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Local and national forecasts, weather radar, severe weather & rain tracker
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Key features of the Weather & Radar app:

• Accurate weather forecast
• Innovative weather, temperature and wind radar
• Real-time weather alerts, rain and hurricane tracker
• Local air quality forecasts (AQI)
• UV index and coastal conditions
• Weather, climate and environment news
• Customizable main page
• No ads!

🌞 Weather App
Be ready for all weather conditions this summer with Weather & Radar’s app, with accurate current weather reports and future conditions at your exact location in the US and around the world.

🌦 Weather Forecast
The latest forecasts for temperature and wind, probability of rain or thunder, sunshine duration and severe storm risk. Detailed data on air pressure, humidity levels and UV-Index. Plan further ahead with the 14-day weather trend.

☔ Weather Map
Discover our industry-leading weather radar, including high-resolution satellite, rain radar, wind and storm areas. The enhanced weather maps allow you to track real-time meteorological conditions down to city and county level.

🌩 Weather Alerts
Using the latest weather modelling and storm tracking technology, our weather alert service will always keep you updated about dangerous severe weather conditions in or close to your area.

📰 Weather News
Our team of editors will bring you the latest weather, climate and environment news, including expert analysis and videos during high impact weather events. From hurricanes to tornadoes and floods, we have got you covered!

🌊 Coastal Conditions
You can rely on Weather & Radar’s free app to get the latest lake and ocean temperatures as well as frequently updated beach and nearshore weather, wind + wave conditions.

⛈️ 90-Minute Trend
Our 90-minute nowcast feature gives you all the local and time-critical data you need, using a blend of weather observations and high-resolution models to pinpoint the movement and arrival times of rain or storms around your location.

🌎 World Weather
Save any location and see current conditions for any number of global locations in our weather app. Global weather data and rain radar at your fingertips!

Should you have any queries or comments, kindly contact us at [email protected]


- Widget adjustments: These can now be created again without any issues
- Optimizations of the app for the latest version of the Android operating system


40 comentarios en "Weather & Radar USA – Pro 2022"

  1. I have used another app for years and it’s still good, but it doesn’t do radar for the whole world and that annoyed the heck out of me. This app is great, it doesn’t have as much as the other app, earth quakes and the like, but this one is pretty darn good. The temperature readings/forecasts are just about perfect, by the way perfect for every residence is not possible really, terrain can mess with that. For instance my house is in a depression compared to the average. Well done and Thanks.

  2. Great app providing weather conditions and radar imaging. The only change I would recommend is for the “new” temperature map. The scale for temps with accompanying color scheme seems a little skewed. When mild temps are showing yellow and orange, and warm temps are showing red, this detracts from the actual conditions. If this scheme could be adjusted at the user level I wouldn’t even mention it because this is a personal preference.

  3. John Hart dice:

    I’m finally happy with a weather app. The widget with a clock is perfect. The radar map is the clearest I’ve seen. Interface is well organized and clean. The weather news is interesting and informative. This seems to be a better deal than the subscription version. Either way a good value. Thanks to the developer for a fine product.

  4. Keefy dice:

    I agree with the review by Cameron Petersen. Please add a “No” option for weather warnings. Selecting Yes means turning on location tracking and having the app running on the background. I don’t want this. Just add a “No” button. Simple. Then you’ll get 5 stars.

  5. Jon Lydon dice:

    Certain functions do not work at times, ie the auto update of weather / temperature on the screen save. You have to open the app to get the latest update of weather. Also the weather forecast videos maps tend to go too fast.

  6. Still awesome and accurate, the best weather app by far, even noticed the F1 teams using it. My only personal criticism I would prefer to have an option to remove the clock from the widget as all phones already have a clock in the top corner. Still fantastic though. 5*s

  7. Bernhard dice:

    We’re hosting an annual garden party in Germany. Having a precise weather forecast is crucial for us. After benchmarking three weather apps for several years I can safely say: This one is the most precise. Having the rain probability in addition with sun hours is super helpful!

