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Ultimate Lunar Calendar for 2021!
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Deluxe Moon is a beautifully crafted application with magnificent design. It’s a great tool for astronomers, photographers, hunters.

As the most advanced Moon Phases Calendar for Android, Deluxe Moon introduces not only traditional concepts like Moon Days, but also Moon Void-Of-Course periods, Moon Mansions (Tropical Zodiac) and even Nakshatras with Padas (Sidereal Zodiac).

Is there a connection between the Moon and plants, human emotions, blood pressure, health or finance? Explore it with Deluxe Moon application!


+ Precise moon phases times.
+ Current moon’s age: how far along the moon is in its full cycle.
+ Percent of the illuminated moon area.
+ Moonrise and moonset times for your location.
+ Moon timers: amount of time since moonrise and until moonset.
+ Moonrise and moonset azimuths.
+ Moon elevation.
+ Moon distance to the Earth.
+ Ecliptic longitude and latitude.
+ Sunrise, sunset and zenith times.

+ NEW! Since release 1.101: Share Moon Data to INSTAGRAM!
Select date, select theme and share moon parameters with friends!

+ Moon Phases Calendar
+ Moon Days Calendar
+ Moon Zodiac Calendar
* Moon Calendar Widget included!

+ Touch-n-turn: swipe the moon vertically to change the date by a month, or horizontally to change it by a day.
+ Exact Moon Phase Times
+ Moon calendar with moon phases and zodiac signs.
+ Moon Days calendar
+ Large compass
+ Sunrise, sunset and zenith: tap on either of moon timers to see it.
+ Custom location, date and time in options
+ Widgets and Live wallpapers

+ Astronomical events and twilight for any date
+ Scrollable moon brightness diagram
+ Sun and Moon rise and set time table
+ Monthly Moon phase table
+ Apogee/Perigee table
+ Equinox/Solstice table
+ Moon Days Calendar
+ Solar/Lunar eclipses table
+ Brief Moon exploration reference

+ 4 Beautiful Moon widgets
+ 1 Moon Phase calendar widget
+ Live wallpaper with large moon images

Enjoy the Moon on your desktop!

Animated Zodiac circles: sidereal and tropical along with astronomical constellations
* Exact Moon position in zodiac sign
* Precise time when the Moon enters and leaves a zodiac sign
* Precise time when Moon changes Zodiac sign
* Moon in Zodiac when each moon day starts/ends
* Exact Moon Void of Course Times
+ Different algorithms for Sidereal Zodiac calculation

Explore the difference between Solar and Lunar zodiac! Moon changes zodiac sign every 2-3 days. See how it works!

Detailed Moon astrology: Moon day descriptions, Moon in Zodiac, Moon Mansions
+ Moon days calendar
+ Moon Days with descriptions
* Characteristics
* Recommendations
* Precautions
* Business
* Personal life
* Health
* Hair care

+ Moon in Zodiac sign
* Characteristics
* Health
* Horoscope
* Beauty care

+ Moon Mansions [Western Tropical Zodiac]
+ Nakshatras & Padas [Sidereal Zodiac]
+ Exact Moon Void of Course Times

Explore Moon Days: rate the days, collect statistics and learn what days are good or bad for you.

+ Specific gardening advice based on the current moon phase.
+ Moon gardening and Zodiac sign

– WXGA (720×1280) +



“Your location” Is required for rise/set calculation.


v. 1.107 Android 12 fixes
+ The circles of Zodiac fixed when Sidereal system is chosen
+ Moon Mansions are shown for sidereal system along with Nakshatras
+ Sidereal time fixes


40 comentarios en "Deluxe Moon – Moon Calendar, P MOD 2022"

  1. I purchased this app a long time ago and I had to re-download it for my new phone. I love the new interface! But where is the option to change tropical or sidereal zodiac? I use this app daily for my spiritual practice and it helps me to stay in tune with the moon. I love the extra info like the seasons and apogee/perigee. The bottom menu is a plus but like another user said, some arrows would be handy so that we know that there are additional options to the right.

  2. Great app. New update adds some interesting new features. But the new layout takes a bit of adjustment and accessing some features is much less intuitive than the older version. Things are buried 3 levels deep. Including the HELP feature. “Help” should be on 1st level. The scroll to the right to find other features is not obvious. Needs an arrow or indicator.

  3. R B dice:

    This is a great app! I use it every day. The interface is easy to use and has a nice graphical quality to it. It shows where both the sun and moon are in tropical, sidereal and astronomical zodiacs. It shows basically all the information for the moon you would ever want. Overall, a very good app and highly recommended!

  4. Update: the widget has gone static and has become a giant shortcut. It’s always the full moon in Sagittarius so it’s basically useless and after years of not having to open the app, this is an unpleasant annoyance. One of my favorite apps. Great widget and access to month view for moon phases and zodiac signs. Definitely a must have.

