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A scientific yet simple approach to weather forecast

OpenWeather App is an ad-free & free-to-use application that will help you plan your time around the weather in a concise and minimalistic manner. Be aware of any precipitation within an hour with a minute precision or plan your activities for the next Sunday morning. OpenWeather App can tell you, which part of the day is going to have a clear sky and light breeze perfect for a run or bike ride for 7 days ahead.

Who uses OpenWeather?

The data from OpenWeather is used by millions of developers and businesses worldwide. Most likely, you already see our data through your weather application. Now you can obtain your weather report from its inception, through OpenWeather App.

8 reasons to love OpenWeather App

1. Minimalistic design that gives you all the weather information you need including: feels Like, wind speed; wind direction; atmospheric pressure; humidity; UV index and visibility;
2. Never get caught by rain or show with the 60 minute chart that indicates any precipitation and it’s intensity in your area;
3. Intuitively clear icons that tell you the weather conditions for 48 hours straight;
4. Hourly weather chart for the first 2 days and for every 3 hours in the following 6 days;
5. Expand any day of the week and get a visual chart on temperature and detailed weather information for the day, plus Sunset/Sunrise time. The first 2 days come with an hourly temperature fluctuation chart;
6. Customisation feature for weather measurement units. Construct your own set of preferred measurements for temperature (°C/°F), distance (km/mi), precipitation (mm/in) and more;
7. Ad-free & free-to-use;
8. Dark-mode.

Other features:

– Add up to 6 cities to your favourites and get the accurate weather forecast for any location;
– Is the weather different? – You can always tell us what the actual weather is in your location.

The magic behind the OpenWeather App

All the data for OpenWeather App is provided by One Call API™. OpenWeather aggregates and processes meteorological data from tens of thousands of weather stations, on-ground radars and satellites to bring their users accurate and actionable weather data for any location worldwide.


Minor bug fixes and improvements


40 comentarios en "OpenWeather MODDED 2022"

  1. Simple, no ads, no data collection, no accounts, just works. The layout is a bit different than I’m used to but not too big a deal. There is a bug I’ve encountered where it will show temperatures in Celsius when it’s set to display in Farenheight. When this happens it will still show the F symbol. Seems to happen randomly when I open the app from the widget (I never open the app any other way). I can fix it just by changing the setting back and forth real quick (few options so it’s fast).

  2. App is not super clear about what all the data means in a few spots but otherwise it’s pretty good. No ads, no extra nonsese, just weather. My only other complaint (and this is understandable cause it’s so new) is that it does not work with Android 12’s approximate location option which would be nice since a weather app doesn’t need to know precise location anyway.

  3. Great app. Clean, simple, no ads or videos/news. My only complaints are a lack of radar (even a link to the OWM website with the location preset would be an acceptable interim fix), minimal customization, and could use a smaller widget option, like the stock app. These are minor issues for the free experience and avoiding the bad people behind the other apps. I’d share sensor data if done in a transparent, privacy-oriented way. Allowing verbatim review of data to be sent is best.

  4. Finally…a beautiful, concise, intuitive, just-so-minimal-but-still-usable weather app. Loving this app so far. If only it had a radar map it would be the only weather app needed on your phone… Also, I wish the search results didn’t include county. It’s cluttered and not helpful.

  5. Bug – temperature shows up in Celsius even though it’s set to Fahrenheit units. For example, this morning it’s “15 F” here in Southern CA, but it’s actually in the 50s. A workaround for the bug is to go toggle the settings back and forth. But this is only a temporary workaround. To make it worse the on screen widget doesn’t adjust when you try the workaround. This makes the widget useless. Lots of potential here and such a simple bugfix needed to make it great.

  6. Carol dice:

    I never really got a chance to use this app. It looks attractive and promising, but it won’t display in landscape mode on my tablet, on Android 10. That’s a deal breaker for me if it can’t follow the device’s orientation, because I’m on the tablet most of the day. And when driving using the phone to navigate, I’m on landscape too. If that gets fixed (which I’d think is easy) I’ll give it another go.

  7. Nathan B dice:

    Very nice app. I like the minimal styling. You can even report different conditions! For instance, if it’s raining where you are, but the app says it’s just cloudy, you can tap the top arrow and select “Different weather?” Edit 4: Very happy to see some widgets. They’re fixed and working now. This is definitely my favorite weather app.

  8. Very simple weather app. Weather information is not the most accurate but it’s fine. In the past I have noticed OpenWeatherMap has been a bit inaccurate, however it does seem to be a bit better, maybe due to the improved location options. It is much easier to find my home now. The serious bugs I noticed have been fixed.

  9. Downloaded because Niagara Launcher uses it, but have found myself turning to it over the other weather options I have (such as the Google notification). The amount of detail in a succinct presentation is great. It would be nice if it could add air quality but not a deal breaker for me. I just really really hate the color scheme but otherwise this app is great.

