Frog weather MODDED 2022


Simple and funny weather app
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This weather app will always give you a good mood, even in bad weather 🐸
– Current weather conditions
– Detailed weather forecast for today and tomorrow
– Daily weather forecast for the next 10 days, with hourly forecasts for the next 5
– Weather on the map
– Weather Widget
– Webcams
– Sunrise, Sunset, Golden hour, Blue hour, Twilight


40 comentarios en "Frog weather MODDED 2022"

  1. Sarah Fox dice:

    Use to be my favorite weather app. One day it just disappeared from my phone. I searched and re-download it, but this is clearly not the same as what I had. This has ads, and the forecasts are always way off, like by more than 20 degrees off, of other weather data. The other data is always way more accurate. This is pretty useless as a weather app.

  2. Not sure what is happening with latest updates but, application does not detect current location automatically, switch between F and C used to be easier. And advertising is just plain annoying, especially when it starts playing loud music when I’m in the office and trying to check the weather.

  3. I love this app!!! I use it several times a day!!! It is my all-time favorite!!! It’s fun to look at, lots of information, easy to see everything I want, and easy to navigate. The hourly wind forecast is very helpful. It quit working and I was so disappointed. Reloaded a new version and viola!!! 👍 😀 🤗

  4. This used to be my favorite weather app, and the only one I would use. A few months back one daily ad was added, which isn’t that bad. But about a month ago, many features were removed, and I’m not happy with it at all anymore. It used to tell you the temp and wind for every hour. Now it has 3 hour chunks that display identical temp/wind as each other(so apparently weather stays constant for 3 hour increments?!). It still tells you the time for sunrise and sunset, but not dawn/dusk anymore. 👎

  5. Wow, this is basically an enhanced version of Google Frog Weather, complete with a weather map which, for some reason, Google has never provided with their app/widget, not even on Pixel phones. The only thing I’d like to have added to this is tablet format; currently, it doesn’t fill a landscape screen but appears only in portrait mode as on a smartphone.

  6. Daniel C dice:

    I have tried several weather apps. Frog Weather is better than the Weather Channel and other weather services in my opinion of course.They bomb you with ads. This app rarely has ads. I have used this app for 5-6 years now. You set many cities for easy access to current weather. I have three currently. One for the worst state in U.S. that burns the west coast a lot. Two other cities I have chosen as the final draft where I wish to move. I have followed the weather for two years.

  7. I’ve used this app since before I got my current phone. It’s been a few years to say the least but whatever happened in the past week, whether an update or other, has made the app no longer work. I go in, and it no longer displays any information at all. Just tells me it can’t get data for my area. I have my location on, and I haven’t been able to find a fix. Will have to uninstall, which is sad bc I really liked this app.

  8. SO MANY ADS! This app came preloaded on my Google Pixel phone, so I got used to using it. One day, it was just gone, and I decided to re-add it to my phone because I’d gotten used to it. But they changed it so that you can’t use the app until you sit through an ad. I opened it at work once, and the ad was some loud video about TikTok. It interrupted my boss and got me in a bit of trouble. Checking the weather should be fast and instant; I’m not waiting 15 seconds each time.🙄

  9. The new update adds nothing and takes away the most. The app no longer accurately tells me the weather for where I’m at. I have to search for it each time. The pictures seem low budget. It doesn’t give me enough information for the upcoming week. The old formate was much better and should of been left alone. Luckily I didn’t update the app on my old phone so I can use that one on wifi.

  10. Was a great app for a year, then they added timed ads,which fine whatever, but in the week it’s really buggy, they changed the layout for the worst and the weather is never accurate. Like right now it’s 61F, but the weather app says 48F. I think I’m done with it. I’ll miss the frog, but I need accurate temps.

  11. THIS ISN’T THE APP YOU’RE LOOKING FOR! Open your Google app, search “weather,” tap the 3 dots, and select “add to home screen.” EDIT: If the main reason for the app were because the Google shortcut doesn’t work on many devices, then why are there ads? If this app isn’t meant to be a trick for people looking for the Google shortcut, then it needs to be explicitly stated in the app description that this app is a surrogate for that reason.

  12. It’s cute, but it’s not the app you’re looking for. The art is a really good mimic, but in the end it’s taking advantage of those that are looking for Google’s unlisted widget and selling ad space. :/ If you want the real frog, you go to your Google APP and type in “weather,” three dots, “add to home screen.”

