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FOX Weather tracks local news, storms, and lightning with live video and radar
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Weathering It Together. The all-new FOX Weather app brings America’s Weather Team to the palm of your hand.

FOX Weather shows you the world’s weather as you’ve never seen it before, with beautiful visuals in a straightforward design giving you short and long-range forecasts, weather news, live video, and more.

See and interact with the forecast for today and 14 days into the future, along with hourly details for the next 48 hours. Subscribe to severe weather alerts to get notified of the locations that matter to you. Choose between hourly and daily views for any location worldwide.

Live Streaming Video
Tap into live streaming and on-demand forecasts, severe weather video clips, and more from America’s Weather Team, bringing you the story behind the weather – no login required and always on.

Weather News
Read about the top weather stories worldwide from our team of Digital Meteorologists, reporting on the biggest weather news around the clock from the FOX Forecast Center.

Interactive Radar
View storms using our interactive radar, and zoom into your local area. The location of the radar adjusts with the locations you have set in the app.

Custom Long Range Forecasts
Plan your events up to nearly a year ahead with FOX FutureView, and be alerted to changes in the forecast as they happen. Be it a wedding, vacation, family reunion, or anything else you need to know the weather for; FOX FutureView can help you track & plan for it.

See what’s coming, right on your home screen! Plus extra info like Sunrise/Sunset, AQI, rain graph, high and low temperatures, weather warnings, and “peek-ahead forecasts” when relevant.

Weather Data
•Forecasts for today + the next 14 days
•48 hours of hourly forecast data
•Severe weather warnings both in the app and via push notifications
•Precipitation chance and amount
•Dew point
•Sunrise & Sunset times
•Wind speed and gusts
•UV Index
•Cloud Cover
•Air Quality Data

How to customize the FOX Weather app
•Consider allowing both push notifications and location permissions.
•Set up locations that matter to you, like family members’ homes, favorite vacation spots, etc.
•Give the locations custom names (“Mom’s House”) inside the settings menu.
•Use FOX FutureView in the “Plan” tab to set up long-range forecasts for important upcoming events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, big vacations – really, anything where you need to keep an eye on the weather.
•Watch out for reminders from the FOX Weather app as your event approaches!


40 comentarios en "FOX Weather: Daily Forecasts 2022"

  1. The app has not been changed in any way since my original comment bye! Widget frequently goes blank for no discernable reason, and there is no way to manually refresh it causing me to open the app to simply see the weather. When the widget does work it only shows a few hours of weather forecast. It would be better to have it display the next few days forecast, or the option to choose. I’ll wait a bit to see if it is improved, but most likely will be removing it and replacing with a better app.

  2. The widget takes up too much real estate covering two rows. Pushed it off my home screen. It is also rarely up-to-date. The main app is good. But scrolling left-right for extended days causes refreshing to occur constantly due to not sliding a perfect straight line. I blocked notifications as they were worthless and always taking me to ads and buggy web pages.

  3. App was great when it came out (I gave it 5 stars) – no glitches, great info, in/out of app no problem. But in the last month I’ve had glitches. App opens ok but backing out is impossible without hitting the back button repeatedly. Have downloaded the app 3 times now – last two just now to try to get rid of glitches, including restarting the phone to clear out any possible errors. Please fix your “fix” so it runs smoothly again.

  4. Lots of hype for this but it falls short. My biggest gripe is that the radar only shows 4 images per hour. That’s not nearly enough to be useful. Usually, storm clouds are moving by quickly so it’s essential to have an updated image at least every 5 minutes if not every minute. 2nd: advertised 3D radar still not available on Android 1 year later. Lastly, way too many fluff videos that do not interest me. I couldn’t care less about weather out of my area. Show me stuff that affects my location.

  5. I don’t know how well the app works. All I know is as soon as I open it, a live video plays. The sound is off, but for the same reason I don’t use Twitch, Instagram, and TikTok, I don’t appreciate you forcing me to use data, battery, and processing power to stream media I’m not watching. If I need to check the radar away from WIFI, I run the risk of additional charges from AT&T since I can’t set the quality of the live feed or pause it. Make better products with your customers in mind.

