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AccuWeather’s trusted free weather forecast app is at your fingertips

Internationally recognized by the World Meteorological Organization with awards for “Best User Interface and Data Representation”, “Best Weather Warnings”, and “Best Design and Presentation of Information, User-Friendliness; Access and Customization” making AccuWeather one of the best weather apps!

Weather Forecasts You Can Depend On
• Live weather forecasts including MinuteCast® forecasts for Minute by Minute® precipitation updates
• Local weather including severe weather alerts, temperature, precipitation, and allergy outlooks for your day
• WinterCast™: winter weather forecasts giving you advanced warnings of snowfall probabilities and accumulation
• Daily forecasts include rain probability, cloud coverage, wind, live radar, air quality index, snowfall, and even UV index
• Advanced weather radar gives you up to the minute views of storm tracking, snow, rain, ice, temperature changes, and much more
• RealFeel® & RealFeel Shade Temperature™ technology helping you get a better sense of how the weather actually feels

Live weather with Weather Alerts

The AccuWeather forecasting and severe weather alerts you know and trust. From local weather updates to WinterCast snow alerts, get the weather forecast you can rely on. With in-depth weather news, forecast updates, free weather alerts, plus today’s forecast and much more. Find out what makes AccuWeather the best as a trusted, free weather app. It’s the weather tracker you need!

Advanced Weather Radar

Setting the standard for free weather radar:
• The accurate weather radar you know from AccuWeather
• Weather watches and warnings for your local area
• RealVue™ and Enhanced RealVue™ satellite imagery looking at weather patterns from space
• Weather radar views for water vapor, rainfall, sustained winds, and even storm surges
• Timely tropical storm radar tracking to see where and when storms might hit
• Current conditions maps shows temperature and RealFeel in and around your area
• 5-day precipitation outlook to see what rain, snow, and ice could be in your area
• 24-hour snowfall forecast shows detailed maps with snow accumulation and winter weather
• Temperature contour maps show how the temperature will change over the next day

For over 10 years, the AccuWeather app has brought you the weather

Whether you’re on the East Coast, Pacific Northwest, Southern Coast, or West Coast this free weather app can show you snow, wind, cold, rain and more! Stay prepared with our local weather and live forecasts. From extreme humidity, severe storms, allergy info, air quality index, snow storms, and ice alerts, get live updates that matter to you. Local weather forecasts are the AccuWeather specialty.

Our weather tracker & live radar gives you Superior Accuracy™
Severe weather warnings, today’s temperature, free weather radar maps & more!

• Get local forecasts and personalize the app depending on where you are in the world
• Go beyond today’s weather and look 45 days ahead to ensure that you’re prepared for any weather
• Try the MinuteCast feature for the most up to date live Minute by Minute weather forecast
• Weather alerts, storm alerts, and more! Get trending videos from AccuWeather’s dedicated news team
• Weather forecasting your way – a weather tracker that can filter and customize according to your preferences

Download the AccuWeather app today for free and enjoy award-winning Superior Accuracy in weather forecasting on your Android mobile, tablet, TV, and WearOS. More than just a daily forecast, try the best weather app and get more from your forecast.


40 comentarios en "AccuWeather: Weather Radar FULL"

  1. Accurate information and like the 30 day view. The biggest issue I have is that about 4-6 months I started receiving error messages stating I had no internet connection which is incorrect. I have uninstalled and re-installed app without success to issue. Also, have disconnected wi-fi briefly and re-connected it. App starts working until the next error message. Support is aware of the issue and agreed with the disconnect and re-connect temporary fix. Have Samsung S10 phone. Paid version.

  2. Thad K. dice:

    this used to be the best weather app, but after recent updates the ads render the app almost useless. if you try to view the hourly forecast, you have maybe a split second to see the next 4 hours before an ad you can’t even see covers it all up. the only thing an obtrusive ad is going to do is cause the viewer anger toward the ad and make them never want to buy it. keep the ads reasonable and unobtrusive, and the app might be useable again.