  13. Best weather app. At least it was… After last update it doesn’t let me scroll left-right to see the hourly forecast. Now it just switches to “tomorrow” or “10 days” page. I still use it as it’s pretty smooth, not useless information, great colours and contrast. But I’m considering using another one now.

  14. It’s cute but not very accurate. The temperature in my area is always way off and the time isn’t up to the minute like other weather apps. Improve the accuracy and it will be a five star app. Just updated and it’s still inaccurate. Cute frog. I’ll miss him but I think I have to uninstall. Wasting space on my phone.

  15. It has some good features. Just need to be more accurate forecast. space bar ads, are ok. Just wish it didn’t have pop-up ads or sounds. Especially when seeing the forecast. Hope you’ll consider my suggestions.

  16. The only issue I have is the uv index always says 10 or 11 even at night when it’s dark and also doesn’t let me select a different city. Wish it was the way it was before, was definitely more accurate

  17. Cathy B dice:

    I just found the little camera up by my city’s name, I don’t know if it’s always been there or not. But I can watch the interstate, of which is where I get on and off to go visit family right down the road. So I’m going to watch it from now on if I know families coming this way and see if I can see their car. Don’t laugh at old people it’s not nice. Lol thank you frog weather app! Oh and all the extra stuff you’ve added at the bottom, it’s appreciated thanks for the update

  18. something changed on Mar 30 (still ver3.1.3) but layout not as good as two days ago. still functional, but personal preference I am looking for an alternative. update May 7: now the first thing that happens when starting app is it displays TikTok video of girls dancing. this is not a weather app.

  19. What is the point of a 24 hr clock? I don’t want 1300 hours. I want 1:00 pm. There’s no way to change it in the settings. I tried the settings am/pm checkbox. It doesn’t work. There’s no difference either way.

  20. C Steiger dice:

    There is no place to choose a 12 hour clock in the settings. I can change everything else but the 24 hour clock. Maybe this app doesn’t work with my older phone.

  21. Something changed in the past day. Used to show exactly where I was including Postal Code. Now only shows the city. Not near as accurate

  22. Really enjoyed this app but it has suddenly stopped working. Keeps crashing as soon as I open the app.

  23. What’s with the ads now before you can get to the weather. It was good before but now we’ve got ads and you have to keep clicking to get to the weather. It was a five before but now it’s going to be a 2 with ads. So Sad now.

  24. I use to live this app but suddenly it started showing *connection not available* … Facing this issue from last three days… Tried to reinstall also but the issue is same🤔

  25. This new updated app is not workable. Keeps having error in detecting location. Not working at all

  26. Was once my Favorite app but, has completely fell off. I say this because this app currently won’t connect period which is a huge bummer…

  27. Like an app I used to have on my last phone, an option to pay for the removal of ad’s would be great.

  28. Love Frog Weather but since last updates it’s not working. Pop up message says ‘error while requesting or receiving data’

  29. Seems the recent update has fixed it. Again it becomes one of the weather apps, I definitely love it

  30. Agree with other comments. Used to be a great app. Disappointingly, in the last few weeks, many things.deteriorated, the accuracy, the graphics etc. In the last few days it has stopped working altogether. It doesn’t matter what location I choose “unable to show weather info for this location”

  31. It’s not giving me the correct location where I’m at it keeps showing another city then we’re the city I’m at it’s not like the 01 the only one was a lot better than this new version

  32. melanie dice:

    Fun app with cute frog animations. Daily (with hourly), and for the week ahead. Humidity, wind strength & direction. Sunrise, sunset, and lots more. My favorite app for weather.

  33. Just the easiest and simplest weather app with no overload of information.

  34. Overall the app is good, but.. There’s no way to get rid of ads.

  35. Amy Lane dice:

    New update is awful. It can’t ever find my location and it is very clearly off on temperatures. Like, way off. I’ll miss that little frog but I’m out.

  36. I like it. Works for the basic stuff I want to know my only complaint is that it only shows military time

  37. Was good but now it can’t find my location (which hasn’t changed), rendering it useless

  38. This weather app works 100% better then the one that came with my phone I love this app!!!

  39. Not as good as old version. Cannot get other areas weather

  40. M Squared dice:

    Isn’t giving accurate readings. Update: please allow 12 hour time format.

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