  5. This is a very awesome app as far as moon data goes. But I only gave it 4 stars because the moon phase widget is inaccurate. There is too much fading of the shadow instead of being more of a solid line like it actually is in the sky. In other words a half moon looks like a crescent moon and a crescent moon looks like a new moon. This is very frustrating. You should be able to look at your phone and know exactly what you’re going to see in the sky.

  6. I’ve just downloaded the app and I absolutely love it! There’s so much useful information. It takes a little while to work out where everything is but it’s been very well designed and thought out. I particularly like the way you can easily switch from the tropical to the sidereal zodiac which was the main reason I downloaded the app. *Note: I originally downloaded the Deluxe Moon HD app, but it’s nowhere near as comprehensive or user friendly as this app, so I got a refund on that one.

  7. I consult this app often to stay in tune with the moon phases. It is easy to use and has many tools too easy move forward and backwards in the phases. It has always performed beautifully. No crashes!

  8. This app does what I purchased it for and more: it tells me when the sun and moon rise and fall; where I am with latitude and longitude; the phases of the moon and more. Even though I purchased this years ago, I have also been pleased every time it gets updated. And when I transition to a newer phone there it is. Thanks.

  9. I love the visual side of this app (except widgets, which are unreliable) but I’m very disappointed by the texts. Characteristics of the day often are in the direct contradiction with the moon sign characteristics. Also, I don’t appreciate the scaring/worring texts, like for example: “haircut made this day attracts diseases”.

  10. Great for an easy check on where the moon is in its cycle. Got the deluxe awhile back. Simple and easy to use. Also great for finding past and future dates.

  11. Compass just crashes the app and screws up my phone, which I then have to reboot. Have now tried on my tab 2 where the compass does work but lacks the basic north, east, south and west markings. Also the brightness chart fails to work on the tab. In all honesty I prefer the previous version which worked perfectly and I have now reinstalled.

  12. Yay! Widgets are back! Now I just need to figure out what all these icons at the bottom mean. == ORIGINAL REVIEW == Have used this app for years. Got excited to see the update, even read the what’s new before updating. NO MENTION of the widgets being removed. I’m livid! At least tell us… I would’ve kept the old version—which was still working fine on my Samsung Galaxy S10+. Now I need to go find a copy of the previous version.*sigh*

  13. Clarice dice:

    The descriptions change. I will read in advance and determine what days to do certain haircare rituals and it will change. For instance for December 29th it said haircut will attract good luck, now it’s the 30th and it says haircut on the 29th will attract quarrels. Its never the same information for the same day.

  14. I find myself spending surprising amounts of time”playing” with this app. I have always been fascinated by the moon and all the associated “Moon Magic”, that comes with it. The app makes it very easy to see what is coming up. I can prepare for general transits without spending hours on end trying to do my own charting. It is truly amazing what has been packed into this charming, and practical, application. I would definitely recommend investing in the”Deluxe” version. It is well worth it.

  15. Been a loyal subscriber for 10yrs!!!. I have loved all the options etc. But, The widgets are not updating. Ive noticed others have pointed this out too, quite awhile ago. App is pointless without working widgets. Please fix asap!

  16. Having complications with the v1.82 of this app constantly crashing. Problem started the week of 15 Dec 2019 after an update to the apple via Google Play Store. Troubleshooting: FC, cleared cache & data; uninstalled & reinstalled. I miss it’s functionality. Please come back.***purchased an Android device running greater than nougut 7.0.

  17. I got this app and I’ve used it for years. Literally I believe almost 10. And I’ve loved it, it’s been amazing so far. I’m rating 2 star now because with the new update I really dislike the graphics, the way UI is not very easy to use as it was before and atleast I’d like to keep the old graphics if I wanted to, why do I have to have these which I really don’t like.

  18. I love this app! Beautiful and chock full of great information for anyone who wants to pay notice the moon. Intuitive and beautiful interface allowed you to view moon information on different dates. Includes moon rise and set, as well as phase and astrology sign. But I think my absolute favorite part is the lovely blue WIDGET!

  19. Excellent and thorough. Has both a low skill floor and a high skill ceiling: it can be used at a glance to check the phase or moon rise/set time, but can also be delved into more deeply for other features. Imminently useful, with good intuitive design.

  20. I purchased this specifically for the moon mansions. I like the app. There’s a lot of stuff in here that doesn’t compare to the free one I use however, I wish I was able to get notifications from app as well more explanation or meaning behind some of the things such as the links at the bottom. I think there should be names on them along with me details or the help option for better explanation on the not so common knowledge things. But, overall I would recommend.

  21. Paid for and used this app for years and loved it… but the widgets stopped working and is frozen at half-moon. From the other comments it seems this company came out with a new version that is subscription based and now this one is no longer being supported. I guess I’m going to have to find a new moon app…

  22. I used to love this app, but since update, slams shut as soon as I try to open it. Asked for a link to an older version, no response. New update came out, supposed to fix things & work on phones w/smaller screens, nothing happened. May I please get a link to download older version? I’m sorry I can’t afford to buy new phones w/bigger screens to keep up w/your newer versions……I have lost several other apps due this, not much point in paying for apps if devs are going to leave you behind….

