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Accurate weather forecast, daily weather changes are easy to grasp
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All weather information is gathered on one page for easy viewing. View and manage weather information of multiple cities at the same time. You can predict the weather in the next few hours and days. Weather warning information to help you plan ahead.

【Product Features】

Real-time weather data:
Provide weather forecast information for 24 hours and 25 days.
Air quality information:
Monitor air quality in real time and care for your health.
Alert notification:
Provide weather notifications for rain, snow, lightning, haze, storms, etc.
Desktop Weather Widget:
Multiple desktop widgets are available, and you can choose a style you like.
Accurate forecast of rain and snow up to the hour:
Get accurate weather temperature changes to hours in advance to plan ahead for your appearance.
Global weather queries for any latitude and longitude:
Supports weather queries for any latitude and longitude in the world.
Multi-day weather forecast:
Multi-day weather trend forecast, forecast the rain early to make plans.
Radar map:
Clear radar map of precipitation trends, providing accurate weather forecast trends to protect your travel.
Various weather backgrounds:
Beautiful weather realistic background, according to different weather information cut map is not the same weather background picture.
A list of city management:
View weather information for multiple cities at the same time, add or remove the city weather you want.

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40 comentarios en "Local Weather Alerts – Widget MODDED 2022"

  1. Great weather app. Does everything you want in a weather app. Layout is concise, easy to read and accurate. Also gives a detailed forecast for the day or week with not just icons, but an actual written explanation or forecast with what the weather is forecasted for throughout the day. Just updated to premium pro and the radar map blew me away. Every possible option and and hi def imagery. It’s Awesome! Finally a great weather app with no bloatware, inexpensive and it works!

  2. I’ve tried to find a decent weather app and associated widget for a while now. All of the major ones and several of the independant apps fell flat. The widget didn’t work, or the results weren’t accurate, or I just plain didn’t like the look and feel of them. This app satisfies all my requirements. I’m extremely happy with this app.

  3. This is a nice app, it has lots of cool graphics and info. It doesn’t have the ability to add cities of your choice to check on their weather, it has stock choices. I don’t think it’s rain prediction or temperature is very accurate. But overall, it’s an acceptable app.

  4. Just downloaded this app and so far this is an excellent weather app compared to others I’ve tried. Going to test drive it for a few weeks and if it’s performance and accuracy are as good as I’m seeing now I would not hesitate to upgrade to the paid version which is extremely reasonable. Recommend you take this app for a “test drive” you should be very happy with it and won’t cost you a fortune to upgrade (if you decide to go for all the extras) this is perhaps the best weather app available.

  5. Have just started using this app. So far, I’m very pleased with. I initially chose it over several others because they were insuffucient for my needs and had way too many ads and other irritating interruptions. Also, this site had the best reviews and l have learned to trust those. Im hoping that it continues to be the weather app that l choose to stick with.

  6. Excellent weather app. There are ads yes; however, they are very minimal and non-intrusive. The app itself is quite accurate and loaded with plenty of information. I especially like the 25-day forecast. The glitch I mentioned previously has been fixed. The best weather app out there; in my opinion. 🙂

  7. This is a fun app to have. About the only thing it doesn’t forecast is my future. There are several themes, widgets & icons to give the app your choice of flare. For a one time fee of $3.00 you can buy the option to drop the ads. There’s also a VIP version but there’s no clear description of what that entails. I’m happy with the way I’ve set it up and if I get bored I can change the looks. If ALL the weather apps out there this is definitely one of the best!

  8. Much more accurate than other weather apps on Google Play. Not many ads, which is nice. The interface is nice and easy to follow. I had another app that I had to add two degrees (either way) to the temperature that was shown to get the accurate temperature. This app is accurate.

  9. Easy to read & use. Seems accurate. Lots of features & so far I’ve seen no ads other than one for the Premium Pro option. I recommend this weather app. It also has a 4.9 rating! Only thing I’d like to see changed is to have time lapse of rain/snow moving across my area opposed to just showing on the VIP radar map of the East coast. Please try & add time lapse to the local radar map also!

  10. When I first downloaded this app it wasn’t showing the right temperature on my screen. It was showing 32° all the time. I thought about deleting it, but I didn’t. For the past 5 or 6 days it is showing up right. It was always showing the right temp. if you went to the site. I’m glad it is now showing accurate on the screen Icon !!!

  11. A. Green dice:

    I like the many features and the format is easy to interpret. I would like to have time lapse in the standard radar, and after upgrading to pro radar, that has time lapse, I can’t zoom in. I just see the whole east coast. Otherwise I’d give it 5 stars.