  3. I like this app. I wanted the weather channel because i accidentally deleted it (came on the phone) but dais i couldn’t reinstall it so here i am. I like most everything about it. The bright orange screen is on way too long ,makes you think it’s stuck. I like the way the weather is reported for my area. I don’t understand how to keep the advertisers from my info for so called “personalized” ads. I dont want personalized ads. I just want regular ads to interest me In something more intriguing

  4. Good Weather App, but frustrating. They inundate you with random weather story notifications, roughly hourly, even if you turn them off. Besides that, they’d be a 5, the accuracy is solid and the rain notifications and radar are both good. Weather forecasting is inexact, but I knew I’d have a pretty good idea of how the day would be weather wise. But the constant is too much, I don’t need notifications going off about weather in other places, so I’m switching to another Wearher app.

  5. New revision deleted humidity info and reverted to horizontal-only format. Now looking for a new weather app. The 2022 version now switches from portrait to landscape mode on its own, and then back again. The app still has trouble with android dark mode, and full-screen ads constantly interrupt each function, and are impossible to dismiss. This may be one of the clumsiest, most incompetent apps available.

  6. Have used this for years, and have the premium too. But, after a recent app update, it keeps telling me I have no internet connection when I do (every other app works great). I have to turn wifi off then on again to connect. Very annoying. If it keeps up, I will have to delete this app and get a different weather option.

  7. **”update, December 2022…. Issues listed below, have been fixed. July 2022 update: Been using for about 3 or 4 years. Dropping to 2 stars and trying different apps now. I like the app, paid for lifetime premium… But started getting popups asking to go to premium plus and a constant reminder to upgrade. I don’t want to upgrade and wish I could hide these popups/noticed. Not happy with this, as I can see many others aren’t either. I may check it out at a later to see if this has improved.

  8. Constantly sends pointless clickbait notifications and news for places not even in the same state. Also, when there IS a weather alert for my city, the page never loads when navigating to the app from the banner notification. Persistent (and annoying) notifications are turned on by default. Full of ads. Gives me the weather when I open the app, but not until after making me close the pop-up ad that almost always shows. 2 stars because you can make a widget.

  9. I paid for the lifetime upgrade quite awhile ago; now they want more money to make it premium; we’ll thats why I paid for lifetime, and they honored that for awhile. Now, the last 3 months or so I have stopped receiving Severe Weather alerts. I checked all settings, uninstalled/reinstalled; no change. Also the normal daily temps listed are usually 5 degrees off than my local TV weather stats. This app keeps getting worse by the month. I still use it to check family/friends weather.

  10. I like this app, I really do. I can’t give it 5 stars. The weather displayed even on the free version is perfect. It has actual temperature, what the temperature feels like, highs and lows for both, wind speed and direction (including gusts) and even stuff like humidity too. The ONLY issue I have is with the notifications. There is no way to turn off the breaking news alerts or make them silent. This app constantly sends alerts for news that could be on the other side of the country. Unfortunate

  11. Randy D dice:

    Good weather app that I’ve used for years and would have rated five stars. However, recent changes resulted in advertisements going full screen without the ability to skip past, in most instances. The only method to get out of the ad seems to be to kill the app and reopen. For that reason alone, I’m uninstalling it. I’ll still give it three stars, but the ads make it inconvenient to use.

  12. Kee A dice:

    Some ads now have sound! Uugghh!!! I was willing to deal with the obnoxious, full screen ads, but today an ad with sound popped up. This will not get me to pay for a subscription. It will only drive me to another weather app. Almost everything else works fine. Sometimes there are issues with the radar graphics.

  13. Matt B. dice:

    I really wanted to love this app over others, but it is completely random and does not make sense. In a frigid winter state, we rely on accurate real feel 24/7. Even with 2 devices under same settings amd locations, the weather and temperatures will greatly differ. Sorry, but my $30 subscription is not worth the continual uncertainty and innaccuracy. I really don’t know what that $30 gets me.

  14. Good app and I use it every day, but I paid for Premium+ and the app keeps removing the features I paid for and adds banners to upgrade to Premium+. My subscription is active in Google Play. Support just says to uninstall and reinstall, already contacted them. This does NOT resolve the issue. Still won’t let me access the features I paid for. Pretty annoying, very inconvenient, and I will likely be cancelling.

  15. I pay for premium, yet the ads still pop up. I have uninstalled and reinstalled under the same username at least three or four times over the last 6 months. They cannot get it right. While the information on the app is pretty good, expect to have ads pop up regardless of paying for premium. And yes I have contacted customer service many times. They just tell me to uninstall and reinstall and wait a few days. Nothing ever changes.

