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Hourly weather forecast , real-time forecasts , fastest weather alerts
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You will see weather information update hourly and accurately with Local Weather – Weather Widget
Show current weather, hourly/daily forecast, moon phase
———— Main Features ————

🌦Various weather information: temperature, wind, humidity, dew point, pressure, sunrise, sunset
💦You can customize weather information at multiple locations, hourly or daily
🌈An option to manually add your location. Automatic location detection by network and GPS.
⛄️Add and track the weather conditions in multiple locations
❄️Beautiful weather conditions – see how the weather comes alive!
🌂 Hourly and weekly forecasts
🌏 Temperature: switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit
🌪 Allow and disable the notifications by yourself
🌦 Current weather condition, hourly weather forecast and 14-day weather forecast.
💧Atmospheric pressure in many different units
🍭Wind speed and direction in different units
🌂Sunset and Sunrise times.
❄️ Display weather forecast or moon phase

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1.Optimize user experience
2.Bugs fixed


40 comentarios en "Local Weather – Weather Widget MOD"

  1. I am quite thrilled 😄😄😁😁 with this wallpaper !! It doesn’t seem to have intrusive ads and other than disease outbreak alerts, it has all the other features, is very accurate with the weather for many days ahead and seems to be very thorough, it lets you know the sunrise and sunset as well as informing you of the different phases of the moon, as I said, no disease outbreak alerts, but you can get that on tons of other sites. I don’t comprehend some of the negative reviews !! 😳😳☹️☹️ 😕

  2. So hard to find a good weather app, so far this is my favorite Update: changed the rating to two stars. Seems to be very inaccurate lately. I’ve also has problems with the weather information not updating. Having to uninstall for now as I was extremely unprepared for an extreme weather event as a result of the app. Love the UI though, god I looked so hard for a good UI and this was the best.

  3. Patty K dice:

    Very clean-looking and intuitive app. Love the graphics! Each data section is easy to read, understand, and navigate. And the widget stays up-to-date on home screen without my having to hit a refresh key. The only thing that I don’t like is the daily low/high on the widget; my personal preference is high/low since I typically expect to know the day’s high temp and then that night’s low… Other than that, best weather app I’ve used so far! Thank you.

  4. Kathy dice:

    Left my old weather app that waxed inconsistent and unreliable to try this one. What a difference and both have a high rating. This not only has more reliable data but it’s a beautiful display with details I’ve never paid much attention to in other apps that inform and intrigue. That’s quite a testament of a weather app! I’ll see if it remains consistent and reliable over time. It picked up my location very closely, not the next town over.

  5. I tried OneWeather..when they changed it, it went to pot. Then a total of 9 other apps, just asking ppl what they used, still none of them worth a tinker’s damn. So then I decided, go down the list and install each one, 1 at a time, another 5 or 6. Then..Finally!!!! A app that shows everything I need and has a descent background too. Shoot! Pat yourselves on the back for this one folks! The layouts are awesome too! The more I clicked, the more I found! 5☆ Thank you !!

  6. I get accurate forcasts every day and it behaves as it should. I’ve experienced no issues with this app. I have downloaded & used the most popular weather app a few times but each time it would stop displaying correctly so I’m done with it. So far, this app is behaving perfectly and shows me useful weather info. The only time i get commercials is when I explore the app, otherwise it just shows weather in the areas I have saved. If you have issues with other apps, try this one. Highly recommend!!

  7. Ez Target dice:

    Why a full page ad EVERY time I move screens. I understand you want to get paid but it makes a very nice app annoying to the point that I will uninstall it. As far as the app, if you could add a section where you could get a written forecast that would be great. But the ads… I can deal with them on the scroll screen but the full page, bye bye app.

  8. Bugs galore. Shows old weather, like from last week, and won’t refresh. The widget crashes constantly. Once the widget crashes it won’t restore itself, you have to delete it from your home screen and reinstall. I travel constantly for work, and it never updates location automatically. Havnt been able to view 10 day predictions for over a week. I bought the premium some time last year and the app has steadily gotten worse. I’m deleting it and trying something else.