  23. Beginning to love the new updates, addition of eclipses is awesome! Can tell the developers are working really hard to modernize the design and keep things running smoothly while adding cool new stuff. Beautiful app, lots of info, learned that I cannot live without this widget for even a day lol deluxe moon is the best by far, thank you!

  24. Love the app, have had it for 6 years. Happily paid $5 for it. But the new update made widgets a separate purchase (not a huge deal) but now when I tap on the widget it doesn’t bring me to the app as it used to, which is totally silly. Why make the app and the widgets seperate apps??? Dumb!

  25. I do really like this app with its cute widget, but I’m not pleased to have lost the gardening info in this latest update, which gave me a bunch of unlabeled calendars and astronomical tables I have no interest in at the cost of a feature I used frequently. (ETA: never mind, it’s there but hidden.)

  26. Update: am finally able to get this update to work on my phone after months. Working good now, and I’ll always love this app (when it works) changing back from 1 to 4 stars. Since the update, I can’t use this app that I paid for. I loved it before, and I’m sure if I could use it now I’d still love it, and give it a better review. I can’t find how to uninstall the update on my Motorola phone. It has a large screen. And no reply from anyone helpful

  27. This app gives me just about everything I need. The times of moonrise and moonset, sunrise, sunset, where the moon is in relation to the sun and Earth, phases and calendar, constellations… You name it. However, I still use other sources because this app doesn’t give me the moon names, even though in the settings, it says it does.

  28. Widget not working!! I bought this app a couple of years ago and loved the widget feature. It used to reflect the moons actual phase. Now it does not. I’ve deleted, Uninstalled reinstalled etc and still does not work. Please fix!

  29. It’s a very well put together app. However ,since the last update the compass continues to read N/A. I don’t understand this, since the compass in the app used to work fine before last update.Not mention I have an actual compass app, on the same phone that continues to work so I know it’s not my phone. In closing, even after the most recent update , the compass still reads N/A ,despite the compass apps that I have installed all work.Even now it reads N/A .In otherwords the compass doesn’t rotate

  30. After updating it would never open again! I’ve had this for years through many different phones. I absolutely loved the app but now cannot even access it after having paid for it so long ago! Please fix it I miss it so much!

  31. I take umbrage at this latest update (version 1.8). First: You have to PAY (AGAIN) to have the widgets back! Widgets used to come with the main app. Why pay for something you had previously?? Second: the latest version has lost its ability to view future lunar forecasts. It only gives you the forecast for the current day. I have used the paid app for many years now and I DO need the future forecasts for planning purposes. I hope to see it restored in a future version, and then I will modify my rating. EDIT: I installed the APK of an older version and then disabled auto-update for the app. I would gladly update to a future version that lets me peek into future lunar forecasts. And you’d restore the confidence of an old customer by restoring the widgets, because we already paid for them when we bought the app!!

  32. Ken Clark dice:

    Delux Moon crashes as soon as it is started. I have been trying to get vs 1.93 to work for several months. Removed, downloaded, and installed several times. It still crashes immediately when started.

  33. I’ve been using this app for a few years, but recently the live wallpaper got stuck and does not match the current moon phase anymore. I tried to uninstall and reinstall, but I still show a waning crescent when it should be waxing

  34. Had the app for years – but since the last auto-update unable to open: it crashes on my Galaxy S7. Deleted data, cleared cash, uninstalled / installed – same issue. It’s a lovely app but only if it works…

  35. I do love the app but the widgets are lacking. Had to buy the app a second time as the Amazon app store version was no longer being updated. Edit 1/18/22 More and better widgets however, the one I want to use (phase) does not work.

  36. Even with latest update 1.82, App refuses to open. This version (1.8) will not work on my HTC 10, Android 8 phone. The app force closes. And there are no widgets anymore. Glad I backed up the previous version before installing this. Not happy.

  37. Lovely, easily usable app. Provides more information than I’ll probably ever use, but the main screen remains uncluttered. The photo of the moon is fantastic!

  38. Been using this app for a number of years now. When I come across an app that interests me I normally download a couple of them and use them to see witch one best suits. the one I use the most is the one I’ll keep and pay for the pro version and the rest whelp, get deleted. Chances are if you are reading this review it’s safe to say it’s the one I choose. There are many reasons why I chose this app for anumber of reasons but I can say this I can’t think of one reason way I wouldn’t. Give it try

  39. This app is absolutely amazing with regards to the moon phases and its relations to the celestial bodies and all related elements of the universes energies those of you who understand what I’m saying it will be very useful… And overall it’s just a great app to begin to understand more about the universe…

  40. Have used this app since its inception and although LWS were a bit slow to keep it up to date, especially for android, I’m super impressed with the most recent updates & UI. Great new info and layout!

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