  16. I used AccuWeather for a long time, and after a while it started really going down hill. Between features not working and not updating regularly, I was pretty disappointed. I left it and came back a year later to more disappointment. Again, after two more years I’m trying again. I don’t like the way the weather alerts are very broad, covering the whole country, and they make the notification loud and obnoxious like it’s always important to me, with no way to change that.

  17. Terrible design and architecture. Video, won’t go full screen and when the video plays, it allows my screen to shut off… what kind of armature coders do you have working there? Any sort of slide of the finger on on the screen and it goes back. Then I have to watch your terrible advertising again. Uninstaller this app and don’t waste your time or money. Premium is not any better. Just overall bad design and functionality.

  18. Ron R dice:

    I have used this app for several years and would have given it a five in the past. However there’s one annoying change that’s forcing me to look for something else compatible. It used to be when I put in a location it identified that location on the radar map with a circle. That made it easy to actually locate the town I was looking for if it wasn’t named on the map. Recently it only gives you that identifying Circle for the location you are at. Unfortunately I know where I’m at. Not a help

  19. I’m dropping my rating from 3 stars to 2. A few updates back the app become very slow to open, it’s really a pain. The weather is very accurate but I could probably get this info faster watching the weather channel. This is the pro version I use and it dont matter. I’ll probably be finding a new app soon. (update) here we are 2 years later and I’m dropping another star. I paid for the pro version to not be bothered by ad’s . keep getting upgrade ads. I’m now searching for another weather app.

  20. John Wski dice:

    This app sucks. Say at the start of the day it might say 45 for a high. Then a cold front comes in and it stays cold, It will say it’s 29 outside which it is but in an hour is going to be 45… It never reached anywhere close to 45 all day long. Other apps got it right when the cold front came in . This app got it soo wrong and almost wouldn’t admit it. The weather app that came with my phone did a better job. I work outside all year long so it’s really important for me to have accurate weather

  21. I like the look of the app, but there are a lot of little annoyances. Too many news notifications that are hard to block without blocking others, and the app has a tendency to blank out. With the latter, it either reports “no internet” or just shows blank until you fully close the app & reopen. So the app is “ok” but far from great

  22. C No dice:

    Omg you’re AccuWeather, literally all you had to do was not completely suck and you would have kept your customers forever. Used to be a great app, now it’s slow, crashes constantly, and gives useless information interrupted by spammy ads every five seconds when it does work. I think I’ll go back to looking out the window for my weather news. More accurate, less annoying.

  23. Lemme tell you where to put that wheel… I used this ap for years and sang its praises many times. I turned on many cyclists to it but I’ve been trying for a week now to get used to the new version and interface. No longer lets me zoom out statewide to see fronts. They tried to cram too much into it and now it’s BLOATED, SLOW, MORE ADS, TOO MANY GRAPHICS, TOO MUCH INFORMATION, TOO BUSY. YOU RUINED A BEAUTIFUL AP. SHAME ON YOU!

  24. Like many features of AccuWeather, particularly predictions when rain/snow will start or stop. Giving two stars and uninstalling because it is stuck on a particular weather station 40 miles away and refuses to maintain my preferred location. I’ve uninstalled it twice and it happens each time. I give up.

  25. HeartHugz dice:

    I have used AccuWeather since 2016, and I used to rate it as five stars. However, now it is so spammy and full of intrusive, obnoxious ads constantly, which you can’t turn off, and it is trying to make the app experience as annoying as possible so you upgrade to a paid version. I won’t do that, instead I will uninstall, leave a terrible review and sadly move on to a better weather app.

  26. Edit edit: no matter how many times I uncheck “see top news stories” I’m still getting notifications for news stories. I truly don’t care. I don’t want to see them. I only want to get notifications about weather that is impacting MY AREA ONLY. Fix this. Edit: THANK YOU for putting the temperature back in the display!!! Literally no one would rather see the AccuWeather symbol instead of the temperature degree.

