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Aviation weather made simple. Visual decoder for METAR & TAF
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Visualized METAR and TAF weather information for all airports in the world. Concise summary of everything you need to know about today’s aviation weather.

METAR features:
– Visualized in easy to understand and colourful metrics
– Weather symbols for significant weather and clouds, like in a non-aviation weather report
– Crosswind calculations, by combining METAR and runway information
– Flight rules category: VFR, MVFR, IFR, LIFR
– Read out by text-to-speech available, listen to a decoded METAR while doing other things

TAF features:
– TAF broken down and displayed per hour in a table
– Show sunrise/sunset, minimum and maximum temperature

NOTAM features:
– Timeline with NOTAMs sorted by issue date
– Coordinates from NOTAMs plotted on map

Keeping track:
– Add your favorite stations to the list, see their weather at a glance
– Get observations near your location
– Find stations in the interactive map with weather codes
– Search airports by ICAO code or name

– Graphs with weather trends today and yesterday: temperature, visibility, wind speed, QNH
– METAR history for the last hours and link to more on the website

Airport information:
– See information about the airports, like runway directions, elevation, location
– If the airport doesn’t report a METAR, the nearest station used for calculations

– All units are customizable units: speed (knots, km/h, m/s, mph), altitude (meters/feet), visibility (kilometers/miles), temperature (Celcius/Fahrenheit) and air pressure (Hectopascal, Inch Hg)
– Times are converted to the local time for each airport
– Sunrise and sunset are calculated based on the airports latitude/longitude

– METAR, TAF and airport data are automatically saved for offline use
– Available in 6 languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, German and French


19 comentarios en "Metar-Taf – Visual decoder MOD"

  1. Eva dice:

    Excellent app, I am using it to learn the METAR & TAF readouts to aid my studies. You can select multiple airports to monitor and the decoder is great for visualising the weather at each as well as showing wind against each runway. It’s a very easy app to use, I’ve yet to find any bugs or issues and just reading the raw data METAR/TAF a few times a day has really helped. It has been an excellent training tool and we’ll worth the money

  2. It’s hands-down the best METAR/TAF decoder on Android. My only complaint is that, sometimes, the runway position on the compass gets flipped-flopped for airports with two runways. Please take a look at SACO in Cordoba, Argentina as an example.

  3. Alex G dice:

    App does not match screen examples. Instead of the Favorites, Nearby, and Map pages in the example, the Map page is replaced with a useless “Trending” list of 5 world airports that cannot be removed.

  4. Love this! Faultless in its design and presentation, there is literally so much information within this app. Great work!

  5. Ian Beggs dice:

    I used the website for awhile so I figured to get the app so I can open it up on my phone rather then the browser when I’m using my flight simulator. Easy to read, accurate and very clean with all the info I need. Yes I’m a nerd lol

  6. mennisco dice:

    originally downloaded this to use for my flight Sim hobby, but it’s quickly become my number one weather app. Very well laid out, easy to understand, an all-around great app.

  7. As a professional pilot (retired) in Military (F16’s), Charter (Papua Bush Operations), and Airlines (B737) I am truly impressed with this App. Excellent visualizations. What is especially powerful is the map feature where the regional, or even continental state of airport weather is immediately visible through METAR decoding into four colors, ranging from VFR, Marginal VFR, IFR, and Low IFR. Gives you an instant overview. Excellent, and highly recommended, next to tools like Windy, and Foreflight.

  8. It’s gives me data for EVERY location I need. Even some obscure ones… 😉

  9. Wow. This is an incredible amount of information at your fingertips in an easy to use format. My home Airport does not have TAF information, this app uses the TAF information at the closest available Airport with info. Exactly what I was looking for. Well worth the $3.50 cost.

  10. Just a perfect aviation weather application. Enough said.

  11. I’m very happy with the app we’ll worth the money. I would love to be able to set notifications for particular weather parameters, such as VFR, below a set wind speed, with no precipitation, for a particular airport or several airports.

  12. This app is just fantastic and so complete. I refer to it all the time when flying airliners in my flight simulator and it is so helpful when planning flights.

  13. Does what it says it does, but certainly not worth the money. Not super well put together, and some features just send you to their free website anyway. Do not pay for this app.

  14. does not update Metars for certain airports sometimes for days, I have one near me that every weekend stops working despite up to date weather data available.

  15. mennisco dice:

    great weather app for simmers

  16. Most of the airports don’t update….it doesn’t work

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