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Local weather forecast app, your personal 7*24 local weather forecast assistant.
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Local weather forecast, your personal weather assistant. With Local Weather Forecast, you can travel with confidence. It provides weather info and weather data browsing, accurate weather forecast information in 24 hours, accurate forecast for many days in the future.

################ Main Features ###############

# Real-time Local Weather Forecast
Hourly Temperature, wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, weather condition, humidity, UV Index, visibility distance unites, dew point, elevation and cloud cover condition. Also it contains Radar Map that offering you to check the local weather condition information easily. Thoughtful data like Air Quality, Out Door Sports Index sunrise time, sunset time are also offered for you.

# Local real-time weather and natural disaster Alert
Early warning affected area, start time, end time, Alert summary, original warning and data source. Prompt protection in advance

# Weather forecast for the next 24 hours
Hourly temperature, Feels like, weather phase, humidity, UV index, visibility, dew point, rain snow ice probability, wind direction speed gust, Cloud Cover. 24-hour Weather Forecast ,View anytime, anywhere . Hourly weather, know as soon as you slip.

# Weather forecast for the next 10 days
Provide daily temperature, weather phase, humidity, UV index, rain snow icing probability, lightning probability, wind direction/speed/gust, sunrise sunset time. Plan food, clothing, housing and transportation in advance . Forecast long-term weather, happy plan, happy play.

# Rain probability in the next 10 days
The bar graph displays the trend of rain probability. Watch the dynamic map of rainfall radar

# Wind direction information for the next 10 days
The line graph shows the level of the direction and the direction change trend.

# Air Quality Index
PM10, PM2.5, CO, NO2, SO2, O3, quality level.

# Other weather information
Dew point, Visibility, UV Index.

# Weather radar chart
Various cloud images can be displayed, making it easy to browse weather forecast information.

# Sunrise and sunset
Beautiful sunrise and sunset animation effects and moon phase information.

# City Management
The weather in the city you care about is clear at a glance. You can manually add and remove cities, adjust the order of cities, set the city and weather forecast for notifications and widgets.

# Weather information unit and format setting
Temperature: C, F
Precipitation: mm, in, cm
Visibility: mile, m, km
Wind speed: mp/h, km/h, mi/h, m/s
Pressure: bar, hPa, atm, mmHg
Hour format: 12 hour, 24 hour
Date format: yyyy/mm/dd(2021/01/29), mm/dd/yyyy(29/01/2021), dd/mm/yyyy(01/29/2021)

# Support multiple languages

Download and experience the accurate local weather forecast.

Enjoy your daily life and stay safe!

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us. We will do our best to provide a better experience for you.
[email protected]


1. Added allergy module to provide allergy curve
2. Added photography module to provide golden hour and blue hour for photography
3. Added the function of sorting and hiding the weather module on the home page
4. Add air quality data sources and standard selection, and provide air quality index classification
5. Add the unit of air pressure
6. Fix the problem that the radar map plays in the wrong direction
7. Fix known bugs


4 comentarios en "Local Weather:Weather Forecast MODDED"

  1. Jeff Wilkinson dice:

    All the glowing reviews must be using the paid version. I clicked on the icon to play the radar loop and it prompted me to upgrade to premium. Living in Florida, I need to know where the thunderstorms are coming from and how fast they’re moving. Both Weatherbug and my local TV station’s weather app have this feature in the free version. Unacceptable and uninstalled.

  2. Ray Crosby dice:

    Having tried/used multiple weather apps, this one has me very pleased. I’m referring to it very frequently and only complain about switching back to/from previously selected locations. Also would like a reference point or track for pressure changes. Another difficulty, the name is not distinct from other similar weather apps in playstore. Hard to distinguish “this particular one” in play store. Have had to use the “share with others” menu to really pinpoint this app.

  3. Robert Pruitt dice:

    I’ve been looking for a SIMPLE weather app with 3 simple functions. No stupid animations/background pics/dynamic backgrounds that can’t even be turned off. This fulfills that. Ability to remove sections I don’t want, and the ability to move the different sections to my preferred order. Nope and nope. All seem kinda simple, but apparently for app developers it’s an impossible task. Uninstalled. I’ll just keep asking Google Assistant until someone figures out how to make a simple app.

  4. Christopher Moody dice:

    Does the radar on this app get any better if you pay for the app? Because the free version of the radar is really quite low res and awful. I have a storm moving into the area, and this radar barely shows anything more than a glob. Other radars show much more detail. I wish I could see the radar in motion without having to pay $4.99 to upgrade. The rest of the app is very clean with all the important information. I also wish I could see the recent barometric pressure history for trend purposes.

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