  6. Would simply say the actual app is far less than the advertised version, the radar is sub-standard and anything but state-of-the-art, the format is clumsy and the interface is difficult to find things on. Good news: they’ve got lots of room for improvement… but for now I’m stuck on the other app I hate. This isn’t yet the salvation I’d hoped for. Ill try again in a couple months.

  7. It loads faster than any other radar app I have. But that’s about it. I actually understand the benefit of having 3D radar, and was looking forward to it, so I’m very disappointed that the 3D function doesn’t work on android. You would think they would mention that somewhere. It’s buggy too. Locks up frequently with odd error messages. Overall, a good start. Should be noted as a beta version or maybe held up for a few months until they get the android issues worked out.

  8. Ben Pell dice:

    It needs some improvements, but overall a decent app. I wish it had dark mode, and would save how far I zoom in or out on the weather map to see the radar for the next time I open the radar up again. It opens to a zoomed in position that’s way too close for my liking. Also, it would be nice if a star or dot shown on my location on the map. It may be that because I turned off location services and used a zip code I don’t see a marker, I’m not sure. I also wish I had the ability to change what I see on the weather map such as wind, temp, ect. Guess I’ll continue to use my radar for that. Otherwise it’s an ok weather app.

  9. Honestly a very, very nice weather app. It’s feels like a one-stop shop for all your weather needs. I also love how quickly severe alerts get sent compared to other apps. Only a few problems. There are some visual bugs (if the temperature is low enough on the hourly view, the precipitation chance is covered by the day and hour markers). Also, compared to others, radar is certainly lacking in features. Finally, a read later function would be nice, as I love the articles. Great app!

  10. Android user. I see no 3D version of a map anywhere. Also no way to switch between satellite view to map view. In fact really no options for the map. It’s just a plain satellite view showing rainfall and that’s it. Disappointing! Also the live video will not flip to full screen when phone is turned horizontally. I’m forced to watch a much smaller frame with the phone in the vertical position.

  11. S. Andrew dice:

    I’m gonna be honest. I had hope for the Fox Weather app. This app could have been better developed in regards to the Android version. The Android version is currently lacking behind in comparison to the iOS version. Some of the features I wish this app has includes ongoing weather tracking feature (notification bar), 3D radar (even though it’s coming soon), more map layer options (dew point, clouds, winds, temperature change, etc). On the other hand, the streaming service is great in my opinion.

  12. It’s nice to plan events. Your app is missing key points, in my opinion. The barometric pressure is helpful for those that suffer from migraines. The humidity & wind speed would be great…those that live in areas like Chicago know how you dress for the day is determined by those factors. I know there is an option to choose “actual” or “feels like” but both should be an option not one or the other. Also, it would be nice for the UV index to be listed also. I hope you change your app.

  13. Each update makes the app better! The layout is easy to navigate and there is little clutter. One item I would like to see added is the ability to disable the future radar. I personally only want to see the past couple hours. Also, on the hourly forecast the time and the precipitation chance overlap making it impossible to read.

  14. Over-hyped, but poorly executed. There’s nothing special here. The much promoted 3D radar is nowhere to be found. I’m sure that it’s a work-in-progress but, so far, it’s not nearly as good as even the Weather Channel app. One glitch is in the “Notifications” setting: Both “switches” (Local and “All Locations”) move together. You can’t opt for local only. All in all, the app appears to be poorly thought out, or released before it was ready. There are much better options available.

  15. There was a lot of hype for this app, and that is all there was. This is a basic, elementary app. There are no options for radar/maps like, precipitation types, temp maps, winds, satellite (cloud cover) overlay along with radar, background selection (map vs satellite), past and future radar. If you want only the basics with a lot of media (broadcast shows and stories) this is the app for you.

  16. The Fox Weather app is really good. I would suggest adding more layers to the radar. The feature I look forward to the most though is the 3D radar. I can’t wait for that. One thing though, why am I not getting notifications from the app? I have them enabled. When I go into the settings on my phone it says that the app hasn’t sent me any notifications yet. So, I can’t mess with the settings for the alart sound. Someone, please help me.