  10. I’m am HIGHLY impressed! PWS information, just like Wunderground used to do, without the ads and nonsense. I do have a couple minor issues. The lack of NWS alerts, a temperature at the top of the screen, and smaller widgets, preferably 2×1. Otherwise, this is an excellent start and I would very much LOVE to use this app as my go-to.

  11. Mick .Y dice:

    I like your program but can you please if possible add a few additional features. I would like to see weather alerts and programmable sounds for those alerts. So let’s say there is a high wind advisory. The program could emit certain sounds for that particular advisory. A notification bar temperature icon would be nice too. I’m so spoiled to those features. I also like forecast discussions! Thanks👍

  12. A wonderful free weather app. Information is completely wrong. The app shows sunny. It’s overcast, lightning, and scattered showers. I’m in a rural area, so maybe that why the data is so off. Help me get a weather station and I’ll be glad to feed you the information. Just sayin’.

  13. I don’t need to see the GIANT current temp half the size of my screen when I open the app. I know the general temp outside. If I could switch the top and bottom panels and set it to default to graph mode for the daily forecast, it would be much better. When I open a weather app I want to know temp, %percip, and humidity for the day. The graph displays that perfectly for every day of the week. If there were radar, and some configuration options for the UI and the graph, this app would be perfect

  14. Jeff King dice:

    Good, low file size weather app, with minimal permissions, but with limitations. The temps randomly change to Celsius. I have to go back into the settings and toggle it from Fahrenheit to Celsius and back to fix it. The small widget gives current temperature and temperature for the next 3 hours. I’d rather see current plus the highs and lows for the day and the next couple days.

  15. Beautiful design. I can live without radar maps, I don’t look at them often and I have a bookmark in my browser for when I do. Two things would improve it. The graph has the such small fonts that I can’t read how much rain is indicated. Also I live in FL and wind speed forecasts are pretty important.

  16. Great, when it works. Slow and unreliable access to weather API. Ad-free app with truly local weather data. UI needs a lot of work. E.g. time of day labels in dark mode are illegible due to dark foreground text on dark background. Similarly, small widget does not display all content unless it is resized as big as the “medium” widget. Widget text does not adapt to screen / font size settings. Fixed color scheme is hard to read in many contexts.

  17. It’s an incredible weather app with a beautiful design, accurate weather predictions, and no ads. One thing that makes this app worse than most is that there are no homescreen widgets. Almost every weather app I’ve ever used had widgets, but for some reason, OpenWeather doesn’t. I would love to see widgets in the future!

  18. EDIT: 3 months later. Greatest accuracy of all I evaluated! This thing has as much information as the heavy hitters, and done better! END *What We have here is beauty in this simplicity. I just started using this, but I love the simplicity If it’s accurate, I’m here to stay. Best sweet set up I have seen! designed beautifully. I would ask to change nothing, except to add a dark screen. I love studying weather (closet geek) I’ve grown accustomed to dark or black backgrounds BRAVO! Merci Beaucoup!

  19. NEAL C dice:

    Really like this app. A ton of info presented in a clean yet stylish format. Has hints of what made Dark Sky perfect. Gives the hourly temp/precip forecast for each day in great concise graphical format. A radar and an ongoing temperature notification would make it perfect but even without that it’s my favorite weather app. Keep up the great work.

  20. This is a neat, simple, light, fast and gets the job done kind of app without any fluff. There is certainly room to grow for the app such as providing alerts and notifications for severe weather impact or rain warnings (take an umbrella in the morning type, for e.g). Lastly, since Open Weather also had historical weather – it would be amazing if I could ‘scroll back’ and view what the weather was like last night or how much snow or rain did we actually get vs. forecasted.

  21. Great app that loads quickly even on my old phone. I don’t mind the lack of a widget since they kill performance for me but I do like that other apps have a persistent notification for a quick glance of the weather. That and the lack of a radar on the app are the only things keeping me from giving it five stars.

  22. It’s a great app. Generally very accurate. But I do find it a little frustrating when you keep changing the scale of the expected rainfall. Can we not just adopt a constant graph which better represents overall rainfall as an overall average, so the bars possess a constant relativity? 🤔

  23. This is a great app, especially with no ads! I would give 5 stars but it needs to have a tablet mode, i.e. landscape view, it’s quite irritating that you have to hold the tablet vertically. Please can this be added? The weather icons are a bit small, and don’t read well. Light grey clouds on a white background is not good, as are the black clouds in the dark mode. Take a look at the BBC weather app for inspiration. I will keep this app on my phone and tablet as it is very functional.

  24. Very simple but well designed, attractive UI, weather accuracy not bad at all, informative without bell’s and whistles; a widget would be welcome. The only glitch: I do not see a way to change to dark theme. Why? Update: I do serious mountain hiking with my wife, and weather forecast is paramount for this activity; This app in the last couple of days, was the only one that predicted the weather with high accuracy. Very good. I only want to change the UI to dark mode,but no option to do that.

