Room Temperature Thermometer MODDED 2022


Room Temperature Thermometer show record temperature like indoor thermometer app
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The room temperature thermometer app helps users get room temperature of a room or surrounding environments like an indoor thermostat or thermometer works.

room thermometer app or thermostat thermometer app or sensor meter app or temperature scanners app is available on secure Internet also

Available Features in indoor thermostat
room thermostat shows reading in Fahrenheit and Celsius as per need. room thermometer settings can be used to change units.
An indoor thermometer helps you give room temperature in Kelvin also
indoor thermostat shows results that are auto-calibrated as air temperature meter does.

room temperature thermometer app gives extra features like:
1. temperature scanner app record temperature on local
2. temperature checker record temperature on Internet
3. room temperature thermometer acts as an indoor hygrometer thermostat.
4. room thermometer checker saves temperature and export recorded temperature report.

room temperature scanner has a feature of recording periodically for 10 hours

in a room temperature thermometer app temperature reports also prepare that can be shared in CSV via email.

room temperature scanner has a feature of weather with a city name and current location

thermometer app check temperature for calibrate the thermometer for getting more accurate results

room temperature thermometer supports current weather with an accuracy at most 5 meter.

room thermometer check app saves temperature as history.

room temperature thermometer or indoor room thermometer app or indoor thermometer app shows the humidity of outdoor
For accurate room temperature put your phone idle for a few minutes, to get an accuracy of ±3 ºC like a hygrometer thermostat thermometer

use room thermostat record report feature for 10 hours by keeping phone idle to create an air temperature report with high accuracy.

Placing the device on a flat surface helps removes heat faster, and you can get accurate results.

In the city search, users can get an outdoor weather report and humidity for their city.
user can use current location to get outdoor weather.
room thermometer thermostat app also helps to get humidity
room thermometer scanner shows a dew point.
thermostat app shows weather forecasts like hourly forecasts, daily forecasts, and weekly forecasts.

indoor air temperature checker app gives outdoor temperature and temperature inside room as thermostat temperature checker app does.

Both indoor temperature and outdoor temperature supports results in Celsius °C, Fahrenheit °F, Kelvin K inside temperature scanner app
room thermostat meter shows distance in Km, miles, Knots for air visibility

How it works
to get indoor room temperature checker app checks for the availability of an ambient temperature sensor to initially get accurate temperature but when an ambient thermometer sensor is not available then processor temperature or graphics processor temperature is used to get room temperature.

an indoor temperature sensor is not required for using the room temperature app.

We are GDPR and Data Protection compliant and also respect user privacy, So no personal information is asked and location is optional also and we do not collect at our server to provide you maximum Data safety.

We welcome your Feedback and Suggestion. So feel to comment, share with friends, and install.


40 comentarios en "Room Temperature Thermometer MODDED 2022"

  1. I’ve only had the app maybe 5 hours; but it’s temp seems to be fairly accurate. It’s 1° off from my air conditioner. So I’m very satisfied. It does make a difference if you’re using your phone. I quit using my phone for 10 minutes, as suggested. It dropped 3°, which was in line it’s the local weather. – Edit: The dew point is 10.1° off from my local weather, and the humidity is 15% off. These things don’t really matter to me, but it may matter to someone else. I only need it for the temp.

  2. Absolutely great. I would have rated it 5 stars if it were not for the annoying long list of potential problems, how to calibrate, etc. that displays on the screen. You cannot see the room temp, and this list has no CLOSE (X) button in the upper right corner. I have to click GO BACK (<--) on my Android cell to see the room temp. (A real pain!) Otherwise, a really good app!

  3. Great app. Does what it says. Recording of temperatures convenient. However, the add experience is just too much. I don’t have the patience to wait for the same sticking (long) add to play over and over again with no skip feature after a reasonable time. 5 seconds OK. 10 seconds maybe. 30 seconds…too long. Reduction in stars based on adds. Otherwise would get a 5.

  4. It worked pretty well until I had a system update and then the weather report was stuck on 4 days ago. I don’t blame the app, my phone has been quirky ever since that update. The calibration the app uses to differentiate between ambient room temp vs phone temp isn’t perfect but it’s only off by a degree or so when the phone is being heavily used. If you check the temp after the phone has been idle for a while, 20 minutes or so, it’s perfectly accurate.

  5. The idea is nice, but it doesn’t work very fast. The phone is also warm, because it’s being used. To get an accurate view with the app, you have to wait 10-15 minutes without using your phone. So, if you have some patience, it works. If not, maybe buy a analogue temperature meter or special digital temperature meter device.

  6. Great for finding room temperature. Easy to use and very reliable. I did test it with a room thermostat and very similar readings. Great if you need to see if your thermostat is off or if the office is too cold.

  7. Guess Who dice:

    This app is quite good to get quick readings. I’ve used it in all my house’s rooms to check for even heat distribution and it detected differences, even by one degree. Easy to use, very handy.

  8. False advertisement. Very inaccurate a waste of time. The app tells you what the weather is supposed to be outside like a weather app. It doesn’t measure the temperature inside or out it even has a forecast. Uninstalled as of the time of this review.

  9. Far from accurate. Showing a temp of 20.7°C when room is 14°C. I left my phone in the coldest room of our house, while I went into a different room for around 20 minutes, just incase my body temp was giving the thermometer false readings, temp went from 23.2°C down to 20.7°C in that time. I Wish the room was that warm IRL. Body temp (from holding phone, or being in the same room as phone) does affect the accuracy, but even without those factors, the accuracy is still off, and results are false.

