closing and delays for schools isn’t even on there anymore!!!!

  10. Love this app! Keeps me up to date with all thats going on. I depend on this app because I can’t pick up local TV where I live.

  11. Excellent app, I like the way the app is laid out. WLEX is the only local station I watch for my news. THANKS WLEX

  12. Not many updates daily or otherwise! Same old news for days on end! Proof read whenever you do post something.

  13. App works great for me, news information is kept up to date and relevant

  14. The only thing i dislike about the app now is that they no longer put the location of the newa article at the beginning.

  15. I really like the show because of the professionalism the humor and it looks like you guys are having fun which starts my day off in a better way keep up the good work

  16. would be nice if there was an option to text to phone instead of just Facebook.

  17. Great with all the news and breaking news, weather and sports.

  18. Enjoy getting the news at the touch of a finger. Keeps me well informed.

  19. Great for staying in the know with the latest news, weather, sports,etc.

  20. Good news app. Just wish they updated the news more on weekends.

  21. Like the weather radar and the way the news stories are set up

  22. Brings me to the latest update of the news, works great for me!

  23. I feel 18 news is the only news channel who tells the truth unlike the others CNN is the worst of lies .

  24. Great app. Get local news fast and accurite.

  25. Always helpful and up to date on the news.

  26. Love this news station ❤️ The app keeps me informed of anything that is going on.

  27. A reliable app to obtain reliable news.

  28. D Day dice:

    Great News Coverage , Great Up to date weather coverage

  29. Local & national news coverage with easy access TOO many ads tho

  30. Love,love,love this app!!! It is so easy to use and has everything you need right there!💓

  31. I like being able to check the news whenever I want.

  32. I Always watch 18 news ! Our cat even watches it .

  33. This app is fast and easy to navigate.

  34. The app very rarely opens or works.

  35. Very great i us this evreyday to see wethear when im not watching TV

  36. we love this app its gives us our news anytime we need it.

  37. Whoever approved this new version needs fired. Deleted and downloaded WKYT instead.

  38. Never wanted to load… The absolute worst lex18 app ever… Somebody needs a talking to about this

  39. This app Provides Clear information about what is happening locally, nationally, and globally

  40. They are very accurate when you, need to know what’s happening in your area.

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