  25. OpenWeather is the most accurate weather provider in my area (even better than the old Dark Sky), so it is great to see an official app become available. It is good start – a nice, clean layout with a really good precipitation chart prominently displayed. I think there are a couple of quick wins that would improve the app right away – being able to select a mix of imperial and metric units (so the C with mph that we have in the UK) and extending the hour by hour charts beyond 2 days. It would also be good to have the option to have text descriptions under hourly conditions. Longer term, the obvious big additions are widgets and notifications especially using OpenWeather’s very accurate minutely forecasts. However, the app is really solid start and I look forward to see how it develops. Not top stars yet, but in time this has the potential to be a really great weather app.

  26. Great app !! I love how clean, and straightforward the display is. I have one request: to include a directional arrow indicating the barometers’ status. For example: an arrow showing the falling, steady, or rising figure. The wind has a directional arrow, and the pressure could use one too. Thank you.

  27. Cico Mico dice:

    Cool simple app. I do not understand tough why is it not allowing more favorites.would be nice to be able to arange favorites and also to be able to swipe left and right on the main screen to go through those favorits. Would also be nice to show sunrise sunset separatly, and moon stage. Also cool would be to be able to see the weather history. In rest, i like it very much. Edit: Thank you for taking me in consideration

  28. Farrukh dice:

    Hi, The app is super nice to look at, information is clear and concise. I love the simplicity and usefulness of the information that’s given instead of being bombarded with dozens of things that don’t really matter. However, I would like the widgets to be a bit more customizable. widgets which show next two or three or five days alongside hourly ones would be amazing. No need to clutter the app interface it widgets, just take the existing ones and add the options for 2/3/5 days forecast, thanks

  29. Excellent. I was using other weather apps (paid for even), and this one is the perfect balance between informational and clean. The widget is great, but it’d be good to have a 3 day forecast possibility. Also, please explore a dark mode for the app. Finally, hyperlocal weather alerts, I’d pay for that!

  30. Most accurate and informative weather app I’ve used so far. Hoping you guys would add radar to make it “complete” so we users would be able to know the position of the storms and when it’ll hit certain areas. Overall great app with no fuss!. Update: There’s a bug with the 4×1 hourly forecast only shows 2-hour forecasts instead of 3-hours. So it’s 1pm today and it only shows forecasts for 1pm and 2pm but not 3pm. Thanks!

  31. Steve Box dice:

    Love the design, love the colour scheme too. Detailed, yet not cluttered. Would love to see weather warnings in the app & perhaps radar like the website. Only other addition would be proper scaling of the widgets so I can have current location without the title, but have the icon & temp on display without other details. Great app! Keep up the great work! EDIT: Widgets aren’t updating & have no option to use location without the app running

  32. Hey guys, I rarely give app feedback. I love the open weather map concept and the app has everything I need, BUT a widget to add to my home screen. It’s almost useless for me if I need to open the app to check the temperature all the time. Super useful if you add a home screen widget. Thanks a lot!

  33. I like this app a lot, both for its features and its design. One bug is a bit annoying; the times for weather alerts are off, at least for those from Deutscher Wetterdienst (Germany). Right now times shown in the app are always two hours early (e.g. 14:15 instead of 16:15), which probably means that they are shown in UTC instead of local time, CEST, which is UTC+02:00.

  34. I have used this before. I had to take one star away. Sorry, I need a question answered. Thank You. And it’s a TOP NOTCH APP FOR WEATHER. Especially with NO ADS! One Question for the Developer? Is there a way, even if it’s a LINK to the Weather Map you are going by. Thanx in advance. Thank You to the Dev. We who can barely EAT because the power’s that be say we make to much. Thank You and God Bless!

  35. Really nice simple interface. Just what i was looking for in a weather app, not too much and not too little. I don’t have any complaints at all!! I do think it would be neat if there was theme support or a way to customize colors. Its not a must have feature, but it would be neat.

  36. Great experience with this app out-of-the-box. Simple UI that has everything you need to prevent yourself from an unwanted weather situation. Super easy to use and has very good and customizable widgets to fast info access. 5 starts without doubt. Keep it on.

  37. Steve C dice:

    Nice app, but in the UK, only the current temperature is more-or-less correct; humidity, wind speed/direction and the chance of rain are a fair way out, unfortunately. As another review pointed out, the Met Office is far more accurate.

  38. Widgets will not refresh when “Power saving mode” is turned on. Edit: Thanks for your reply. The problem is that manual refresh is not working. When trying to refresh “Could’t load data” appears in the bottom left corner and weather info does not update (temperature is not the same in app). If phone is charging or power saving is off manual refresh works as it should.

  39. M Raider dice:

    I’d really like to see highly wind and precipitation forecasts along with the hourly temperature forecast. Edit: the London problem has been fixed so I increased the star rating. Now that I’ve been using this app a bit i have other recommendations for the devs: 1) allow the user to make the current location a favorite 2) make the graph and tabular forecasts customizable by giving the user the option to add wind, humidity, precipitation etc.

  40. Kacper dice:

    Does what’s described but I’d love to have a more customisable widget. For example having no location on display for a cleaner look or displaying wind speed and other information instead of the temperature temperature at later hours.

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