  10. Dana B dice:

    My bedroom stays colder than any room. in the house. I really didnt have the money to but a thermometer so I. thank youfound this app. it was very useful and learned that my bedroom in fact was 61 degrees. I guess I need to find a better heat source 🤔. Thank you for making this app.

  11. So far so Good . You must put the phone down for 15 to 30 minutes so it can become room temperature for an accurate reading. It also can not be charging or it will give to high of a reading.

  12. Initially I felt this cannot be real but it is. It does provide accurate Room Temperature. Basement temp fall to 13°C as we did not realise heater had stopped working and the Hall Temp was set to 20°C, which it showed 19.9°C. Owner of the house is still adamant to his beliefs although he did turn on heater for basement after complaining. Thanks a ton for saving us from cold.

  13. J Heal dice:

    Awesome app. To know your temperature running in your car, in your home, and also in your office … you’ll know the temperature of the room. I get it five stars. It’s easy to use. And the temperature comes up quickly on it.

  14. Mileena dice:

    Tried it in an unheated room (It’s winter here!) and a room heated at 20, and in the non heated room that’s 10 degrees Celsius with the real thermometer, the app said 26,3 degrees celcius, then same result in the heated room. 🤡😂 Edit: People said it’s giving you the weather outside instead….it’s not. Wouldn’t be accurate at all as it’s -3 here, far from 26 degrees 😂

  15. Room temperature ok but I think outside doesn’t always update to the latest info. City and state more exact some cities have same name but different states or even countries.

  16. I’m not sure if this app is accurate it’s pretty accurate but I believe the temperature the phone has some kind of influence on the temperature that it reads for the room

  17. I tried a different app first but it wasn’t that easy to use plus had TONS of ads. This one seems to be working much better. Easy to use. Thanks!

  18. Just found this app. I love it. Trying to convince my roommate that the thermostat needs replaced. I will be using this app all the time moving forward.

  19. I can’t tell you much about it just yet But what I can see about For a temperature gauge for a room to see how cold it is or warm it is it it seems like it’s going to be a reasonable good app

  20. Once you take the time for it register the room temp. (It takes a long time) It’s good. Way too many ads tho.

  21. Renee S dice:

    Such a wonderful app. It’s really interesting that they have this technology. Works perfectly I give them 10 out of 10 stars. And it’s a beautiful app to look at!

  22. I like this it’s a good I inaccurate temperature reading of the room the only thing is you can’t you have to set your phone down for a while to get accurate temperature

  23. Simple app for measuring room temperature. Accurate. My only complaint is the weather notifications I did not want, but easily turned off in settings.

  24. Congrats to your good update! The processor temperature was indeed superfluous 😁.. This one is most accurate. Just use Recorder. 1st reading will be wrong (heat of phone body). But let your device cool down.. Next reading in graph will be your true room temperature. This is special feature of this app! I compared with regular thermometer in my room, 100% accuracy! 5 stars without any doubts.

  25. Have checked results with stand alone thermometers and is quite accurate although you need to wait for the phone to stabilz. Ads a bit annoying..

  26. Pretty good. Have to make sure you don’t use your phone for a while before you décide to use the app for à more accurate reading.

  27. It’s a great app. Very easy and right to the point. And they don’t collect data which is important

  28. Excellent App. I am elderly and I find it very useful to keep an eye on the indoor temperature of my home during this awful cost of living crisis.

  29. Nice app, but the ads are too long! 😡 Doesn’t need to measure above 100℃. ☀️ I promise I won’t drop my phone in boiling water. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  30. It’s accurate, very accurate. I would’ve given 5 stars but I’m not a fan of all the ads! I’m uninstalling the app, only because of the ads I have wait to x out of before I use the app

  31. I couldn’t get it to work properly. It just would not give me local information. I tried numerous times to connect, but it couldn’t find Nashville, TN. It kept giving me Washington, D.C. or Algiers.

  32. Well, when I first opened it. It read 69.2 then adjusted to 68 something. I liked that because it had been under my pillow, now, it was out in the open. I turned another burner on the wall heater, now it reads 73

  33. TF Hargis dice:

    Very good app for quick temp… not sure how close to accurate it is but compared to other devices, within one degree.

  34. Great app to check any room ambient temperature. I like the three temperature scale options. Very easy to visualize. Thank you… GFC

  35. Tyler Gob dice:

    They were the only app this year to wish me a happy Thanksgiving. It’s also incredibly convenient in the ads, while targeted, are not obnoxious.

  36. Seems to be sufficiently accurate since I checked it against a digital thermometer. Easy to use handy to have.

  37. Wanted to check that my heating thermostat was working and the app said it was the same temperature so thanks know both are working well.

  38. None of these apps work don’t be fooled. There’s no way you can take the temperature of a room when the temperature sensor is inside an electronic device that has a central processing unit which creates massive amounts of heat. Put it this way if your room is 70°, no matter what app you use you will see more like 90° on any thermometer app. It’s just not possible. Yes that’s what I’m saying these are scams. The best read you will get is after hours of your phone being off. 2* for nice interface.

  39. This app seems simple and straight forward. As to accuracy? I’d have to buy a real thermostat and compare. Seems to me it shoes temps a tiny bit higher than they may really be. But still useful! UPDATE 25AUG2022 I bought some thermostats for my home and actually the Room Temp app is either accurate to the thermostats or a bit cooler this summer. However it shows the temperature on the app and under that is give “Natural Temperature”, always several degrees Centigrade higher. What is this?

  40. Nice! Wow! Lovely, accurate and precise, really love the app, liked the weather features too, awesome! please keep improving, would like future updates to include high/low battery temperature alert/alarm features added too. Keep updating and improving. Recommending app to friends & family. 👍🏽

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