  17. Debi dice:

    I suppose it’s an ok start but improvements are really needed to get your app up to speed. It needs to be more user-friendly. A few things would be great to see for example, a monthly calendar view. I’d like the ability to look up prior years, months & days of weather stats. I would like to have an option to see the forecast on an hourly & weekly basis. Maybe moon phases? Other competitive weather apps already have these features. Not trying to complain, just a few suggestions. Thanks!

  18. I love it, it’s easy on the eyes and has lots of weather information. I was surprised at the hd quality of the live stream, it’s clear as a bell. my only dislike is the satellite map background for the radar, I’ve always been custom to a standard background Light or Dark. Overall it transitions smoothly from option to option.

  19. Useless app that won’t let you do anything except get stuck watching endless ads! For over 10 mins. all I wanted to do is watch a future track radar of potential severe storms in the Texas Gulf Coast area. Every damn time I clicked on play, I was taken to an advertisement. First it was an ad for Tucker Carlson’s streaming service. I had to go back and start over. I was then taken to an ad for tuvi. I had to back out & begin again. It just kept doing this. Enough! I deleted the app altogether.

  20. Jim S dice:

    It’s decent for a first go, but has some shortcomings. Only one widget available – need more choices. Also, not app related, but the content the app provides as far as forecast and radar are not available on the web site. The biggest issue I have is that it seems to rely on google services. So, if you have a degoogled device, even with MicroG, it still doesn’t work.

  21. Overall the experience is quite good… Nice Layout, good features, and easy to use… but there could be one major improvement, in my opinion… For instance, most weather apps that I have used mark your location with a dot or star to show where you are located verses the incoming weather… Unless I am missing something, I do not see that in the radar… And if that is not added soon for an upcoming update, I will be going back to my old “go-to” weather apps of the past…

  22. Lshige dice:

    Revising from first review: I’ll come back in a month. Maybe. Earlier I was mildly meh that the 3D radar function doesn’t seem to exist. Now I’m not happy with this because when the tornado sirens were going off and lightening was almost directly overhead at my place, the radar on the app shows clear skies. Also, seriously, let people turn off the live function somehow. Having it constantly running in the background even when the app is asleep is killing my RAM and chewing up my data.

  23. Not as good as described and takes over certain functions of my phone. For instance, reconfigures my app layout, how I have to search for other apps, adds multiple icons to the home screen and sidebar for the same information. Also, the information is very weak in presentation. Not user-friendly. The Weather Channel app is way better. Galaxy S-10 Pro

  24. A decent app considering it’s pretty standard for the most part. News articles about the weather, weather videos, radar, etc. Definitely a work in progress, as it was just released to the public. I like the feature of being able to see what the weather could be like 100 days in advance for a scheduled event you’d be attending. TWC app doesn’t have that. At least, not with the free version, but Fox does. I also like the LIVE Radar feature, which the free version of TWC app doesn’t have either.

  25. A good start but… At the time of this writing (which I’ll update) this functions more like I’d expect a beta release, especially with all of the features promoted. For my area in the mountain west anything outside a standard and 14-day forecast was unavailable or at least undiscovered in 20 min. I look forward to 3D radar as my local wx says they have it but it’s not functional either. Also, hopefully it will integrate past scans and future radar. Keep us posted.

  26. As a mild weather enthusiast and a truck driver I can say it is missing some very crucial and basic features that almost every other weather app out there has. First thing I noticed was although it gives wind speed, but does not give the wind gusts. The second is that it boast a 3d radar but is just a basic smooth radar (which really isn’t very accurate compared to traditional nexrad). The third thing is also pertaining to radar and quite important and that is the need to add warning layers.

  27. Jim Laird dice:

    It’s okay but needs more. No ability to pick a date range for planned trips so you get the whole forecast. A live radar like the old android app called Raindar. This radar looks like it only refreshes every 15 minutes which is not helpful with outdoor events and the past few hours it plays really does not help. Location pin would be nice to pinpoint where you are in the map.

  28. It’s a great app for all your weather news but needs some serious help on additional features like the widgets. I’d like to replace the stock weather app that I have on my home screen but your 1 choice for a widget is horrible. Maybe take a look at the weather app and see what they offer, multiple widgets, sizes, dimensions, multiple configurations.