  27. Silas Lee dice:

    A truly useless app. I am uninstalling it now but first, I wanted to review so you know why you shouldn’t let this app take up any space on your phone. First, the ads in this app are spam, scams, and misinformation. Things like, find beautiful women in your area. Second, the weather data and predictions are almost always wrong. Last night we received nearly a foot of snow, but the past 24hr. snowfall totals are showing <1 in. Can't be relied on in any way for accuracy or precision. Do better.

  28. Tony R dice:

    Terrible. Cannot change the background color of my widget, it stays black. It defaults to the wrong location no matter how I change my notifications or location settings. It does not put a rain percentage on the widget or on the main page of the app which is the most important feature to me. Junk.

  29. I love AccuWeather. Their app is so straight forward, easy to read. I love it. I *DON’T* love that the last few weeks, every time I open the app- even with location settings set to “always on”- it either can’t find my location, or it can but it won’t show me any info. No Temps, no hourly or daily, nothing. I had to download a different weather app and I hate the layout of it. I just want my AccuWeather to work!

  30. For the most part I like the app. It does a pretty good job with temperature, wind, even clouds cover. My issue is that it is constantly wrong with precipitation. Right now it is saying we are supposed to recieve 6″-10″ of snow over the next 24 hours. Every other forecast(TV or app), is predicting zero snow. And this happens all the time.

  31. DMZABO dice:

    The App is Not like it used to be before the Nov 8, 22 upgrade. Ever since that took place (upgrade) my App crashes when I hit the radar screen. which is the biggest reason I use this App. It’s what I depend on when planning my outdoor activities and plans during the day. Everything else with this App is fine. Any information would be helpful on this matter. Thank You Kindly.

  32. I like the app. Only one I found with micro-local minute-by-minute accurate forecasts. However, the widgets sometimes don’t load/sync and is missing features others have, so still use it side-by-side of other weather apps. Getting really annoyed that I need to keep opening the app to refresh the widget.

  33. I had switched back to AccuWeather from the Weather Channel. Because the adds covered the entire screen and you have to look for close buttons or X never the same. But now your ads play sound and video which means I will not be using your app anymore. If it was pushing the news at me like others are complaining about I would completely delete it from my phone. But it hasn’t yet so for now it will just be moved to least used because the noisy adds piss me off.

  34. Everything was good until the full page ads started. It is no secret that as soon as an app starts doing that, people hit the road. Small ads are fine, full page ads are where the line is drawn. Widget now does not update because of location permissions, though it is set for “Allow all the time.”

  35. It crashes frequently and it’s recently started telling me I need to allow it access to my current location even though I’ve turned that option off in the settings. As of 11/15/22 it’s telling me I don’t have an internet connection unless I allow it to access my current location. This application’s gotten way too intrusive for me.

  36. Needs to be Usability tested, then changed to reflect what users: can’t find, doesn’t function well, not useful, or is not geared for the user who wants click details and find them easily. This app as far as functionality and interface thats user oriented it’s NOT useful so Not a go to, its clunky geared 4developer rather than 4 user or their experience. Since the last time I tried this app., its not for the better. Usability, Functionality, user testing, then redesign based on feedback.

  37. I used to have a good experience with this app. They must have made a recent update because the appearance changed….when I can get it to open. Now when I open it I get a message that I have no internet connection, yet all other apps connect fine. I must restart my phone to get it to connect. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app twice which allows it to work for a day or two but it goes right back to no connection status eventually. Very disappointed.

  38. After it working okish for a year or two, again suddenly the app keeps crashing at startup. It has always been horribly slow especially when starting a radar loop playback. Crashing and slowness aside from resetting the map when changing layers back to the home position while watching an area other than home are all horrible attributes. If you don’t absolutely needed, stay clear.

  39. I really like the weather descriptions and the accuracy of this app. However as of late, the advertising has been horrendous. I have more advertisements downloading than ever before. Over the weekend when I was relying on my tower connections this app alone used up 25% of my allotted download. Within 2 days. I am currently looking for something that doesn’t have nearly as much advertising. I hope I can find something as good as this.

  40. Edit: Issue has since been fixed ——————————— The new version destroys the widget function and the “persistent notification” is now always accompanied by a bright white background instead of being dark as it was before. The new in-app layout is a bit confusing at first, but it is a nice change that is at glance simplistic, but retains the ability to allow you to view the weather in much more detail by tapping the day or time you wish.

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