  8. This is a great app and I’ve used the free version for years now. I do have one immediate complaint though: I dont want to turn on severe weather warnings, so why is my only option to get rid of the space-blocking “do you want to turn on severe weather warnings” box to click “yes”? Please add a “No” option so this can be hidden. I paid for this to remove clutter so this is kinda irritating.

  9. Ian dice:

    First and only weather app I’ve seen so far actually doing its job properly. Me likes. I fell in love with the free version, I then went pro. 🥰 And wow, I already loved this app anyway, it’s the first weather app I’ve seen actually being able to give wind speeds in Beaufort! As former sailor it’s the wind actually making sense. ♥️

  10. This is one of the apps that I use every day. Consistent and probaby 9/10 for accuracy. However the data harvesting is getting progressively worse. Loosing a star….

  11. It’s good, not great Takes a while to load and not a super detailed map but it does the job and the map is cool to look at

  12. One of the best weather apps out there! Consistently accurate, nice UI, simple to use. It’s easier to get a reasonably valid weather prediction for major places (like Paris, or London, or LA), but I spend most of my time in a rather “god-forsaken” location, and I can always rely on this app to provide reliable data, plus some interesting additional info on weather phenomena, in general.

  13. Spot on most of the time, however the real feel needs some adjustment, can’t be the same as actual all the time, not realistic

  14. With the last update, the app is not smooth or very choppy on mi 11 lite ne, used to be a very pleasant experience using it. Please fix it

  15. Corrent weather mismatch It is raining since hours already and program shows it is simply cloudy!

  16. Great app, easy to use and I’ve found the forecast very reliable… more reliable even than my national weather service (Met Office, UK). Precipitation probability and rainfall radar are particularly useful. I keep it as a widget on my main screen, which is very handy, with simple icons making it fast and easy to get a quick overview of the weather.

  17. The latest update is a huge step in the right direction. At long last the very unpopular Weather News section can be removed from the home screen. As a result the app opens much quicker, and doesn’t waste your data allowance on unwanted content. Layout and functionality is good, and the forecasts are accurate. My only slight gripe is that the rainfall radar screen is rather slow to open.

  18. Had this weather App almost 18months now and at first it was very accurate with its forecasts.. in the last 4-6 months it’s forecasts have been very poor.. I could genuinely set my clock to what the weather would be like with this App but not anymore..

  19. Great app for finding places with sun while on holiday.

  20. With pressure maps this would be the best weather app on the market.

  21. I would have given this app. 5 stars but the last update seems to have broken a few things. When opening Radar screen, from widget, the radar view opens in the screen for the day furthest away from ‘Now’. I’m pretty sure previous version of the app. defaulted to opening on ‘Now’ screen which was much more convenient. Also, latest version doesn’t ‘Keep zoom setting’ despite this being selected in options. So, 4 stars with issues stated above but certainly 5 stars if the issues get sorted out. Review update 01/02/2019 App. was updated again yesterday and the problems caused by previous update have gone away. Now back to 5 stars. Kudos to the developer for being on the ball. ————————- 08/06/2019 – Update on my review Latest app. update seems to have killed off customisation options on main weather page. Main weather page now cluttered with a load of stuff I don’t want, or need, to see.

  22. Bubba Joe dice:

    Hello, this App would be 5 stars if did not show me weather information based on my device language: I am in Europe, my device language is English: why am I getting weather info for the USA? Please please don’t assume I want weather info for USA just becauae I happen to choose that language! The weather is not tied to my language!

  23. The next best thing to slice bread; great weather, great accuracy. Please add hazy weather condition. Keep up the good work!

  24. Very informative weather app indeed. I like GUI, but it would be even better with the option to choose a dark theme. I also miss an option to choose language manually. I have device language set to English, because not all apps are localized, and some of them are localized poorly. Localization of Weather & radar app is done properly, but I can’t use it due to automatic language setting.