  9. This app is pretty good, although it can be very irritating. It opens whenever it wants to, interfering with what I’m doing. It’s nice that it has the choice of ‘in’ or ‘cm’ for precipitation. It would be Really nice if it was consistent. I prefer inches. I does show inches… on the “Daily Weather” screen. On the main screen however, it shows centimeters. It may not seem to be a big deal, but it is. It should be consistent. This could be a 5star app.

  10. I purchased this app last year and it seems they take one step forward and two backward. It’s frustrating and unnecessary, so I’m removing it after writing this review. The latest glitch; it follows you around with local forecasts, that’s fine, but it doesn’t allow you to see other locations as it used to. I can no longer see the forecast for where I’m heading to! Ridiculous…. bye bye

  11. I just installed this app, and while I’d love to review it on the merits of the app itself, I couldn’t get more than a few seconds into it without full page ads popping up (3 of them during set-up alone) that hold you hostage for up to 30 seconds. I’m happy to support devs by paying for ad-free versions & perks. But I will not pay for a free app to just be useable. It’s too bad because this app looked promising. Full page “hostage ads” ought to be banned. They ruin a ton of good apps.

  12. Jay Kean dice:

    In the app store it shows up as a weather widget. I could not find a way to drag the icon to make it big enough to show saying basic forecast and perhaps a temperature. I was looking for one for the homepage so give me maybe a little bit of basic weather info. This app is well laid out and the ads can be apparently removed. The ads are one per function like if I go into radar and drill down I get an ad. I don’t know what it looks like when ads are removed probably great. TOS seems reasonable.

  13. Ads are an issue. I actually really like the app but as I scrolled down the ads on the page were reeeeally inappropriate. And I had to scroll past them to get to the radar. Not to be a prude, but I don’t want to see that stuff. I wasn’t on it for 20 seconds and an ad popped up. That would drive me crazy. My current free weather app has none of these issues but isn’t always accurate. Too bad as I liked this app but can’t deal with that ad content or frequency.

  14. Great weather app. Widgets are fun (there’s a decent choice of clock, weather, or clock & weather widgets, which I really like.) Easy to navigate, easy to understand, fun to personalize. Accurate too, with lots of information (but not too much). There’s a lot of weather apps to choose from but this one in my opinion is the nicest. Five stars.

  15. Paul Nagy dice:

    I love this app even more than the default weather app built into the Android OS. It’s visually appealing, accurate (as any forecast could be), detailed, and stays up-to-date. It’s really helped me when planning for excursions and just daily activities and errands. I was happy to pay the more than affordable one-time fee to get rid of the ads; this developer deserves that support (the ads aren’t too obstructive if you decide to keep them around, however). P.S. The widgets it includes also rock

  16. I just installed this app… I opened it up and I immediately saw all the basics. This app does have it’s issues. The advertising is actually worse than the local TV stations app, to find specific information such the BP you have to go all the way through the page, the customization is only for the units and formats of the date. I’m not keeping it mainly because the local TV stations apps have the exact same information and all the same issues which is why I don’t have them either.

  17. By far one of the best weather apps that I’ve used. I’ve tried alot of popular ones like the weather channel one and others but none can beat this one. No problems at all. Simple to customize and to use. The accuracy of the weather is fairly accurate. Overall the UI is friendly and easy to use. Excellent!

  18. For me this app was buggy. It was showing me weather from 2 weeks ago. I had turned on the setting to show the refresh button, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Finally, I remembered that I had switched my WiFi setting to 5 GHz, so tried toggling it back to 2.4, and then this app showed me current weather. All my other apps worked with 5 GHz; I would think the Wi-Fi band would be handled by Android and transparent to apps.

  19. So frustrating that items are so horribly hard to find for the customization. Finally found the refresh button, but it didn’t change anything and I should at least get a blink to show that it was updated. I don’t see a place to change where the weather info is pulled from. And lastly, where do I find my options for how frequently weather gets updated? These last two are deal breakers. Why are they so hard to find? Maybe they aren’t there. 15 more minutes I’m searching and I’m uninstalling.

  20. The widget display of the app is good and the main reason I chose this one. I don’t like widgets that block my wallpaper picture and this displays well over it. The downside is that the widget rarely updates and there isn’t a setting to set an update interval. I often see weather from hours ago or even the previous day until I manually open it so that it updates. It isn’t much use if it doesn’t update regularly. Also, they really need to remove the zero padding on the date. December 031?!