  29. Only one complaint, was so looking forward to the much-touted 3D Radar view. That’s the cool feature that is pushed on all the advertising but without mentioning it doesn’t work on Android! You should at least state that here when people download it. Wasted lots of time searching the app and the web trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. Finally came back here to the Play Store to see if any reviews mentioned it, and Bingo: A reply says they’re working on bringing it to Android. Would have been nice to mention that up front! Otherwise this looks like a very good app.

  30. Naughty, naughty! Someone didn’t do their homework before they opened their app for download. Never saw a beta. Way too much fluff. This one-stop-shop “weather app” is sluggish and visually burdensome. Streamlined it isn’t, but seriously needs to be. It’s bogged down with too many peripherally related to, but not really germaine weather stories. The radar is regrettably generic and second rate with no screen options/layers. There are many weather/radar apps that’s far superior to this one.

  31. The only difference between this app, and my local channel app is that you can stream FoxWeather. It has a basic radar. Not impressed. Will change rating if there are improvements. I don’t even see an option for a subscription or anything to make it better. Update: I just uninstalled. There have been no improvements since I downloaded it. Was truly looking forward to the 3d radar.

  32. Tom Small dice:

    Most cumbersome weather site I have used. Very disappointed after all the hype about how wonderful it is. I am removing it. I may try again after it has a chance to “grow up”. Seems mainly focused in news articles, not weather data. AQI shows red on main screen even when AQI is actually green. Never could find the “3-D Radar” so highly touted on Fox News. Etc, etc…

  33. john kim dice:

    Very clean and much better than the weather channel or other weather apps I’ve used before. I hope they just do upgrades and don’t start adding tons of ads and banners which would really ruin it. Really like the Tracker and the forecasts are accurate. Has everything I would expect from a weather app. Plus, Janice Dean is awesome!

  34. The only weather alert I get every single day is that air quality alert. I wish there was an option to turn that off because apparently everyday is bad air day. I don’t like to see an exclamation point alert like that because I actually think it’s a more serious alert of snow, and etc. I wish the future radar had a dot to show where I am. I know the map moves to whatever city page you are on, but it still would be nice.

  35. Overall fantastic app, however the widget needs some updates. This is on my android phone. 1. When location goes out could be from wifi or loss of service, has happened in both for me, it doesn’t always come back. You have to delete the widget and bring it back to home screen. 2. Apple has a smaller grid for widget when is Android getting that option? I would add screen shots, but its not letting me.

  36. Good app, but needs improvement. Radar shouldn’t be in satellite view only. All weather apps I’ve used, give you the option for colored paper map & satellite along with other layers. Satellite view only will consume more data loading the map. My biggest gripe (like some other reviewers mentioned) map is every 15mins. Should be every 5mins. We love Fox News. Just heard a news anchor mention the Fox Weather app & thought I’d try it. I’ll come back & try again.

  37. Very clunky. 3D radar needs LOTS of work. Depending on zoom level precipitation either disappear or shows up in wrong location. No settings for radar to adjust speed of loop. No option to turn off auto play on video or live feed. Sorry but uninstalling.

  38. Fox Weather is an awesome app. Updates & features are getting better. App is very accurate. News articles are good. Once this app get’s more features & updates, it will be one of the best weather apps. I love the live streaming. App needs a temperature & conditions feature in the the pull down menu. App also doesn’t refresh automatically when opening the app. Continue updating & improving for a better customer experience…

  39. Z W dice:

    Nice app overall. In current form the hourly/daily forecasts are a bit painful to read since it is horizontal scrolling and phone width is narrow on most phones. Would be better if it supported rotating with the phone and/or if it offered a list view option for the hourly/daily forecasts to avoid horizontal scrolling on a narrow area. Good app otherwise though and love the widget.

  40. It’s just ok. Warning…if you use your earbuds or speakers to listen to stuff all day like I do you won’t like this app much. When I go to do a quick look at the temp on the app it immediately cuts off the sound to whatever I’m listening to. Very annoying.

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