  25. Very good and reliable App. I’m using it as a short term weather prediction also for flight planning

  26. With last update this app went from bad to worse – it wouldn’t show me the weather for my location, claiming that I have to click on “accept all” in some setting it will present, but the setting is not there. Another ongoing issue was seeing news (which one can’t disable or hide) for USA, while living in germany. Developers of this app clearly don’t understand the difference between locale and location. Uninstalling it.

  27. Easy to use and mostly with accurate forecasts. Closer to the coastlines forecasts get less accurate. For example I have written several times to the app provider that in the Lisbon-Cascais area the temperature forecast is consistently wrong, it is almost always too low by several degrees C when compared to the actual temperature. For example when the forecast for the next day predicts a max 23°C the real temp will almost certainly be around 25°C. The error does not occur in central Europe.

  28. For some reason, it’s giving me some totally unrelated news about US weather. No way to remove that. The app is still much worse than it was two years ago. EDIT: The long-term solution would be to enable customization like it was two years ago… I don’t see what was the point of this “upgrade”. If it’s about bringing more clicks to a website, it’s not gonna work anyway since I don’t care about daily weather on the other side of the planet.

  29. Current weather, hourly, daily, weekly prognosis, radar, all displayed on a single screen. Everything else is one slide or click away. Most informative and use friendly app I have ever found. Not to mention the accuracy of prognosys.

  30. Update: got even worse, radar images got laggy. Original: No option to disable radar forecast anymore (in the past you could choose to only show the recorded radar). No option to disable the news (you can sort but not minimize or turn off). News not location relevant (but only according to phone language settings).

  31. After years of use i think I am switching to another app. There are two reasons, the weather forecast often gives wrong data for the next day and especially for two or more days, there are constant changes. The second reason is that lately I get wrong readings of the current temperature and up to 6 degrees difference. This has not happened before

  32. Doesn’t update itself. The app shows rain and when I manually refresh it, it changes and the rain has stopped. The app shows, for example, temperature of say, 10c but upon manually refreshing it shows say, 8c. Waste of money. No advance warning eg “going to renew subscription in two days unless you cancel”.

  33. I’ve used this paid app for quite some time now and it always seems to be quite accurate. Reason I give it 5 stars is because of its usability and ease of use and the accuracy of the rain coming over with the live or projected imaging on the radar is great to see which direction whatever it is, is coming!

  34. Best weather app for UK I have found. The best rainfall radar chart by far; most of the time very accurate. The 14 day forecast is useful to see the future weather trend, which obviously is often inaccurate as the UK weather is nearly impossible to forecast.

  35. Why I love this: 1. It’s reliable. 2. Light on battery & storage space. 3. Sets out all the details you need, clearly. 4. Shows temperature outside in your notification bar. 👍 5. You can buy this ad-free version with one-off payment. GOOD WORK. 👌

  36. Nico dice:

    I like the Ápp and especially the widgets, but since the last update I can no longer use the widget on my tablet. The widget now needs the “always on” location permission, which is a new feature on new android versions. The problem is that my tablet has android version 6.01 for which I cannot enable this permission. It simply does not exist and should also not be required for this android version. Still the widget does not work and keeps requesting the permission.

  37. Pretty good weather forecast, especially the two week outlook is nicely presented. However, even after the latest “privacy friendly” update, the paid “ad free” Version still connects to facebook tracking services, so privacy is not so great with this app.

  38. Since the last couple of updates it will not automatically change my location. It stays on the town I live in. Very annoying as I work outdoors in various locations and need to know what weather is doing there. That’s why I’ve given 3 stars.

  39. I’m a bit obsessed with the weather and have tried pretty much all the apps going. This is by far the best and I have used it many times a day for years now. If they could add a widget to my Samsung watch it would be absolute perfection 😉. Thanks dev’s

  40. the app is adequate but it appears that the radar is in metric and not in Imperial and you can’t change the settings for radar as for the regular temperatures they can be setI don’t particularly like some of the websites to get their information from it appears to be just satellite with no color information this app could be improved quite a bit.

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