  21. Very good and accurate weather app. All the most important info, precipitation, hourly, daily forecasts etc. are right there, no having to click through several screens to find what you need, with very few ads. Just weather plain and simple. Love it and highly recommend this app for everyone!

  22. When getting my location it got it wrong and it keeps changing to the wrong location. Won’t let me delete the wrong location. Going to try it out but my not keep it if I have to change my location all the things me. You can’t see wind and perception at the same time on radar. Not good. Need to see both of more on radar at the same time. Needs some work on app. Tomorrow if weather does not match this app it will be deleted.

  23. I’m disappointed with the widget that shows on my home screen. Had one on my old phone that showed humidity, wind speed and a bunch of other things. You could pick and choose what you wanted to see, as well as change font and clock style. Wish I could find that one. This one has limited options, unless I’m missing something.

  24. I installed this app, and paid for no ads. Right after installation and after I added a widget, two weird things started happening: 1. The onscreen keyboard stopped appearing when I entered a text field anywhere on the phone, and 2. The phone slowed to a crawl. I tried rebooting, but these issues remained. Only after uninstalling the app did things go back to normal. What the hell? Developers, this is baaaad!

  25. I’m not happy w the weather map itself. For 1:I don’t like that I can’t layer (add & delete) “all” of the weather icons that I would like to see on the map when I open it. Instead I can only use 1 at a time. 2: I can’t list more than 1 person/city. I have family, including my children, in several areas of my own town as well as other towns in my County, and I’d like to be able to keep track of the weather in their area. There’s more but I haven’t room to to list them. (Deleting)😢

  26. Pretty decent weather app, got no complaints. Have had it on my device now for a month and have had no problems. Says it contains ads but like I said, I’ve had it installed a month and can’t recall seeing a single ad. Now that I’ve mentioned it publically tho I’ll probably get bombarded with them, lol!

  27. I’m having the same problem that Tammy is having. I’m in Diamond Springs, CA and my Samsung Note 10+ keeps changing my weather location to Portland, OR. That location is not listed on my locations list, nevertheless it keeps showing up on my home screen, several times a day for the last 2 to 3 weeks. That looks like about the same time as the update. Please fix…

  28. on the hole, a good app, but isn’t especially easy to use if you have low vision. Two things I find very frustrating are the very small visual size of buttons and that many buttons don’t have a meaningful accessible name. Also, the themes don’t provide sufficient contrast between text and background and the phone’s accessibility settings aren’t honored. If it was more accessible, I’d give it a higher score …

  29. This is a great widget for weather. Has ads but they aren’t overly obtrusive. It works great. Smooth.

  30. Very easy to use. Accurate. All the weather information I need. Very minimal non intrusive ads placed well. There are a few different themes and other options to choose from. It’s a very nice app. I’m glad I found it. Thank you.

  31. Danut Gai dice:

    I just installed this and really like it. One little problem. Location is sometimes very inaccurate. It keeps jumping from my home town to Aldingtom and I’m nowhere near it. Very annoying

  32. Doesn’t refresh unless I press the refresh icon. Temperature displayed on the widget often differs from what’s shown inside the app. Continues to show a weather warning from April 16 even though it’s now May 3.

  33. I newly installed it, but what I got from the primary report now is encouraging and I wish it will continue in its accuracy.

  34. Katt Ness dice:

    Consistently inconsistent. Weather widget fails to update itself and weather predictions are **always** off by at least 10°. Going back to 1Weather bc they’re just doing it much better.

  35. It was ok but there was no wow factor everytime I open the app to check the details of weather it doesn’t pick up the Location, I have to off my locationand on again to get it right some times even this doesn,t help, sorry to say but Uninstalling.

  36. Perfect weather app, best ive used, the ads are quick and closeable and the weather is accurate

  37. This is a much better weather app that whatever was installed on my phone and better accuracy than Accuweather. I’d like to see more capacity for tornado casting and live alerts for that, living in tornado alley here.

  38. I like the Local Weather App. It shows the Weather Forecast the way I like it. Teresa Kawanami

  39. Lum eee dice:

    The widget never shows the right temperature on the screen!

  40. Simple and accurate, keep it that way.

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