  12. I use various weather apps to get forecast averages mostly due to a family run home business which is always affected by weather conditions. Living in a small mtn town, forecasts are subject to variables larger metro areas aren’t. These folks seem to get it. The temps, winds and precipitation forecasts are very accurate, often more than other weather apps we use. I have a home weather station I use to compare live data also. Thank you for helping us prep for whatever weather is heading our way.

  13. So far, I really like this weather app. I was previously using the AccuWeather app, but it became uninteresting because some features never worked and the radar seemed inaccurate way too many times. Hope this app continues to be as good as it is down the road. I know when updates happen, the app changes to ways people start losing interest.

  14. After trying miserable weather apps for a couple decades, I finally found one that gives me the quickest response showing the most relevant weather data I want in one simple glance at its opening page. Better than all the miserable weather apps put together. This one’s a keeper.

  15. After trying countless apps and reading endless reviews, I think I’ve found an amazing app! Clear, concise, accurate, & gives you everything at a glance. Then with a click it tells you everything you would need to know for more detailed weather, road conditions, great radar, even a 28 day forecast. Very customizable backgrounds, icons, graphing options…everything you need to make it perfect for your own preferences. Great looking choices. Removed ads for 99 cents! Highly recommended! 😉

  16. Had the app for a week. So far I like it. It is so easy to read and gives lots of detail information. I also like the the variety of widgets for my homepage. I found one negative thing. The radar page. I don’t understand it. I can’t get actual 3 hour radar segments like other weather apps. That needs to be fixed. Otherwise it’s great!!! I hate the ads on any app. When I can clear them I do. I bet most people don’t even look at the ads because they were doing something on their phones.

  17. Best weather app I have seen. I really wanted to give this a 5 but there’s one thing that bugs me about the app that kept me from giving it a 5. The widget is only set up to take up a row of spaces and can’t be centered unless you stretch it out over 5 spaces. Even then it doesn’t look right. I would much rather see this have an option for the widget to be a 3×2 square that can be centered on your screen. I really like that this shows real feel which many apps don’t. Definitely Worth buying!

  18. Small package, for a big punch. This is literally everything anyone would want in an app, especially for a weather app. Very little storage and memory used. There are minimal ad based intrusions, I didn’t even notice at first. Any details you would want to know about the weather are provided. You can tailor the options you want to see within the app. So far the only weather app that includes all the information I’ve been looking for. I’ve only just started using this very impressed so far.

  19. This is a terrific app. I checked many out before I chose this one. Things I like are numerous. There is a great deal of info provided. Yet it is compiled in a very organized fashion. Visually it runs left to right in a linear fashion. So my eyes aren’t scanning everything at once. There are simple visual symbols, easy to see and understand. BEST OF ALL, IT IS HIGHLY ACCURATE. Thank you to the creator of the app. I appreciate it daily!

  20. Updated my review after using app for a longer time period. No more issues with the time for other added locations. Excellent app. Worth paying the reasonable low fee compared to others for no ads. Great all in one weather information. Long search, but I finally found this weather app that had consistently more favorable reviews than all others so I’ve given it a try. I like the variety of widgets and options for my home screen. Get it. You won’t be disappointed.

  21. Dubon Js dice:

    Finally!!! An app without the cluster of stupid news videos links that nobody watches! I like the customization too, I will use it for a few days and then upgrade to pro to support the developers. I have one request thought; please add option to see the “real feel” temp on the status bar, the only app that did that was dark sky, and apple took it away from Android. Please add that option, I live in TX and the temp difference between actual temp and heat index can be a 10+ degrees, thank you.

  22. I accidentally erased the app that came with my Galaxy S9, and couldn’t find it again. This app was the closest, and it has even more features. I’ve only had it for one day but it really seems to be excellent. The only thing is I would like the widget to be adjustable instead of limited in size.

  23. Verona H. dice:

    Showing default City I haven’t lived in for over a year, even tho I never put that city in this app. Where coming from? 2nd city listed is 30 miles away.” Winter Weather Advisory” shows up, click, opens completely BLANK white screen. Where is Advisory? Totally useless. Layout hard to read. Hour by hour goes horizontally, but times overlap. Dates give an overview for the full 24 hours, with a high and low, but little detail. Dates, times difficult to read, not intuitive. Uninstalling.

  24. Jim Slats dice:

    After download immediately got full page ad where u can’t even exit the app. Every time u want to check another city in the world it tries to make it the default city. Then gives the full page ad every 3rd or so time u check the weather, that u can’t even exit the app for 20 or so seconds. Then with GPS on it got my location wrong. Weather channel got it right immediately. Other than that it’s probably a great app. Lol

  25. Good app, easy to use, seems accurate. Like that I can get 25 day forecast for better planning. Yes, it can change before then. But the ideas of having a estimated temperature is helpful. There are ads, but not that many. I do wish it showed allergy levels. Otherwise so far so good. Thank You.

  26. Love the app itself! Clear and detailed, and the graphics are great! The one thing I have a problem with is the widget, which for me is a major issue. The font color of the widget can’t be changed from white to a color of my choice. Because of that, I’m forced to use a dark background on my home screen so I can see the temperature. I don’t like being limited in that way. I would like it if there was the option to change font colors in the widget! Add it and I’ll change my rating to 5 stars.

  27. Really inaccurate for my area. Said it was clear with 0% precipitation, i walked outside to completely overcast and pouring rain lol. I’m cool if the forecast is wrong for the future dates, but the current weather should at least reflect properly. Easy to use interface, and there’s not a bunch of pop up adds, so that’s nice.

  28. Yes, the truth re: all the high ratings this app is receiving from users was also confirmed by this user. By experiential analysis, I was able to test drive most all the Weather Apps to gain the necessary experience needed to determine what commercial seasoned bait they were using. But most failed to understand that it’s not what we want to see, but rather, what we want don’t – ADS! ADS! And more ads. So, in comparison, this Weather App gets my vote! It has the least amount.

  29. I really like this app, I even paid to remove the ads. My biggest issue with it is that it doesn’t accurately locate where you are. I have to manually enter my location instead of the app auto identifying my location. I use other weather apps as well with no issues regarding location. Please fix this or I will have to uninstall it.

  30. Pretty clean app.. like everyone else said, the ads are not disruptive, and the detail is pretty cool. The only thing I don’t like is the radar. A lot of other people probably don’t use the radar function but I do. The fact that it has no location and it’s just a blank screen isn’t very helpful. Great app I’m glad I found it!

  31. Like other reviewers, I’ve tried many weather apps over the years. This one by far, is the best looking, & informative. The graphics are very slick & well set out. However, there’s a couple of things that for me, stops me from giving 5 *. Several times a day, the app ‘thinks’ I’m in another town 3 or 4 miles away, & have to correct it. It’s not even one I’ve saved as a favourite location. I’m also not convinced that the long term (over the following 2 – 7 days etc) forecasting is that accurate.

  32. Does what it says on the tin! I’ve tried lots of weather apps and most are compromised in some way (mostly intrusive ads). This one is the best so far. I’ll come back and review, when I’ve used it for longer. UPDATE: Had this app for nearly two months and have added some potential destinations to daily forecast. Still the BEST weather app I’ve ever used. Get it!!

  33. This app is remarkable. If it tells you it’s going to rain in the next 90 minutes, it will. I only have a problem predicting how much it’s going to rain unless I take the time to scroll down and look further than the temperature. It has great features and predictability is consistant at 95% or higher. We’re experiencing more rain around the Pike’s Peak region here in Colorado then I’ve seen in years. So I highly rely on this app.

  34. Just got it opened after downloading the app. As of now I really like it. We will see how it goes and if need me I’ll update my review accordingly! Very minimal ads with a huge range of options for personalizing features and the functionality.

  35. Nancy L dice:

    Best weather app I’ve found so far. Doesn’t use up a lot of data if you turn on “only while using app” and Doesn’t bug you to turn it back on. Plus it’s beautiful and has nice options.

  36. Alamer dice:

    This app is not intrusive, isn’t overwhelmed by advertisements, quick loading compared to other weather apps I’ve had. Hope I finally found a weather app I can stick with. Well after just a day I found it doesn’t keep accurate temperature readings so it’s gone.

  37. Excellent,informative,colourfull,and easy to use!Thoroughly,day at a glance descriptions,bright active colours ,radar map especially helpfull wen planning visits etc…you will not be disappointed,really solid ,value for money,even the add breaks are very,very useful!

  38. Aside from the annoying stupid ads this app does it’s job of giving the weather forecast. Just like most of the weather apps (and Google, and the MSM News) it’s not 100% accurate, but does a better job than Google & News that’s for sure! At least more Truthful with the Weather forecast. 😉

  39. Just downloaded. So far so good. I like that widget gives the same temp as in the app. After a few days, seems accurate. I wish the F° & C° could both be displayed at the same time. People who use either could learn the other that they are not used to using.

  40. It gives the City where we live but not exact location, which can differ quite a bit , in temperature. I was hoping to put in my home address and get a more accurate reading. But overall, a good weather app. Gives alot of information.

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